Failing His Way To The Core Value Equation With Darius Mirshahzadeh

TTL 805 | Core Values

Failing His Way To The Core Value Equation With Darius Mirshahzadeh

Every company has to have core values – that’s just Business 101. But having core values is not just about having a nice set of lofty words to put up on your lobby. Darius Mirshahzadeh learned that in the most painful way possible as a young entrepreneur. Being born to and raised in a business family didn’t spare Darius from the failures of every beginner’s journey, including the implosion that many in the real estate world suffered in 2008. That humbling experience taught Darius the importance of building a business around core values – this time, real core values that have high utility value. His book, The Core Value Equation, tells his story eloquently along with the lessons he learned from it. Listen in as he discusses with Dr. Diane Hamilton what core values ought to be. You will find the answer to be easy, quite literally this time.

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TTL 729 | Intentional Integrity

Intentional Integrity In An Ethical Revolution With Rob Chesnut

They say that integrity is how you act when no one is watching, but how does that work in a world where everyone’s watching? In this episode, Rob Chesnut joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss his stance on how to intentionally drive integrity and ethics into the culture of a company. Rob is the Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb. He talks about developing a code of ethics and how to recover from committing an ethical misstep. He also shares what he thinks about confirmation bias, and goes into the six C’s mentioned in his book, Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution.

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TTL 719 | Selfless Service

Selfless Service With Jonathan Keyser And The Living Organization With Norman Wolfe

Everything is about selfless service—about succeeding by helping others succeed. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Jonathan Keyser, the founder and thought leader behind Keyser. Together, they talk about the importance of selfless service in growing an organization.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, every organization taken together is a living, breathing organism. Norman Wolfe is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders. He speaks with Dr. Diane about looking at organizations as living beings, and how this will help you sustain development in the long run.

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TTL 707 | Improving Teamwork

Improving Teamwork With Tony Llewellyn And Working Effectively Into The Future With Michelle Hayward

How should teams work within a company? On today’s show, Tony Llewellyn joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share his expertise in working with teams. Tony is a Team Development Director at ResoLex and a specialist in large project teams. He shares some useful examples of how groups should and should not work. He also discusses the differences in how Baby Boomers and the Millennials deal with leadership roles. Learn more about improving teamwork as Dr. Diane and Tony tackle the concepts of collaboration, reflective learning, and assumptions necessary for team leadership.

Effectively working with different people from different cultures across the globe is a challenge, especially today. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Michelle Hayward, the CEO of the award-winning, innovative brand and growth consultancy called Bluedog Design. Michelle explains how it is to work with different cultures globally with the current pandemic. She also shares some tips on how leaders can change the culture of their companies to build more curiosity and success.

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TTL 693 | Modern Work Challenges

Tackling Modern Work Challenges With Bruce Daisley

Modern work challenges are represented by the constant change in human perception towards each other. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Bruce Daisley who is a former Twitter VP and now a number one bestselling author. Bruce is also a podcast host and the author of Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. He also worked for Google and YouTube. He talks about his book and shares his interesting take on how companies should be run. By understanding the challenges of modern-day work, we can tackle each of them by instilling company culture and even injecting laughter in the air.
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TTL 666 | Culture Design

Culture Change Through Culture Design With Jason Korman And Generational Conflict With Bob Fisch

How do you create the frameworks and models to understand organizations so that you can design the change that needs to happen? That’s what Jason Korman and his team at Gapingvoid – a company that aims to make companies more human by recognizing and implementing culture change – do. Jason is a proven innovator who uses unexpected models and ways to create novel effective approaches to business creation and growth. In this episode, Jason talks with Dr. Diane Hamilton to share how he went from the wine business to culture design. He also addresses the current situation of society where people are too sensitive and how that affects culture.
A lot of company conflict stems from misinformation and misconception, especially about the different generations working within the organization. There’s a lot of Millennial bashing that are not necessarily accurate, and the idea that Boomers are too old to know things are not entirely true. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Bob Fisch, the author of Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer, about generational conflict in the workplace. He also encourages everyone to read his book and explains why it’s useful for every generation to read. Continue reading “Culture Change Through Culture Design With Jason Korman And Generational Conflict With Bob Fisch”
TTL 608 | Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials In The Workplace With Clint Pulver and Becoming An Expert With David C. Baker

The Millennials are probably the most elusive bunch to figure out, particularly in the workplace setting. The Millennial Speaker and President of The Center for Employee Retention Clint Pulver help us further understand this generation and figure out how to retain, gauge, and inspire them within the organization. Letting us in on what Millennials actually think through his Undercover Millennial work, he gives us a view on the core needs that allow them to be their best selves in whatever environment they are in.

With so much information out there, it has become easy to turn yourself into an expert. Leading you onto the right path to becoming one with his own roadmap on hand is The Expert’s Expert, David C. Baker, the author of The Business of Expertise, speaker, and adviser to Entrepreneurial Creatives Worldwide. David shares some of the lessons he learned from successful firms on becoming an expert while giving his insights on opportunities, perception, and curiosity.

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TTL 593 | Creative Customer Experience

Getting Creative With Customer Experience with Jeff Tobe

Customer experience beyond customer service is the name of the game. It differentiates great brands from the bad ones. However, it depends on how engaged your people are with what they do. “The Guru of Creativity,” professional speaker, and bestselling author Jeff Tobe talks about how identifying your business’ touchpoints and encouraging creativity in the workplace lead to better customer experience for your clients and an increase in your bottom line. Jeff also touches on the value of curiosity and how you can incorporate it into your company culture. Sure, you are busy running your business. Jeff teaches you how to develop the habit of creativity with just an hour a day.
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TTL 586 | Becoming A Great Leader

How To Become A Greater The Drives High Performance Teams with John Spence

There are so many ingredients to producing a great leader who can also produce high performing teams. In this episode, John Spence who is recognized as one of the top business thought leaders and leadership development experts in the world shares his insights on how to become a great leader. Recognizing that leadership is all about dealing with others, John teaches us how to deal with people and the importance of understanding organization culture. Presenting a list on the key characteristics to look for in a leader, he also shares the five keys for creating accountability in your company and reveals the six things why people work where they work.

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TTL 326 | Emotional Nakedness

Emotional Nakedness with Dr. Patrick Williams and Walking On The Glass Floor with Judy Hoberman

Unlocking your fullest potential in your career, business, or personal relationships can be made possible by getting naked. According to Dr. Patrick Williams, leadership coach, shadow coaching specialist, and author of Getting Naked, that means being emotionally naked which is really about cutting the crap and releasing the baggage that’s held you hostage for so long. Dr. Williams goes deep into the subject of emotional nakedness and takes a closer look at mindfulness or purposeful pause, curiosity, what makes people passionate, and how emotions impact perceptions.


In a male-dominated workplace, it is very challenging for a woman to stand out. Judy Hoberman, author of Walking on the Glass Floor and President of Selling in a Skirt, shares the challenges she faced in such a situation. Judy was always the only woman in the room. Realizing that men and women are so different in how they speak up, ask questions, or listen, she decided to take notes and take the differences and use them as assets rather than liabilities. Judy shares her background and what led her interest in focusing on women. She also touches on soft skills, perception, and what she means by “walking on the glass floor.”