Strategies for Improving Workplace Behavior and Performance

From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 435 | Deep Listening

Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli and Scaling Your Business with Allison Maslan

Deep listening is five-dimensional. It’s a way to think about listening in color rather than just listening in black and white. Oscar Trimboli, former Marketing Director at Vodafone and Microsoft, is someone who knows the power of being a deep listener in business and in life. He talks about the value of listening to what’s not said, exploring consistently and deliberately, and how our senses impact our perception of what we hear and understand.


All businesses want to scale, but in reality, entrepreneurs are afraid of risks that they end up doing nothing. Allison Maslan, an author and the CEO of Pinnacle Global Network, guides you in taking that step forward as she shares how scaling is about looking at your business in a very creative way, taking down the misconception that it’s about growing fast. Allison’s book, Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar, teaches helpful strategies for people to scale their company.
TTL 434 | Productive Conflict

The Positive Impact Of Having Conflict with Dr. Liane Davey And How To Work Stronger with Pete Leibman

Productive conflict is a type of conflict where the issue that comes to the table is resolved. It moves your organization forward and is productive for your team. Dr. Liane Davey is the New York Times bestselling author of You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done, a book where entrepreneurs and employees can get insights as she educates about productive conflict and conflict debt. Liane joins us for an in-depth discussion about productive conflict, as well as how cultural and personality differences can affect your definition of respect. You’ll also get to learn about the Valentine’s Day effect and how it is relevant in your working environment.


Should you work smarter or stronger? Pete Leibman is a consultant, speaker, and bestselling author who has been featured on Fox News, CBS Radio, and In an interesting conversation, he emphasizes why working stronger is better than working smarter. Sharing some tips on how you can manage your daily tasks, he points out why never-ending to-do lists can lead to stress.
TTL 433 | CRM Systems

Becoming A Leader with Laleh Hancock and Designing Sales Strategies Through CRM Systems with George Brontén

Leaders that lead differently inspire others to be themselves in their leadership abilities. Life and communication coach Laleh Hancock shares some insights about leadership, giving up control over your staff, the importance of handling your finances, and how curiosity is a critical and direct link to improving motivation and communication-based issues that challenge organizations. She also explains why having long-term vision is a must for every company. Laleh is a management and professional services consultant and facilitator of Wealth Creators Anonymous, a special program by Access Consciousness.


George Brontén, a life-long entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Membrain, the Sales Enablement CRM that makes it easy to execute your sales strategy, dives into the assumption most people have about sales. In an insightful talk, he discusses the right and wrong ways commissions are being implemented by companies. He explains why caring for the buyers and putting them at the center of everything is the key to a successful business. George also explores how CRM can help any sales personnel become more efficient and successful in their field.
TTL 432 | Art Of Connection

Deepening Relationships Through The Art Of Connection with Michael Gelb

In this digital era, many people are more focused on connecting with their gadgets rather than interacting with another human. Long before the age of the cell phone, survey after survey listed communication as the number one problem in corporate culture. Michael Gelb, bestselling author and the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking, says that the missing link in this problem of forgetting to build rapport with other people is in building relationships. His book, The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now, teaches us how to think creatively and develop innovative cultures in the workplace to deepen our relationships and transform our lives; because at the end of the day, what matters is how we connect with other people more than anything else.

TTL 431 | Late Bloomer

The Case For Late Bloomers with Rich Karlgaard

Many people believe that if kids don’t bloom early, they’re not going to bloom at all. However, neuroscience and psychology say the opposite, claiming that there are many decades in our lives where our true capabilities are yet to unfold. Rich Karlgaard – author, publisher, and futurist at Forbes Media – says that we put so much pressure as a society on kids, teenagers, and young adults to achieve early and big that if you’re not competitive enough, you may not succeed later in life. His book, Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement, explores being a late bloomer dominated in a society with high SAT scores and early success. Challenge what many believe as you learn how late bloomers can make it their edge to succeed and find happiness in life.
TTL 330 | Authenticity

Leading With Authenticity with Todd Dewett and Learning How To Sell with Phil M. Jones

Even with many years of study about leadership at hand, many are still struggling with understanding how people crave connection and purpose altogether. The relationship between leaders and their team is formed better if authenticity is found. Todd Dewett – the world’s leading authenticity expert, best-selling author, consultant, and professor – talks about why this is true and should be applied. He gives great leadership advice on showing our true selves to others and recommends tools to help improve engagement and make people genuinely productive.


Phil M. Jones, a truly self-made sales performance legend, speaker, and author, talks about selling and knowing how to get what you want by asking. Taking the higher approach, he talks about the importance of using the right words and allowing people to see through your sincerity in having their best interest at heart. In his book, Magic Words, Phil inspires people to action and lays down the questions that are important to ask as well as what makes a good salesperson.
TTL 329 | Video Conferencing

Bringing Back Video Conferencing with Lew Jaffe and Why Troublemaking Just Might Work with Mark Modesti

Businesses are all the same because it’s all about building relationships. Lew Jaffe, the Godfather of Video Conferencing, considers this to be true. One such way to continue to build those relationships is through video conferencing. Lew is an entrepreneur, a former high-tech CEO, a college professor, and a philanthropist. He joins us to talk about how he got started in creating over $1 billion in shareholder value, as well as dive deep into video conferencing, gaining and retaining customers, the fear of change, and what he thinks is the most important question to ask anybody.


A lot of people talk themselves out of things because they’re afraid to cause trouble or make things worse.  Professional troublemaker Mark Modesti puts out an argument for trouble and why he thinks stirring up trouble isn’t such a bad thing. Mark is the co-founder of PlatformCreator and a recent winner of the altMBA Walker Award. He shares his insights on troublemaking, what’s like to be in Seth Godin’s altMBA workshop, developing a platform, and what he’s doing now with PlatformCreator and his work with colleges.
TTL 328 | Curiosity

The Power Of The Curious with Zander Lurie

If we’ve learned anything in this current political, entertainment environment, and social media environment, it’s that the people’s voices need to be heard. The best thing you can do is to ask other human beings for their opinions, especially in business. This is what Zander Lurie, CEO of SurveyMonkey, believes.  SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular free online survey tool. Zander says people who ask for that rich sentiment data and opinion data are those that launch the best products and marketing campaigns. Zander shares his background and goes deep into their company’s mission and culture, as well as how they’ve created a curious workplace and collected a diverse number of people in their leadership team and board of directors, including Serena Williams. On the side, Diane also talks a little bit about the CCI or the Curiosity Code Index.
TTL 327 | Innovation Technology

Humanity And The Future Of Innovation Technology with Byron Reese and Tapping Into Curiosity And Creativity Through Technology with Chris Hoffmann

Byron Reese, CEO of Gigaom and author of The Fourth Age, talks about innovation technology, its future, and how humanity fits within the picture. He poses great questions that tug at our current conditions such as identifying whether you are a machine or an animal. Believing greatly in humanity and technology, he defines what technology is and gives us a view of the changes that will happen sooner. Byron then shares his insights about artificial general intelligence and emotional intelligence in robots while predicting how technology can end hunger and poverty.


Tying innovation to an open heart, Chris Hoffmann – author, innovator, and TEDx speaker – talks about the emotional aspects that need to be present with technology. He finds that it is by having that sense of self that we will tap into curiosity and creativity. He is also about helping people get over that fear of being more innovative, leading us to identify the things that make us emotionally satisfied. Reflecting on the current relationship between people and technology, Chris then shares his thoughts about people aligning to different jobs as they become more curious and creative than ever.
TTL 326 | Emotional Nakedness

Emotional Nakedness with Dr. Patrick Williams and Walking On The Glass Floor with Judy Hoberman

Unlocking your fullest potential in your career, business, or personal relationships can be made possible by getting naked. According to Dr. Patrick Williams, leadership coach, shadow coaching specialist, and author of Getting Naked, that means being emotionally naked which is really about cutting the crap and releasing the baggage that’s held you hostage for so long. Dr. Williams goes deep into the subject of emotional nakedness and takes a closer look at mindfulness or purposeful pause, curiosity, what makes people passionate, and how emotions impact perceptions.


In a male-dominated workplace, it is very challenging for a woman to stand out. Judy Hoberman, author of Walking on the Glass Floor and President of Selling in a Skirt, shares the challenges she faced in such a situation. Judy was always the only woman in the room. Realizing that men and women are so different in how they speak up, ask questions, or listen, she decided to take notes and take the differences and use them as assets rather than liabilities. Judy shares her background and what led her interest in focusing on women. She also touches on soft skills, perception, and what she means by “walking on the glass floor.”

Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential – An interview with Dr. Diane Hamilton

The following is a guest blog post from by Ton Dobbe – Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration

Every week I interview entrepreneurs and experts from around the world to share their big idea about new forms of value creation and the potential we can unlock when technology augments the unique strengths of people to deliver remarkable impact.

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TTL 325 | Blitzscaling

Blitzscaling The Market with Chris Yeh and The Billionaire Skill Set with Dr. Dileep Rao

Apple didn’t produce the first personal computer nor the first smartphone, and yet today, Apple is synonymous with those things. Google wasn’t the first search engine, but it’s become the last and enduring search engine. That shows that the first mover isn’t always the company that becomes the enduring market leader. Chris Yeh says in many cases, that ability to be the first to scale is what’s most important. Chris is an investor, writer, mentor, and entrepreneur. He talks about his book that he co-authored with Reid Hoffman, Blitzscaling, and tackles LinkedIn and Silicon Valley’s success, as well as the success of the Reid Hoffmans and Elon Musks of the world.


Venture capital or financing and all the things that come with bootstrapping to billions is really what holds up a lot of people from even getting into business in the first place because they don’t understand it. Dr. Dileep Rao, finance expert and full-time Clinical Professor at Florida International University, takes a closer look at venture capital in his book, Nothing Ventured, Everything Gained, and shares what he thinks about leadership, unicorn entrepreneurs, and the skill sets every entrepreneur or business leader should have.
TTL 324 | Emotional Courage, Talent Mobility

Building Emotional Courage with Peter Bregman and Understanding Talent Mobility with Caitlin MacGregor

Taking risks doesn’t always lead you to success, but it will surely help you grow as a leader. One of the risks to take to achieve effective leadership is not just to empathize with your employees but also to tap into your emotions in appropriate ways at the workplace. Peter Bregman, bestselling author of Leading with Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, and Inspire Action on Your Most Important Work, defines what emotional courage is and why it should be a skill leaders must learn alongside confidence, connection, and being committed.


Being an effective leader is about tapping into the potentials of the workforce. To grow is to learn continuously or else the business will hit the plateau. Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and Co-Founder of Plum, knows precisely the importance of revolutionizing the workplace through continuous learning. She dives into the concept of talent mobility powered by the scalability of artificial intelligence and the deep insight of industrial/organizational psychology. On top of that, she shares about the quality metrics they use to center in on who’s going to be successful long-term without bias.
TTL 323 | Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology with Brian Solis and Using Technology To Influence People with Brian Schulman

Technology has evolved massively, changing business and society in such great heights. While it is factual that it made the world easier to live in, it also made a lot of people become sluggish. One who can shed light on the impacts of technology in this digital age is Brian Solis, digital analyst, business strategist, futurist, and a principal analyst at Altimeter. In his best-selling book, Lifescale, he delves into the whole concept of disruptive technology – how it turned us into digital addicts and how we can get off of such alarming obsession.


