Upgrading Your Skills: A Discussion On Workplace Readiness With Dr. Andrew Temte

TTL 861 | Workplace Readiness

Upgrading Your Skills: A Discussion On Workplace Readiness With Dr. Andrew Temte

Ensuring workplace readiness doesn’t just mean having your office spic and span or your technology ready. It also means equipping your employees with the right set of skills to tackle their jobs, and having the right workplace culture to ensure no one becomes disengaged. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down for a lovely conversation with Dr. Andrew Temte, President and Global Head of Corporate Learning at Kaplan Professional. Dr. Temte talks about the need to upskill and reskill billions, and talks about success with balance. Don’t miss this provocative discussion that is sure to make you ask questions about workplace readiness.

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TTL 764 | Diversity And Inclusion

Railroading Diversity And Inclusion Through Servant Leadership With Roquita Coleman-Williams And Planting Seeds Of Curiosity With Emily Mishler

You wouldn’t think it possible for a little girl to dream about being a railroad professional, but that childhood fascination turned out to be the future for Roquita Coleman-Williams. With her unique leadership experience in an industry traditionally dominated by men, Roquita soon had herself thrust upon the TEDx stage as a thought leader in diversity and inclusion. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton for this interview, Roquita discusses how servant leadership can strategically bridge the inclusion gap in organizations, how change can start from the middle and how to achieve sustained cultural change. Roquita is one remarkable woman who has a knack of finding herself in places where she “isn’t supposed to be” and challenging the status quo. Listen in and partake of her wisdom and experience.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” as the old wives’ tale would have it, but that age-old “wisdom” misses the point of curiosity being a catalyst for change. Emily Mishler is on a mission to challenge this outdated way of thinking by planting seeds of curiosity among the new generation. Out of that passion was born Esmè the Curious Cat, a children’s book series that inspires future generations to be the change that they wish to see. Going by the penname of Em Valentine, Emily created a character that is a reflection of herself but also of a bigger movement towards promoting curiosity and creative thinking. Listen in as she shares the genesis of Esmè and some revelations of future directions with Dr. Diane Hamilton.

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TTL 763 | Google Talent

How Google Creates The Next Generation Of Innovators With Kyle Ewing

Have you ever Googled how Google hires its Googlers? Since 2006, it has been Kyle Ewing’s job to make sure that the global software giant doesn’t run out of the best talent the world has to offer. Leading the company’s Talent and Outreach Program Team, Kyle is responsible for all of Google’s entry-level hiring, internship, apprenticeship, and residency programs. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton in this episode, she gives us a sneak peek at what the how curiosity plays into Google’s innovation culture and how the company is advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in its teams. Now is your chance to learn what makes Google Google and what Googleness is all about.

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TTL 730 | Building Trust

Building Trust For Cultural Change With Dr. Frances Frei

Trust is a fickle thing. How do we make sure it is built and incorporated into the company culture? In this episode, Harvard Business School professor Dr. Frances Frei joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to give her insight on this by discussing her TED Talk and using her experience at Harvard of how she and her colleagues made the school more gender-inclusive. Dr. Frei works with companies who are embarking on large-scale change and organizational transformation, including embracing diversity and inclusion as a lever for improved performance. She also served as Uber’s first Senior Vice President of Leadership and Strategy where she fixed the failing culture in a year. Tune in to this episode to know the three pillars of trust and how you can navigate crises, leadership, and culture.

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TTL 692 | Women In The Workplace

Women In The Workplace: Assumptions And Challenges On Equality With Michelle P. King

Regardless of how modern the world has become and how organizations have transformed into more complex systems with both men and women harmoniously co-existing, inequality and, often, stereotype still play roles in toppling the balance. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton engages in an eye-opening conversation with Michelle P. King about her book called The Fix, which promotes the understanding of how inequality shows up for women and the invisible barriers they encounter. Michelle is a leading global expert in gender and organizations, Director of Inclusion at Netflix, and the former head of the UN Global Initiative. If you’re a leader, discover how you can transform your workplace into one that values inclusion and difference, and supports employees to engage in wide-ranging behaviors.
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TTL 544 | Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion with Tayo Rockson and Helping Executives Create Impact with Tricia Benn

Living in a world that operates with a binary system does not really cut it for the unique differences we have all around. Four-time TEDx speaker, consultant, and writer Tayo Rockson greatly believes in letting people fully understand themselves away from the boxes and the norms set up by society. He is all about diversity and inclusion and authors the book Use Your Difference to Make a Difference. Letting us in on his podcast called As Told by Nomads, Tayo shares the stories from many of the change-makers he has interviewed on topics like validation and being in your zone of genius. He gives insights and techniques on how you can become more self-aware and not be a stranger to yourself.


Growing in business has that added responsibility to help others while also asking some for yourself to sustain the progress you’re making. Helping executives become successful in both those aspects, executive of the C-Suite Network and general manager of Hero Club Tricia Benn introduces her companies that equip executives to face digital disruptions in their business and create an impact by giving back to the communities in which they serve. She also touches on the events and supports they offer, knowing full well how nothing is more costly than working with the wrong person or team.