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Dr. Diane Hamilton

Business Behavioral Expert

THE Dr. Diane Hamilton (I say THE) is an amazing communicator, world-class speaker and totally knows her stuff hands down! Dr. Diane was a featured speaker on my Global Champions Summit as well as a guest on The Camilita® Podcast. The wisdom, the delivery, the passion for changing people’s lives and the culture of organizations are second to none. Her topic ‘How Thinking Curiously can Result in Massive Success’ was well received by my global audience. Though she is so well educated and recognized in her field, she is so humble. I love her ability to ask thought-provoking questions and answer with so much clarity so the audience feels well able to implement. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, trainer, coach or mentor, I highly recommend Dr. Diane. You’d be so glad you did!

Dr. Diane Hamilton is, hands-down, the most dynamic, knowledgeable, customer-driver expert on improving business behaviors on the planet. And she’s a fine conversationalist to boot! What a pleasure and an honor to spend some time speaking with her. She’s more than a gifted interviewer, she’s a master at raising her audience’s (and her guests’) awareness of the unlimited upside potential for businesses that have the courage to break from the pack and truly support their workers in balancing work/life challenges.

TTL 593 | Creative Customer Experience

I have done a huge number of podcasts in my career and it is rare that you find a host like Dr. Diane Hamilton who is so prepared, professional and easy-to-converse with! Her questions are probing but I felt like I was sitting in her living room talking to an old friend. Thanks for the experience.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is a brilliant at orchestrating the conversation to create a wealth of valuable information that is easy to listen to. She is open-minded and has a great sense of humor. Having a conversation that goes beyond an interview to a mutual contributory conversation is such a gift!

TTL 592 | Interviewing Celebrities

It’s always fun to talk shop — interviewing, celebrities, success stories, broadcasting, etc. — with someone who’s enthusiastic, well-informed and curious. That’s Diane — and being a guest on her show was an absolute pleasure. Diane’s ability to observe and highlight essential points, like how I use intuition to approach my celebrity interviews, was a bonus. Thanks Diane.

Diane was like a rainbow of inspiration. Her interaction, questions and personal insights literally inspired me with new ideas on the spot. Diane brought out the best in me on the show and helped my make my research easy to understand and apply… what else can I say Diane is amazing.

TTL 583 | Experience Design

Once the discussion started with Dr. Diane Hamilton, I didn’t want the interview to end. She was prepared, cared, and listened. It was like having a conversation while sitting on my porch drinking lemonade. Diane’s most exceptional feature was that she showed sincere interest and admiration for my work. Nothing about her was cookie cutter or artificial. Without question one of the favorite interviews of my career. I was blessed and honored.


TTL 586 | Becoming A Great Leader

What an absolute joy and honor to be on Diane’s show.  She is such a wonderful person, so curious and incredibly insightful and talented.  It was like two old friends chatting and comparing notes about what we have seen throughout our lives and in the business world.  Her knowledge and experience are vast in the way she interacts with her guests reflect both her expertise and her strong desire to learn and grow.  She is an amazing person who has dedicated her life to helping people become the best they can be, and I am so pleased to have her as my friend.

It was such an honor to be on Dr Diane’s show. Diane is a Champion in every sense. She is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate to help others. I am blessed not only to have her in my network but to have her as a close friend. Much success, Diane.

TTL 573 | What Is Emotional Intelligence

I was thrilled to be on Diane’s show her questions were refreshing and she is a great interviewer. It was a unique opportunity to speak about, not only how Homefront Girl® tapped into an overlooked demographic of 25 Million but how you can have a 2nd act for me it was the path of entrepreneur and brand building.


TTL 572 | Culture Driven Business

Being interviewed by Dr. Diane Hamilton is an incredible experience. Super professional, engaging, and to a point for listeners as well as for interviewees. Diane magically reveals the core of the subject and leads the conversation far beyond an ordinary discussion while keeping it to a point.