If technology can cost our own sanity and self-confidence, positive impacts show when the coin is flipped. Social media is one of the best ways we can overcome our adversities and influence people through our own voice. This worked for Brian Schulman, the founder and CEO of Voice Your Vibe. Being diagnosed with Tourette syndrome ignited his passion to inspire and influence other people. Brian shares how he is living life with purpose through LinkedIn Video.
TTL 322 | Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking Creativity with Michael Roberto and Workplace Challenges Women Face with Bonnie Marcus

When asked about what’s blocking creativity, people usually say things like hierarchy, bureaucracy, short-term financial pressures, or Wall Street pressures. Michael Roberto, however, found that it’s not a people problem but rather a lack of out-of-the-box thinkers. Michael is the Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University and the author of Unlocking Creativity. He talks about his book and dives more about what’s blocking creativity.


Women face special challenges in the workplace. They have different issues, both internal barriers they set up as well as some of the unconscious bias in the workplace that they have to deal with. Bonnie Marcus primarily focuses on women, mostly because a lot of women are hesitant to position themselves for success. Bonnie is a keynote speaker and the author of The Politics of Promotion and the co-author of Lost Leaders in the Pipeline. She tackles the different obstacles women are facing, the perception of women in leadership and different cultures, and more.
TTL 321 | Happiness

The Force of Curiosity with Francesca Gino and The Perception of Happiness with Silvia Garcia

One of the ingredients of a happy life is staying curious. Curiosity makes people search for answers and meaning, which later on lead them to happiness, growth, and exploration. Francesca Gino, Founder & CEO of Feel Logic and author of Rebel Talent, shares the five talents of a rebel and the intriguing positive side of breaking rules. As she gives details about her recent business case, she dives into the benefits of curiosity and effective ways to strengthen this interest.


If staying curious helps our brains release dopamine because we discover new things, then it is definitely a good source of happiness. Silvia Garcia, CEO of Happiest Places to Work, is an expert that can attest to that. As an annual guest of the United Nations to discuss the state of happiness in the world, she imparts how to fix the way we perceive things in order to be happy and reveals the kinds and enemies of happiness. On top of that, she uncovers how the perception of happiness differs globally.
TTL 320 | Moral Disengagement

Moral Disengagement with Dr. Albert Bandura

Dr. Albert Bandura, a David Starr Jordan Professor Emeritus of Social Science and Psychology at Stanford University, joins us to talk about moral disengagement and his book about it, Moral Disengagement: How People Do Harm and Live with Themselves. He shares his background, what he thinks about being the greatest psychologist of all time, what he thinks about Freud’s work and how it influences him, and more.
TTL 319 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development with Jack Zenger and Advice From The Car Buyer’s Advocate with Paul Maloney

It’s very helpful for someone who is an external supplier of leadership development and consultant of an organization to be on the other side of the table and know what it’s like to work inside the organization. That’s been Jack Zenger’s career. Jack is the co-founder and CEO of Zenger Folkman, a professional services firm providing consulting and leadership development programs for organizational initiatives. He dives into leadership development and shares why he thinks we don’t have better leaders and the major deficiencies in organizational leadership programs.


Leaving his hospitality job in five-star resorts, Paul Maloney became a car salesman. After being shown the ropes by one of the older employees, he went from selling cars to individuals to selling cars to corporate companies, big box stores, and the like for almost twenty years. Paul talks about car dealership, wholesale fleet pricing, and his book, How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time!: It’s So Simple It’s Ridiculous.
TTL 318 | Connectional Intelligence

Growing Your Connectional Intelligence with Erica Dhawan and The Purpose Of Life with August Turak

In this world of hyperconnectivity, what it means to become successful has completely changed from before. Now, teams and leaders get big things done not by simply pouring out their intelligence but by having connectional intelligence. CEO and the founder of Cotential Erica Dhawan believes this to be true, and she shares why some succeed and get things done while others don’t. Erica outlines the three main things that individuals can do to grow their connectional intelligence.


Believing in the transformational purpose of human life, August Turak – award-winning author, speaker, consultant and contributor for Forbes and BBC – dives into the philosophy of moving away from being a selfish person into a selfless person. As someone who works with Trappist monks and nonprofits, he shares the journey of how he came to know the purpose of life. August ties it to leadership and how they could provide a vision of meaning to their followers.
TTL 317 | Social Capital

Social Capital with Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew and Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs with Heather Dominick

When you stop trusting, it limits your ability to have the relationships you want, and you begin to attract those which you thought. When you stereotype and think people are mean and cannot be trusted, those are the ones that show up in your life. Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew had to change her thinking and recognize the power and the beauty that existed for her to meet amazing friends. Dr. Froswa’ is a Network Weaver who believes relationships are the key to our personal, professional, and organizational growth. She says situations can serve either as a noose and restrict your life or as opportunities to help you see what you’re made of and propel you into your destiny. Dr. Froswa’ gets into more detail about social capital, the Immunity to Change process, and building relationships.


According to research, 20% of people are born into the world highly sensitive. It means that their nervous system is wired differently, and that different wiring means that they interpret stimulation at a much higher degree than others who are not highly sensitive. Heather Dominick, former high school drama teacher, the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award, and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award-winning virtual event, A Course In Business Miracles, joins us to talk about the shadows and strengths of being highly sensitive, the biggest challenges of working with people who have this, and some of the training and mentoring programs she’s offering.
TTL 316 | Learning Culture

Creating A Powerful Learning Culture with Kelly Palmer and How To Sing And Speak Better with Roger Love

Kelly Palmer is on a mission to change the way the world learns. She’s a well-known thought leader in learning, business, and career development. She is currently on the executive team of Degreed and was formerly the chief learning officer of LinkedIn. Kelly discusses how we’re going to value education in the future and what it takes to motivate people to learn. She also dives into creating a powerful learning culture as she defines what skills quotient is and shares the seven guiding principles to build skills.


No other vocal coach in history has been more commercially successful in both speaking and singing fields as Roger Love. Roger has vocally produced more than 100 million CD sales worldwide and written four best-selling books. He coaches singers like Gwen Stefani, John Mayer and Selena Gomez as well as speakers like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Simon Sinek. Roger talks about the sound recipe, learning to speak better, and working with stars and speakers. He also gives a very good advice for people who are considering doing a podcast to help them with their voice.
TTL 315 | Heart Disease

Standing Out In A Crowded Marketplace with Ton Dobbe and Imaging Scans For Heart Disease with Dr. Warrick Bishop

As the marketplace becomes more crowded, many organizations find it harder and harder to stand out. If they do not rise above, this will cause for momentum and the creation of products to stop altogether. Recognizing this problem, Ton Dobbe, Chief Inspiration Officer at Value Inspiration, helps CEOs stand out in their category, most especially those in the software industry. Ton talks about getting CEOs to become more innovative. He lays down the common mistakes organizations make when it comes to their foundational ideas and gives out great points to think about in order to overcome those.


From software to health technology, Dr. Warrick Bishop – practicing cardiologist, author, and keynote speaker – shares his passion to help prevent heart disease on a global scale as he utilizes imaging scans to point out the problems inside the body. As coronary artery disease still is the single largest killer in our community, he talks about ways that we could prevent it, sharing his stance on carbs while talking about other food and lifestyle choices. Dr. Warrick details the scanning process – what it consists and what people would go through to make sure they could see what they need to see.
TTL 314 | Cannabis

The Future Of Business, Technology, And Society with Brett King and Deconstructing Cannabis with Danielle Davenport

In this digital age, it’s hard to predict what things are going to come up next with all the trends and innovations coming in. There are actually a group of people who looks at trends and tries to extrapolate those trends to see what will be happening in the future, and they are called futurists. World-renowned futurist, speaker, international bestselling author, and media personality Brett King covers the future of business, technology, and society. He joins us to talk about the four major disruptors and what’s changing right now in financial services and technology.


There’s a lot of hype around cannabis. Growing up around it, Danielle Davenport pretty much have been in cannabis her whole life. Danielle is the CEO of the Global Foundry Group, a global professional services firm focused on cannabis, agricultural businesses, and other verticals. She shares her unique perspective around the controversial psychoactive drug and the things she found out about it in her research.
TTL 313 | Artificial Intelligence

Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence with Jürgen Schmidhuber

There are so many organizations that want to be innovative now, but they are worried about jobs being replaced by artificial intelligence or other factors. They worry about where to put people, but then how are they going to be relevant without implementing AI and software or the next big thing? Jürgen Schmidhuber, the Father of Artificial Intelligence, breaks down artificial intelligence and talks about its impact to the workplace as he addresses the issue of should we really worry about humans being replaced by machines?
TTL 312 | Turning Followers Into Leaders

Turning Followers Into Leaders with David Marquet and Creating Strong Memories with Chloe Doesburg

One thing most people do not get about leadership is how it is not all about telling people what to do, but making people learn how to move themselves. David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around and the creator of Intent-based Leadership, is all about turning followers into leaders. Sharing his experience as a submarine commander, he talks about what he has learned about leading people and getting them to do things by stepping back and letting the team speak up.


Chloe Doesburg, CEO and Co-founder of Driftscape, is also on to moving people by giving them great experiences when traveling and exploring places. She has created an application and a platform that supports culture and history for organizations to share site-specific stories. Chloe shows us the joy of being able to travel by really understanding the places that we visit. She talks about creating strong memories while showing the great features of Driftscape.
TTL 311 | Transformational Improvement

From Trash Can To Business Mogul with Antonio T. Smith and Building Transformational Improvement with Mark Samuel

When things get tough, a lot of people easily give up and listen to their own self-talk about belonging in the trash can. Antonio T. Smith, Jr. says though that you have to find a way to change that inner voice and stop giving up. Antonio was basically homeless from the age of six to eighteen. At seven years old, he found solace in a trash can when his parents could no longer afford to keep him legally because they were addicted to drugs. Antonio recounts his journey from living in trash cans to becoming the prolific speaker and celebrity business advisor today.


With all the change that’s happening, we have to find ways to reinvent ourselves. Mark Samuel, founder and CEO of IMPAQ Corporation, talks about a transformational improvement that can change the game in his book, B State. He wrote it as a new roadmap for bold leadership, brave culture, and breakthrough results. Mark delves deep into the subject of leadership and company culture, and introduces the concept of mid-level leadership and transformational improvement.
TTL 310 | Mindfulness

The Wonders Of Mindfulness with Dr. Ellen Langer and Reinventing Marketing And Learning with Jonathan Cronstedt

A lot has been discussed about mindfulness, and Dr. Ellen Langer, social psychologist and the mother of mindfulness, walks us through a deeper understanding of what mindfulness really is. People tend to think of it as something that’s strictly about meditation or just a way to empty your mind and be in the present, but these are just empty instructions as mindfulness is more than that. Dr. Langer sheds light on the real sense of mindfulness and the numerous ways it can benefit you.


A passionate advocate for digital education, Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi, talks about his work with the company. Kajabi is premier integrated marketing automation and digital education platform which focuses on providing immersive digital experience and delivering success however you measure it. He explains how they can help you drive visibility and results for your business with anything you can do online.
TTL 309 | Principles Of Success

The Principles Of Success with Dave M. Lukas and The Fight For Success with Shannon Hudson

People often set goals that they want to achieve only to lose their drive in the middle or give up and completely quit. Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and founder of the Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Dave M. Lukas talks about the principles of success. He mentions having the discipline, consistency, and perseverance as some of the key stones, and provides techniques to make sure that we can apply this formula and be able to recognize little things that make a difference so we can be closer to reaching our goals.


