Embracing The Uncomfortable Through Developmental Mindfulness Practice With Michael Bunting

TTL 797 Michael Bunting | Developmental Mindfulness Practice

Embracing The Uncomfortable Through Developmental Mindfulness Practice With Michael Bunting

Mindfulness is commonly associated with calm, quietness, and meditation. But with developmental mindfulness practice, the focus is shifted to embracing negativity and the distressful episodes of life. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to mindfulness coach Michael Bunting to delve into how this specific method can cause personal growth and help avoid being stuck in lower states of maturity that only rely on the comfortable. Michael discusses how this can help turn the attitude of being judgmental into a sense of curiosity, which is more concentrated on making connections than imposing beliefs on others. Furthermore, he explains how this kind of mindfulness practice impacts cultural challenges in business leadership, which helps minimize dishonesty within the workplace. 

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TTL 613 | Wearable Technology

Developing Wearable Technology Solutions With Dr. Eric Luster and From Frustration To Inspiration With Sam Chein

In this day and age, technology has become one of the most important must-haves in our daily lives. Technology helps us to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. In this episode, innovative expert and the CEO and Founder of Movement Interactive, Dr. Eric Luster, introduces his book entitled How to Move Without the Ball where he gives the metaphor for learning how to position yourself within the game even though you don’t have the ball. He also talks about his work with Movement Interactive where they develop wearable technology solutions for detecting and reporting on traumatic brain injury in youths.

Having been in the food industry for several years, empowerment and awareness coach Sam Chein came to a certain level of frustration with his health being around food so much around his energy not being where he needed it to be for his family and friends and to make a bigger impact at work. After hitting rock bottom with the frustration, he realized he had to hold himself accountable for his own nutrition and wellness. Today, he shares how he was able to go from frustration to inspiration to tackle his goals.
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TTL 597 | Modern Day Recruitment

Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe

Recruitment may not seem to be an ever-changing process, but in today’s working generation, some aspects have to change. Ira Wolfe is a TEDx Speaker and the President of Success Performance Solutions, a company that provides hiring solutions, employee assessments, as well as hiring and recruitment consulting. In this episode, he talks about his book called Recruiting in the Age of Googlizaton and walks us through how his company works and who they help. As he explains how he came up with his book, Ira moves on to enlighten us about Googlization as well as his TED Talk and DisruptHR experiences. Learn more about modern day recruitment in this exciting discussion. Continue reading “Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe”

TTL 581 | Business Coaching

Growth Through Business Coaching with Brad Sugars and The Role Of Self-Awareness To Success with Dr. Tasha Eurich

Having bought broken companies and fixed them, Brad Sugars was known as the “turnaround kid” during his younger days. Now, a big part of his life is writing books and coaching. He started the ActionCOACH brand in 1994 in Brisbane, Australia which is ranked as the Leading Business Coaching Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine and operates in more than 70 countries with over a thousand coaches around the world coaching more than 15,000 businesses. Brad gets into the shift in how people have approached coaching and shares the importance of finding out the best business strategy which will determine the growth factor of your business.

A lot of the things that we assume to be true about self-awareness are actually wrong. What is self-awareness? Where does it come from? Why do we need it and how do we get more of it? Organizational Psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich has a fifteen-year career where she’s helped thousands of leaders improve their self-awareness and success. She’s built a reputation as a fresh modern voice in the business world by pairing scientific grounding and human behavior with pragmatic approach to professional development. In this episode, Dr. Eurich talks about the benefits of having more aware leaders and how personal development plays a role in it.
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TTL 544 | Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion with Tayo Rockson and Helping Executives Create Impact with Tricia Benn

Living in a world that operates with a binary system does not really cut it for the unique differences we have all around. Four-time TEDx speaker, consultant, and writer Tayo Rockson greatly believes in letting people fully understand themselves away from the boxes and the norms set up by society. He is all about diversity and inclusion and authors the book Use Your Difference to Make a Difference. Letting us in on his podcast called As Told by Nomads, Tayo shares the stories from many of the change-makers he has interviewed on topics like validation and being in your zone of genius. He gives insights and techniques on how you can become more self-aware and not be a stranger to yourself.


Growing in business has that added responsibility to help others while also asking some for yourself to sustain the progress you’re making. Helping executives become successful in both those aspects, executive of the C-Suite Network and general manager of Hero Club Tricia Benn introduces her companies that equip executives to face digital disruptions in their business and create an impact by giving back to the communities in which they serve. She also touches on the events and supports they offer, knowing full well how nothing is more costly than working with the wrong person or team.