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TTL 564 | Live Audio Broadcast
There is a massive amount of fluidity these days because of the cultural diversity that you can witness in live audio broadcasts or television. Such difference is what gives us a wide range of understanding of the ethics of freedom. Ayinde Alakoye, the co-founder and CEO of nēdl, shares the value of allowing people to access any information and democratizing this access. As he walks us through his journey to becoming the CEO of the
TTL 563 | White House Chef
Life as a White House chef is an adventure in itself. Former White House chef Martin Mongiello his life journey of how he became a White House Chef and what he’s doing now. Martin has worked at the Camp David Resort & Conference Center as a general manager and has cooked for all of the last five US presidents. He goes behind the scenes of what it’s like cooking for some of the most powerful
TTL 562 | Intentional Energetic Presence
In large organizations, it’s crucial to keep the workforce in good shape to have the best performance possible. Anese Cavanaugh, the creator of the IEP method, started doing work with business leaders and teams in 2003 when she created the Intentional Energetic Presence. The IEP is all about being intentional about the energetic presence you bring to everything you do. Anese dives deeper into IEP and its three components, and touches on her two books,
TTL 561 | Formula For Success
Influence is a big word in many respects. We hear it a lot in social media and we know its importance when it comes to leadership. Stacey Hanke, author and the CEO of Stacey Hanke, Inc., explores influence and introduces her book, Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday. She shows us how leaders can develop influence successfully through practical and immediate how-tos and how to build the level
TTL 560 | Cracking Complexity
Solving problems has never been more comfortable if you have the perfect solution that would crack every trial. David Komlos, the CEO of Syntegrity and author of Cracking Complexity, reveals the breakthrough formula that would quickly eliminate the roadblocks in business, entertainment, and society. Learn the difference between complex and complicated challenges and the only way to deal with multidimensional problems at pace and at scale. On top of that, find out about David’s N*N-1