Fights and battles do not happen only inside the ring but also in our daily lives in our pursuit of success in our chosen venture. Shannon Hudson, Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion of the World, talks about 9Round Kickboxing and the journey he’s been through. He recounts the wins and losses he experienced in his fight to keep the business going.
TTL 308 | Power Of Investing

The 5AM Habit with Robin Sharma and The Power Of Investing with Hunter Thompson

Rise and shine! Most people find it hard to get up too early in the morning. Robin Sharma, author of The 5 AM Club, emphasizes the benefits of getting up early. He says that human beings are more creative, productive, and have the best access to their wisdom early in the morning. It may be a big challenge for the night owls but we all have the capability to install the new habits. Take advantage of that tranquility before the sun rises to be aligned with the things that lift our spirits as Robin shares the amazing benefits of an early riser and illuminates techniques on how to make the most of this quiet time.


We all have expenses and are looking for cashflow to pay off these expenses, having invested in variety of ways to accomplish this. Hunter Thompson, founder of Cash Flow Connections, shares how we can get that predictability of outcome and passive cashflow through private equity and real estate investment. He also touches on social security, the stock market, real estate, and the world of syndication.
TTL 307 | Artificial Intelligence

The Mindset Of Success with Chris Salem and Transforming The Future With Artificial Intelligence with Mike Adams

People may have many whys about certain goals that they cannot achieve. Why is their business is stagnant? Why can’t they climb the ladder? Why don’t they seem to be moving at all despite their hard work? You have to ask yourself though, do you have the right mindset? Mindset expert Chris Salem shares how you can embrace a process to get out of the problem and get into the solution. Discover the kind of mindset that will free you from what’s shutting you down so you can finally flourish on the peak of success.


As the world evolves, people continue to discover things through technology. It’s fascinating how these great minds with all their brilliance and intelligence as they build faster computers are now heading to artificial intelligence. Chief storyteller and best-selling author Mike Adams discusses artificial intelligence and how the mind works.

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TTL 306 | Business Growth

Business Growth with Tiffani Bova and Reputation And Personal Branding with Rory Vaden

Growth is both getting much harder and easier. Tiffani Bova knows this fact all too well as she talks all about business growth and how it has changed ever since. As the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, she lets us in on what she has learned about the disruption we constantly face in our daily lives that also affects our businesses. Tiffani also shares her book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business, talking about Kylie Jenner and Starbucks and gives us some tips to making smarter choices.


Fame and influence do not simply come by magically. No one is simply tapped and become a success. Reputation expert and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs Rory Vaden believes that there is a formula and process for how people become celebrities and build businesses. He talks about how reputation builds into creating a lasting personal brand by following the reputation formula. Discover this formula as Rory shares all of this and more.

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Building Credibility From The Inside Out with Rob Jolles and Understanding Entrepreneurship with Tom Duening

Salespersons always want to get their word out. Author and sought-after speaker Rob Jolles says words are important, but they’re a bit overrated. He says we need to focus on some other pieces of communication because it’s not what we say, but how and why we’re saying it. Rob talks about selling, the ethical impacts of persuasion and influence, and how you can build credibility from the inside out.


Having been an entrepreneur since starting his first business while in graduate school in 1984, Tom Duening has been teaching entrepreneurship for many years, a responsibility he takes very seriously. He says you have to be ultimately responsible as an educator to nudge people into this very challenging career path because it’s a hard path and it’s not for everybody. Tom speaks on the subject of entrepreneurial thinking, hiring people, and balancing an open mindset with critical thinking.
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TTL 304 | The Wealthy Speaker

Culture And The Power Of Great Storytelling with Mike Ganino and The Wealthy Speaker with Jane Atkinson

Culture is such an essential part of any business, organization, and more. It has been running through everybody’s lips ever since and impacting many companies that want to move their people. Taking us deep into that topic and how the power of storytelling sits in between is an expert on both fronts as well as a speaker and TEDx expert, Mike Ganino. He talks about getting executives, teams, and thought leaders learn how to communicate, connect, and engage the message that they want out. He also dishes out some pointers on how to give a good talk.


From one speaker to another, Jane Atkinson shares her expertise when it comes to making people be better at speaking. She is a speaking industry expert, coach, and author who not only helps people to be speakers but become wealthy at that, too. Jane lays down the three stages that makes speaking a profit center, and talks about the path towards becoming a wealthy speaker. Continue reading “Culture And The Power Of Great Storytelling with Mike Ganino and The Wealthy Speaker with Jane Atkinson”
TTL 303 | Mindfulness

Building Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness Meditation with Daniel Goleman

Mindfulness has been explored to be a key element in building emotional intelligence which is linked to success. However, in spite of the hype, questions have been raised and potential downside has been pointed out about this practice. Daniel Goleman, PhD, author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, gives a deeper understanding about mindfulness meditation and the important role it plays in order for one to be a well-rounded, emotionally intelligent person.

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TTL 302 | Universal Learning

Chainscript: Reinventing Education with Phil Komarny and Wearable Technology with Dr. Ben Waber

The idea of universal learning aims to transform the future of education in order for each student to be totally ready for their role in the industry. But how ready are we to reinvent education? Phil Komarny, Vice President of Innovation at, has been known to lead innovation and transformational applications of technology at each level. He talks about future of education through Chainscript.


More than having the right data to support an analysis, getting data real time will be advantageous in many ways. We know for a fact that wearable technologies have been around to track and provide real time data. Dr. Ben Waber, President and CEO of Humanyze, is an expert in people analytics, collaboration, and wearable technology. He talks about sensor data and walks us through the benefits of this technology, particularly in the workplace, and how it provides data with an unprecedented level of accuracy in order for companies to see what’s going on internally.

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TTL 301 | Maintaining Motivation

Motivation Psychology with Dr. Richard Ryan and Publishing And Sales Success with Mark Bowser

What motivates you? What gets you up in the morning? We all have surely experienced being in a situation wherein we start something with a great deal of excitement and motivation only to lose that enthusiasm later on. Dr. Richard Ryan, author of the best-selling book Self-Determination Theory: Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development and Wellness, talks about motivation psychology. He takes us into a deeper understanding of one’s motivation and how to control and maintain it.


Mark Bowser teaches people and organizations how to win in selling, leadership, and customer service. He shares his fascinating experience on how he learned from the best. He is the author of multiple books including Sales Success with Zig Ziglar and Some Gave It All: Through the Fire of the Vietnam War with Danny Lane. Mark shares stories of his encounters with interesting people including the Vietnam War hero, Danny Lane.

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TTL 300 | Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done with David Allen and Understanding People with Jason Greer

We would often write a to-do list of things we need to get done only to switch it over to the next day, and to the day after that, and so on. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, has come up with a book for teens, teaching them how things can get done and how take control of their lives in a distracting world. David shares how the same principle on keeping your head focused applies for a nine-year-old as it is for a CEO of a company. Learn some great strategies as he talks about how to get things done and how you can avoid frustration.


It is interesting how people matters to diversity consultant Jason Greer despite being a victim of cross burning and racial harassment in the 90’s. Jason shares the importance of understanding people, and how it can be helpful for companies to avoid unions. He is out there having the ear of the CEO and of the executive teams, making a better work environment.

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TTL 298 | Personal Branding

Commercialization As An Enterprise Business Solution with Tim Wales and Personal Branding with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

The number one issue seen with incubators, accelerators and early-stage funding is there’s no system to actually commercialize and to actually employ the people to assist those early-stage ideas and companies and cultivate them to go to market. Tim Wales, CEO and co-founder of Kadima.Ventures, LLC, says it’s their goal to bridge that gap and be the commercialization team. Tim explains “Kadima” means forward, and what they are trying to accomplish is solving some real-world problems and that stem around entrepreneurs and in innovation. He shares the work they do at his company and gives a sneak peak of their upcoming Kadima Innovation Fair in 2019.


Branding is so challenging because there are so many mistakes to make. For a lot of people who are doing personal branding, they have to position themselves as an authority in their particular industry. Branding expert Henry Kaminski, Jr. delves into the topic and shares how you can promote yourself, get your brand out, and grow your following a lot faster.

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TTL 298 | Space Tourism

Executing Your Idea with Kim Perell and The Grand Future Of Space Travel with Miguel Ayala, Jon David Cunningham, and Michael Genest

We may sometimes wonder what’s keeping us from getting our goals or reaching the peak of success that we have been dreaming about in spite all these great ideas and grand plans that we have. Kim Perell, author of The Execution Factor: The One Skill that Drives Success, walks us through a deeper understanding on the power of execution that leads you to your dream success.


Imagine a vehicle that takes people on a space tour and let them stay in a space hotel for a week or two. This is the vision of Miguel Ayala, CEO, Jon David Cunningham, CFO, and Michael Genest, Senior Technical Advisor at Exodus Space Corporation. They share how they have been working on this plan of space tourism with all its splendor, starting from a small unmanned space plane that carries satellites to space, to a long-term goal of large full-scale vehicle that would carry twenty passengers to be able to spend a day in space traveling around.

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TTL 297 | Transform

Telling Stories In Business with Megan Macedo and How To Pivot, Disrupt, And Transform with Marcia Daszko

Contrary to what people think, Megan Macedo—consultant, speaker, and marketing strategist—believes that our professional and personal lives are not separate. Oftentimes, people take out the human aspect in business. To remind us how interconnected they are, Megan explores the human factor in all of this as she talks about psychology and marketing. As the Brené Brown of marketing, she helps people see beyond the stories that they often overlook and tell them. She talks about going into filming, consulting, and taking an artistic approach to business.


Leadership transformation specialist, Marcia Daszko, in her book, Pivot, Disrupt, and Transform, says that 90% of startups will fail while more than 60% of original Fortune 500 organizations will no longer exist. This statistic alone is enough to keep those in business on their toes, working to move past the critical stage of failing. Through innovation and transformation, Marcia lays down a method that will help you overcome this. She gets down into the three kinds of changes, leadership, appraisals, developing your people, and more!

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TTL 296 | Broadcasting Happiness

Broadcasting Happiness To Others with Michelle Gielan and The Practice Of Consistency with Chris Majer

These days, when we open the news, all we see are the negative things happening around. We are exposed to these things every single minute that it becomes harder to find happiness. Will there be a way to look at these challenges in our lives that leave us feeling empowered, ready to take action, and overcome them? Bestselling author and founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research, Michelle Gielan, knows the answer. Through her book, Broadcasting Happiness, she talks about how we can continually transmit information that influences other people, highlighting the importance of our part to be a positive influence on others. Michelle also defines rational optimism while stating some great research on how we can harness the feel-good hormones in our body.


Chris Majer, CEO of the Human Potential Project, shares the beauty of consistency and resilience to continue to persevere in life. When the world seems like a repetition of the same failures and disappointments, it takes that desire to start again that will eventually lead us to win on top of finding our true potential. Chris gets down into the type of learning we should aim for with the understanding that competence is produced not in mere motivation alone, but in practice. He sheds some light into what we can learn from athletes as well as how we can carry ourselves throughout the entire process of being learners.

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TTL 295 | Organizational Inertia

Mentoring Communities with Dondi Scumaci and Dealing With Organizational Inertia with Dr. Sam Bacharach

If you can wrap community around any development, it’s going to go bigger and have an amplification effect to it. Dondi Scumaci’s work is around mentoring communities and creating partnerships that are digging in and doing the deep work. Dondi is an international speaker, author, and expert in professional and personal development. She designs robust mentoring communities around the world. Dondi shares her background and her work on mentoring communities, and touches on important topics such as women in the workplace, performance leadership, and more.


