The Ins And Outs Of The Challenging Board Environment With Nancy May

TTL 623 | Challenging Board Environment

The Ins And Outs Of The Challenging Board Environment With Nancy May

As the world continues to change, so does the dynamics of how businesses are managed. Helping you keep up, CEO of BoardBench Companies, Nancy May, guides us through the ins and outs of challenging board environments. Noted in Forbes as one of America’s governance experts, Nancy shares with us her experience getting into BoardBench and becoming its CEO, and lends some great wisdom on seizing opportunities, being a women on the board, taking on a leadership role, and marketing yourself. Learn more from Nancy as she further tackles the legal ramifications of the fiduciary responsibilities of board members in this episode.
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TTL 576 | Connecting Through Meaningful Advertising

Connecting With Your Audience Through Meaningful Advertising with Mitch Joel

Connecting through meaningful advertising is a key element of any real estate business. However, how we think about buying has greatly changed because of the new models and technology, thereby making advertising rather challenging. Digital expert Mitch Joel shares his observations on how advertising works from a consumer and advertiser’s perspective. Mitch is the Founder of Six Pixels Group, an advisory, investing, and content-producing company that is focused on brands, commerce, community, and what’s next. He offers some tips on how brands and consumers can use technology to efficiently connect with each other, and touches on the importance of evaluating and understanding various audiences before creating a marketing or advertising campaign.

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TTL 574 | Unconscious Bias

The Path To Self-Discovery Through VU Dream with Mark Metry and The Truth About Unconscious Bias with Tony Chatman

Spending time on the internet is one way to divert yourself to cope with your personal struggles or issues in life. It’s time to make better use of that time as you discover the amount of opportunities to make money from being online. Mark Metry, the host of the Top 100 Humans 2.0 podcast and Founder of VU Dream, a growth agency in the VR/AR industries. Having 5.5M followers in his podcast, Mark shares his journey of self-discovery where he emerged creating one of the biggest servers, doing podcasts, and starting up VU Dream. Learn the importance of building your brand equity and relationships through consistency and honest communication with your followers in this inspiring conversation with Mark Metry.

Our environment has programmed and influenced our subconscious mind in ways we don’t really consider during our formative years. A lot of decision-making we made in our personal lives or in the workplace is based on our unconscious bias. Corporate relationship expert Tony Chatman examines the idea of unconscious bias happening in the subconscious level. As there are no studies that have a correlation between intelligence and bias, Tony says we need to be aware if we are likely to be biased in a particular situation. For Tony, if we not only believe that everything should be fair but also willing to work towards it, that desire actually begins to reduce our biases.
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TTL 557 | Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight: Making The Subconscious Conscious with Pranav Yadav

Neuro-Insight, a neuromarketing and neuro analytics company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications, pioneers the link between brain activity and consumer behavior, making the subconscious conscious. They help their clients optimize a particular message to showcase and to have maximum impact in the market. Pranav Yadav, the CEO of Neuro-Insight US, takes a deep dive into what their company does in the field of advertising and marketing. Pranav shares the importance of their invented technology in the research process and how lighting up the brain reveals the emotional process of your personal interests.

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TTL 549 | Non-Obvious

Using Non-Obvious Habits To Achieve Successful Marketing with Rohit Bhargava

Marketing is a key factor in any company’s survival. Understanding how to use the non-obvious can make products more sellable and successful. Founder and Chief Trend Curator of the Non-Obvious Company, Rohit Bhargava teaches us five habits on figuring out the non-obvious, which include being curious, observant, thoughtful, fickle, and elegant. As an author, he explains how he has developed his own publishing method as well as trends on the desirability of his products. Rohit also highlights the importance of how advertising should promote more experiences rather than images alone. Discover these things and more, keeping in mind how the transformation of a customer is the best result that advertising can bring.

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TTL 310 | Mindfulness

The Wonders Of Mindfulness with Dr. Ellen Langer and Reinventing Marketing And Learning with Jonathan Cronstedt

A lot has been discussed about mindfulness, and Dr. Ellen Langer, social psychologist and the mother of mindfulness, walks us through a deeper understanding of what mindfulness really is. People tend to think of it as something that’s strictly about meditation or just a way to empty your mind and be in the present, but these are just empty instructions as mindfulness is more than that. Dr. Langer sheds light on the real sense of mindfulness and the numerous ways it can benefit you.