TTL 565 | Leadership Development

I had so much fun with my interview with Diane. It was great talking to such a kindred soul on how to unleash the power of people and recognize them for what they do.  She brings out the best in people with her insights and people, including me. 

TTL 564 | Live Audio Broadcast

My time with Dr. Diane Hamilton was delightful — less an interview and more of a conversation with someone who wants to understand the world more deeply, exchange insights, discover profound truths, gain clarity into how to lead a successful life, and have a good time doing it all. Our discussion flowed seamlessly, winding through the various applications of ethics but always finding its way back to practical insights and practical wisdom.

The one massive, Titan, steam-roller thing about this Doctor is that she is into acting, being, feeling, talking, REAL – as a person. Not as a human being, but as a person. She is truly a genuine colleague that answers calls, emails, texts, and wants to build real relationships. Not a fluffy talking head, not a major personality across media, not above anybody – just genuine.

I had a boss on Wall Street who once said;”If you can’t put it on the back of your business card-don’t bother telling me”..! Diane must have channeled those words, because together we were able to “cut to the chase“..! Thank you Diane.

TTL 551 | Leading With Questions

Diane Hamilton “Leads With Questions!” Her great questions are like golden keys that unlock hearts and minds! If you want to improve your relational skills – listen to Diane! Write down the questions she asks! And then start using those questions with your colleagues, clients, prospects, friends and family!

TTL 547 | Wall Street

Throughout my 44 years with Merrill Lynch, I was interviewed several times on TV as well as by the press. I can easily say that my time on Diane’s show ranks right up there with the best. I genuinely enjoyed the interview because she made the whole process very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable on many topics and asks well-thought-out questions which made it even more interesting for me and her listeners. She is also adept at keeping the interviewer on target and follows up with great questions. I look forward to our next meeting.

Being on the “Lead” with Dr. Hamilton was GREAT! Talking about my war experiences as a Marine in Vietnam and battling PTSD for decades is always hard. She made me feel very comfortable letting out my inner emotions and sharing with her my journey into the abyss of hell. I used the discipline and skills as a Marine to survive in combat and the pain, anxiety and frustration to overcome and achieve greatness after.


Dr. Diane is like the second person in the parable about one person who makes you feel like they’re the smartest person in the world versus the one who makes *you* feel like the smartest person in the world. She asked meaningful questions, listened attentively, and made me feel comfortable sharing what motivated me to write my book. You want hosts like her.

When you have the opportunity to engage in a conversation that is both effortless yet equally engaging, you don’t walk…you run. Enter Diane, she is simply remarkable. Being on her show was the highlight of my day. Her ability to take complex topics and provide a fun and level playing field to discuss these makes the interview feel like two friends catching up over coffee. Thank you for having me on as your guest, it was a sincere pleasure.

TTL 543 | Culture Immersion

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be a guest on Dr. Diane Hamilton’s, Take The Lead, radio show. Diane is a warm, dynamic and inspired interviewer. We had a marvelous conversation––not an interview, and our conversation was a deep dive into the challenges and possibilities for leaders, in their organizations and at home, when they, their spouses and people at all levels in their organizations are living with life-threatening and chronic illness. We didn’t just check all the boxes on a list of prepared questions. Diane asked thought-provoking and insightful questions, including questions that I have never been asked before; and she created the space for us to have an engaging conversation that will be enriching and informative for her audience for years to come. I’m deeply grateful to Diane for a wonderful experience. My, Take The Lead, conversation with her tops my list of favorite interviews, and I very much look forward to our next conversation! Also, a very special thank you to my good friend, Jim Bouchard, for introducing me to Diane.

I liked Diane’s questions; they were good.  It has been enjoyable.

TTL 542 | Brain Science

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Diane. Our conversation was free flowing and very relaxed. Diane is a broad thinker who sees interesting connections that are not always obvious. At the same time, she has a depth of understanding that is compelling. I usually judge the quality of my conversations by the number of times that I ponder the conversation over the coming days. Well I am still pondering our discussion of perception, curiosity, creativity and neuroscience! Thanks Diane for the opportunity to share my ideas, and to learn from you!

