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2010 Advertising Successes and Failures

As the year comes to an end, many marketing departments are looking back at the year’s results to see if their plans were successful.  With the new year and the Super Bowl just around the corner, advertisers are analyzing what worked and what didn’t. 

One of my favorite ad campaigns was the Old Spice Guy.   I also enjoyed the Snickers Betty White ad.  The Wall Street Journal had a nice article about “The Best and the Busts” advertisements from 2010.  This article mentioned the Old Spice and Betty White ads.  I was curious as to the success of Old Spice specifically, as that was a product I had previously associated with older men and drug stores. According to their article, “Since February, the initial video has drawn over 25 million views on YouTube.  More important for Procter & Gamble, the Old Spice brand saw sales double from mid-June to mid-July versus the prior year, a period when the social-media part of the ad campaign heated up.”

Not all campaigns have been as successful.  Some failures that were listed in the WSJ article include:

  • PepsiCo’s Crunch Time Sun Chips Ad
  • The Nike Tiger Woods Apology
  • Gap’s No-Go-Logo

In the marketing courses I teach, we often discuss advertising.  For current advertising examples of how to create a specific effect, I like a site called  Check out some examples of advertisement styles by clicking the following links:

Dramatic Conflict

Problem Solution




Employee Brand

Reasons Why

TTL 603 | How Successful Leaders Behave

Revolutionizing Advertising with Aaron Itzkowitz and How Successful Leaders Behave with Harrison Monarth

People love being rewarded, and with software like Jinglz, you can get rewards by simply noticing an ad. Aaron Itzkowitz, the CEO, and Founder of Jinglz has extensive experience in technology management and in growing traditional and start-up businesses to profitability. He shares what his software can bring to companies who are seeking noticeability and talks about what differentiates it from the gamification of advertising. Know more about how other amazing apps like Verus Media and Rewardz Shop link with Jinglz to identify how the audience react and interact with ads.

Understanding a leadership’s executive presence is critical towards making or breaking a career. Harrison Monarth, the CEO and Founder of Gurumaker, talks about how successful leaders behave. Having worked with 60 Fortune 500 companies, he reveals how he goes about coaching their CEOs and respected leaders. He also talks about the aspects that are holding people back from excelling, such as communication and lack of self-awareness.
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TTL 001 | Mobile Apps

Optimize Advertising Through Mobile Apps with Brian Wong and Working Out Alongside Pro-Athletes On Your Mobile with Sarah Kunst

Our mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves. We rely on them heavily for communication, information, entertainment, shopping, and many more. We access these functions through mobile apps. Brian Wong is the owner and CEO of Kiip, a mobile advertising network that gets advertisers to connect with the people who want to buy from them. By creating an in-app rewards platforms that provides consumers with tangible rewards, it gives them a more enjoyable and fulfilling mobile experience. Sarah Kunst is the Founder and CEO of which features a mobile app containing various training routines led by athletes and fitness celebrities where an individual can choose a routine they like and train like a pro anytime, anywhere. Kiip and ProDay are two phenomenal mobile apps that make products and services easily accessible for consumers.

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Top Branding Failures

Companies are always looking for that next Old Spice campaign that will become viral on YouTube and get people talking.  Effective branding is crucial for a company’s success.  The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

Branding needs to be credible and motivate buyers.  According to, “It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It’s a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without.”

There have been many marketing blunders when advertising has missed the mark. lists what they consider to be the 10 Most Ill-Advised Ads of All Time.  Remember those singing Quiznos rodents?  Some of us wish we could forget.  Check out the top 10 list by clicking here.

10 Famous Product Failures And the Advertisements That Did Not Sell Them | Growthink


Excellent list of some infamous product failures . . . Will definitely have my marketing students watch this one. To see the actual commercial – go to:

Everyone makes mistakes. When big business makes mistakes, however, it’s typically after they’ve spent millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to let us know about their flawed products.

Here we present the advertisements for ten of the most infamous product failures in history.

10) Sony Betamax

The 1979 Betamax was a real breakthrough for its time and for the video recording business. It’s a shame it didn’t catch on. Grandma must be pretty ticked off that all of her memories are trapped in a dead format.

Why it failed: Despite having higher quality (and a cooler name), Betamax was defeated by VHS when over 40 companies decided to run with the VCR-compatible format instead. The lower price of VHS-C camcorders probably helped a little too.