A passionate advocate for digital education, Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi, talks about his work with the company. Kajabi is premier integrated marketing automation and digital education platform which focuses on providing immersive digital experience and delivering success however you measure it. He explains how they can help you drive visibility and results for your business with anything you can do online.
TTL 306 | Business Growth

Business Growth with Tiffani Bova and Reputation And Personal Branding with Rory Vaden

Growth is both getting much harder and easier. Tiffani Bova knows this fact all too well as she talks all about business growth and how it has changed ever since. As the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, she lets us in on what she has learned about the disruption we constantly face in our daily lives that also affects our businesses. Tiffani also shares her book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business, talking about Kylie Jenner and Starbucks and gives us some tips to making smarter choices.


Fame and influence do not simply come by magically. No one is simply tapped and become a success. Reputation expert and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs Rory Vaden believes that there is a formula and process for how people become celebrities and build businesses. He talks about how reputation builds into creating a lasting personal brand by following the reputation formula. Discover this formula as Rory shares all of this and more.

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TTL 297 | Transform

Telling Stories In Business with Megan Macedo and How To Pivot, Disrupt, And Transform with Marcia Daszko

Contrary to what people think, Megan Macedo—consultant, speaker, and marketing strategist—believes that our professional and personal lives are not separate. Oftentimes, people take out the human aspect in business. To remind us how interconnected they are, Megan explores the human factor in all of this as she talks about psychology and marketing. As the Brené Brown of marketing, she helps people see beyond the stories that they often overlook and tell them. She talks about going into filming, consulting, and taking an artistic approach to business.


Leadership transformation specialist, Marcia Daszko, in her book, Pivot, Disrupt, and Transform, says that 90% of startups will fail while more than 60% of original Fortune 500 organizations will no longer exist. This statistic alone is enough to keep those in business on their toes, working to move past the critical stage of failing. Through innovation and transformation, Marcia lays down a method that will help you overcome this. She gets down into the three kinds of changes, leadership, appraisals, developing your people, and more!

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TTL 286 | Self-Leadership

Leading From Within: Self-Leadership with Andrew Bryant and How To Shift Your Businesses Ahead with Allen Adamson

Believing that to be an effective leader has to begin by leading oneself is global expert of self-leadership and leading cultures, Andrew Bryant. He teaches us the practice called self-influence of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions toward your objectives. Showing the importance of having self-control as a leader, he talks about how our reaction to external circumstances and where we put blame tells us of what we need to improve. Going beyond the self, he then shares how he deals with people who are from cults or are from different cultures—having the global mindset—when coaching.


The fast-paced world has too often become a reason why businesses fail today. Allen Adamson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Metaforce, talks about the need for businesses to shift ahead. He lays down some great examples that show us the dangers of not being able to do so, lining down some similar issues and patterns he sees that makes it challenging for businesses to reinvent themselves—from Kodak and Xerox, to Forbes and National Geographic.

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TTL 258 | Immersive Experiences

The Art Of Podcasting with Stephen Woessner and Creating Immersive Experiences with Steve Gilman

Getting down into an effective podcasting venture, Stephen Woessner shares his expertise as he gives great insights and advises from his years in the digital marketing world. He is the founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, a digital marketing agency, and the host of Onward Nation — a top-rated daily podcast for learning how today’s top business owners think, act, and achieve. He talks about generating leads, predictive ROI flash as well as innovations on voice search with Alexa. Sharing his ideal client, he discusses the importance of looking for opportunities and benefit thought leadership and monetizing it through podcast. Learn how to position your show to appeal to people and how to make it profitable.


Another marketing expert, Steve Gilman talks about the value of live events to get people align with a brand. As the co-founder of BlockParty, the ultimate outdoor hospitality platform for live events, he shares about how they create immersive experiences inspired by and for the fans who want to make their events truly unforgettable. He gets down into the immersive experience of tailgating and bringing sports and music together. Also talking about the power of celebrities and creating that seamless event to connect with fans, he shows the power of establishing an environment for connection with a brand.

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