I really enjoyed working with Diane and being on her show. Everything about the experience was first-class, including the process before the interview, the actual interview with her, and her follow-up after the program. She is a great interviewer, a pleasure to work with, and a true thought leader.

Diane is a gifted interviewer with genuine curiosity and a passion for connection. Our conversation was a delight. The time disappeared. FUN!

Dr. Diane Hamilton knows how to get the most out of every conversation. We covered a broad spectrum of topics, all centered around “user experience” and the importance of the person on the “other side of the table”. Out time together went so quickly, I wish I had more. I know the people who listen to her podcast will get an immeasurable ROI on the time they invest listening to her and her guests. For me, it was an honor to participate.

Diane masters the blending of thoughtful thinking with emotional intelligence; which makes her interviews so meaningful, fun and entertaining. Her questions were full of wisdom and very inspirational which allowed me to share with the audience relevant, and fun discoveries on how to create cultures where people and business thrive by using the science of positive emotions. My interview with her was one of my favorite to date! Many businesses do not yet know the incredible competitive advantage that creating a positive culture has, and Diane, created a remarkable space to make the audience discover why. Thank you Diane for you leadership in inspiring everyone to make positive changes, for your excellent questions and for your great show.


It was an honor and a pleasure to be on Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Radio Talk Show and educate people about car buying. I had an awesome time. Also a special thank you to our good friend John Tantillo for introducing us.


I had a great time talking with Diane. Being the other side of the world, in Australia, I had to get up first thing in the morning for the interview and what a pleasant way to start the day. Diane made the conversation easy as I was able to share about my passion to reduce risk of heart attack. I’m looking forward to when I get invited back. Thanks Diane.

It was both fun and inspiring to be on Diane’s show and discuss the power of curiosity in business, and specifically in business software. Too many organizations start off on a great journey, but over time lose their edge, and become average, which directly impacts their growth potential. Curiosity is the way out. Curiosity is the secret to identifying the biggest opportunities to develop, market and sell products that are remarkable.
Thank you Diane for you positive energy, your excellent questions and commitment to show the world how to take the lead!

Diane took a deep dive into B STATE and linked her work about being Curious as a direct link to creating a B STATE Picture of Success. In addition, she brought forward one of the Super Powers of Transforming Organizations Rapidly – the Middle Management Miracle – Changing the role of middle management to be leaders and change agents instead of silo’d managers. She demonstrated curiosity throughout the interview…asking critical thinking questions and driving for deeper responses. It’s no wonder she just launched a best selling book on the Power of Being Curious!

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Diane Hamilton. Her energy was infectious. She has an amazing ability to pull information out of you while interviewing. She reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres but with a psychology degree. She was well organized and she was very open and easy to work with! I am looking forward to our next encounter.

As organizations recognize the importance of engagement, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills, developing curiosity is the one overlooked factor that significantly impacts success. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s ground-breaking research explores the importance of curiosity and explains how to improve it for highly innovative workplaces where employees can make significant contributions, feel more empowered, and become aligned to what truly inspires them.

Kevin Kruse, Founder and CEO of LEADx New York Times Bestselling Author

Dr. Hamilton’s excellent exploration of curiosity as a quantifiable success metric will become a benchmark for future leadership courses and life coaches’ playbooks.

Dr. Diane Hamilton’s book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, made me value the virtue of curiosity even more. To think that curiosity leads one onto a path of greater success has inspired me even more to view life with utmost curiosity, especially when I encounter moments of fear or doubt. It’s a fantastically thought-enriching book with steps to help anyone through.

Great leaders “go beyond what is,” in themselves and in the world surrounding them. But before going beyond, each of us must first be courageous and curious enough to do so. Cracking the Curiosity Code can help you and your team to “go beyond” and become true innovative leaders of life.