Want to avoid these types of mistakes?  Hiring a professional business plan consultant can help you avoid common pitfalls.

9) Coca Cola- New Coke

Bill Cosby, a soda can, and a crystal ball. Nope, nothing odd there.

Is Bill Cosby really trying to be believable

Why it failed: There was nothing wrong with old coke. Life lesson: If it ain’t broke, don’t fizz it.

8) Polaroid – Instant Home Movies

Five seconds into this commercial and this guy has already lost us. “Imagine if someone invented a wonderful box (what??) and gave you a way to catch little pieces of your life so that you could see them again, anytime, by just dropping them into the box. Now, now…wo..wouldn’t that be something?”

Why it failed: Polaroid will inevitably be associated forever with the act of standing around shaking a picture that may or may not come out as intended. Trusting Polaroid to capture any life event big enough to warrant a video camera would just seem reckless.

What about you? Are you planning a new marketing plan campaign?  Need help planning your strategy? Call 800-506-5728 to speak with Growthink’s professional business plan writers.

7) Pepsi – Crystal Pepsi

Who knew that 15 years later Van Halen would be done with Sammy Hagar and bring back David Lee Roth? Also, who knew we would live in a world without Crystal Pepsi? We were pretty sure it was here to stay.

Why it failed:Similar to New Coke, there was no real need for Crystal Pepsi. Despite the shifting tides in early 90’s marketing towards healthiness and purity, people just didn’t get excited about a clear caffeine-free Pepsi. Not really a surprise- those who were that concerned with the health and color of their beverage probably would not be Pepsi drinkers to begin with.

6) McDonalds – Arch Deluxe Burger

Worst. Commercial. Ever.

Anytime you think the best way to market your product is by standing in an elevator in a chef’s outfit and begging the people on that elevator to eat that product…you might want to go back to the drawing board.

Why it failed:The goal of the Deluxe line was to market McDonald’s fine cuisine to the adult demographic. Unfortunately, adults weren’t interested in paying significantly more for slightly different burgers.

5) Apple – Lisa

Wow. Looks like it took Steve Jobs and his minions a few years to really get the hang of that “cool commercial” thing….

Why it failed: The Lisa was geared towards business consumers, though those consumers were attracted to the lower price tag on IBM PCs. NASA got behind the Lisa project, which they regretted after it was discontinued two years later.

Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.  Growthink’s professional business plan consultants have worked with more than 2,000 entrepreneurs.  We know what works and what doesn’t.   

4) Levi’s – Type 1 Jeans

Apparently jeans that are perfect for those situations when you’re being dragged through the dirt while hanging on to a rope wrapped around a possessed car don’t resonate with the masses. This confusing Super Bowl commercial was simultaneously the debut and the death knell for Levi’s Type 1 Jeans.

Why it failed: Fashion is a capricious field. The designers at Levi’s made Fashion Fumble #41b: Celebrating the launch of a product before checking to see if anyone RSVP’d to the Evite.

3) IBM – PCjr

This is what happens when you only have enough money in your marketing budget to afford a dead guy. This commercial is flawed on many levels. Would Charlie Chaplin really know how to use a computer? He was born in 1889, back when North Dakota wasn’t even a state yet.

Why it failed: This computer had a hefty price tag. At $699, it was twice the price of computers from Atari and Commodore. Many were also disappointed at the awkward layout of the factory-shipped keyboard.

2) DeLorean – DMC-12

How this car failed to catch on perplexes us. We know we”d want one.

Why it failed: The fall of the DeLorean Motor Company was not due to the vehicle, which is no surprise because this car is an incredible piece of engineering and style. Rather, failure ensued after hard times fell on the company’s founder. John DeLorean’s empire was dismantled after his arrest on accusations of drug-trafficking resulted in bankruptcy.

1) Ford – Edsel

“They’ll know you’ve arrived when you drive up in the 1958 Edsel, the car that’s truly new!”
I guess in 1958, new was slang for ugly. The front of this car bothers us, as it looks like an angry mechanical face.

Why it failed: A small army worth of factors came together to curse the Edsel. A name that didn’t resonate with the crowd, a bizarre pricing strategy, and a national recession have all been cited as factors by those who use the Edsel as an example of how not to market a product.

