Understanding How Unconscious Bias Impacts Workplace Culture With Sejal Thakkar

TTL 898 | Unconscious Bias

Understanding How Unconscious Bias Impacts Workplace Culture With Sejal Thakkar

Unconscious bias is a problem for many organizations aiming to become more inclusive because it is unconscious, as the name suggests, and they’re hard to pinpoint. People, including leaders, have their biases, which come out even when aiming for diversity, perhaps even more then. Today’s guest is Sejal Thakkar, Chief Culture Officer at Nobody Studios, and has a great TEDx Talk about The Pain, Paradox, and Power of Bias. In this episode, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss how biases manifest in the workplace even as organizations work towards inclusivity. They are looking at equity from the wrong lens. Join in for an insightful discussion on how to foster an inclusive workplace culture that truly empowers employees. Plus, they discuss dealing with harassment and discrimination and the importance of language.

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TTL 850 | Global Leader

What It Takes To Be A Global Leader With Ken Miller

Have you ever been appointed as a leader? Maybe in school or in football practice? Being a leader is hard but imagine being a global leader – leader who has to communicate and interact with other countries around the world. That is twice as difficult. Learn all the intricacies of becoming such a leader with Ken Miller. Ken is the President and CEO of Nasco Healthcare. He has been developing global teams and leaders for almost 30 years. He also helped several world-class organizations grow into profitable businesses. Join your host, Dr. Diane Hamilton as she has a lovely conversation with Ken Miller. Listen in the conversation as Ken talks about the requirements for being a global leader. He talks about diversity, inclusion, building trust, and much more. Learn how to lead the world as a future leader today.

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TTL 840 | Employing Persons With Disability

Leadership, Politics, Employing Persons With Disability With Dr. Abraham Khoureis

There is a big trend for diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the workplace. Sadly, disabled individuals are not usually included in that conversation. Advocating for employing disabled individuals is Dr. Abraham Khoureis. He is a multi-talented thought leader with knowledge and expertise in a variety of business disciplines and academic settings. He discusses with Dr. Diane Hamilton why business owners should employ disabled persons and how they can make the workplace accommodating for them. When given the right environment, disabled individuals can do so much more. Join this conversation and fully capture inclusivity with Dr. Abe while he also takes us across his works in leadership and his podcast, ‘Keep It Real’ Leadership & Politics.

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TTL 800 Dr. Tana M. Session | Workplace Diversity

Modern Workplace: Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion With Dr. Tana M. Session

A modern workplace is designed for diversity, equity, and inclusion of all employees, operating for the ultimate goal of belongingness. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Tana M. Session, Organizational Development Strategist and International Speaker, as they talk about the system of diversity and belongingness in the workplace. Dr. Session shares her insights on the vision of diversity and how companies can ensure to hire the best-qualified candidate for the job. Speaking on the other end, she then offers some tips on how anyone can set themselves up for success when an opportunity presents itself. Dr. Session gives us a peek into her book, Get Your Career Life in Order, which speaks to those who are aspiring for promotion or jumping into a new one. Listen to their conversation and realize where we are in our journey, whether as a company hiring or as someone looking to be hired, and how to move from there.  

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TTL 778 | Workplace Well-Being

Understanding Workplace Well-Being With Dr. Nicolas Deuschel

Workplace well-being is always the first to suffer if the leadership doesn’t have proper focus, the team is too diverse, and the company’s goals are a bit unclear. To remedy this, executives and employees must strive together to create solutions that work and last. This is what Dr. Diane Hamilton aims to discover as she goes deep into a working environment’s challenges with professor and expert organizational psychology advisor Dr. Nicolas Deuschel. Together, they dissect mental health issues that often arise in an office setting (and work from home setup due to the pandemic), as well as how to become more adaptable in the workplace. 

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