It was wonderful to be a guest today with Dr. Diane Hamilton, a colleague whom I’ve admired and respected for many years. Recruiting and retaining the right talent needed for today’s competitive and dynamic workplaces is clearly a challenge. With Diane’s skill, we wove through this employment labyrinth and perhaps broke some new ground with suggestions for today’s business leaders.

Not only is Dr. Diane Hamilton an excellent interviewer, but she’s also a very knowledgeable and caring individual. The latter is what drives her to seek out experts to deliver great content to her audience.

During my interview, I found myself recalling negotiation strategies and tactics, along with reading body language nuances, that had slipped into the crevices of my mind. Dr. Hamilton summoned them to my mind’s forefront by her probing abilities to extract such information.

Connecting with Dr. Hamilton is to connect with an essential aspect of life. That aspect is one from which knowledge and insight flows.

Diane is an absolutely fantastic interviewer! As a former national CBS News anchor, I know conducting a dynamic, engaging interview is an art–one that Diane excels at from the moment the interview begins. She sets her guests at ease, brings out the best in them, and creates a space to explore relevant, meaningful topics to help people thrive. My interview with her was one of my favorite to date!

Great leaders “go beyond what is”, in themselves, and in the world surrounding them. But before going beyond, each of us must first be courageous and curious enough to do so. “Cracking the Curiosity Code” can help you and your team to “go beyond” and become true innovative leaders of life.

Among its virtues, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s well-researched, highly useful and very timely book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, gives critical advice for how to overcome the factors that hold individuals and organizations back from achieving their full potential.

Diane Hamilton gives you everything you need to know on curiosity, all wrapped in a book that surely will make you a better business manager or, for that matter parent. Cracking The Curiosity Code is a crackerjack book loaded with prizes.

Diane Hamilton has done it — the Curiosity Code is like cracking the safe of for personal and professional potential.

Dr. Diane Hamilton’s book demonstrates curiosity is the catalyst for a whole variety of skills and attributes critical to your success, that of your workforce, and your company.  Through her book, along with the companion assessment instrument and workshop, she provides us with the tools to examine our levels of engagement with these essential characteristics. And she does it focusing on that single trait that has been with us since birth, our curiosity. I hope you enjoy this delightful, yet insightful and informative read. You and your company will be better for it.

In Cracking the Curiosity Code, Diane Hamilton not only illustrates how everything from newborns to click-bait ads harness our natural instinct for curiosity to succeed, but sparks the curiosity of readers to be more inquisitive in their work and life.

The cost of learning is significantly less than the cost of ignorance. Curiosity may kill the cat, as the old saying goes but, better yet, it kills ignorance. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s latest book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, will certainly enhance your sense of curiosity.

In today’s turbulent world, personal curiosity leads to organizational creativity that leads to sustainable success.  Diane’s brilliant and useful book reminds us that curiosity can be acquired and mastered.  Her insights, tools, and examples point us to how to become more curious by observing, asking questions, learning, and improving.

I believe one of the most powerful ways to motivate ourselves is to ask questions. When we’re curious about what else we might do, how things work, and how others think, we get to live extraordinary lives. Dr. Diane Hamilton has written a phenomenal guide to our curiosity. Read it. Benefit from it. Enjoy a more fulfilling life!

TTL 271 | Technology-Based Education

Diane is that rare interviewer who combines insight and empathy with an ability to convey a story her audience will want to hear. It was a pleasure to be on the show!

Curiosity is THE foundational talent which will continue to differentiate those who lead in their field, industry, and life.  Diane has created a ground-breaking book and assessment to help people overcome the things that hold them back from being curious.  Just as understanding the importance of emotional intelligence has led to success, developing curiosity could foreseeably be the next movement to enhance human performance.


