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TTL 704 | Developing More Curiosity

The Triumph Of The Curious With Tom Peters

In a world powered by information, it is the people who are curious who truly hold the power. Allowing yourself the time to develop more curiosity to learn more and inspect the world around you is the gift you should be giving yourself, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Tom Peters is the co-author of the bestselling book, In Search of Excellence. With Dr. Diane Hamilton, Tom illustrates why having more curiosity is key to thriving in the world and attaining the success you want to achieve. If you’re ready to set your mind towards your personal search for excellence, there’s no better place to start than this engaging dialogue between Dr. Diane and Tom.

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TTL 703 | Well-Founded Reputation

Benchmarking Success: Ensuring A Well-Founded Reputation With Ken Goldman

Ken Goldman is the president of Hillspire, LLC, a family office responsible for financial and administrative functions, along with real estate, aviation, and maritime activities. In this episode, Ken joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about ensuring a well-founded reputation and getting out there to network and become relevant. Get to know Ken a bit more and the principles he learned throughout the years as he shares about his time at Yahoo! and setting up the family office he is currently running. Diane and Ken also discuss the global health issue and its economic impacts from Ken’s perspective as a CFO. Ken further dives into the importance of benchmarking for success and why you should look to leverage this for yourself and your business.

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TTL 702 | High Performing Team

The Art Of Winning As A High Performing Team With Mike Robbins

To be a part of a high performing team, you must first become a high performing individual. In this episode, author and thought leader, Mike Robbins, explains the importance of team dynamics and creating an environment that provides psychological safety. Learn the foundations that make a winning team and start applying it to yourself and your business for a shot at success. Mike stresses the difference between your role and your job and gives the details of why one is more important than the other. He further shares the correct approach when it comes to feedback, which is asking for it as opposed to waiting. Understand the difference and benefits you gain when you follow this simple step and more as you take a deep dive into this insightful conversation.

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TTL 700 | Adaptability Quotient

Discovering Your Adaptability Quotient In An Ever-Changing World With Ross Thornley And Mike Raven

In this ever-changing world that we live in, remaining stagnant no longer works. For this reason and many others, Ross Thornley and Mike Raven founded AQai. In this episode, Ross and Mike talk about what drew them into the adaptability space and how they ended up working together. They discuss how their work focuses on discovering adaptability, and share some of the things they see that will remain the same as well as those that will be different, considering the world we live in now. To further explain, they then give an overview interpretation of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s adaptability assessment scores and what she can improve. Mike and Ross also debunk the potential myths and misconceptions around the whole area of assessments.

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TTL 699 | Virtual Coworking Community

Becoming A Professional Speaker With Naomi Rhode And Finding Productivity Within A Virtual Coworking Community With Megan Taylor Morrison

Public speaking can be a daunting thing for many people, but not for Naomi Rhode. Naomi is a Hall of Fame speaker, transformational life coach, author, and recipient of the prestigious Cabot Award. In this episode, Naomi shares the story of her success in the professional speaking space. She gives well-meaning advice for speakers and some techniques for telling a good story, and then provides an overview of the differences between counseling, consulting, and coaching. Naomi also discusses why there are fewer women speakers and whether it’s a fair game for women. If you are a speaker or an aspiring one, Naomi’s story and insights are sure to be useful for you. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the world to stay and even work in their homes, bringing with it the difficulty of motivating yourself and become accountable. That’s where Megan Taylor Morrison comes in with her virtual coworking community. Megan is a life and business coach and the founder of The Thriving Creator. She launched an online space to boost a community among work from home entrepreneurs and changemakers. In this episode, Megan shares tips on how to keep people motivated despite having distractions and discouragements around the home. She also discusses what goes on in the virtual space, the most common tool they use, and how virtual workplaces fare across certain age groups.

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TTL 698 | Gift Of Adversity

Living Through Hardships: The Gift Of Adversity With Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Most people have been through adversity at least once in their lifetime. Marcus Aurelius Anderson, adversity expert, speaker, mindset coach, and author of the bestselling book, The Gift of Adversity, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton as he dives into his story of extreme adversity and how he helped himself get through it. Marcus talks about the importance of understanding individualized adversity and how you can overcome it. Due to the global health crisis, people are forced out of their daily lives. Diane and Marcus share some tips you can do while you’re at home to help you get through this difficult time, and how you can harness this to your advantage and facilitate growth.

