Taking A Journey To Your Within With Aaron McCormick And Helping Children Become Lifelong Learners With  Lindsey Wander

TTL 753 | Journey To Your Within

Taking A Journey To Your Within With Aaron McCormick And Helping Children Become Lifelong Learners With  Lindsey Wander

We are born in this world with a purpose. However, as we go through this journey called life, we unknowingly put on the blinders that keep us from living the very thing we are meant to do in this world. It is time to rediscover ourselves in this episode as Dr. Diane Hamilton brings to the show Aaron McCormick— entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and the author of Unbounded: Journey to Your Within. With his book, he shares with us how we can live an unbounded and fulfilled life, going deep within and tapping into the most authentic expressions of ourselves. It is not what the world tells us that will make us happy. It is our very selves that we need to come back into. Follow along as Aaron shares how we can do that across all areas of our lives.


More on helping others achieve their full potential, Diane is also joined in this episode by Lindsey Wander, the Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring. Seeing a need for well-rounded tutors who could teach it all rather than have one for each subject, Lindsey created her company that has since been helping students not only with their grades but also their life skills. She talks about how she is working on helping children develop into competent and conscious leaders, who will become active agents of change in not only their lives but also of the people around them. Join Lindsey to learn more about inspiring children to be lifelong learners who excel both academically and in life.

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TTL 439 | Sales Transparency

Transparency In Sales with Todd Caponi and Selling For The Unexperienced with Michelle Weinstein

Statistically, 95% of consumers look at a review before they make a purchase. However, 82% of those specifically seek out negative reviews before the next purchase. Interestingly, when people found that the product is too perfect, they begin to doubt it and even stay away. Revealing all of these things is sales philosopher and the author of The Transparency Sale, Todd Caponi. Todd shares a unique way of selling which is to lead with our flaws and becoming transparent. Learn as he takes us into this fresh point-of-view backed with neuroscience that could change the way we view sales forever.

Continuing with the talk on sales is the Pitch Queen and host of Success Unfiltered, Michelle Weinstein. Helping those who want to make money but are not good at it, she talks about the ways you can generate new clients and even attract people if you are in the podcasting space. She touches on her Shark Tank experience and shares some pointers for business owners on knowing when to hire a sales consultant, and more.

TTL 433 | CRM Systems

Becoming A Leader with Laleh Hancock and Designing Sales Strategies Through CRM Systems with George Brontén

Leaders that lead differently inspire others to be themselves in their leadership abilities. Life and communication coach Laleh Hancock shares some insights about leadership, giving up control over your staff, the importance of handling your finances, and how curiosity is a critical and direct link to improving motivation and communication-based issues that challenge organizations. She also explains why having long-term vision is a must for every company. Laleh is a management and professional services consultant and facilitator of Wealth Creators Anonymous, a special program by Access Consciousness.


George Brontén, a life-long entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Membrain, the Sales Enablement CRM that makes it easy to execute your sales strategy, dives into the assumption most people have about sales. In an insightful talk, he discusses the right and wrong ways commissions are being implemented by companies. He explains why caring for the buyers and putting them at the center of everything is the key to a successful business. George also explores how CRM can help any sales personnel become more efficient and successful in their field.
TTL 288 | Culture Of Creativity

The Culture Of Creativity with Kevin Freiberg and Sales, Messaging, And Pageantry with Wendi Russo

Kevin Freiberg, worldwide bestselling author and keynote speaker, talks about leadership and the difference it makes to businesses and brands. Taking us to his book, CAUSE!, he aligns the importance of leaders to create brands into noble and worthy causes. He shares the backstory that inspired him as he talks about the need for a culture that inspires creativity in an organization, removing people out of the sameness in a world that is constantly innovating. Kevin also shares the message of his other book, Brochy Ball, on tying leadership, team chemistry, and business together.
Wendi Russo, salesleader for the Home Shopping Network and a mentor and trainer to women entering the Television field, brings us into her expertise as we explore the things we need to know about sales, messaging, and pageantry. She gives great pointers that help you sell something in a short amount of time. Going from selling fashion to pharmaceuticals, she talks about selling different items and finding what they call as the chewy center. Moving closer to that is her background in pageantry where she shares the importance of coming across as your natural self.

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TTL 267 | Head Trash

Getting Rid Of Head Trash with Noah St. John and Trust-Based Selling with Ari Galper

We often hear that the secret to success is hard work. The truth of the matter is not everyone gets afforded that result. Sometimes, people who continuously work hard do not become successful. Upon observing this, Noah St. John, author and “the Power Habits Mentor,” saw how the solution is not hard work but getting rid of head trash. The head trash is what’s telling us that we can’t do it. It is the excuses we make that keep us from succeeding. Taking this idea, Noah has turned it into a book, Get Rid of Your Head Trash, and gives us a peek of what’s inside. He also touches on his other book, The Book of Afformations, about how not to stop yourself from reaching success.


Ari Galper, world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and creator of Unlock The Game®, has discovered that somewhere along the line, it has become acceptable for people who sell not to tell the truth. Even now, we can observe how truth gets mixed up in sales. That is why he has created a trust-based selling program of unlocking the game where he diffuses pressure to get to the truth. Learn how to connect more with people and build great relationships, and grow your business through sales that is founded on the truth.

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