One of the biggest reasons why organizations fail is when they stagnate and become trapped by inertia. Dr. Sam Bacharach, co-founder of the New York City-based Bacharach Leadership Group, dissects organizational inertia and explores the question of why is it that companies get stuck. He shares how we can avoid inertia, overcome that, and keep moving ahead.

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Overcoming Fear is Required for Growth

I talk to many people about what it takes to be successful. Since I focus on the importance of developing curiosity, I often get questioned about whether I have ever had to overcome fear in my quest to learn new things. I think everyone experiences fear. The real question is whether we let it keep us from exploring opportunities. Currently, I am a radio host, speaker, and author. In every job, there is a day one where we must do the job for the very first time. I can remember many of those days well. I thought it might be fun to look back at the first moments (short clips) of recordings from some of the things I did that could have easily intimidated me to the point where I might have let fear overcome my desire to do the thing that ended up helping me grow and develop my curiosity.

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TTL 294 | Problems Prioritization

Human Resource Management with Olin Oedekoven and Problems Prioritization with Harry Max

The most important thing that people can do within their human resource management is to pause their hiring process and to critically think about exactly what they’re doing. Oftentimes, we get so much in a hurry to sell three customer service reps that the first three people who walk in the door with a moderate degree of competency get the job. Many times, this leads to issues and problems. Dr. Olin Oedekoven, President and CEO of the Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, talks about the hiring process and why it’s important to select the right people.


Problem has different meanings and there are so many degrees and ways of looking at them. Harry Max, Chief People Officer at Spoonread, focuses on problems prioritization. He discusses the process of prioritizing and shares some things you can do to help you figure out what needs to be done when.

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TTL 293 | Body Language

Teaming Versus Teams with Amy Edmondson and Body Language Secrets Revealed with Greg Williams

Unexpected things come about from unusual situations where people encounter thing they haven’t done before. Consequently, they don’t know how to go about things. In the business world, this can be a huge problem. In such situations, how do you get people to work together towards a solution? Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, differentiates teaming versus teams. She defines a team as a group of people that are interdependent in achieving some shared outcome with a clearly delineated membership, whereas teaming is collaboration and coordination to get important things done without the luxury of stable membership. Amy shares how you can create an environment where people are willing to jump in and take the interpersonal risks of teaming.


With communication, much of it is working towards some goal. Greg Williams, Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, says that everything that we do is a negotiation, and achieving our goals usually involves some type of negotiation. Greg discusses the importance of being able to read body language and to discern any hidden meaning that people are not disclosing in negotiating for something.

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Curiosity: The Inspiration for Innovation, Resilience, and Sustainability

In an age of distraction, with market volatility, and constant uncertainty, organizations face challenges to their ability to maintain a resilient workforce. Issues that impact sustainability in innovation include the environment, society, and economics. In constantly changing times, taking the ground most traveled and embracing the status quo is no longer a viable option. Truly resilient organizations must embrace robust transformation. Lengnick-Hall described organizational resilience as, “the capacity to act robustly in the face of environmental turbulence and to adapt to the ongoing environmental changes.” Organizations must look to ideas never considered when developing innovation that is resilient and sustainable.   That is where curiosity can play an important role.

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TTL 292 | Cultural Diversity

The Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile In The World with Candice Galek and Cultural Diversity Training with Dr. H. Sam Coy and Dr. Chris Lassiter

Candice Galek is a self-taught young female entrepreneur. After going viral as having the most viewed LinkedIn profile in the world, she began interviewing influential business leaders in sharing her experiences via her Inc. column, Quest for Knowledge. Some of her guests include Seth Godin, Gary V, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferriss. Candice shares how she built Bikini Luxe from scratch, growing her bootstrap business while learning life lessons the hard way by trial and error.


Our ability to understand cultural diversity and different issues allows for us to step out of that narrow-minded view and to have a more of a global perspective as to how the world really works and what it’s like. This is something that Dr. H. Sam Coy, president of Coy Consulting Group, and Dr. Chris Lassiter, CEO for Coy Consulting Group, always take part in. Dr. Coy and Dr. Lassiter share their back stories and talk about the work they do on cultural diversity and sensitivity.

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TTL 291 | Employee Engagement

Engage And Grow with Rich Maloney and Cold Emailing with Ryan Peck

Engagement comes down to how good your leadership is. Employee engagement is a reflection of the leadership in the organization. When your leaders are people-focused and people first, profit second, you’ve got a high level of buying. Rich Maloney, author of the video book, Engage & Grow, shares how improving engagement can get people to become highly-engaged in the workplace.
Cold emailing is basically sending out an email to a recipient who knows nothing about you whatsoever. It’s a brand new message and there’s no prior relationship. Ryan Peck, the Cold Emailing King, started cold emailing on behalf of his company. Once he started finding some success, he built upon it. Ryan is now a leads generator, a business consultant, and the founder of The Leads System and Care Ultima. Ryan talks about cold emailing and how he was able to partner with Amazon through a cold email.

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The Top 10 Most Asked Questions Regarding the Curiosity Code Index®?

With the January 28, 2019 launch of the book Cracking the Curiosity Code and the Curiosity Code Index® (CCI) assessment, I have noticed in many of the interviews I have given, there are similar questions that have come up, and I think they are important to address here.

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TTL 290 | Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions In Circles with Dan Hoffman and Engaging In Tough Conversation with Jessica Pettitt

Fostering deeper learning with deeper connections in learning environments and meeting spaces is Founder of, Dan Hoffman. is a video platform to make it easy for small groups to help each other work and grow. Dan shares what it is all about and how it can effectively create enduring connections. Used by schools like the Harvard Business Schools, he shows how it addresses a common problem with the learning experience, which is what happens after when the meeting is over. Dan shares the structures of that helps with this as well as the three things to have breakthrough sessions, how to get people to stay with their tasks, and how to get different kinds of participants involved in a meeting.


Many people flinch at the thought of having tough conversations, delving into controversial topics, and facing issues that they would never thought of otherwise. Jessica Pettitt is an expert at breaking through this dilemma. Referred to as the Margaret Cho of diversity trainers, she merges politics, humor, identity, and local flair with big city passionate energy through direct, individualized, and interactive conversations. Jessica dives deep into getting people engaged in tough conversations, weighing in on different points of view, and ridding yourself of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and habitual excuses.

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TTL 289 | Be Iconic

How A Mental Health App Can Make The Difference with Bea Arthur and Making A Brand Become Iconic with Calvin Stovall

For Bea Arthur, psychology and technology make the difference, literally. As Columbia University-trained psychotherapist and entrepreneur who is leading the modern mental health movement, she managed to marry her field with her love for technology and created the first mental health app called The Difference. She talks about her personal journey towards creating the application and helping to end the stigma around mental health.
Creating a brand that lasts in the people’s mind is what makes it iconic. Delving deeper into that is Chief Experience Officer and Iconicity Enthusiast for ICONIC Presentations, LLC, Calvin Stovall. Calvin defines what it means to be truly iconic and reach this level of success. He talks about the need to stay relevant and what holds people back from becoming iconic. He also lays down the four Ps of “iconicity” – purpose, people, passion, and perseverance.

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TTL 288 | Culture Of Creativity

The Culture Of Creativity with Kevin Freiberg and Sales, Messaging, And Pageantry with Wendi Russo

Kevin Freiberg, worldwide bestselling author and keynote speaker, talks about leadership and the difference it makes to businesses and brands. Taking us to his book, CAUSE!, he aligns the importance of leaders to create brands into noble and worthy causes. He shares the backstory that inspired him as he talks about the need for a culture that inspires creativity in an organization, removing people out of the sameness in a world that is constantly innovating. Kevin also shares the message of his other book, Brochy Ball, on tying leadership, team chemistry, and business together.
Wendi Russo, salesleader for the Home Shopping Network and a mentor and trainer to women entering the Television field, brings us into her expertise as we explore the things we need to know about sales, messaging, and pageantry. She gives great pointers that help you sell something in a short amount of time. Going from selling fashion to pharmaceuticals, she talks about selling different items and finding what they call as the chewy center. Moving closer to that is her background in pageantry where she shares the importance of coming across as your natural self.

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TTL 287 | Leadership

The Difference Between Leadership And Management with Dr. John P. Kotter

We all know that businesses, in order to thrive, need good leaders. However, these days, we mostly find leadership and management synonymous with each other that we end up changing one rather than the other. This could lead to some different outcomes that may not be what you would want for your business. Taking in that distinction and helping us identify which is which is Dr. John P. Kotter. Dr. Kotter is an authority on leadership and change, New York Times best-selling author, award-winning business and management thought leader, business entrepreneur, and Harvard Professor. He talks about the difference between change leadership and change management, sharing his eight-step process. He also speaks about the transformation journey of a company and where leaders should position themselves, putting forward the importance of self-assessment.

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TTL 286 | Self-Leadership

Leading From Within: Self-Leadership with Andrew Bryant and How To Shift Your Businesses Ahead with Allen Adamson

Believing that to be an effective leader has to begin by leading oneself is global expert of self-leadership and leading cultures, Andrew Bryant. He teaches us the practice called self-influence of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions toward your objectives. Showing the importance of having self-control as a leader, he talks about how our reaction to external circumstances and where we put blame tells us of what we need to improve. Going beyond the self, he then shares how he deals with people who are from cults or are from different cultures—having the global mindset—when coaching.


The fast-paced world has too often become a reason why businesses fail today. Allen Adamson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Metaforce, talks about the need for businesses to shift ahead. He lays down some great examples that show us the dangers of not being able to do so, lining down some similar issues and patterns he sees that makes it challenging for businesses to reinvent themselves—from Kodak and Xerox, to Forbes and National Geographic.

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TTL 285 | Differentiate

Differentiate, Be Unique, And Publicize with Mark Levy and Soft Skills, Storytelling, And Language with Jorge Meléndez

In this world, you need to be different to stand out. An expert of that is Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation LLC, a positioning and branding firm that works to differentiate companies and their personal brands. At the heart of it is the importance of content, making it stand out against the rest—whether it’s a book you’re writing, a speech, or a show. He gives some advice that will help find your unique aspects within the market. Tackling as well the topic of preconceived notions and assumptions, he shares insights on being able to anticipate the right thing. He then shares his book, Accidental Genius, while sharing tips on how to publicize your book as well.
Speaking of books, certified coach, consultant, and dream connector Jorge Meléndez talks about storytelling and the power of language to our everyday lives. He shares his fascinating journey from music to writing that has led him to help many people in their personal growth. He talks about the value of reading and learning to be able to develop and find your true potential. Taking it to the business setting, he shares how these things places an importance to the soft skills that enables businesses to further develop.

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TTL 284 | Servant Leadership

The Politics Of Servant Leadership with James Strock and The Gaps In AI-Related Industries with Dr. Cindy Gordon

Stretching servant leadership far back into the historical roots, founder and CEO of Serve to Lead Group, James Strock, speaks about some presidential leaders who have shown how they mastered technologies of their time in order to become effective. James takes us into the updated version of his book, Serve to Lead: 21st Century Leaders Manual, and gives great insights about how looking at history provides a bigger look at our current situation. Learn about mastering communication technologies as James takes you into the political side of being a leader.
Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Inc. and Predictive Analytics expert, takes us into the world of artificial intelligence as she identifies the various gaps within the related industries. Starting with gender, she talks about why there are less women working in AI and what are the possible solutions to encourage them. She also talks about the talent gap in innovation that has been sought after these days, and proceeds to lay some insights about the future as AI progresses.

