The Corporate Value Of Emotional Intelligence With Sarah Turner And Making Your Voice VISIBLE With Angela Durrant

TTL 790 | Emotional Intelligence

The Corporate Value Of Emotional Intelligence With Sarah Turner And Making Your Voice VISIBLE With Angela Durrant

Have you taken a personality assessment lately? Now that organizations are increasingly realizing the role of emotional intelligence in increasing engagement and productivity, personality assessments have become valuable tools in determining employee fit to specific positions and responsibilities in organizations. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest for this episode has multiple certifications on emotional intelligence, including the EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, DISC, Platinum Rule and Predictive Index. Sarah Turner is a Principal Consultant at The Faurote Group. She is a professional trainer, consultant and executive coach. In this conversation, Sarah discusses the different benefits that each of the different personality tests can bring and how organizations can use this information to leverage people uniquely to produce complementary productive outcomes.

The need to find your voice as a speaker isn’t just metaphorical. In a very special way, it is also quite literal. If you’re a speaker, the weight of the message you’re spreading into the world is carried in large part by the power of your vocal cords. Speakers have a lot to learn from singers when it comes to this. Raised in a musical family, Angela Durrant makes good use of her heirloom gift to help people from another persuasion. As a vocal coach at Maverick Communication, she helps senior leaders, business professionals and public speakers unlock their unique voice and use it to whatever purpose they need it for. Angela spent years developing a system called VISIBLE – the seven areas that distinguish the magnetic speakers from the mundane ones. These are not written in stone. With proper training and the help of an expert, anyone can start improving their vocal performance and present more powerfully. Listen in for some tips on how you can start to improve your own voice!

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TTL 769 | Entrepreneur Archetypes

The Entrepreneur’s Faces With Jonathan Littman And Susanna Camp

Entrepreneurship is important to the economy for so many reasons. From promoting social change to driving innovation, entrepreneurs have the ability to change the way we live and work. But not all entrepreneurs are created equal. In this episode, Jonathan Littman and Susanna Camp join Dr. Diane Hamilton to reveal the many faces of entrepreneurs. Jonathan and Susanna co-authored the book called The Entrepreneur’s Faces: How Makers, Visionaries and Outsiders Succeed. Today, they go over the ten types of faces discussed in their book. Tune in to discover which one of these are you because figuring out who you are can provide the spark that makes the difference between success and failure.

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Curiosity: Your Superpower In Uncertain Times With John Sanei

Curiosity hasn’t been as celebrated in the past as it is now. In this time of uncertainty and transition, curiosity has become a superpower that individuals and organizations can wield to adapt and succeed. A global speaker, thought leader, bestselling author, and faculty member at Singularity University, John Sanei trades ideas with Dr. Diane Hamilton on the role of curiosity in reimagining the future for business and humanity. John also talks about a book that he just released, FutureNOW, The Guide Book, a timely repository of innovative thought that helps us embrace the unknown in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are right in the middle of the birth pains of a new way of thinking and doing things, and people like John are right at the tip of the spear piercing the shell of old narratives. Join them now in this insightful, predictive, and hopeful conversation.

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TTL 751 | Curiosity and Perception

Understanding The Link Between Curiosity And Perception

In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton takes the floor and talks about two important things, curiosity and perception. These two go hand in hand as they cycle back into one another in various ways, shapes, or forms. She explains the massive role of curiosity in the success of people and businesses as she gives out examples of companies and how they incorporated curiosity into their success strategies. Learn how curiosity can constantly drive you to improve in order to keep up with the time and, more importantly, with the ever-changing and fast-evolving technology. She also dives into the power of perception by comparing the cultures of different areas as well as the minds of men and women. Listen in to fully understand how your experiences and environment affects how you see and digest the information around you.

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TTL 744 | Heart In Selling

Putting The Heart In Selling With Shari Levitin And Living Above And Beyond With David Bush

A lot of sales books fall short because they are all filled with tips and tricks without offering insights into who the salesperson needs to be. You can have all the strategies in the world, but if you are not clear about who you are and who you are talking to, everything is for naught. Putting the heart in selling, Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by the founder of the Shari Levitin Group and author of Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know, Shari Levitin. Here, Shari helps us understand the importance of developing empathy in sales and why emotional intelligence is an important skill in this area. Plus, Shari also lets us in on the growth mindset, the call method, and the seven motivators—all vital to selling successfully.

