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Mike Leonard

There has never been a better time to take note of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s wise and encouraging advice as a road map to a better career and more fulfilling life.

Marty Zwilling

I’ve heard Dr. Hamilton as a speaker only a couple of times, but she continues to impress me with her insights and broad knowledge. She interviewed me recently to better understand my experience in working with entrepreneurs and investors, and her questions indicated a deep understanding of the business challenges ahead for her MBA students and aspiring entrepreneurs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and learning from her.

Jill Lentz

Dr. Diane Hamilton was an absolute pleasure to work with. Due to her expansive knowledge she was able to quickly shift her presentation and script as needed. Dr. Hamilton commands the audience with her confidence and polished presentation style. That being said, she didn’t speak over the attendees’ heads and feels very approachable.

Roya Mahboob

Dr. Diane Hamilton and her team at ICG created an excellent training presentation about personalities and generational issues for Digital Citizen Fund to help Afghan women to be successful in life. This has been delivered to 300 of female students for 3 months and it will be used for our future training of 2500 girls in 2017 to get a good picture of their personality and attitude. It helps them understand each other better and would help them to guide their behavior with environment. We really appreciate their kind support.

Dr. Maja Zelihic

I had a distinct pleasure of watching Dr. Hamilton’s presentations in two different venues. The first one was her stellar performance delivered at the Forbes Mentor Week. The second one was a presentation at the Forbes School of Business Think Tanks. She takes advantage of her academic and professional experience to create and facilitate interactive presentations, engaging the audience while delivering an incredible value at each venue.   It was a pleasure listening to such a talented individual who delivers her content with both expertise and passion. She is very comfortable presenting and welcomes both questions and interactions from her audience. Her flawless presentation style enables her audience to embrace the presented content with apparent ease, a great skill to have at any academic and professional setting.

Bill Davis

Dr. Diane Hamilton is an outstanding presenter and person! Diane’s exceptional attitude, people skills, education, experience, professional presence, and presentation skills, all come together to create positive outcomes and results. She successfully transfers the content she is delivering. Diane is a very passionate educator who can easily clarify concepts and theory, breaking things down so those in her audience can easily understand and apply what they learn. Diane’s charisma, energy, and engaging delivery style is easy to follow, and it increases her effectiveness. I have seen Diane in action, attended several of her presentations, and each time I learn something new, something I can use, as they are all value added, inspiring, insightful, and meaningful.  If you like Diane’s presentations, I suggest you also read her books. They are very insightful!

As a Dean in the Forbes School of Business, I’ve worked closely with Dr. Diane Hamilton for several years.  I’ve heard her talk on numerous occasions, and her speeches are insightful and inspiring.  She has demonstrated time and again her understanding of the essence of leadership, and has the ability to translate that into practical application techniques that build upon existing competencies to the benefit of the individual and the enterprise.

Nancy Wilson

I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Hamilton’s speaking events, and I have read her books. I was impressed with how much knowledge she had in many aspects of business and relationships.  She connects well with her audience. She uses humor and examples with which participants can relate. I enjoyed her sessions on emotional intelligence, self-marketing, social media, and leadership.  She is very approachable and uses the Q&A session to address everyone’s personal issues.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

Dr Tanya Yerigan

Dr. Diane Hamilton received the best presentation award, in recognition of the best session presentation from the Center for Scholastic Inquiry, an organization that seeks out and highlights leading academic research in education, business and behavioral sciences to support superior, break through research and establish a platform to recognize and celebrate luminaries, pioneers and practitioners.

Mark R. Grandstaff, PhD

Carl Jung once said that “when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” Diane Hamilton’s book It’s Not You It‘s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace helps you become more aware of yourself and puts YOU in charge of your life.  Some books are meant to be glanced at; others chewed.  This one should be slowly digested.  So get your marking pens out and prepare for a voyage of discovery!

Maura Sweeney

In a marketplace flooded with business shows, this podcast stands out among the more exceptional because of its host. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s intelligence, warmth and trustworthy voice develops meaningful, engaging and insightful conversations. While guests themselves all bring merit to the program, it’s Diane’s natural style that makes this one worth a listen – and a follow.  