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TTL 283 | Coaching

The Power Of Coaching with Patryk and Kasia Wezowski and Creating A Membership Program with Robert Skrob

Coaches have the power to push us to the kind of change we most want to happen in our lives. Bringing the entire action and transformation into the big screen are Patryk and Kasia Wezowski. They are the producers of LEAP, the first documentary about the coaching profession, and the founders of the Center for Body Language, the worlds number one body language training for business. Patryk and Kasia talk about the power of coaching, providing excerpts and insights from the movie. Ranging through multiple types of coaching, they share different stories of people that needed business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, and/or relationship coaching, as well as some ideas and tips to help you make a good choice when deciding on a coach.
How do you continue to generate income for your business? In this day and age, subscriptions could be your best bet. Robert Skrob is the number one expert in subscription membership retention and he tells you why it is the next best thing for your business. He talks about how to attract new subscribers and engage them to use your product. Sharing on why it is important, he gives some great advice on creating a strong membership program and more.

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TTL 282 | Technology Security

Combating Poverty Through Blockchain Technology with Arnold Strong and Enjoying The Digital Lifestyle Through Technology Security with Larry Castro

Moving into blockchain from being a communications strategist, management consultant, operator, and former colonel, Arnold Strong shares how he is spreading his mission of combating world poverty with technology. He talks about what the industry is missing and fills that gap by putting values into the world of internet economy. With so much resources we have in our hands, we can eventually contribute to the well-being of the entire world. Arnold inspires us to continue taking care of the Earth because in that process, we also take care of each other.
In today’s world, technology is undeniably a big part of our lives. It would be impossible now to see people without their devices. We can’t live without them simply because they help us. However, that doesn’t keep us from being vulnerable to issues about security and privacy. Larry Castro contributes his insights into technology security. Larry is a cyber-security expert and the CEO of Stealth Grid. He discusses some vulnerabilities people are under with their devices as well as some of the solutions his company has come up with to help protect people’s privacy.

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TTL 281 | Soap Operas

The Drama Of Life: Lessons From Soap Operas with Kate Adams

Life is drama. That is what Kate Adams greatly believes, and she proves that by sharing some great insights about how soap operas parallel real life. Former assistant casting director at the Emmy-winning “As The World Turns” and popular for her TED Talk called “4 Larger Than Life Lessons From Soap Operas,” Kate shows us the power of storytelling to live the stories in our own lives. She reflects on binge-watching and the need to get rid of cliffhangers. She outlines four lessons from soap operas, showing how life in reality is no different. Learn as Kate points where the evil twins, soap opera amnesia, and other tropes fit in the real world and how they can give us wisdom as we go on living everyday.

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TTL 280 | The Selling Formula

Developing Employee Culture with Dr. Terence Jackson and The Selling Formula with Brian Robinson

All organizations have a culture, whether it’s the culture they want or a culture that was created through application. Executive performance advisor and thought leader Dr. Terence Jackson says leadership and employee culture dictate how innovative or disruptive an organization is. When leadership allows and enables their employees to look at innovation from an unlimited perspective, they create, innovate, and disrupt better than others. Dr. Jackson shares some great information on how to develop employee culture and touches on all kinds of issues that organizations have.
What you imagine happening prior to a conversation tends to play out. If you take a few moments before your contact with your prospect to sit still think about them and care about them even before you’ve ever open your mouth or even seen them, you wind up telegraphing what you’re feeling. It’s always to your benefit to think positively about that interaction. Bestselling author, coach, and sales expert Brian Robinson helps banks and credit unions effectively cross promote their products and services. His book, The Selling Formula, outlines some helpful tips of how to get your sales message across and be effective.

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TTL 279 | Bottleneck

The Importance of Leverage with Randy Gage and Bottleneck Breakthrough with Josh Long

If you look at the greatest wealth of our generation, what is one commonality of all these wealthy people who actually created wealth? Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook allows him to reach 3 billion people. J.K. Rowling writes a book once but five million people buy and read that. A single song by Lady Gaga gets downloaded two million times. These people have used leverage to exit from the reality of having to trade hours for currency. Bestselling author Randy Gage talks about the importance of leverage and how to use it.
A bottleneck is the single biggest challenge stopping your business from growing. Coach/consultant Joshua Long with Bottleneck Breakthrough Group helps B2B business owners identify their bottlenecks and helps fix it within 90 days. Joshua shares some examples of bottlenecks and shares some tips on how to fix your number one business challenge to unlock sustainable growth fast.

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TTL 278 | Fighting Fear

Fighting Your Biggest Fear with Adam Smith and Living Your Life In The Front Row with Marilyn Sherman

Fear is the number one block to success- the fear of inadequacy, uncertainty, failure, rejection, missing out, change, losing control, being judged, and others. Author and blogger Adam Kirk Smith wrote his first book, The Bravest You, about it, feeling that it needed to be first because so many people deal with it. Become your bravest you as Adam shares how you can fight fear and live a successful life.


If life were a venue, where would you sit? Unfortunately, a lot of people settle for general admission seats when they could be giving themselves permission to move to the front because the view is so much better. Author and keynote speaker Marilyn Sherman says general admission is where most people are, in their comfort zone. They live and operate their lives without stretching themselves. The biggest obstacle that prevents people from living their life in the front row is fear. Marilyn shares how you can overcome those obstacles and move your chair closer to the front row of life.

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TTL 277 | Humble Leadership

Driving Change with Mark C. Thompson and Humble Leadership with Edgar and Peter Schein

Change is all around us. Bestselling author Mark C. Thompson says the only way we grow is when we start to be willing to embrace those changes, and that usually creates a little bit of struggle. When we think about change, we have the resources and we have the means to change within our hearts and souls and our own experience. Mark talks about the growth mindset, team engagement, and driving change in order to accelerate the leadership journey and grow faster.
Leadership has always been integrally related with culture in that leaders create cultures, but then cultures are what determine what kinds of leadership are acceptable. That leads to why Edgar and Peter Schein wrote Humble Leadership. Edgar is a former professor at MIT and he created a model of organizational culture that identifies distinct levels of culture. Peter is the Co-Founder and COO for Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute providing OD and leadership consulting and coaching services. They discuss how leadership has to change as the world has changed towards complexity, more teamwork, and more collaboration.

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TTL 276 | Women Empowerment

The Spiritual Global Movement For Women with Sister Jenna and Intensifying Your Value Proposition with Lynda Spiegel

We all have a special calling in our life. While many of us struggle to discern our role in the world, Sister Jenna, found her calling very early on. Sister Jenna is a spiritual leader, author, radio and TV personality, renowned speaker, and founder of the Meditation Museum. Not wanting to be subjugated by society’s norms about women, she dove into entrepreneurship and business, bought her first nightclub at the age of 21, and made successful investments. Sister Jenna says having a spiritual awakening makes you see beyond the physical that you start to look more into the intentionality of your thoughts, words, and choices. Sister Jenna talks about spirituality, the Meditation Museum, and her global movement for women empowerment.


We can sum up what HR professionals are looking for in a resume in three simple words: your value proposition. Job search coach and resume writer Lynda Spiegel says when you’re posting jobs and you get a gazillion resumes, you have to search for what this person does and what this person’s potential value is to you. Lynda gives the lowdown on what HR professionals are really looking for and shares some valuable advice on what people can do with their resumes and how to make themselves stand out.

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TTL 275 | Micro Communities

Finding Healing with Bill Ferguson and Inspiring Micro Communities with Dick Traum

Many couples who end up getting a divorce tend to part their ways in pain and not in good terms. The Love Counselor Bill Ferguson talks about how he discovered what messes up relationships as he tackles healing right after. Bill is a former divorce attorney whose successful approach to life has been called the “penicillin of psychology.” He generously imparts his wisdom on how we can deal with hurt, looking at it from a different perspective as not part in the realm of truth. Bill lays down some steps that will help identify the core motivations of why we hurt and how to overcome it in order to get that power back within ourselves.


Dick Traum has been inspiring many people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events through Achilles International. He was the first runner to complete a marathon with a prosthetic leg when he competed in the 1976 New York City Marathon. Through Achilles International, Dick provides a community that supports people, being a great believer in the power of micro-communities. Dick talks about a book he co-authored with the President and CEO of Cigna, David Cordani, titled The Courage to go Forward: The Power of Micro Communities, and gives a peek into other inspiring stories, showing how we can improve our mind and soul to make new actions.

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TTL 274 | Conscious And Subconscious

What Motivates Our Brain with Phil Dixon and Aligning The Conscious And Subconscious with Vince Poscente

Our brain is a very complex and dynamic thing that needs to be explored in order for us to learn more about ourselves. Phil Dixon’s work focuses on understanding the motivations and different factors associated with the brain. He is the CEO and founder of the Oxford Brain Institute and is one of the first employees at Apple. Phil lets us in on his research about the brain, discussing models on how we can understand it.


There are just some days where we find ourselves conflicted within. We want to say yes but something inside is holding us back. This is the conscious and subconscious fighting each other within us. Vince Poscente is a Hall of Fame speaker and New York Times bestselling author. He provides his valuable wisdom about the subconscious and the conscious mind and explores the possibilities we can achieve if we can align our conscious and subconscious agendas.

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TTL 273 | Leadership

The RARE Values For Leadership with Hellicy Ng’ambi

Hellicy Ng’ambi didn’t plan on becoming the first female Vice Chancellor at a public university in Zambia. However, she did dream of becoming one and she cultivated that dream. In all of her mentorship programs, she makes sure that can provide the leadership that is required and also mentors other people to become the best they can ever be. Her biggest quest for leadership was to understand what is leadership is all about and how to better lead other people. That led her to develop the RARE value system for leadership. Hellicy recounts some of the challenges she had to face before stepping into her role as Vice Chancellor at the Mulungushi University in Zambia, and discusses the RARE value system, how she came up with it and how it can be applied.

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TTL 272 | The Art Of Giving

The Art Of Giving with John Ruhlin and How To Be More Confident with Heather Monahan

One secret weapon of real influencers that allows them to boost referrals, improve retention rates, and increase their ROI is radical generosity. In his book, Giftology, author and entrepreneur John Ruhlin shows how the art of giving and showing gratitude open a lot of doors and help you build fruitful relationships, professional and personal alike.


Confidence is the key to reaching your personal and professional goals and living the life of your dreams. Heather Monahan, author of Confidence Creator, shows how to master the techniques to building confidence and becoming your best self. In her book, Heather uses personal stories from her life and career in illustrating the tough lessons she learned along the way that helped her develop the confidence and self-assurance necessary for getting what she wanted in life.

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TTL 271 | Technology-Based Education

The Enron Scandal And The Truth About Fracking with Bethany McLean and Creating Opportunities Through Technology-Based Education with Shelly Murphy

Writer and columnist Bethany McLean shares some of the fascinating stories in our history. She takes us into what happened at Enron through her book, The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron, exposing some of the fascinating details that she has found from her years of research. Her other book, Saudi America: The Truth About Fracking and How It’s Changing the World, discusses about the oil crisis and the fracking that has happened as well as their implications to the world. Bethany gives some great insights into the entire writing process especially on tough topics, and reflects on how the worst crimes in history are often the obvious things that people just keep on missing.


Shelly Murphy, CEO for Woz U Foundation and the co-founder of DesTechAZ, advocates for bringing technology to education. She talks about what went on at the DesTech event and how their mission on technology is going to change the way we receive education, the opportunities that come with it, and more. Shelly shares the need to spread technology-based education throughout the world, especially to kids who have no access to these resources. Ultimately, the drive is about the importance of educating the young generation in order to propel the entire country forward.

