Module Review


You have completed the first module of the Building Curiosity in the Workplace course.

This week we looked at the value of curiosity, its relationship with survival and age, and how it impacts motivation and drive.

Curiosity has been critical to the success of some of the brightest minds of all time. For us to be truly motivated, we must explore. Through that exploration, we can get out of status-quo behaviors.

Next week, we will look at some of the benefits of developing curiosity in the workplace.

Curiosity is the spark to improving engagement, innovation and so much more that leads to improved productivity. We will look at how curiosity correlates with different types of intelligence and can help us become more creative. As organizations strive to be relevant and improve innovation, there has never been a better time to explore the value of curiosity.

Over to you

Take some time to review and reflect on the material covered in this week. Let’s put some of these ideas into practice. This week, take some time to notice how much everyone at work or in your social group agrees with everyone else. What questions are asked and what questions do you think could be asked?

Share any insights via the comments below and ‘like’ or reply to any comments that are interesting to you. Then when you are ready, continue your journey onto Week 2 of Innovative Leadership: Developing Curiosity. See you there!