Diane is the type of leader we need more of in this world. She embodies the principles of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT in every way as she Inspires, Empowers and Guides people to their very best––through her podcast, teaching, books and academic work. I was especially grateful for her warm, engaging and completely human approach. We had a conversation––not an interview! By that I mean that Diane challenged my thinking instead of scrolling through a list of prepared questions and talking points. She obviously did her homework before our talk, but she took the conversation to some new and interesting places. That’s how we learn and grow as leaders––and as people. I’m very grateful for my experience with Diane and I look forward to our next conversation!

Seeing is believing, but so is hearing Diane’s voice in this case as question after question, she puts her finger on the pulse of what matters most. And that’s EQ. There are only two currencies in business: dollars and emotions, and Diane incisively grasps the linkage between them. It was a delight to discuss facial coding on the air with Diane! Nobody exists in a vacuum, and whether in your professional or personal life, reading the emotions of others through their facial expressions offers a vital feedback loop that we can all benefit from, as Diane knows well!

I truly enjoyed talking with Dr. Diane Hamilton on her Take The Lead Radio show. She has that magic formula of making the conversation fun and informative. She has a knack for finding great guests and pulling the best out of them.

Diane has a knack for facilitating engaging discourse which leads to enriching conversations. It was my honor to spend time with her in what felt like a discussion that could have gone on for days.

Thank you Diane for inviting me to your show and giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge on ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Soft Leadership’ with others. You are an inspiring interviewer with vision, passion and dedication. You are expert in hard and soft skills. You do lots of research before interview. You pose thought-provoking and creative questions to get the best from the interviewees to offer the best to your audiences.


Professor M. S. Rao, Father of ‘Soft Leadership’, Vision 2030

I can only say that I was amazed, happy, and delighted to be interviewed as a guest on Dr. Hamilton’s show. The conversation and interchange were stimulating and engaging. I can only recommend Dr. Hamilton and I feel that I was privileged to be on her show and urge all to take the opportunity to listen to her show. The experience will be most rewarding.

Thanks so much for including me on your show.  You are a marvelous interviewerwell prepared and thoughtful questions.  Even more, you made this like a casual conversation that others can peek into!

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your show.  You’re a fantastic host and interviewer, and you made it a lot of fun!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Diane about sexual harassment, the #METOO movement, and my first book ACE Your Workplace Investigations. Our joint love of human resources made for such an easy conversation. It didn’t feel like an “interview.” Rather, we were like two friends discussing the news of the day. I look forward to many more insightful conversations with Diane.

I enjoyed being a guest on Dr. Diane Hamilton’s podcast! Dr. Hamilton is a true thought leader and professional powerhouse! She is incredibly insightful and congenial and makes being a guest on her show a pleasant experience. I enjoy listening to her podcast and I was truly honored to be invited on as a guest. I highly recommend Dr. Diane Hamilton and offer her my highest endorsement.

TTL 206 | Make More For Yourself

Diane is a dynamo in her podcast interviews. She asked poignant and insightful questions that are so relevant for her audience and the future of work.

What a thoughtful and engaging interviewer! You instantly feel connected and comfortable, which allows you to be yourself. In my experience, there is nothing better. You can sense her deep desire to bring out the best in the people she brings on the show. It’s so refreshing to find someone who truly cares about their work and the quality of the content they bring to the world.

Thank you Diane for inviting me to be on your amazing show, Take the Lead. I have been interviewed hundreds of times and have found you to be one of the most engaging and welcoming hosts.  It felt like talking to an old friend.

Diane Hamilton is a business expert and one of the best interviewers out there. Her radio show and podcast is a MUST LISTEN for anyone serious about improving the performance of both their business and personal life. She made our interview fun, educational, and beneficial for all listeners. What a total pro! I highly recommend spending the time to be interviewed by Diane and sharing your message with her audience. Thanks again Diane for having me on!

Diane was an excellent interviewer. A perfect combination of professionalism and fun! She led the interview with a great natural flow, providing the feeling of a day-to-day conversation between friends over coffee. I was very impressed with her ability to ask the right questions and understand my company’s industry and product in such a short time!