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TTL 270 | Education

Education And Our Natural Creativity with John Couch

Probably a survival technique that was so ingrained in us from our schools is to memorize. We are taught to memorize in order to have good grades. However, this hampers the overall learning of a student. John Couch explores on the subject of what’s wrong with education. John is one of the first few employees at Apple and was the Vice President of Software. When he retired in his 30s, he went on to revitalize a faith-based school in California. Soon after, Steve Jobs brought him back as the first VP of Education at Apple. John shares his journey and experiences as he gives great insights into how the way we’re educated has impacted us. He also shares some contents from his book, Rewiring Education, as he talks about the natural creativity we have as a child and the changes in the way we learn.

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TTL 269 | Human Connection

Building Human Connection In The Workplace with Dan Schawbel and What Goes Under Hypnotherapy with Dr. Nancy Irwin

In this modern day and age, technology has created more lonely people. More and more work in isolation, which is not doing much good on how we can influence society. On the business side, it affects the teamwork, productivity, and overall environment. People are becoming less connected and failing in building true relationships. Dan Schawbel, New York Times bestselling author, partner and research director at Future Workplace, and the founder of both Millennial Branding and, believes that true relationships are built through human connection relating it to the workplace.


Dr. Nancy Irwin is a psychologist at Seasons in Malibu and she’s a former stand-up comedian who also is a hypnotherapist. As a highly sought-after addiction therapist, she takes us deep into the process of hypnotherapy. She helps people overcome addictive behaviors, recover from sexual abuse and other traumas. Talking about the hypnotic trance as well as health, she shows us the power of mindfulness and seeing ourselves beyond our fishbowl.

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TTL 268 | Emotional Connectedness

Emotional Connectedness In The Workplace with Louis Carter and Design The Life You Love with Ayse Birsel

There’s a myriad of reasons why people come together and why they want to stay together and perform even more. Most times, it all comes down to one common denominator called respect. However, Louis Carter says it’s deeper than that. It gets into the concept called psychological safety. Louis is the CEO and founder of Best Practice Institute and the author of several books on best practices, leadership, and management. He says when people have that feeling of emotional connectedness inside of groups, there’s less mistakes, there’s higher performance, and the group begins to stick together a lot longer.


During the economic crash in 2008, Ayse Birsel suddenly found herself with a lot of time in her hands. She took it as an opportunity to map out and develop the Deconstruction: Reconstruction design process which they now use with all of their clients. Ayse talks about applying that to her life as well and coming up with the concept of her book, Design the Life You Love, a book and coursework that teaches how to create a meaningful life using design process and tools.

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TTL 267 | Head Trash

Getting Rid Of Head Trash with Noah St. John and Trust-Based Selling with Ari Galper

We often hear that the secret to success is hard work. The truth of the matter is not everyone gets afforded that result. Sometimes, people who continuously work hard do not become successful. Upon observing this, Noah St. John, author and “the Power Habits Mentor,” saw how the solution is not hard work but getting rid of head trash. The head trash is what’s telling us that we can’t do it. It is the excuses we make that keep us from succeeding. Taking this idea, Noah has turned it into a book, Get Rid of Your Head Trash, and gives us a peek of what’s inside. He also touches on his other book, The Book of Afformations, about how not to stop yourself from reaching success.


Ari Galper, world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and creator of Unlock The Game®, has discovered that somewhere along the line, it has become acceptable for people who sell not to tell the truth. Even now, we can observe how truth gets mixed up in sales. That is why he has created a trust-based selling program of unlocking the game where he diffuses pressure to get to the truth. Learn how to connect more with people and build great relationships, and grow your business through sales that is founded on the truth.

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TTL 266 | Customer Service

How To Have The Best Customer Service with Shep Hyken and Leading With Courage, Compassion, And Wisdom with Jim Bouchard

With so many business competitors at hand today, it has become very important to stand out. One of the ways to do this is by taking care of your customers. Customer service and experience expert, Shep Hyken, gives great insights about his field. He is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, as well as a professional speaker. Shep shares some tips on how you can become a better and good speaker and provides the three must-do items you can’t avoid. He also touches on his latest book, The Convenience Revolution, and gives us a sneak peek into the six important principles, covering topics from self-service and reducing friction in order to have the best customer service.


In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is important for businesses to become adaptable and to take leaps towards change to avoid getting left-behind and ultimately fail. Jim Bouchard talks about the role of leadership in business success. As an international leadership activist, speaker, trainer, executive mentor, and author, Jim has gained insights on what it truly takes to become a leader. He talks about his book, The Sensei Leader, and shares how the job of a leader is to inspire people to their very best and operate on it with courage, compassion, and wisdom.

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TTL 265 | Facial Coding

Facial Coding with Dan Hill and Empowering Leaders with Harold Leffall

It has been said that we are intuitive emotional decision makers and at least 95% of our mental activity is not socially conscious. Taking this fact up on his sleeves is Dan Hill, speaker, author, and president of Sensory Logic. As an internationally recognized expert on emotions and facial coding, he started looking around for a tool that would help him get access to those emotions. Dan talks about reading people’s faces, discussing famous people as examples, and highlights the difference between facial coding and body language.


Leaders don’t always have it at all together. Sometimes, they feel like they’re hiding behind a mask, fearing that they will soon be found out. They often feel not enough despite the façade that they put towards other people. Harold Leffall can greatly empathize with. Harold is an empowerment strategist, a speaker, and author, and a non-profit executive, owning his own full-service staffing firm, Leffall Employment Agency. Throughout his journey, Harold has felt these familiar alienating emotions, and shares how you can realize the distinction between self-esteem and self-confidence.

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TTL 264 | Empowering Women

Making A Difference In Women’s Lives with Vivian Glyck and Teaching Women Real Estate Investing with Monick Halm

There are so many problems in the world that needs solution. Yet we can only give half of them because half of the population doesn’t have a voice to speak, the women. A great believer in that is the remarkable Vivian Glyck, author and successful marketing director, and the founder of Just Like My Child Foundation. Vivian believes in empowering women and girls to achieve their full potential by providing them education. She shares all about her work in Africa and Uganda and how she and her team are making a difference in the lives of young women.


Moving from one empowering woman to the next, Monick Halm inspires women to invest in real estate. As the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses and principal at Vineyard Investment Partners, she opens up the world to having more women in the real estate business to try out investing and offering that freedom to them. Breaking in to a masculine world, she talks about providing education and allowing women to have the same benefits men have in the field. She also tackles some of the reasons why women don’t go into investing and how to overcome them.

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TTL 263 | Leadership And Performance

Improving Leadership And Performance To The Next Level with Dr. Henry Cloud

As human beings, we’re on this continuous quest of personal development. However, many of us seem to get stuck in one place and can’t find the solutions to move forward. Talking about how a human gets to the next level, Acclaimed leadership expert and best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud shares his thoughts and expertise. He explores how we can get better today than we were yesterday and even better tomorrow. Dr. Cloud says going out of our comfort zones will take us to that next level. Touching on the importance of curiosity, relationships, and the environment, he brings to light the leadership and performance that could be borne out of these things while applying some science along the way.

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TTL 262 | Leadership Strategies

A Successful Leader’s Growth Mindset with Louis Efron and The Need For Soft Skills with Me’chelle McKenney

Behind every achievement is a purpose. That is what writer, speaker, and Fortune 200 HR executive Louis Efron believes and helps people look for. Talking about how he transitioned from theater to the corporate world, he shows how he brought over his love for moving people into HR. He discusses the secret to leadership and how to measure a successful leader, giving three things that these people must possess. Louis also touched on the importance of the growth mindset and being able to immerse and learn about the environment you are in while giving us some taste of the contents of his books.


Adding more wisdom on leadership is Me’chelle McKenney. She is an entrepreneur, certified leadership speaker, trainer, author, business coach, and owner of 3rd Degree Solutions. Discussing the different generations present in the workplace today, Me’chelle gives some leadership strategies for businesses to empower their people amidst their differences. She covers the need to improve people’s soft skills as well as for companies to be more dynamic, rounding it up with the mission of consultants to reach and teach more schools about it.

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TTL 261 | Marketing Methods

Breaking Down Marketing Methods with Tom Poland

In marketing, so many people have opinions and sometimes, what they say just do not match up with the changes of the time. Trends come and go that is why methods, strategies, and techniques are also dynamic. One thing might work now and won’t later. Tom Poland, internationally acclaimed inbound lead generation specialist and bestselling author of Leadsology©: The Science of Being In Demand, knows this all too well. He has some very interesting, and sometimes even controversial, ideas about marketing, and what works and what doesn’t. He talks about the most commonly taught marketing methods we should avoid and the things we do incorrectly.

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TTL 260 | Blindsided By The Taliban

Blindsided By The Taliban: A Story of War, Trauma, Love, and Loss with Carmen Gentile

On September 9, 2010, veteran journalist Carmen Gentile was embedded with the US Forces in Eastern Afghanistan a couple of miles from the Pakistani border. It was the last day of Ramadan and they were talking to some young men on the side of the road when he heard a whooshing noise. Carmen turned around and saw a man 40 yards down the road cradling a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. From the end of the launcher was a beeline of smoke, at the end of which was a conical tip of an ordnance coming right at him. The grenade hit Carmen in the side of the face without detonating. It blinded him in the right eye and fractured the right side of his face. Carmen talks about the experience and the whole ordeal in his book, Blindsided by the Taliban.

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TTL 259 | Automation Age

Business In The Automation Age with Larry Boyer and Market Credibility with Tom Warda

After the start of the Great Recession, there was a lot of economic disruption. Banks were failing literally overnight. People would wake up and find out that the company that they were working for had closed and they had no job. Fast forward a few years, we’ve gone through a lot of technological change, and the idea of the fourth industrial revolution is starting to come through. We’re seeing many new technologies being developed across industries, whether it’s artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones, or work in the biomedical fields. Economist Larry Boyer partners with business executives across divisions to help them anticipate and address complex challenges through big data and advanced analytics. He is the author of The Robot in the Next Cubicle: What You Need to Know to Adapt and Succeed in the Automation Age.
Many individuals do not believe anything they read or see anymore. One of the things that have been a topic of conversation for the last few months is the lack of credibility that companies are having with their product and how they take things to market. Tom Warda, Chief Revenue Officer and Market Explorer for Convertant, a firm that studies purchasing patterns and behaviors with particular clients, says there’s a general distrust in the market caused by the political environment or the evolution of more information. Tom talks about innovation, sales, and taking risks, and discusses how Convertant helps companies with home services, national franchises, healthcare offices, new investments, and political campaigns.

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TTL 258 | Immersive Experiences

The Art Of Podcasting with Stephen Woessner and Creating Immersive Experiences with Steve Gilman

Getting down into an effective podcasting venture, Stephen Woessner shares his expertise as he gives great insights and advises from his years in the digital marketing world. He is the founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, a digital marketing agency, and the host of Onward Nation — a top-rated daily podcast for learning how today’s top business owners think, act, and achieve. He talks about generating leads, predictive ROI flash as well as innovations on voice search with Alexa. Sharing his ideal client, he discusses the importance of looking for opportunities and benefit thought leadership and monetizing it through podcast. Learn how to position your show to appeal to people and how to make it profitable.


Another marketing expert, Steve Gilman talks about the value of live events to get people align with a brand. As the co-founder of BlockParty, the ultimate outdoor hospitality platform for live events, he shares about how they create immersive experiences inspired by and for the fans who want to make their events truly unforgettable. He gets down into the immersive experience of tailgating and bringing sports and music together. Also talking about the power of celebrities and creating that seamless event to connect with fans, he shows the power of establishing an environment for connection with a brand.

