The Molecule Of More: How Dopamine Affects Behavior With Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman

TTL 651 | How Dopamine Affects Behavior

The Molecule Of More: How Dopamine Affects Behavior With Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman

So many things impact our everyday decisions, and behavioral scientists take it upon themselves to have a better understanding of this. Today, Diane Hamilton talks with Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, a professor and vice-chair for clinical affairs at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. With his book, The Molecule of More, he puts the focus on dopamine and how it affects us in terms of love, sex, creativity, and everything else – determining the fate of the human race. He also shares with us what he has learned about it in relation to behavioral disorders and illnesses. Putting out more enlightening information, Dr. Lieberman lets us in on understanding how dopamine weighs in on the successes we have in life and the ways to feel better and be better as humans. Continue reading “The Molecule Of More: How Dopamine Affects Behavior With Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman”

TTL 641 | Creatively Hacking Innovation

Creativity In Hacking Innovation With Josh Linkner And The Immersive Online Learning Ecosystem With Yash Tekriwal

It is a fact that all of us have the enormous creative capacity. The only problem is not many practices and develops those skills. On a mission to try to help the world become more creative, Josh Linker inspires you to apply creativity to everyday challenges and to innovate your business. Josh Linker is a business leader, top-rated speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, among others. He guides us in this episode to hacking innovation, solving complex problems in creative ways, and developing the creative resilience we need when faced with adversities.

From solving problems to another, Founder of LifeSchool, Yash Tekriwal, also sits on this episode to present to us a rethinking of how we prepare students for the future. Building an immersive learning ecosystem to make learning fun again, Yash has designed an interactive and engaging online environment that gets students to work on projects and solve problems. He shares with us the journey they embarked on getting LifeSchool to come to life, along with his insights on the value of teaching soft skills, personal development, leadership fulfillment, and the likes that are not generally taught in schools, let alone online.
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TTL 587 | Developing Creative Practices

Training Leaders That Develop Creative Practices with Todd Henry and Leveraging HR To Drive Business Results with Ed Krow

One of the biggest problems in any organization or company is when leaders try to lead from a position of control rather than a position of influence. When this happens, you’re not allowing them to own the work, to take risks, and to leverage their unique capabilities. Todd Henry, the Founder of Accidental Creative, says the leader’s role is to develop the team to accomplish new and more interesting kinds of work. Todd teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. Today, he shares how leaders can develop creative practices within his team and create a leadership culture and philosophy that’s giving people the space to be able to exercise their talent in the way that they’re uniquely capable.


The human resource department is one of the most vital parts of any company. Ed Krow, an expert HR strategist, believes that everything starts with the HR and that with poor HR quality of work, the entire company can be compromised. Known as The HR Doctor, Ed turns irrelevant and ineffective HR functions into strategic contributors by aligning HR with the business objectives. He talks about how to find quality HR persons and what steps the HR must go through to efficiently find the right people to hire.

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TTL 327 | Innovation Technology

Humanity And The Future Of Innovation Technology with Byron Reese and Tapping Into Curiosity And Creativity Through Technology with Chris Hoffmann

Byron Reese, CEO of Gigaom and author of The Fourth Age, talks about innovation technology, its future, and how humanity fits within the picture. He poses great questions that tug at our current conditions such as identifying whether you are a machine or an animal. Believing greatly in humanity and technology, he defines what technology is and gives us a view of the changes that will happen sooner. Byron then shares his insights about artificial general intelligence and emotional intelligence in robots while predicting how technology can end hunger and poverty.


Tying innovation to an open heart, Chris Hoffmann – author, innovator, and TEDx speaker – talks about the emotional aspects that need to be present with technology. He finds that it is by having that sense of self that we will tap into curiosity and creativity. He is also about helping people get over that fear of being more innovative, leading us to identify the things that make us emotionally satisfied. Reflecting on the current relationship between people and technology, Chris then shares his thoughts about people aligning to different jobs as they become more curious and creative than ever.
TTL 270 | Education

Education And Our Natural Creativity with John Couch

Probably a survival technique that was so ingrained in us from our schools is to memorize. We are taught to memorize in order to have good grades. However, this hampers the overall learning of a student. John Couch explores on the subject of what’s wrong with education. John is one of the first few employees at Apple and was the Vice President of Software. When he retired in his 30s, he went on to revitalize a faith-based school in California. Soon after, Steve Jobs brought him back as the first VP of Education at Apple. John shares his journey and experiences as he gives great insights into how the way we’re educated has impacted us. He also shares some contents from his book, Rewiring Education, as he talks about the natural creativity we have as a child and the changes in the way we learn.

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