Going further into the topic, Dr. Diane Hamilton also interviews David Bush—certified health and lifestyle coach, business coach, motivational speaker, and author—to talk about the importance of being good at communication to become successful. At the center of it is learning how to understand people, even before you wished to be understood. David shares with us how this skill has helped him become who he is now, especially with helping to understand what people wanted and get it faster, easier, or simpler than they could get it. Passionate about designing and living an extraordinary life, David goes above and beyond to make others succeed. He shares some of his ways with us, including the six questions to ask yourself to help you reach your goals.

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TTL 690 | Asking Powerful Questions

Asking Powerful Questions With David Clutterbuck And Emotional Intelligence For Resilience With Suzi Stich

Developing curiosity and asking questions are powerful, especially in changing times or in a crisis. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews David Clutterbuck, a prolific author and renowned expert in the area of coaching and mentoring. The Co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, he is a master of asking the hard questions. He discusses the four reasons why people ask questions and shares how healthy communication in the work environment can bring about productivity. David also shares his knowledge of how curiosity using technology and your emotional intelligence can help develop empathy and help discover true life passions. 

Also in this episode is Suzi Stich, a Public Speaker, Trainer, and Human Resource Professional who has developed the twelve-step process for resilience. Her background and experiences allowed her to create new approaches to dealing with complex people issues that require resilience, emotional intelligence, and greater problem-solving skills. Her aim is to teach the younger generation and business professionals to help them differentiate emotional education from emotional intelligence. Suzi hopes to educate others to help them deal with their situations in a more positive outlook.
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TTL 665 | Job Personality

How Your Personality Correlates With Your Occupation With Professor Paul X. McCarthy

Would you believe that your personality, even your social media one, can have an impact on your career? This is what Professor Paul X. McCarthy and his team sought to prove when they created Ribit. Professor McCarthy theorizes that a student’s personality would impact the job they would eventually get after graduating. He is an author, speaker, and technology consultant based in Australia. His book, Online Gravity: The Unseen Force Driving the Way You Live, Earn and Learn, is about the nature of the new rules of economics that stemmed from his personal experience and observation. In this episode, he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss one of the new rules of economics wherein competition leads to global oligopoly. He also shares about the study he did about the correlation between one’s personality and his job, where he found that more often than not, people who have similar personalities tend to gravitate towards similar careers. Take a look at your coworkers. Do you notice if you share the same personalities?
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TTL 634 | Apprenticeship And Mentoring

Getting Leverage In Business Through Apprenticeship And Mentoring With Moe Abbas and Applying Emotional Intelligence With Justin Bariso

A lot of people are having struggles with applying for apprenticeship because companies nowadays tend to hire people with experience in their field. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks with Moe Abbas, the CEO of Acadium about this dilemma and how Moe’s company is addressing it with their digital apprenticeship programs and certifications. He also discusses the tools that they’re using to help accelerate human potential and the mentorship they provide for people who need it.

Many people get the wrong idea about what emotional intelligence is about in a work environment. They think that empathy and mutual agreement are all that is needed when it comes to EQ, but that is not the case. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Justin Bariso, an author and speaker who helps organizations and individuals develop their emotional intelligence. Justin’s new book, EQ Applied, illustrates how emotional intelligence works in the real world. Diving more into the subject, Justin unveils the three questions you need to ask yourself before talking in order to get positive results and shares some tips you can use to develop your EQ.

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TTL 620 | Dealing With Jerks

Getting Into Fitness The Spartan Way With Joe De Sena And Dealing With Jerks With Eric Williamson

Mastering the mindset of a warrior requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. Embodying that in starting his business, founder and CEO of the world’s largest obstacle, race and endurance brand, Spartan, Joe De Sena shares with us his journey towards endurance races and helping people push beyond what they thought was possible. He takes us into his world, sharing interesting stories of how people prepare in this kind of extreme fitness and offering great inspiration for you to achieve your personal best.

Whatever you do and wherever you work, jerks are all around you. President and CEO of Tailored Training Solutions, Eric Williamson talks about how to deal and work with jerks. Whether you are in conflict or having a tough time getting along with someone, Eric shows you a way out of their negative space with a three-step process.  Join Eric as he teaches you ways on how to deal with jerks and take your leadership skills to the next level.
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TTL 597 | Modern Day Recruitment

Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe

Recruitment may not seem to be an ever-changing process, but in today’s working generation, some aspects have to change. Ira Wolfe is a TEDx Speaker and the President of Success Performance Solutions, a company that provides hiring solutions, employee assessments, as well as hiring and recruitment consulting. In this episode, he talks about his book called Recruiting in the Age of Googlizaton and walks us through how his company works and who they help. As he explains how he came up with his book, Ira moves on to enlighten us about Googlization as well as his TED Talk and DisruptHR experiences. Learn more about modern day recruitment in this exciting discussion. Continue reading “Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe”