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Optimizing Success With Dr. Ruth Gotian And Mobster Business Practices With Daniel P. Forrester

There probably is no person in the world who dreams of being average. In one way or another, we all want to be successful. The problem is we don’t know how to do that. Dr. Ruth Gotian, the Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, is an expert in optimizing success. In this episode, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share with us a blueprint to achieving success. She talks about its four pillars and the way curiosity plays a huge part in one’s success. Dr. Ruth then taps into the importance of having a mentor, learning to find your passion, and taking it through towards the results you want. Gain insights from people who have cracked the secrets to success as you follow this conversation.

Almost anything goes through its own cycle. This much is true in business that even the great ones meet their demise sooner or later along the way. But what if there is a way to conquer this premonition? Daniel P. Forrester, the Founder of THRUUE Inc., is taking lessons from mobster businesses that endured and teaching their practices to entrepreneurs out there. He sits down with Dr. Diane Hamilton to share some of these with us through his book, Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business PracticesHe then offers fresh insights on how mobster businesses persist decade after decade through what he calls vision envisioning. Join Daniel in this discussion and learn the secrets to business longevity that no one has shared before.

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TTL 832 | Robotics Industry

What’s In Store For The Robotics Industry With Heni Ben Amor

Many say that the future is now, and one of the visible signs that this statement is true is the presence of the robotics industry in our daily lives. Even though its impact on our work, hobbies, and transport is truly powerful, it is still evolving at a rapid pace. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Heni Ben Amor, the Assistant Professor for Robotics at Arizona State University, to discuss how this technology continues to change our lives for the better. He explains its many uses in the leading industries, how 3D printing makes robot development way easier, and how they set boundaries for it not to go beyond its intended purpose. Heni also shares some of the most exciting robotic inventions today, from an earpiece that can help relieve stress, cameras that can send out prompts in case of emergencies, to a machine that can give hugs.

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TTL 831 | Power Of Perception

The Power Of Perception: Creating Better Leaders And Employees With Dr. Maja Zelihic

More than we give it a thought, our perception controls most of our lives. How we see things and the way we think about them greatly influences our decisions and behaviors. That is why perception is powerful. Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Maja Zelihic, a Fulbright specialist and Department Chair of Advanced Management Studies at Forbes School of Business and Technology, have known this to be true, leading them to write the book, The Power of PerceptionIn this episode, they take a deep dive into their work, explaining what perception is all about not only to ourselves but to others and how we can become more self-aware, so it works for us and not against us. Putting this to the workplace setting, Diane and Maja then discuss what they call the EPIC process and how it helps people take assessments at work. What is more, they also talk about the importance of perception to become a better leader and employee, the ways social media is making it harder, and why data is both a blessing and a curse.

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TTL 830 | Good Business

What Leads To A Good Business With Bill Novelli And Creating Unstoppable People With Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

Companies are beginning to see that they can succeed financially while creating a positive impact on the world. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest is Bill Novelli, the author of Good Business, who has a distinguished career as a corporate and non-profit world leader. In this episode, Dr. Diane and Bill discuss Bill’s book and how you can make a dent in the universe wherever you are in your career right now. You can help improve not only the organization you’re working in but even the country you’re living in. Join in the conversation and discover how soft skills are the secrets of success, what it means to “talk, fight, win,” and how we can use social marketing to impact environmental and social problems.

You can use the brokenness and challenges you’ve experienced as rocket fuel to motivate you in building your future. In this episode, Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco, the CEO of People Building Inc., shares his journey from suffering mental and psychological abuse to using it as a spark to light up his passion for success. Dr. Diane Hamilton discusses with Mike what it means to be unstoppable, the importance of assessment for elevation, and how his sales background helped gear him up for success. Due to his experiences, Mike’s current passion is to create unstoppable people. Tune in and learn more on how to become unstoppable!

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Making A Difference Through Your Life Purpose With James A. Cusumano And Human Connection Through Communication With Riaz Meghji 

The greatest thing you can do for yourself and for the world is to find your life purpose. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest is James A. Cusumano, co-founder of Chateau Mcely and author of I Can See Clearly: Rise of a Supernatural Hero. In this episode, James shares his journey of finding his life purpose and how it led him from being the lead singer of “The Royal Teens” to being a research scientist, all the way to eventually becoming a filmmaker and author. James explains that finding your life purpose winds up creating personal fulfillment, and the more fulfilled you become, the greater impact you make into making this world a better place to live in. Tune in to be inspired to find your life purpose and pursue it! 