My conversation with Diane was one of the most effortless and enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done. Diane asks fantastic questions and truly co-creates a powerful show with her guests. Take the Lead is a brilliant example of how powerful podcasting can be!

I have been on over a 100 podcasts and Diane asks the questions I don’t hear normally. Her show was refreshing and exciting for me!

Diane is a wonderful host who brings contemporary and relevant issues on leadership to the forefront of the discussion for her audience to reflect on and consider.  Her insightful questions and broad expertise brings a blend of learning and discovery to the experience of being on her show! I am a fan 🙂 Thank you for inviting me to be a guest!

Diane asks the questions no one else does … she dives right in and gets the answers you really want!

It was very engaging. Great statistics and great with the presentation style and format. It really made you think. I liked that she did a couple of games and things like that. It really helps instead of your usual someone standing up there, reciting materials. It was definitely entertaining and engaging. Our company is the third largest pest control company in the country. We are on the grow, which means we are hiring a lot of Millennials and we are also staffed with a lot of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, so we all have to learn how to get along. I took a picture of each slide, so I had something for reference.

She talked a lot about emotional intelligence and working with different generations of people. Obviously, this is a huge issue in the workplace. Everybody brings different ideas and background and I think getting an understanding of where people are coming from really helps for more productive conversations and a more productive workplace. It makes you think a lot about empathy and listening and how those things can help relationships in the office and help your business perform better.  Not only did she share some good insights, buts he gave some resources at the end to learn more.  It was not just “here are the issues”, it is “here are the issues and here is how you can learn more about it and improve”.

It was fantastic. Especially being a VP of sales, the generational information is to important to use and so critical to our everyday working with our customers, so it was very, very helpful.   She is a great speaker. She really keeps everybody engaged. The information she has isn’t too overwhelming. It is just the really important pieces.

I thought Diane brought a great deal of information that I can use immediately about dealing with generations in our workforce. It was great, loved it, it was engaging. I’m going to take it back and put it to work.

It was such a pleasure.  The range of guests and topics is truly stunning, and I feel humbled to be in the midst of so many life changing stories. Thanks for these fabulous tips!!

Dr. Diane Hamilton has been such a pleasure to work with. Throughout our interview together, her questions allowed me to think critically about my business and my industry, which I think is essential when trying to generate interesting content. It’s apparent to me that’s she’s building more than just a radio show; she’s building a community of leaders who have valuable insights to share with the world. Since our interview, Diane has helped me connect with some great resources and continues to provide me with great advice. I look forward to continuing to work together!

I loved my interview conversation with Diane. She is the smoothest interviewer ever! She’d researched my work in advance and masterfully pulled together threads from all the right places for a fantastic conversation Thanks Diane!

Within the first few seconds in a conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, you could tell that she did a lot of research to get an accurate picture of who I am. That allowed the conversation to flow easily because it felt like I knew her for such a long time. Being on her radio show was an amazing experience and I’m so glad she was able to send me a copy of her book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace. I’m still reading it as of now and am excited to share the insights I extract from it when finished!

Phil Gerbyshak

Having a conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton was delightful. We had a great time, and it was like talking to an old friend. She asked terrific questions and pulled great insights from me, and the time flew by. I look forward to another conversation with her again soon!

My company has been a sponsor for Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Take the Lead radio show.  I have been very pleased with the results from our ad. She goes above and beyond to showcase her sponsors. She is a highly successful professional who broadcasts to a very large group of other highly successful professionals.

Dr. Diane’s presentation was awesome. Everyone should know about what she spoke about regarding soft skills to be successful at work.  It was important to learn these skills for negotiating and work better with people.  Without soft skills, it doesn’t matter what you know.

