Women In The Workplace: Assumptions And Challenges On Equality With Michelle P. King

TTL 692 | Women In The Workplace

Women In The Workplace: Assumptions And Challenges On Equality With Michelle P. King

Regardless of how modern the world has become and how organizations have transformed into more complex systems with both men and women harmoniously co-existing, inequality and, often, stereotype still play roles in toppling the balance. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton engages in an eye-opening conversation with Michelle P. King about her book called The Fix, which promotes the understanding of how inequality shows up for women and the invisible barriers they encounter. Michelle is a leading global expert in gender and organizations, Director of Inclusion at Netflix, and the former head of the UN Global Initiative. If you’re a leader, discover how you can transform your workplace into one that values inclusion and difference, and supports employees to engage in wide-ranging behaviors.
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TTL 544 | Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion with Tayo Rockson and Helping Executives Create Impact with Tricia Benn

Living in a world that operates with a binary system does not really cut it for the unique differences we have all around. Four-time TEDx speaker, consultant, and writer Tayo Rockson greatly believes in letting people fully understand themselves away from the boxes and the norms set up by society. He is all about diversity and inclusion and authors the book Use Your Difference to Make a Difference. Letting us in on his podcast called As Told by Nomads, Tayo shares the stories from many of the change-makers he has interviewed on topics like validation and being in your zone of genius. He gives insights and techniques on how you can become more self-aware and not be a stranger to yourself.


Growing in business has that added responsibility to help others while also asking some for yourself to sustain the progress you’re making. Helping executives become successful in both those aspects, executive of the C-Suite Network and general manager of Hero Club Tricia Benn introduces her companies that equip executives to face digital disruptions in their business and create an impact by giving back to the communities in which they serve. She also touches on the events and supports they offer, knowing full well how nothing is more costly than working with the wrong person or team.