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TTL 697 | Innovation Stack

Entrepreneurship, Risk-Taking, And The Innovation Stack With Jim McKelvey

What is an innovation stack, and how does it help startups break free from the dominance of established market players? Dr. Diane Hamilton tackles this topic with today’s guest, Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of Square, a startup that enables small merchants to accept credit card payments on their mobile phones. Jim describes how Square miraculously survived an attack by Amazon by simply carrying on with what they are already doing. In his book, The Innovation Stack, Jim looks for historical precedents of the peculiar situation that Square found itself in, and found a rare pattern that these startups share: a list of innovations that made their businesses unique and eventually enabled them to dominate the market. Listen as Jim harks back to the historical meaning of the word “entrepreneur” and encourages us to do things that have not been done before. As a bonus, he also gives us a glimpse of how his newest startup, Invisibly, is developing innovations in micropayments in relation to web content.
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TTL 696 | Power Of Perseverance

The Power Of Perseverance With Marques Ogden And Being A Successful Woman Speaker With Glenna Salsbury

At no other time in history has the majority of the workforce been forced to work remotely from home as we are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Far from being deprived of audiences, some of the best speakers in the country are making innovative solutions to keep in touch with their listeners. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Marques Ogden—a keynote speaker, business coach, and corporate consultant who also happens to be a former professional NFL player—to talk about how he is coping with the current crisis. Highlighting the power of perseverance, Marques shares the four things you need to keep in mind to have this championship mindset to rise to unprecedented situations. He also talks about the future of virtual work, the power of diversity, the state of the gig economy, and the ways we can remain ethical in our work and help build trust in this time of uncertainty.


Another great guest sharing how she is handling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is Glenna Salsbury. Glenna is an exemplary speaker who won a host of prestigious honors and awards, including the highest award given to professional speakers, the Cavett Award. In this episode, Glenna shares her success story of being one of the few women speakers in the Hall of Fame. She talks about the struggles women face in the business and the power of storytelling to entertain and to teach. Giving encouragement and advice, Glenna then imparts a message to those who are grappling to make sense of this challenging time.

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TTL 695 | Solar Liquid Power

How Solar Liquid Power Revolutionized Renewable Energy With Dr. Doug Linman

While nanoscience is most commonly associated with the medical sciences, it has revolutionized the way we think about renewable energy with the development of solar liquid power. Considered as the father of this ingenious technology, Dr. Doug Linman is the Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Molecular Quartermasters, a renewable energy company founded on a molecular science platform to deliver light spectrum radiant energy and ground-based wireless distributed power. Dr. Linman joins host, Dr. Diane Hamilton, in this episode to tell the story of how he developed solar liquid power, how it works, and how it brought nanoscience to a whole new field by introducing it to renewable energy. Dr. Linman also gives us his take on nanoscience developments in the military, medical, and emergency response fields, as well as interesting insights on vaccine development in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.
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TTL 694 | Global Leadership Practices

Why Bother?: Discovering What’s Next With Jennifer Louden And Global Leadership Practices With Dr. Kyla Tennin

We can get so easily lost with whatever is going on around us that we forget to ask the necessary questions for ourselves. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks with personal growth pioneer, Jennifer Louden, about finding answers to how we can engage most with our lives and be our fullest selves. Through her new book, Why Bother?, Jennifer brings us back to the things within ourselves that we’ve long been putting into the corner. She shares the ways we can tap into our deepest desires to discover what’s next. So start asking yourself, what do you want to bother about?


Aligned with the topic on what’s next, Diane also interviews Dr. Kyla Tennin—Chair of the Board, President, and Global CEO of Lady Mirage Global—about her journey to getting a higher education and becoming a global CEO. Offering insights for businesses that want to grow and expand, she shares with us her dissertation entitled, “Regional Executive Leadership Turnover in Multinational Corporations.” She gives out some global leadership practices that vary from different perspectives on leadership styles across the world. Gain a great deal of learning on leadership and more in this conversation. 

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