TTL 616 | Aligning With Your Purpose

Leadership, Hiring, And Aligning With Your Purpose With Jason Jennings

Leading people and companies to their full potential is what CEOs or leaders ideally do to promote growth. In today’s episode, Diane Hamilton interviews Jason Jennings about the subject of leadership and hiring. Jason has traveled the globe in search of the world’s fastest companies for his landmark debut book called It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small, It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow. As he dives into his book, he also talks about aligning with your purpose or the big “why,” and shares some strategies in hiring and interviewing potential employees and guests. Learn more from Jason’s experiences working with big names like Steve Jobs, and more.
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TTL 593 | Creative Customer Experience

Getting Creative With Customer Experience with Jeff Tobe

Customer experience beyond customer service is the name of the game. It differentiates great brands from the bad ones. However, it depends on how engaged your people are with what they do. “The Guru of Creativity,” professional speaker, and bestselling author Jeff Tobe talks about how identifying your business’ touchpoints and encouraging creativity in the workplace lead to better customer experience for your clients and an increase in your bottom line. Jeff also touches on the value of curiosity and how you can incorporate it into your company culture. Sure, you are busy running your business. Jeff teaches you how to develop the habit of creativity with just an hour a day.
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TTL 581 | Business Coaching

Growth Through Business Coaching with Brad Sugars and The Role Of Self-Awareness To Success with Dr. Tasha Eurich

Having bought broken companies and fixed them, Brad Sugars was known as the “turnaround kid” during his younger days. Now, a big part of his life is writing books and coaching. He started the ActionCOACH brand in 1994 in Brisbane, Australia which is ranked as the Leading Business Coaching Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine and operates in more than 70 countries with over a thousand coaches around the world coaching more than 15,000 businesses. Brad gets into the shift in how people have approached coaching and shares the importance of finding out the best business strategy which will determine the growth factor of your business.

A lot of the things that we assume to be true about self-awareness are actually wrong. What is self-awareness? Where does it come from? Why do we need it and how do we get more of it? Organizational Psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich has a fifteen-year career where she’s helped thousands of leaders improve their self-awareness and success. She’s built a reputation as a fresh modern voice in the business world by pairing scientific grounding and human behavior with pragmatic approach to professional development. In this episode, Dr. Eurich talks about the benefits of having more aware leaders and how personal development plays a role in it.
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TTL 564 | Live Audio Broadcast

Live Audio Broadcasts: Democratizing Access To Information with Ayinde Alakoye and The Impact Of Good Ethics In Life and Business with Yonason Goldson

There is a massive amount of fluidity these days because of the cultural diversity that you can witness in live audio broadcasts or television. Such difference is what gives us a wide range of understanding of the ethics of freedom. Ayinde Alakoye, the co-founder and CEO of nēdl, shares the value of allowing people to access any information and democratizing this access. As he walks us through his journey to becoming the CEO of the world’s first keyword search engine for live audio broadcast, discover the difference in the impact between podcasts and radios. Learn how Ayinde monetizes his search engine even if it is a free app to download. Also, catch on how he became the Message Advisor for President Obama.

If the freedom of speech allows any human being to exercise the right to express their opinions by all means, should there be any limitations to what should be aired out in the public or social media? Yonason Goldson, the Director of Ethical Imperatives, talks about being aware of and determining your responsibilities. He teaches professionals how good ethics is good business and the benefits of intellectual diversity. A keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, and community rabbi, Yonason gives an in-depth analogy on why compliance is the enemy of ethics. Likewise, he gives his take on sharing too much of our opinions and our values versus being too sensitive to other people’s reactions to them. As we dive deeper into ethics in politics and business, find out what the “fake it until you make it” mentality is and why you should dodge it.

TTL 557 | Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight: Making The Subconscious Conscious with Pranav Yadav

Neuro-Insight, a neuromarketing and neuro analytics company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications, pioneers the link between brain activity and consumer behavior, making the subconscious conscious. They help their clients optimize a particular message to showcase and to have maximum impact in the market. Pranav Yadav, the CEO of Neuro-Insight US, takes a deep dive into what their company does in the field of advertising and marketing. Pranav shares the importance of their invented technology in the research process and how lighting up the brain reveals the emotional process of your personal interests.

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