Writing For An Audience Of One: The Art Of Speechwriting With Rob Noel

TTL 834 | Speechwriting

Writing For An Audience Of One: The Art Of Speechwriting With Rob Noel

When you ghostwrite a speech for someone else, it means you only have that person as your audience. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on which angle you look at it. On the one hand, you only have one person to impress. On the other, you really have to know what that person believes for your words to truly resonate with them and in turn, resonate with their real audience. That is probably the greatest challenge that Rob Noel has had as a speechwriter for some of the biggest political and corporate figures out there, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue, Undersecretary Keith Krach, and US Senator and Presidential candidate Mark Rubio. An award-winning speechwriter and executive communications advisor, Rob is also the President of the Washington Writers Network. Join in as he let us take a peek inside a day in the life of a speechwriter in this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton.

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TTL 706 | Momentum

How Momentum Affects Society And The Economy With Mike Berland

Our typical understanding of momentum stems back from a scientific standpoint. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest, Mike Berland, explains how there is more to this quantifiable motion than meets the eye. Mike is the Founder and CEO of Decode_M, a research and analytics firm that decodes data into momentum for its clients. In this discussion, he ties his knowledge and ideas with the COVID-19 crisis and links momentum to business and politics, noting how organizations and leaders are driving their brands and communities with their own versions of transformation. Dive deeper into momentum and how it ties to curiosity and so much more in this insightful conversation.

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TTL 643 | Building Authentic Leadership

Building Authentic Leadership Through Our Capacities With Robert Glazer and Life Lessons From Poker With Alec Torelli

Culture and authenticity in leadership all contribute to a successful organization. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Robert Glazer, the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners and the author of Elevate, about building authentic leadership. Bob shares his tactics on developing a healthy and high-performance culture as well as capacity-building towards becoming the leader we ought to be. He also touches on the four capacities necessary for achieving that authentic leader level.

Poker may be an ordinary card game but there are lessons to be learned from it specifically on how we can find strength in luck. Professional poker player, digital entrepreneur, and keynote speaker Alec Torelli joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss his realizations about the harsh realities of the world with regards to luck. Alec takes a deep dive into how poker ties into life especially when it comes to handling failures and setbacks.
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TTL 628 | Storytelling That Resonates

Storytelling: Resonating Stories That Makes A Difference With Dr. Jim Smith

It is the communication that makes a story come to life between the storyteller and the story listeners. In this episode, Dr Jim Smith, a keynote speaker and a lightning rod in both professional and personal development spaces, talks about the art of storytelling to catch the ears of his listeners. Dr. Jim teaches us how to be the speaker that resonates in each and every individual that will come across people by going in-depth on how he started to be a keynote speaker, making it clear that each story has a lesson to tell.
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TTL 330 | Authenticity

Leading With Authenticity with Todd Dewett and Learning How To Sell with Phil M. Jones

Even with many years of study about leadership at hand, many are still struggling with understanding how people crave connection and purpose altogether. The relationship between leaders and their team is formed better if authenticity is found. Todd Dewett Рthe world’s leading authenticity expert, best-selling author, consultant, and professor Рtalks about why this is true and should be applied. He gives great leadership advice on showing our true selves to others and recommends tools to help improve engagement and make people genuinely productive.


Phil M. Jones, a truly self-made sales performance legend, speaker, and author, talks about selling and knowing how to get what you want by asking. Taking the higher approach, he talks about the importance of using the right words and allowing people to see through your sincerity in having their best interest at heart. In his book, Magic Words, Phil inspires people to action and lays down the questions that are important to ask as well as what makes a good salesperson.