Educated For Success With Jack Miller

TTL 721 | Better Education

Educated For Success With Jack Miller

Education is at the root of success. A better education can open up the doors for you to find your way and place in the world—the possibilities are truly infinite. Jack Miller is the founder and former President and CEO of Quill Corporation. He joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss why better education is the key to unlocking success. Learn the benefits of a better educational system through this conversation between Jack and Dr. Diane.

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TTL 247 | Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments with Merrick Rosenberg and Learning Never Ends with Julie Ann Sullivan

People have historically used personality assessments to increase self-awareness. Clearly, the most self-aware people are the most successful. Personality styles enthusiast and author Merrick Rosenberg says it’s powerful for that, but we’ve got to take it to a different place. It has to go beyond just taking a profile, reading it, and learning about your style. It should be about how we create a common language throughout the organization. That is the key to growth and learning.
We all want a workplace environment where we can be productive, engaged, and appreciated. Communication specialist and change steward Julie Ann Sullivan talks about her book, Blueprint For Employee Engagement, and what her company, Learning Never Ends, is doing to create a more positive workplace culture one person at a time.

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