Upgrading Your Skills: A Discussion On Workplace Readiness With Dr. Andrew Temte

TTL 861 | Workplace Readiness

Upgrading Your Skills: A Discussion On Workplace Readiness With Dr. Andrew Temte

Ensuring workplace readiness doesn’t just mean having your office spic and span or your technology ready. It also means equipping your employees with the right set of skills to tackle their jobs, and having the right workplace culture to ensure no one becomes disengaged. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down for a lovely conversation with Dr. Andrew Temte, President and Global Head of Corporate Learning at Kaplan Professional. Dr. Temte talks about the need to upskill and reskill billions, and talks about success with balance. Don’t miss this provocative discussion that is sure to make you ask questions about workplace readiness.

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TTL 641 | Creatively Hacking Innovation

Creativity In Hacking Innovation With Josh Linkner And The Immersive Online Learning Ecosystem With Yash Tekriwal

It is a fact that all of us have the enormous creative capacity. The only problem is not many practices and develops those skills. On a mission to try to help the world become more creative, Josh Linker inspires you to apply creativity to everyday challenges and to innovate your business. Josh Linker is a business leader, top-rated speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, among others. He guides us in this episode to hacking innovation, solving complex problems in creative ways, and developing the creative resilience we need when faced with adversities.

From solving problems to another, Founder of LifeSchool, Yash Tekriwal, also sits on this episode to present to us a rethinking of how we prepare students for the future. Building an immersive learning ecosystem to make learning fun again, Yash has designed an interactive and engaging online environment that gets students to work on projects and solve problems. He shares with us the journey they embarked on getting LifeSchool to come to life, along with his insights on the value of teaching soft skills, personal development, leadership fulfillment, and the likes that are not generally taught in schools, let alone online.
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TTL 236 | Soft Leadership

Soft Leadership with Professor M.S. Rao

Mostly overlooked, soft skills play a large part in actually keeping ones job. While people are hired for their hard skills like knowledge, oftentimes people get fired for their lack of soft skills. These skills are basically the interpersonal skills, which range from the person’s personality, attitude, and behavior. Having a PhD in Soft Skills, Professor M.S. Rao created a new leadership style called soft leadership and delves deeper into the importance of having soft skills and improving them. He also touched on identifying curiosity with soft skills. Pointing out individuals and generational groups, he talks about the kind of leadership that results from having developed soft skills, which he has since been focusing and done research on. He believes how such skills are vital in building and maintaining a healthy relationship, specifically, one that inspires.

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TTL 237 | How HR Adds Value To Business

How HR Adds Value To Your Business with Dave Ulrich

There are a lot of things that go under when building up a business. Part of those is doing HR and organizational tasks in the most effective and valuable way. Dubbed as “Father of Modern HR” and “HR Leader of the Decade,” Dave Ulrich talks about how HR adds value to your business. He also covers about the essence of being a true leader as someone who knows how to navigate through the inherent paradox of work. Touching as well the importance of having soft skills and curiosity, he explains that everything is not always about the outcome but the process that went under. Dave also speaks about something close to his heart which is how organization helps people.

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Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences

How do we know how others would like to be treated if we only look at things from our perspective?  Understanding personality and generational preferences is so important because we learn about opposing or differing perspectives.  To improve some of the key challenges in the workplace requires this understanding.  These challenges include poor soft skills, low emotional intelligence, lack of engagement, and a negative culture.  Many articles address how these problem stem from Boomer and Millennial conflict. Continue reading “Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences”

One Key Word That Impacts Intelligence, Engagement, Sales, Soft Skills, Gamification, and Millennials


There is an emotional component behind most of the things that will make or break employees’ and leaders’ success.  When someone first hears the word emotion, it may suggest emotional intelligence.  Developing emotional intelligence is one important factor that has been demonstrated to lead to success.  However, that is just part of the picture. Continue reading “One Key Word That Impacts Intelligence, Engagement, Sales, Soft Skills, Gamification, and Millennials”

How to Develop Top Soft Skills Not Learned at School or Work


Job listings often describe the skills needed to perform in a position. However, many of the skills required for success fall under the category of soft skills.  Many employees may be hired for their knowledge and yet may end up being fired for their behavior or lack of social skills.  Forbes reported that 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.  Mitchell Communications Group found that companies lose $37 billion a year in the United States due to miscommunication.  Research from Adecco Staffing considered what the C-suite thinks about the type of skills employees lack. They found that the C-suite believed 44% lacked soft skills including communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.  This has led to missed growth opportunity, low productivity, and reduced profits. Continue reading “How to Develop Top Soft Skills Not Learned at School or Work”

Soft Skills: Critical to Employee Success


Attend any leadership conference, and someone likely will bring up startling statistics regarding how employees and leaders lack something they refer to as soft skills. This term is used to describe many qualities that include interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and other personality-based issues. The problem that many organizations have experienced is that people are hired for their hard skills, or in other words, for what they know (knowledge). Then later, are often fired for their lack of soft skills, or what they do (behaviors). If employers recognize the importance of soft skills, they can avoid costly hiring and training mistakes, improve turnover, and boost productivity. Continue reading “Soft Skills: Critical to Employee Success”