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It is important to understand that we all have different levels of curiosity and are impacted differently by many of the factors that we take for granted. The Curiosity Code Index is dedicated to helping you understand the things that might impact how much you embrace your natural curiosity and help spark the natural desire to explore new areas of interest for you.

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The Key to Unlocking Human Potential

Curiosity is one of the most analyzed, discussed, and written about topics in the study of human behavior. We have learned that it is innate from birth, as illustrated by the phrase, childlike curiosity. We have learned that it is essential to the survival of the entire animal kingdom. We have learned that the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs attribute their success to sustaining their childlike curiosity, while many people’s sense of curiosity tends to wane or deteriorate as they age. For the longest time, we attributed that diminished state of curiosity to the aging process itself. But studies have shown that is not the case.

Why do we lose our childlike curiosity? What are the causes; and what are the consequences? Most importantly, how do we get it back? That is the essence of this book.

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“Curiosity is important in all aspects of our lives because it opens us up to our desire to experience things. As we become more curious, we find things that make us happy, energize us, and create new opportunities and experiences at home and at work.

By learning what things inhibit our natural levels of curiosity, we can learn ways to become open to experiencing opportunities.”

Dr. Diane Hamilton