How can you effectively connect and communicate with your audience? Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest is Riaz Meghji, a human connection expert and author of Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection that Build Extraordinary Relationships. In this episode, you will learn the importance of listening without distractions, why assertive empathy is the way to go, and how you can practice specificity when showing your appreciation. Dr. Diane and Riaz also discuss the art of storytelling and how you can keep your audience’s attention hooked on you. Join in the conversation to learn more!  

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TTL 828 Steve Ardire | SignalAction.AI

Software Solutions: SignalAction.AI For Behavioral Health And Well-Being With Steve Ardire

For this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest is Steve Ardire, co-founder of SignalAction.AI. SignalAction.AI is a digital therapeutics company that creates software solutions for behavioral health and well-being. Steve explains how they use total analysis combined with emotional analysis to provide a more accurate indication of a mental state. SignalAction.AI is geared towards telehealth to help therapists and clinicians give personalized treatment via online meetings. Using the reflection analysis multimodal engine, it can pick up on some of the more hidden nuances of the patients’ behavior to shed light on their mental state. Join in the discussion to learn more! 

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TTL 827 Paula Davis, JD, MAPP | Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout With Paula Davis, JD, MAPP And Health Equity During Pandemic With Duane Elliott Reynolds

Beating burnout has been a long-time battle for many people in the workforce. Whether you are running your own business or belonging in the corporate world, there are times you will be challenged by stress and overwhelm. Burnout is always seen as a personal, internal battle, but Paula Davis, JD, MAPP aims to change this perspective. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton, she discusses how this topic must be looked at on a larger scale, particularly with the way leaders manage their teams. Paula also talks about motivating yourself into loving your work even more and, if it comes to it, when is the right time to jump into a brand new career. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the capabilities and limitations of the healthcare industry. As the vaccination program for this disease rolls out, one unabated challenge of this sector takes the spotlight once more: health equity. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Duane Elliott Reynolds of Just Health Collective to talk about their mission of making the COVID-19 vaccination a lot easier to access for everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. He explains how the medical solutions for this world-scale problem must never be politicized; instead, they must be focused on the proper education of the public. Duane also shares how they promote diversity in healthcare leadership to increase the representation of minorities and people of color. 

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TTL 826 | Deep Technology

How Deep Technology Changes The World With Eric Redmond

Notice how some of the biggest industries in the world today were founded by people who understand deep technology, not necessarily business leaders. Talk about Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. All of these megaliths profoundly understand how to leverage the transformative power of technology on their respective business models. What Eric Redmond, the Global Director of Technology Innovation at Nike, does is educate business leaders that you don’t have to be a tech nerd to know how to use technology in scaling up your business. All you need is a little education, creativity, and willingness to experiment. In this episode, Eric discusses with Dr. Diane Hamilton about NFTs, blockchain system, artificial intelligence, and how tying these technologies together have huge potential to radically change the world that we know today.

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TTL 285 | Virtual Reality Learning

Improving Learning Experiences Using Virtual Reality With Anurupa Ganguly

The traditional classroom has always been a challenge to develop by the authorities. Every student has their way of learning, such as visual, auditory, and spatial learning. Combining these types of learners in one room with the conventional blackboard teaching may not be as effective as we thought it would be. Anurupa Ganguly, Founder and CEO of Prisms of Reality, shares the wonders of immersive virtual learning and how we can evolve the old-fashioned way of the current education system. Listen in the conversation and understand the advantages of adding interactions and virtual experience to improve learning conditions.

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TTL 824 Dr. Jason Selk | Relentless Solution-Focused Mindset

Relentless Solution-Focused Mindset: The Perks Of Being Mentally Tough With Dr. Jason Selk

Statistics show that people with a Relentless Solution-Focused (RFS) mindset are significantly happier, healthier, and more successful. But what does it mean to have an RFS mindset? Today’s guest is Dr. Jason Selk, a mental toughness expert and the best-selling author of Relentless Solution Focus: Train Your Mind to Conquer Stress, Pressure, and Underperformance. In this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Dr. Jason advises you to focus on things you did well rather than things you did wrong. Why? Because focusing on the negative causes the brain to release cortisol, which makes you feel horrible and prevents you from functioning at a high level. Do you want to learn more about becoming mentally tough? Listen in! 

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