Healing And Overcoming Challenges with Captain Leslie Smith

TTL 605 | Overcoming Challenges

Healing And Overcoming Challenges with Captain Leslie Smith

We are taught to make plans – five, ten, twenty years into the future – but, what if something devastating suddenly happens and we found ourselves totally helpless? In today’s episode, Captain Leslie Smith shows us that we can heal and overcome challenges and that we are never helpless or alone. She started a remarkable career but suddenly developed a blood clot and was admitted for complications resulting from exposure to a chemical agent or toxin. Leslie lost her left leg below the knee and vision which left her legally blind. Listen to her inspiring story of courage and determination in this episode.
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TTL 275 | Micro Communities

Finding Healing with Bill Ferguson and Inspiring Micro Communities with Dick Traum

Many couples who end up getting a divorce tend to part their ways in pain and not in good terms. The Love Counselor Bill Ferguson talks about how he discovered what messes up relationships as he tackles healing right after. Bill is a former divorce attorney whose successful approach to life has been called the “penicillin of psychology.” He generously imparts his wisdom on how we can deal with hurt, looking at it from a different perspective as not part in the realm of truth. Bill lays down some steps that will help identify the core motivations of why we hurt and how to overcome it in order to get that power back within ourselves.


Dick Traum has been inspiring many people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events through Achilles International. He was the first runner to complete a marathon with a prosthetic leg when he competed in the 1976 New York City Marathon. Through Achilles International, Dick provides a community that supports people, being a great believer in the power of micro-communities. Dick talks about a book he co-authored with the President and CEO of Cigna, David Cordani, titled The Courage to go Forward: The Power of Micro Communities, and gives a peek into other inspiring stories, showing how we can improve our mind and soul to make new actions.

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