Curiousity is All Around Us – Video



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About the Creator: The author of Cracking the Curiosity Code and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index (CCI) is Dr. Diane Hamilton.

Biography of Dr. Diane Hamilton:

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the President and Founder of Tonerra, a global coaching and consulting firm. She is also a nationally syndicated radio host, speaker, and educator. Through her work as the MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and several other universities, she has taught more than 1000 business courses. Dr. Hamilton possesses a Ph.D. in Business and is a certified Myers-Briggs MBTI and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i instructor. She advises and inspires Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs, to help them increase engagement, improve productivity, and reduce conflict. She is the author of multiple books, one of which was about personality assessments that was required reading at a university in Arizona.