The Fundamentals Of Future Ready Leadership With Shane Ram

TTL 809 | Future Ready Leadership

The Fundamentals Of Future Ready Leadership With Shane Ram

What qualities will the ultimate leaders of the future possess? A lot of things will come to mind, but Shane Ram efficiently boils it down to eight fundamentals in his new book, Future Ready Leadership. Shane is the CEO and founder of Go for 10 and the creator of functional executive coaching – a holistic practice that gets into the root of what holds leaders back from going for excellence. In this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, he gives a quick overview of each if the eight must-have strategies that leaders need to have to be able to succeed in the coming years. Be prepared to take note of these essential things that are going set you up for greater things down the road.

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TTL 280 | The Selling Formula

Developing Employee Culture with Dr. Terence Jackson and The Selling Formula with Brian Robinson

All organizations have a culture, whether it’s the culture they want or a culture that was created through application. Executive performance advisor and thought leader Dr. Terence Jackson says leadership and employee culture dictate how innovative or disruptive an organization is. When leadership allows and enables their employees to look at innovation from an unlimited perspective, they create, innovate, and disrupt better than others. Dr. Jackson shares some great information on how to develop employee culture and touches on all kinds of issues that organizations have.
What you imagine happening prior to a conversation tends to play out. If you take a few moments before your contact with your prospect to sit still think about them and care about them even before you’ve ever open your mouth or even seen them, you wind up telegraphing what you’re feeling. It’s always to your benefit to think positively about that interaction. Bestselling author, coach, and sales expert Brian Robinson helps banks and credit unions effectively cross promote their products and services. His book, The Selling Formula, outlines some helpful tips of how to get your sales message across and be effective.

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TTL 232 | Disrupt You

Disrupt You: Inventing And Expanding Opportunities with Jay Samit

You either have a choice of working to help someone else pursue their dreams or work to pursue your own. That’s the simple choice in life. Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You!, says if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Many people have drilled in from a young age that they’re not good enough or they’re not smart enough. A child doesn’t learn to walk seamlessly standing up one day and run like Hussein Bolt. A child stumbles, learns what doesn’t work, stands up, and tries it again and again. Being an entrepreneur is no different. Walt Disney’s first company went bankrupt. Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s first companies went bankrupt. The list goes on and on, but they learned what didn’t work and that’s how you grow. Jay talks about his book, Disrupt You!, and breaks down for people the truth of how to start billion-dollar companies.

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