I attended Dr. Diane Hamilton’s presentation on Soft Skills: The Key to Employee Success. She is a fantastic presenter and knows her subject very well. It was a very interactive session that taught attendees how to be successful, especially using emotional intelligence and the impact that has on their working relationships. She is a fantastic speaker and I would highly recommend her for conferences.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Diane Hamilton on her radio show. She was professional, asked high-quality questions and connected well during the conversation. Diane provided social media advertising before and after the event to help advertise our services. She also gave us a link after the show to ensure we could use it throughout our marketing avenues. I was honored to be on her show.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is one of the most talented and insightful leadership interviewers out there. She has a natural ability to pace the conversations, engage with her guests, and draw out interesting stories and insights. It’s a pleasure to take part in these conversations, and also to listen to them as an audience member. The Dr. Diane Show should be at the top of your podcast subscriptions, or as a part of your weekly radio listening.

I was delighted to be interviewed on Take the Lead Radio With Dr. Diane Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton asks fun, surprising, and insightful questions and creates a warm conversation that draws out interesting, nuanced, and entertaining lessons and stories from her guests. She clearly did significant advance work and was well-prepared for a dynamic discussion.

I was on Diane’s show for a rousing interview as I spread news about LinkedIn changes. She really does her homework. Diane was prepared with great questions making it feel very much like home. She’s a real pro with interviews and her team is top notch on production.


Mike Leonard

There has never been a better time to take note of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s wise and encouraging advice as a road map to a better career and more fulfilling life.

I have done more podcasts, as a guest, than I can count over the last ten years.  Dr. Diane Hamilton has a way with a podcast unlike anybody else that I have ever worked with.  For one thing, she is very conversational; she is not just reading a list of questions. She engages the guest and the audience at the same time in such a way that ideas are presented in ways that make you think. She made me think in new ways and I was the one being interviewed. Sometimes when I listen to a podcast, your mind will wonder, because there is just a dip in the energy. That doesn’t happen on Diane’s show. She is just terrific, she is fun, she is engaging, and she makes it fun for the guest, which makes it fun for the audience. And the important part is she pulls great ideas out of people.  Ideas that make you think and make you look at things differently, and most important that you can take action on. I highly recommend; a big thumbs up to Diane Hamilton’s podcast. Give it a list; you’ll be very happy that you did.

Maura Sweeney

In a marketplace flooded with business shows, this podcast stands out among the more exceptional because of its host. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s intelligence, warmth and trustworthy voice develops meaningful, engaging and insightful conversations. While guests themselves all bring merit to the program, it’s Diane’s natural style that makes this one worth a listen – and a follow.  

Jill Lentz

Dr. Diane Hamilton was an absolute pleasure to work with. Due to her expansive knowledge she was able to quickly shift her presentation and script as needed. Dr. Hamilton commands the audience with her confidence and polished presentation style. That being said, she didn’t speak over the attendees’ heads and feels very approachable.

Marty Zwilling

I’ve heard Dr. Hamilton as a speaker only a couple of times, but she continues to impress me with her insights and broad knowledge. She interviewed me recently to better understand my experience in working with entrepreneurs and investors, and her questions indicated a deep understanding of the business challenges ahead for her MBA students and aspiring entrepreneurs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and learning from her.

Dr. Diane Hamilton is trailblazing a fresh conversation in leadership. She asks the vital questions to get us thinking and motivate us into new actions. Her many years of researching and teaching emotional intelligence, strategies and behaviors are destined to leave a lasting, positive impact on the landscape of leadership.

“As a former online learner myself and online professor for more than a decade, I can say that The Online Student’s User Manual is by far the best book I have read on becoming a successful online learner. I WILL recommend this book to my learners.”

Diane’s insightful observations during our interview really helped crystallize some key takeaways for her listeners.  She’s a terrific host and a pleasure to work with!

I really enjoy a mentally stimulating conversation and having the ability to add value to it. I found Dr. Diane’s questions to be thought provoking and they made dig a little deeper to find the best parts of my experiences to share with her audience. That’s a rare gift for interviewers. My network really enjoyed the interview and phenomenal leader from Australia said that it was one of the best she’s heard from me. Dr. Diane’s brilliance allows her guests to shine in a different way. I enjoyed our conversation and the overall experience. Dr. Diane is excellence personified.”