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TTL 257 | Innovator Lifestyle

Getting Into The Innovator Lifestyle with Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.

Change is constant and to adapt to it we must do so as well. Part of that is by being innovative in the ways we see the world. Without it, we will be left behind, and this is not something you would want to happen in all aspects of your life, most especially in business. Award-winning innovative speaker, direct response copywriter, and storyteller, Robert Evans Wilson Jr. talks to us about all things innovation—what is it and how to foster it. He shares about the innovator lifestyle in relation to curiosity as well as how it’s a skill and ability to look at things from a different perspective. Laying out the characteristics or being an innovator, he urges us to have more self-belief, be more comfortable with taking risks, and for companies to establish that culture of innovation.

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How A Hobby Turned Into A Business Opportunity with Ron Douglas and Delivering Content To Pique People’s Curiosities with Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer

From time to time, we find ourselves craving for certain foods from specific places, restaurants, or food brands. But thinking about the means and effort to go those places seem like hard work sometimes or that they could be a tad expensive. Well, Ron Douglas has cracked the code to a number of those recipes. He is a former finance manager at JP Morgan who later rose to success as the founder of the #1 copycat recipe website as well as Ron Douglas Publishing. He recreates recipes to make it accessible to more people. Sharing how he got into the Wendy Williams show and sold a million copies of his book, he shows that even your hobby can be a business opportunity. Plus, he offers great tips on how to get your own book deals.


Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer from talks about providing information to people that will pique the curiosities in a most accessible and easy way. As an experienced writer, radio host, and podcast veteran, Cody Gough discuss about all the different ways of delivering content that makes it consumable to a number of people. With Ashley Hamer, she shows off her role as the managing editor of as well as a science communicator by giving us the ways to entice people into being curious. They also share the studies they conducted about improving people’s productivity in the workplace, pushing forward the importance of being naturally curious in all walks of life.

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TTL 255 | Entrepreneurial DNA

Knowing Your Strength As An Executive Leader with Will Pemble and Tapping Into Your Entrepreneurial DNA with Rick Steele

Being an executive leader takes a lot of knowing who you are, your people, and the situation. American entrepreneur, author, and executive coach, Will Pemble, takes us into his executive leadership system/workshop/event and book called Goal Boss. He talks about the importance of knowing your strengths while sharing his ideal participants. He also shares tips on how to do a meeting as well as the things you need to prepare for it in order to make it more fruitful.


Rick Steele taps into his entrepreneurial DNA and talks about providing a product that saves children’s lives. He went from doing mortgages to the blinds business. As the founder of Selectblinds, LLC, an online e-tailer of independently branded window fashions, he saw the threats of corded custom window covering products to children and became the first retailer to stop selling those. He also touches the topic of failure and how there is value in learning not to fear that and to face adversities in order to grow and innovate.

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TTL 254 | Developing People

Creating Great Leaders with Vince Molinaro and Personal Development with Roger Salam

Leaders make the team. They are the ones that glue things together. They shape the culture of the place. That is why they have the power to either break or make the business. Vince Molinaro, New York Times bestselling author of The Leadership Contract and the Global Managing Director of The Lee Hecht Harrison Leadership Transformation Practice, gives his insights on leadership—what makes a good leader and how can they help step up the business. He talks about how being a leader is a contract; it has to be something you’re not pushed into but instead it is your passion. So he lays down the four terms of this contract, giving more value to how leaders ought to be.


On to another great person who talks about the value of developing people, Roger Salam talks about teaching and learning. He is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, consultant, and the Chairman and Founder of The Winners’ Circle International Inc.—an invitation-only mastermind. He shares about what separates his Mastermind from the rest while giving and recommending books he has read that taught him as well about personal development.

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TTL 253 | Young Leaders

Fostering Young Leaders For A Successful Future with Jason Ma

In this day and age, it is very important to be insatiably curious and have that intelligence not only intellectually but also socially, emotionally, and pragmatically. These three things are at the core of Jason Ma’s framework and process called ThreeEQ, which is a foremost global business, next-generation leadership career, and elite university admissions success consultancy. At ThreeEQ, Jason and his team help Gen Z and Millennials achieve great outcomes (get admitted to elite universities and hired for or grow in lucrative jobs they really like)–with happiness and passion. ThreeEQ also helps corporate clients add to their ROI, strengthen leadership and human capital quality, and bolster revenue and profitability growth. Jason talks about character shaping that is vital for growth and success as next-generation leaders, as well as the importance of practical emotional, social, and leadership intelligence, including soft skill sets.

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TTL 252 | Safe Working Environment

Building A Safe Working Environment with Rich Sheridan and Software And Energy with Dr. Martha Amram

Rich Sheridan, CEO, chief storyteller and co-founder of Menlo Innovations, shares the software and the culture they have at Menlo, touching on the quality of being introverts as well as providing a working environment for women against the usually male-dominated industry. Rich also gives a peek into his book, Joy, Inc., where discusses the importance of building a safe working environment where people love and find happiness in the work they are doing.


As the founder and CEO of WattzOn, Martha Amram talks about the driving force behind her company, which is saving energy. Martha delves into the role of technology in complimenting human productivity. She shares how, with WattzOn, she has enabled consumers and businesses to quickly provide their utility bill data to customers. Martha also touches on the topic of education and being able to provide it for more people through online courses.

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TTL 251 | Inspiring Conversations

Environment And Humanity with Vanessa Tyler and Inspiring Conversations with Kristin Arnold

Emmy Award-winning and multi-Emmy nominated news anchor and host, Vanessa Tyler, talks to us about writing and her journey towards becoming big in the industry. Taking us back to Harlem, she shares how motivation is driven by a person’s environment. Vanessa recalls about how the people who surrounded her helped protect her dream and curiosity. She believes that each of us has the power to inspire and motivate others with our dreams as well. Vanessa provides some insights on overcoming adversity and moving past the struggles that will continuously come your way.


As the 2018 Smart Meetings Award Winner, meeting innovator Kristin Arnold provides great information on conducting discussions that are far from the lazy format of usual panels. Kristin talks about inspiring conversations by giving out strategic questions and provides tips on moderating your panels in the future. She also gives insights on how to deal with the different people attending the panel, showing how at the end of the day, it is not about you but the people who attend.

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TTL 250 | Continuing Education

How Not To Get A “Real” Job with Scott Gerber and Continuing Education with Dr. Brad Staats

Scott Gerber is the founder of YEC and the CEO of The Community Company, an organization that builds and manages communities for global brands and media companies. Believing in the power of becoming your own boss, he wrote the book Never Get a “Real” Job. He talks about what a “real job” is and gives tips on never getting it. He says you shouldn’t have to think of acquiring millions of dollars right off the bat but instead, just get in the game, have smaller goals, and move towards success in incremental stages.


Dr. Brad Staats is the author of Never Stop Learning. He writes about the importance of continuing education and discusses how the world, through technology, is readily feeding us information and answers. Dr. Staats reiterates the value of being constantly curious and fond for learning and gives advice on how to find the things we want to keep learning about.

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TTL 249 | The Carrot Principle

The Carrot Principle with Adrian Gostick and Freeing Up Your Time For Business with Richie Norton

It’s really important that people feel like their ideas lead somewhere. Sometimes we have to give people credit or a little “attaboy” to lead them to the next level. Bestselling author Adrian Gostick talks about the idea behind his book, The Carrot Principle. He shares that the best leaders use recognition to bring about employee engagement and positive corporate culture, thus accelerating performance and retaining talent.


One of the biggest questions with entrepreneurship is how could you start a business and actually free up your time? Award-winning author and serial entrepreneur Richie Norton delves into his book called The Power of Starting Something Stupid when dealing with issues concerning creating products, building businesses, or business models. Richie says sometimes we’re afraid of starting something because we think they’re stupid. Richie says you have to set things up in a way that it’s not a time suck for you by focusing only on the good things that you want to do.

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TTL 248 | Day One Leadership

Day One Leadership: Delivering Core Leadership Values with Drew Dudley

Ask yourself, “What have I done today that might not work but tried anyway?” Drew Dudley’s goal with that question is to try to reinvent a willingness to take chances to make mistakes in his life and to help other people do the same. Drew is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker and the CEO of Day One Leadership. Day One Leadership explores what leaders should do on “Day One” to build value-driven cultures of leadership in their lives and organization. Drew observes that unfortunately, leaders embrace the idea that asking questions makes them look stupid. As we grow older sometimes it gets beaten out of us that the last thing you ever want to do is show that you don’t know something and you don’t want people to figure out that. He says truly great leaders make it very clear what it is they don’t know and they’re good at figuring out who they need to go to to find out. Drew helps some of the world’s largest and most dynamic organizations in the world discover, define, and deliver on their core leadership values.

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TTL 247 | Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments with Merrick Rosenberg and Learning Never Ends with Julie Ann Sullivan

People have historically used personality assessments to increase self-awareness. Clearly, the most self-aware people are the most successful. Personality styles enthusiast and author Merrick Rosenberg says it’s powerful for that, but we’ve got to take it to a different place. It has to go beyond just taking a profile, reading it, and learning about your style. It should be about how we create a common language throughout the organization. That is the key to growth and learning.
We all want a workplace environment where we can be productive, engaged, and appreciated. Communication specialist and change steward Julie Ann Sullivan talks about her book, Blueprint For Employee Engagement, and what her company, Learning Never Ends, is doing to create a more positive workplace culture one person at a time.

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TTL 246 | Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity: Allowing People To Be Who They Are with Risha Grant

With the current climate, we definitely have become more polarized and everybody seems to be angrier about things. International keynote speaker, diversity trainer, consultant, and author Risha Grant says it’s heartbreaking that we don’t treat each other with respect. We don’t care to hear what other people have to think. We think that our thoughts rule everything else. We don’t allow people to be who they are.  Risha thinks we’re seeing that show up in all these random shootings and stabbings, and it’s crazy. The corporate world is no different. High-level executives are making inappropriate comments still. Risha delves into the subject of cultural diversity, the problems with discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, and the MeToo movement.

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TTL 245 | Nonverbal Communication

The Power Of Influence And Nonverbal Communication with Michael Grinder

How do you work on nonverbal cues when you can’t have them? When you can’t see the person, you’re pretty much limited to the auditory. Michael Grinder says as human beings, what we do is we hallucinate within the first 40 seconds of seeing or listening to someone. We assume that if their voice sounds like this, they must look a certain way. That’s when we start to get into trouble. Michael is a world-renowned expert in the power of influence and nonverbal communication. He has authored thirteen books translated into seven languages. After years of experience as a teacher, Michael has been speaking at conferences and conducting seminars on his areas of expertise across the world. He has, for years, been seen as America’s Educator of Educators and is an expert on learning. Michael discusses the power of influence, the categories of nonverbal communication, the five circles of humanness, hallucinating, and his research on autism.

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TTL 244 | Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin As An Unnamed Company with Stan Larimer and The Decentralized Blockchain Technology with Bo Rinaldi

The world of cryptocurrency is as mysterious as the makers themselves. That is why most people only know of it from the surface level. Helping us crack into this industry is the Godfather of BitShares and the HERO, Stan Larimer. Stan is the CEO of Cryptomex, a leading custom Blockchain development company. He talks about what separates Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies and explores the question of generating actual money from these cryptocurrencies as well as the impact of the government to it.


