Working To Become Your True You: The Identity Shift Method With Anthony Trucks

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Working To Become Your True You: The Identity Shift Method With Anthony Trucks

People’s ego and identity often stand in the way of their realizing their potential. Former NFL athlete and international speaker Anthony Trucks, however, thinks that you can realize your potential with an identity shift, to reveal the true, better you. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton and Anthony discuss his creation, the Identity Shift Method and how it works to help people transform themselves. We hear about Anthony’s younger years and his struggle to succeed, and you can accomplish anything, if you plan right and have the right mindset. Listen in, learn and be inspired to change by Anthony’s story.

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Top 10 Companies’ Code of Ethics and Conduct

Companies have something called a code of ethics that outlines how they will run their business.  Sometimes they refer to this as their code of conduct. There aren’t always laws to govern things like ethics.  Therefore, it is up to companies to define some of their ethical behavior.


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According to the International Labor Organization, “Unlike labor law, corporate codes of conduct do not have any authorized definition. The concept “corporate code of conduct” refers to companies’ policy statements that define ethical standards for their conduct. There is a great variance in the ways these statements are drafted. Corporate codes of conduct are completely voluntary. They can take a number of formats and address any issue – workplace issues and workers’ rights being just one possible category. Also, their implementation depends totally on the company concerned.”

Click here for an article on the difference between laws and ethics.

The following is a list of some major companies and their code of ethics:

In researching these companies, it was interesting that Facebook didn’t have a clearly defined code of ethics listed in the same way other companies did.  For more about Facebook, check out the Wall Street Journal article:  Facebook Agrees to Work With Government on Germany Privacy Code.

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