Good interviewers make it fun to listen to their shows. Great interviewers make it fun and thought-provoking to be interviewed by them. Dr. Diane Hamilton is a GREAT interviewer. It was a joy to talk with her, and she made me think in new ways. Her show consistently draws her guests out and provides real value for listeners.

“Here’s something you should know — Dr. Hamilton has provided the most comprehensive ‘soup to nuts’ book about online education on the planet.  It’s a real hand-holder to get you started, guide you to a degree and beyond into the workforce.”

Mark R. Grandstaff, PhD

Carl Jung once said that “when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” Diane Hamilton’s book It’s Not You It‘s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace helps you become more aware of yourself and puts YOU in charge of your life.  Some books are meant to be glanced at; others chewed.  This one should be slowly digested.  So get your marking pens out and prepare for a voyage of discovery!

Dr Tanya Yerigan

Dr. Diane Hamilton received the best presentation award, in recognition of the best session presentation from the Center for Scholastic Inquiry, an organization that seeks out and highlights leading academic research in education, business and behavioral sciences to support superior, break through research and establish a platform to recognize and celebrate luminaries, pioneers and practitioners.

Nancy Wilson

I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Hamilton’s speaking events, and I have read her books. I was impressed with how much knowledge she had in many aspects of business and relationships.  She connects well with her audience. She uses humor and examples with which participants can relate. I enjoyed her sessions on emotional intelligence, self-marketing, social media, and leadership.  She is very approachable and uses the Q&A session to address everyone’s personal issues.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

As a Dean in the Forbes School of Business, I’ve worked closely with Dr. Diane Hamilton for several years.  I’ve heard her talk on numerous occasions, and her speeches are insightful and inspiring.  She has demonstrated time and again her understanding of the essence of leadership, and has the ability to translate that into practical application techniques that build upon existing competencies to the benefit of the individual and the enterprise.

Bill Davis

Dr. Diane Hamilton is an outstanding presenter and person! Diane’s exceptional attitude, people skills, education, experience, professional presence, and presentation skills, all come together to create positive outcomes and results. She successfully transfers the content she is delivering. Diane is a very passionate educator who can easily clarify concepts and theory, breaking things down so those in her audience can easily understand and apply what they learn. Diane’s charisma, energy, and engaging delivery style is easy to follow, and it increases her effectiveness. I have seen Diane in action, attended several of her presentations, and each time I learn something new, something I can use, as they are all value added, inspiring, insightful, and meaningful.  If you like Diane’s presentations, I suggest you also read her books. They are very insightful!

Dr. Maja Zelihic

I had a distinct pleasure of watching Dr. Hamilton’s presentations in two different venues. The first one was her stellar performance delivered at the Forbes Mentor Week. The second one was a presentation at the Forbes School of Business Think Tanks. She takes advantage of her academic and professional experience to create and facilitate interactive presentations, engaging the audience while delivering an incredible value at each venue.   It was a pleasure listening to such a talented individual who delivers her content with both expertise and passion. She is very comfortable presenting and welcomes both questions and interactions from her audience. Her flawless presentation style enables her audience to embrace the presented content with apparent ease, a great skill to have at any academic and professional setting.

Roya Mahboob

Dr. Diane Hamilton and her team at ICG created an excellent training presentation about personalities and generational issues for Digital Citizen Fund to help Afghan women to be successful in life. This has been delivered to 300 of female students for 3 months and it will be used for our future training of 2500 girls in 2017 to get a good picture of their personality and attitude. It helps them understand each other better and would help them to guide their behavior with environment. We really appreciate their kind support.

Diane’s show is such a refreshing change of pace! She asks the most poignant questions – done in a coffee shop feel to make sure listeners get great content within the perfect context!

After meeting Diane in person, I was thrilled to go on her show and discuss my career and business advice. She’s a great interviewer and a pleasure to speak with. I can see why she’s such a leader in her field.

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