Redefining Influence with Stacy Hanke and The Formula For Success with Bill Morris

TTL 561 | Formula For Success

Redefining Influence with Stacy Hanke and The Formula For Success with Bill Morris

Influence is a big word in many respects. We hear it a lot in social media and we know its importance when it comes to leadership. Stacey Hanke, author and the CEO of Stacey Hanke, Inc., explores influence and introduces her book, Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday. She shows us how leaders can develop influence successfully through practical and immediate how-tos and how to build the level of confidence needed for it.

Ever since the beginning of man’s existence, people have been in search of the formula for success. Bill Morris, speaker, author, and a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, shares insights from his book, The Formula for Success. Bill shares his own formula for success and talks about setting goals, getting motivated, and why he thinks only 5% of people are successful.
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TTL 556 | Making Things Happen

Making Things Happen with Steve Sims

People, especially those who have much money to spare, can make uncanny requests. However, even the craziest can be done by simply making things happen. Steve Sims, the CEO and Founder of Bluefish, shares his insights into the art of making things happen for other people. He narrates how he transformed himself from a club worker to an entrepreneur who makes dreams come true. He talks about his cheapest but worthiest client wherein he encountered the influential keyword – impact – which led him to realize the importance of family and friends versus money. Getting to know what people really want and how to understand their requests and make them happen are some of the interesting things he shares in his book, Bluefishing.

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Building Credibility From The Inside Out with Rob Jolles and Understanding Entrepreneurship with Tom Duening

Salespersons always want to get their word out. Author and sought-after speaker Rob Jolles says words are important, but they’re a bit overrated. He says we need to focus on some other pieces of communication because it’s not what we say, but how and why we’re saying it. Rob talks about selling, the ethical impacts of persuasion and influence, and how you can build credibility from the inside out.


Having been an entrepreneur since starting his first business while in graduate school in 1984, Tom Duening has been teaching entrepreneurship for many years, a responsibility he takes very seriously. He says you have to be ultimately responsible as an educator to nudge people into this very challenging career path because it’s a hard path and it’s not for everybody. Tom speaks on the subject of entrepreneurial thinking, hiring people, and balancing an open mindset with critical thinking.
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TTL 245 | Nonverbal Communication

The Power Of Influence And Nonverbal Communication with Michael Grinder

How do you work on nonverbal cues when you can’t have them? When you can’t see the person, you’re pretty much limited to the auditory. Michael Grinder says as human beings, what we do is we hallucinate within the first 40 seconds of seeing or listening to someone. We assume that if their voice sounds like this, they must look a certain way. That’s when we start to get into trouble. Michael is a world-renowned expert in the power of influence and nonverbal communication. He has authored thirteen books translated into seven languages. After years of experience as a teacher, Michael has been speaking at conferences and conducting seminars on his areas of expertise across the world. He has, for years, been seen as America’s Educator of Educators and is an expert on learning. Michael discusses the power of influence, the categories of nonverbal communication, the five circles of humanness, hallucinating, and his research on autism.

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TTL 239 | Go-Giver Influencer

The Go-Giver Influencer with Bob Burg

We need to communicate in a way that we seek understanding because if we’re not effectively communicating or connecting with someone, it’s not helpful and no one’s influencing anyone else. In his latest book, The Go-Giver Influencer, author, keynote speaker and podcast host Bob Burg drills down deep and looks at what influence really is and what it’s not. Bob says there are so many misunderstandings regarding the word itself that it’s really important to look at how people could communicate a lot better and a lot more effectively. The Go-Giver Influencer is a compelling parable about the paradox of getting ahead by placing other people’s interests first.

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