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TTL 911 | Sustainable Business

The Recipe For Building A Sustainable Business With Meg Taylor Morrison

If you want to achieve smooth cashflow to support your lifestyle for years, give everything you can to build a sustainable business. Dr. Diane Hamilton explores the right way to establish such a venture with Meg Taylor Morrison, a science journalist-turned-professional certified coach and international retreat leader. Meg explains how to achieve holistic business success in doing things slowly, taking a step back, and avoid getting caught up in the raging ideas of the world. Meg also talks about an upcoming event that brings together the brightest minds who will share their expertise and efficient strategies in building a sustainable business.

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TTL 910 | Inner Core

Activating Your Inner Core And The Five Core Energies To Success With Hitendra Wadhwa

Beauty comes from within—a phrase we often hear to motivate us when insecurities attack. But there’s more to it than what we often think. In this episode, Hitendra Wadhwa, educator, speaker, and founder of the Mentora Institute, takes us deeper within. He talks about the five core energies and how activating your Inner Core can lead to a life with Purpose, Wisdom, Growth, Love, and Self-Realization. So tune in and get insights on how you can tap your inner strengths and reach your full potential.

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Getting RealReal with Zaina Orbai

What an incredible conversation I had with Zaina Orbai who is the Chief People Officer at The RealReal on Leader’s Playbook, which is part of Global Mentor Network. Thuy Vu and I take turns hosting and we learn so much from the best of the best in HR leadership. I hope you check it out and would love to hear feedback. Thanks again, Zaina! You had such wonderful insights!

Listen here ➡️ http://ow.ly/vmpr50J4uFT

Leader’s Playbook: Connecting People to Purpose – Coupa Software

The first show of Leader’s Playbook from Global Mentor Network is available! For this podcast series, Thuy Vu and I take turns interviewing top HR leaders. In this first episode, Thuy’s guests today are Jonathan Fear, VP, Coupa University at Coupa Software Inc., and Sean Burns, Global Head of Learning & Development at Coupa Software. Their responsibility is to ensure that team members are able to execute their various roles and achieve their professional goals from Day 1. As Coupa continues to grow at a rapid pace, they place a particular emphasis on developing leaders capable of meeting the challenges of a larger, more complex company. Given Coupa’s status as a certified Great Place to Work, they ensure that all of the team’s initiatives include a sharp focus on core values and the special Coupa culture. Join us for a discussion on Coupa’s best practices in fostering a culture of “passion” and “purpose” – from onboarding to work/life balance, Sean and Jonathan care deeply about their employees and work tirelessly to make Coupa an ideal employer. To listen go to wherever you get your podcasts or click here: https://apple.co/3F15pjx

Announcing Leader’s Playbook

I’m excited to announce a new podcast I will co-host with Thuy Vu, the Co-Founder & CEO at Global Mentor Network and 7-time Emmy award-winning news anchor. It has been my honor to serve on the advisory board at Global Mentor Network, the brainchild of Thuy Vu and Keith Krach, 2022 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Chairman & Co-Founder of Docusign as well as Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy, U.S. Under Secretary of State. On the Leader’s Playbook, Thuy and I will interview the top HR executives who will share their best HR and talent development practices! Find it wherever you get your podcasts including on iTunes, by clicking here.

TTL 909 Stephen White | Brain Health

Be The Architect Of Your Brain: The Benefits Of Brain Health With Stephen White

Brain health can help you protect yourself from cognitive issues. Issues like having trouble concentrating, making decisions, or innovating. It can also help lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s. There are times when you have to burn the midnight oil but make that the exception, rather than the rule. Learn how to train your brain correctly with your host Dr. Diane Hamilton and her guest Stephen White. Stephen is the Chief Operating Officer at the Center for BrainHealth. He joined the Brain Performance Institute to lead its commercial operations and help bring innovations to the public. Discover the science of your brain and how powerful it is. Be the architect of your own mind today!

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TTL 908 Matt Blumberg | Scale Your Business

Scaling Your Business To Greater Heights With Matt Blumberg

Scaling a business can be challenging, but it means having the ability to grow without any hindrances to its progress. If you want to know how to overcome challenges so you can start scaling your business, this episode is for you. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with the Cofounder and CEO at Bolster, Matt Blumberg. Bolster is an on-demand executive talent marketplace that helps accelerate companies’ growth. Today, Matt shares some practical tips to scaling your business to greater heights. Tune in and discover how you can set the stage to support growth in your company today.

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TTL 907 Shannon Byrne Susko | Metronomics

Metronomics: Helping Businesses Create A United System With Shannon Byrne Susko

Have you heard of Metronomics? Well, if you are a business leader it might be something you want to know more about. Today’s guest is Shannon Byrne Susko, Founder and CEO of Metronome United. Shannon discusses the framework that has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs achieve success. With Dr. Diane Hamilton, she shares the secrets to help you win the business Olympics with insights from her latest book, Metronomics: One United System to Grow Up Your Team, Company, and Life. Tune in to find out how to create a system for your organization that leads to outcomes for your business.

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TTL 906 | Strategic Approach

The Xbox Culture: Taking The Strategic Approach Towards Problem-Solving With Robbie Bach

Oftentimes, the most complex problems require simple solutions. You just need to take a strategic approach towards problem-solving. These and other valuable lessons are part of this episode as Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to one of the movers and shakers in the creation of the Xbox, Robbie Bach. Robbie takes a look back at 22 years of lessons at Microsoft, including lessons in creativity, leadership and why you should not be afraid to fail. Be inspired by Robbie’s life lessons by tuning in.

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TTL 905 | Cybersecurity Measures

Putting Effective Cybersecurity Measures In Place To Protect Your Business With A-Jay Orr

With opportunity comes risk, and you need to understand what risks your business is undertaking with new technology advancements. That’s why you need to learn how to make effective cybersecurity measures to safeguard your business. Dr. Diane Hamilton welcomes A-Jay Orr, author, veteran, and CEO of Simple Plan IT. A-Jay’s latest book, The Art of War In Business Technology, details how exactly you can implement cybersecurity measures in your business. The key is understanding what your risks are so that you can create a risk management plan. Do you want to protect your business from cyber-attacks? Then this episode’s for you. Enjoy!

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