Having Courage And Stepping Into The Unknown With Ken D. Foster

TTL 822 Ken D. Foster | Having Courage

Having Courage And Stepping Into The Unknown With Ken D. Foster

Do you need a boost of courage to overcome your fears? Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest todayKen D. Foster, the host of the Syndicated Radio Showdiscusses why you need to have courage and how you can get more of it. Ken explains that we use courage in all areas of our life because it is the soul’s fuel. Courage bridges the gap from failure to success, from depression to joy, and from lack of business revenue to a profitable business. If you want to know practical tips on growing your courage, this episode is for you. Join in the conversation and discover how knowing yourself and sharpening your connection to your intuition are key factors for you to have more courage.  

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TTL 791 | Zen Leadership

Zen Leadership With Dr. Ginny Whitelaw And Sleeping Through Sound With Jim Donovan

Leadership calls for proper training and strategies to keep a team performing at its best and well-connected. And yet, this model can still be elevated to another level through Zen leadership. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Zen Leadership and President of Focus Leadership, to discuss how to achieve self-mindfulness by spending time on meditation, understanding the major patterns of leadership, and resonating with others according to their own wavelength. She also shares how her own leadership experience at NASA and getting a degree in Physics influence her current career focused on the energies in and around us. 

Although music is mostly for entertainment, some people have found other beneficial purposes to it, especially when it comes to relaxing the mind and body. This is exactly what Jim Donovan did when he started connecting with people while being part of a band. The host of the Sound Health Podcast joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share how this discovery led to creating a unique music procedure that helps everyone achieve mindfulness and healthier life. Jim also explains how this same concept can be used to trick your mind into falling asleep much easier and getting that well-needed REM sleep through rhythmical tapping and brain humming. 

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TTL 310 | Mindfulness

The Wonders Of Mindfulness with Dr. Ellen Langer and Reinventing Marketing And Learning with Jonathan Cronstedt

A lot has been discussed about mindfulness, and Dr. Ellen Langer, social psychologist and the mother of mindfulness, walks us through a deeper understanding of what mindfulness really is. People tend to think of it as something that’s strictly about meditation or just a way to empty your mind and be in the present, but these are just empty instructions as mindfulness is more than that. Dr. Langer sheds light on the real sense of mindfulness and the numerous ways it can benefit you.


A passionate advocate for digital education, Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi, talks about his work with the company. Kajabi is premier integrated marketing automation and digital education platform which focuses on providing immersive digital experience and delivering success however you measure it. He explains how they can help you drive visibility and results for your business with anything you can do online.
TTL 308 | Power Of Investing

The 5AM Habit with Robin Sharma and The Power Of Investing with Hunter Thompson

Rise and shine! Most people find it hard to get up too early in the morning. Robin Sharma, author of The 5 AM Club, emphasizes the benefits of getting up early. He says that human beings are more creative, productive, and have the best access to their wisdom early in the morning. It may be a big challenge for the night owls but we all have the capability to install the new habits. Take advantage of that tranquility before the sun rises to be aligned with the things that lift our spirits as Robin shares the amazing benefits of an early riser and illuminates techniques on how to make the most of this quiet time.


We all have expenses and are looking for cashflow to pay off these expenses, having invested in variety of ways to accomplish this. Hunter Thompson, founder of Cash Flow Connections, shares how we can get that predictability of outcome and passive cashflow through private equity and real estate investment. He also touches on social security, the stock market, real estate, and the world of syndication.
TTL 307 | Artificial Intelligence

The Mindset Of Success with Chris Salem and Transforming The Future With Artificial Intelligence with Mike Adams

People may have many whys about certain goals that they cannot achieve. Why is their business is stagnant? Why can’t they climb the ladder? Why don’t they seem to be moving at all despite their hard work? You have to ask yourself though, do you have the right mindset? Mindset expert Chris Salem shares how you can embrace a process to get out of the problem and get into the solution. Discover the kind of mindset that will free you from what’s shutting you down so you can finally flourish on the peak of success.


As the world evolves, people continue to discover things through technology. It’s fascinating how these great minds with all their brilliance and intelligence as they build faster computers are now heading to artificial intelligence. Chief storyteller and best-selling author Mike Adams discusses artificial intelligence and how the mind works.

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