Booklets: Accomplish Your Writing Goals Minus The Hassle With Robin Colucci

TTL 893 | Writing Booklets

Booklets: Accomplish Your Writing Goals Minus The Hassle With Robin Colucci

Writing a book is one of the best ways to establish your authority in your field of expertise. But not everyone has the time or money to go through that process. Booklets are the solution to that problem. Robin Colucci, CEO of R Colucci, LLC, her boutique publishing consulting firm where she helps world-class experts write world-changing books. She is also the author of High Profit Book Blueprint. She is joining Dr. Diane Hamilton to give insights from her book and share how booklets can increase your network and boost your ventures. Listen in on their discussion and get writing tips to help you start your booklet!

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TTL 865 Vikrant Shaurya | Best-Selling Book

How To Create A Best-Selling Book: Best Practices With Vikrant Shaurya

How do you create a best-selling book? It’s crucial to understand Amazon’s algorithm. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest for today is Vikrant Shaurya, CEO and Founder of Vikrant explains how good marketing strategies can make the book sell like crazy. But if you want it to sell long-term, you need good quality content. Where do you begin? Start by creating the book outline quadrant. Plus, for those budding podcasters out there, Dr. Diane Hamilton then shares insights along with some tips on how to get your show started. Tune in to learn more!

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Has a Book Become the New Business Card?

With the advent of self-publishing, realizing the dream of writing a book has become a reality for more people.  Many guests on my nationally-syndicated radio show have been authors. I was fortunate to interview Sharon Lechter recently, and she brought up how a book has become the new business card.  Sharon, of course, is the co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and several best-selling books based on the recently re-energized Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich series.  Sharon is the ultimate example of a successful author.  Most authors do not have Napoleon Hill Foundation behind their work.  However, many have access to sites like Createspace and others to showcase their writing skills. Continue reading “Has a Book Become the New Business Card?”

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Self-Publishing with CreateSpace

Today’s Ask Dr. Diane:  I am interested in self-publishing a book.  Can you tell me about your experience with self-publishing and things you have done to market your books?

That is a good question and one that I often receive.  Check out my previous posting:  How to Publish or Self-Publish Your Book.  I used Createspace for self-publishing.  I had a great experience with them. They are affiliated with Amazon.  The site offers different options based on authors’ needs.  Some of those options included:

  • Do-it-yourself tools to design interiors and covers
  • Comprehensive design and editing
  • Expanded distribution options

I found that the company was very responsive to my questions.  They took my design ideas and gave me a couple of covers to choose from based on my input.

Createspace is not limited to book publishing. They also work with musicians and filmmakers.

Once your book is published, and available on Amazon, you will then have the ability to create an Amazon author page.  That author page can incorporate links from your blog. Authors also have the option of making their books available on Amazon’s Europe-based site.

There are plenty of books that can help increase your sales on Amazon’s site.  One book that I thought was pretty useful was: Aiming at Amazon.

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