“Here’s something you should know — Dr. Hamilton has provided the most comprehensive ‘soup to nuts’ book about online education on the planet.  It’s a real hand-holder to get you started, guide you to a degree and beyond into the workforce.”

“As a former online learner myself and online professor for more than a decade, I can say that The Online Student’s User Manual is by far the best book I have read on becoming a successful online learner. I WILL recommend this book to my learners.”

I was on Diane’s show for a rousing interview as I spread news about LinkedIn changes. She really does her homework. Diane was prepared with great questions making it feel very much like home. She’s a real pro with interviews and her team is top notch on production.


Good interviewers make it fun to listen to their shows. Great interviewers make it fun and thought-provoking to be interviewed by them. Dr. Diane Hamilton is a GREAT interviewer. It was a joy to talk with her, and she made me think in new ways. Her show consistently draws her guests out and provides real value for listeners.

After meeting Diane in person, I was thrilled to go on her show and discuss my career and business advice. She’s a great interviewer and a pleasure to speak with. I can see why she’s such a leader in her field.

I really enjoy a mentally stimulating conversation and having the ability to add value to it. I found Dr. Diane’s questions to be thought provoking and they made dig a little deeper to find the best parts of my experiences to share with her audience. That’s a rare gift for interviewers. My network really enjoyed the interview and phenomenal leader from Australia said that it was one of the best she’s heard from me. Dr. Diane’s brilliance allows her guests to shine in a different way. I enjoyed our conversation and the overall experience. Dr. Diane is excellence personified.”

Diane’s show is such a refreshing change of pace! She asks the most poignant questions – done in a coffee shop feel to make sure listeners get great content within the perfect context!

Diane’s insightful observations during our interview really helped crystallize some key takeaways for her listeners.  She’s a terrific host and a pleasure to work with!

I was delighted to be interviewed on Take the Lead Radio With Dr. Diane Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton asks fun, surprising, and insightful questions and creates a warm conversation that draws out interesting, nuanced, and entertaining lessons and stories from her guests. She clearly did significant advance work and was well-prepared for a dynamic discussion.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is trailblazing a fresh conversation in leadership. She asks the vital questions to get us thinking and motivate us into new actions. Her many years of researching and teaching emotional intelligence, strategies and behaviors are destined to leave a lasting, positive impact on the landscape of leadership.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is one of the most talented and insightful leadership interviewers out there. She has a natural ability to pace the conversations, engage with her guests, and draw out interesting stories and insights. It’s a pleasure to take part in these conversations, and also to listen to them as an audience member. The Dr. Diane Show should be at the top of your podcast subscriptions, or as a part of your weekly radio listening.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Diane Hamilton on her radio show. She was professional, asked high-quality questions and connected well during the conversation. Diane provided social media advertising before and after the event to help advertise our services. She also gave us a link after the show to ensure we could use it throughout our marketing avenues. I was honored to be on her show.

I have done more podcasts, as a guest, than I can count over the last ten years.  Dr. Diane Hamilton has a way with a podcast unlike anybody else that I have ever worked with.  For one thing, she is very conversational; she is not just reading a list of questions. She engages the guest and the audience at the same time in such a way that ideas are presented in ways that make you think. She made me think in new ways and I was the one being interviewed. Sometimes when I listen to a podcast, your mind will wonder, because there is just a dip in the energy. That doesn’t happen on Diane’s show. She is just terrific, she is fun, she is engaging, and she makes it fun for the guest, which makes it fun for the audience. And the important part is she pulls great ideas out of people.  Ideas that make you think and make you look at things differently, and most important that you can take action on. I highly recommend; a big thumbs up to Diane Hamilton’s podcast. Give it a list; you’ll be very happy that you did.

I attended Dr. Diane Hamilton’s presentation on Soft Skills: The Key to Employee Success. She is a fantastic presenter and knows her subject very well. It was a very interactive session that taught attendees how to be successful, especially using emotional intelligence and the impact that has on their working relationships. She is a fantastic speaker and I would highly recommend her for conferences.

Dr. Diane’s presentation was awesome. Everyone should know about what she spoke about regarding soft skills to be successful at work.  It was important to learn these skills for negotiating and work better with people.  Without soft skills, it doesn’t matter what you know.

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