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Author, sports management firm Joe Sweeney and the first deaf NBA player and TED speaker Lance Allred About Joe Sweeney Joe Sweeney has an equity position in Corporate Financial Advisors. Prior to that, he was founder and president of SMG, a sports management firm that specializes in assisting and representing coaches and athletes (including three-time NFL MVP Brett Favre) in securing contracts and marketing deals. He was also president of the Wisconsin Sports Authority and
TTL 15 | Continuous Learning
A harmonious workplace is conducive for productivity and creativity. In the absence of friction, ideas and innovation flow more efficiently. Shama Hyder, known as the Zen Master of marketing, talks about maintaining a Zen level in the workplace and being in student mode, open to learning and improvement. Ricardo Gonzalez discusses the benefits of cultural mastery across multinational and multicultural companies to endear people and achieve mutual education, engagement, and empowerment. High CQ or Cultural
The wealthy bag lady sponsor expert Linda Hollander and the most connected author Germaine Moody About Linda Hollander Linda Hollander is known as the “WEALTHY BAG LADY” and she helps people get funding from corporate sponsors. She has been featured by Inc. Magazine as the industry leader in corporate sponsorship and business success. She has over 20 years of experience as a business owner and does sponsorship and business consulting. Her goal is to empower
CMO recruiter Greg Welch and No Sweat speaker author Fred Miller About Greg Welch Greg Welch is a senior partner at the world’s premier executive search firm, Spencer Stuart. He has distinguished himself as the industries “go-to” CMO recruiter for the world’s most iconic brands and he has personally led over 600 senior marketing searches. He is a frequent guest speaker, thought leader and mentor to the industries top talent. Greg co-authored the acclaimed book
CEO of Fisher Investments, billionaire, author, and Forbes contributor, Ken Fisher and Forbes Editor and author John Tamny About Ken Fisher Ken Fisher has written a Forbes Portfolio Strategy column for 32+ years and is the longest continuously running columnist in Forbes’ history. He is also the founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Fisher Investments, an independent, fee-only investment adviser serving a global client base of diverse investors. He is the author of
TTL 011 | Empowering Women in Business
In the present world of technology, we find more and more women closing the gender gap and empowering women in business, a once male-dominated space. Roya Mahboob has gained attention for being one of the first IT female CEOs in Afghanistan where it’s relatively rare for women to work outside of the home. Her software development company provides job opportunities and learning programs for women and she uses her global fame to help bring awareness
Academic business executive Marilyn Carroll and business development expert Joseph Hunt About Marilyn Carroll Marilyn Carroll is an academic and business executive, visionary, entrepreneur, author, radio personality, turnaround expert, and transformational leader with 20 plus years of progressively achieving or exceeding desired business outcomes. She is known for changing unproductive ‘at risk’ operational practices into successes.   About Joseph Hunt Joseph Hunt is a life coach who helps others Rise up and live their life
Self-leadership expert Kathy Sparrow and award-winning motivational speaker Rob Oliver About Kathy Sparrow Kathy Sparrow is a self-leadership expert, message strategist, international best-selling, award-winning author, speaker, and university professor. Co-author of “Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results” in her chapter “The Power of Your Story: Discovering Your Why, Dissolving Your Why Nots,” she discusses that when a leader knows their “why,” they build momentum to do
Author, radio host, speaker, entrepreneurship expert Jim Beach and People Productivity expert Deb Calvert About Jim Beach Jim Beach is the author of a book published by McGraw Hill titled: School for Startups was a big success. Jim has started businesses and taught entrepreneurship around the world. He was the highest ranked professor in the Business College at Georgia State University for 12 straight semesters. His teaching and speaking is based on experience. He grew
CEO Mindspree tutoring app Keith Rezendes and author Dr. Sheila Show Sheila Williams About Keith Rezendes Keith Rezendes is the CEO and Founder of Mindspree, an on-demand online tutor marketplace that connects tutors and students for online or in-person tutoring with more than 300 subjects ranging from Algebra to Yoga. He drew 1,000 tutor applicants within the first three weeks. He incorporated the model used by ride-share companies like Uber and Airbnb to facilitate the process