Bo Rinaldi, the CEO of Bo Rinaldi and Associates, talks about the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies. He is a technology and marketing strategist and has been regarded as the Jerry Maguire of Silicon Valley. Launching his Unify Earth, he talks about the value of sovereignty of data as he steps into the decentralized aspect of blockchain and its security, letting us in on the dynamics that goes under the process of building up this technology.

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TTL 243 | Power Of Peers

Rethinking Our Own Thinking with Dan Pontefract and The Power Of Peers: Finding Your People with Leo Bottary

The world is filled with so much information and we’re absorbing them from all aspects of our lives every single day. Because of this, we tend to just skip from one information to another, not stopping to reflect and take it in. Chief Envisioner at TELUS, Dan Pontefract, proposes for us to rethink our thinking. We are being busy without action, so to counteract that, we need to optimize the way we think in order to balance reflection and action to enhance our critical thinking skills as well as creativity.
There are so many things in the world that holds us back from achieving a lot of things. One of those is the environment. The people we surround ourselves have a huge impact in our lives. Author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator Leo Bottary touches on the power of peers and on how to determine what peer groups are for you. He talks about the importance of knowing what it is that we’re trying to do and from there, finding the people who aligns with you.

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TTL 242 | Simplecast

Simplecast: Podcasting Made Easier with Brad Smith and Achieving Goals Through Actionable Tactics with Brad Wilson

In a lot of social platforms, audio is having a moment in the world. We’re seeing an explosion and we’re seeing hardware being invented and introduced into homes everywhere that weren’t there three years ago. This new hardware is in the form of speakers and smart speakers, and we’re finding more and more devices without screens. Because there are more interesting ways to consume audio now, we’re having a big growth moment in podcasting, audio, and audio on demand in general. Brad Smith operates a company for podcaster called Simplecast. He shares how their content management system helps put your podcast out in the world.


Brad Wilson went from being a professional poker player to running the podcast, The Process with Brad Wilson. Poker has been a huge part of Brad’s life for fourteen years. With his mission is to inspire a million people, he transitioned to podcasting. Brad loves podcasts and talking to interesting people about how they do what they do. He believes that living a story that resonates with you comes from taking actionable steps towards doing more of what matters to you.

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TTL 241 | Next Stage Of Capitalism

Advancing The Economy Into The Next Stage Of Capitalism with Andrew Yang

The current set of economic and social changes has led to what has been an unpredictable result in the election of 2016. Seeing so many young people who reminded him of himself at the law firm where they didn’t like their jobs and were searching for meaning, entrepreneur and author Andrew Yang realized that we’re pouring water into a bathtub that has a giant pool ripped in the bottom. This led him to decide to run for president as a Democrat in 2020. Andrew’s platform is to help advance the economy into the next stage of capitalism that will have people being the center of the economy as opposed to being economic inputs into a larger system. He has worked in startups and early stage growth companies as a founder or executive for almost twenty years.

In 2011, he founded Venture for America, a national entrepreneurship fellowship that’s helped create almost 3000 jobs. In his book, The War on Normal People, he explains the mounting crisis of the automation of labor and makes the case for a freedom dividend, also known as the universal basic income of $1,000 a month, for every American as well as other policies to progress to the next stage of capitalism. Andrew gives a little background of why he started his company and what led him to this point in his life going to the next step.

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TTL 240 | Legacy Of Success

Bringing Out The Best In You with Katharine Halpin and Creating A Legacy Of Success with David Roy Newby

We all want to be working on the things we love. However sometimes, we find that in the working environment, we’re thrust into doing things that don’t suit us. This deflates our productivity as well as our overall disposition. America’s number one growth hacker, Katharine Halpin, brings us to find what suits us best in business, be that a leader or an individual. In her book, Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company, she helps people figure out their strengths and align with their roles, helping the entire business move towards the path to success.
Author of Beyond Billions, David Roy Newby talks about legacy of success in business and keeping that success growing within families. Touching on his personal experiences and struggles – from dealing with traumatic pasts to finding his goals – he gives advice on dealing with family business and the importance of keeping your children knowledgeable and hands-on. He offers fresh insights about helping successful business owners create multi-generational legacies of success.

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TTL 239 | Go-Giver Influencer

The Go-Giver Influencer with Bob Burg

We need to communicate in a way that we seek understanding because if we’re not effectively communicating or connecting with someone, it’s not helpful and no one’s influencing anyone else. In his latest book, The Go-Giver Influencer, author, keynote speaker and podcast host Bob Burg drills down deep and looks at what influence really is and what it’s not. Bob says there are so many misunderstandings regarding the word itself that it’s really important to look at how people could communicate a lot better and a lot more effectively. The Go-Giver Influencer is a compelling parable about the paradox of getting ahead by placing other people’s interests first.

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TTL 236 | Soft Leadership

Soft Leadership with Professor M.S. Rao

Mostly overlooked, soft skills play a large part in actually keeping ones job. While people are hired for their hard skills like knowledge, oftentimes people get fired for their lack of soft skills. These skills are basically the interpersonal skills, which range from the person’s personality, attitude, and behavior. Having a PhD in Soft Skills, Professor M.S. Rao created a new leadership style called soft leadership and delves deeper into the importance of having soft skills and improving them. He also touched on identifying curiosity with soft skills. Pointing out individuals and generational groups, he talks about the kind of leadership that results from having developed soft skills, which he has since been focusing and done research on. He believes how such skills are vital in building and maintaining a healthy relationship, specifically, one that inspires.

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TTL 238 | Business Ethics

The Workplace Amidst The Me Too And Time’s Up Movement with Kelly Charles-Collins and Business Ethics In A Capitalist And Socialist Society with Andrew Schatkin

Sexual harassment and sexual violence in the workplace has long been existing yet never talked about. With the Me Too the Time’s Up movement making a stand and gaining a lot of supporters, these issues have been brought to a level of awareness that changes the entire workplace dynamics. Employment trial attorney Kelly Charles-Collins speaks about how such events has positively impacted the workplace environment, keeping everyone on their toes and more mindful. Kelly talks about the inner struggles employees have to go through in order to be heard, from the dilemma between speaking up or getting fired to the process of investigation.
Educational business consultant Andrew Schatkin talks about business ethics, which is tying business with philosophies. Often times, business people are often depicted as merely profit-driven. While that may be true for some, Andrew speaks about the different possibilities where businesses are also capable of putting up human concern as their motivation together with profit. He talks about capitalism, socialism, and the values he got growing up. Andrew believes an open mind that’s willing to listen could open a person up to an entirely different perception.

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TTL 237 | How HR Adds Value To Business

How HR Adds Value To Your Business with Dave Ulrich

There are a lot of things that go under when building up a business. Part of those is doing HR and organizational tasks in the most effective and valuable way. Dubbed as “Father of Modern HR” and “HR Leader of the Decade,” Dave Ulrich talks about how HR adds value to your business. He also covers about the essence of being a true leader as someone who knows how to navigate through the inherent paradox of work. Touching as well the importance of having soft skills and curiosity, he explains that everything is not always about the outcome but the process that went under. Dave also speaks about something close to his heart which is how organization helps people.

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Inspiring Employees to Innovate Requires Removing Barriers

Attend any leadership conference, and the buzzword will be innovation. The focus on artificial intelligence has made it inevitable. To be truly innovative requires employees who embrace the ability to question processes and policies. It is also essential for employees to feel confident their organization’s culture provides a haven for inquiry and discovery.

Some of the top research organizations have concluded that the need for innovation will require adaptability to focus on skills needed to compete. The McKinsey Global Institute conducted a study of more than 3000 c-level executives in seven countries in 2018, and they found executives believe there will be a need for more advanced technological and cognitive skills; there will be an increase in emphasis on team-based work; nearly 20% of companies believe their executives lack the knowledge to adopt artificial intelligence; and competition for skilled workers will increase, with firms who are early-adopters of automation likely to snag the best talent.

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TTL 236 | Motivated Leadership

Motivated Leadership with Craig Ross and Future-Based Leadership with Libby Gill

They say a person is only as great as the people they’re surrounded with. You need great leaders as well as great team members. They have to work together to make things successful. Craig Ross, CEO of Verus Global, says that we are as much motivated with our extrinsic as our intrinsic environments. He lays down the relationship of ensuring the employees’ motivations to developing accountability and ownership, fostering motivated leadership skills required for a business to reach its goals.
Touching on curiosity and building great leaders, Libby Gil, the branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil show, talks about the importance of being able to look into the future. She ties curiosity with hope in a way that looks at how a person who gets excited about the possibilities that the future might bring. As a leader, you need to be able to know what you are going after. Libby believes that hope is a strategy that gives the will-power to have a future-based vision that helps leaders to propel their businesses forward.

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TTL 235 | Chief Leader

Becoming A Chief Leader with Rick Miller and Building Relationships Through LinkedIn with Josh Turner

Sometimes, all people really need is a little push in their confidence. And putting a title on them can help people become and feel more powerful. That is what Rick Miller, servant leader and go-to Chief, believes when he discusses the power that comes from the title “chief”. The lure of that title ultimately points to how one should aspire to become a real chief leader; and Rick lays down five things that make its surface-level attraction into a powerful tool that inspires people to be better leaders.
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Josh Turner has been successfully building relationships with LinkedIn. He talks about finding the right kind of people and getting them become each other’s resource.  Delving deeper into the process, Josh relays the different approaches they do to different kinds of people. He also imparts his knowledge about the use of other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

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Opportunity Cost and Its Relationship to Curiosity at Work

When recently researching content for my work on curiosity, I was reminded of the importance of opportunity cost. For those not familiar with the expression, it means, “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” In other words, what do you give up when you make a choice of one thing over doing something else? I meet many people who become paralyzed in their decision-making process because they find weighing alternatives challenging. However, what they might forget is that indecision is a decision.

In business leaders, often think about the benefits, profits, and values of actions and choices, but they often overlook how opportunity costs can be associated with people. If people’s skills are under-utilized and they are not aligned to jobs that match their interests, it is essential to consider the opportunity cost involved.

That is why it is important to consider the value of curiosity. I found that four factors hold people back from their natural levels of curiosity. These include fear, assumptions, technology, and environment. Fear can keep people from asking questions, from researching opportunities, and from exploring their natural creativity. Assumptions that employees might not like an activity or might not be good at it can keep people disengaged from improperly matched jobs. Inability to understand technology or fear of it is often overlooked. A culture or environment that does not promote curiosity can be the one thing that keeps the competition one step ahead in the race.

The opportunity cost of not developing curiosity in our workforce can lead to catastrophic results to the economy. Employees will need to learn new skills as technology replaces less-skilled labor. Organizations might have other opportunities for people who show initiative and creativity. Individuals who fear their jobs could be in danger, need to develop foresight to be proactive to change and become indispensable to organizations.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Einstein, and others have all credited curiosity with their success. This experience drove me to determine how to ignite that desire in other people. What I discovered was that it was not enough to understand the value of curiosity; it was essential to determine the things that hold people back from being curious. That is why I created the Curiosity Code Index assessment to go along with the book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, to discover the things that impact curiosity and provide an action plan for how to improve.

Cracking the Curiosity Code and the CCI includes everything from:

  • How curiosity impacts engagement, creativity, innovation, and productivity
  • How fear, assumptions, technology, and environment (FATE) can impact curiosity
  • How to set strategies for overcoming the factors that hold people back

The book and assessment are due to be released by the end of 2018. To learn more and get notified of their release, please go to Consider the opportunity cost of not improving your curiosity. Can you, your company, and your employees afford it?

TTL 234 | The Growth Mindset

The Reinvention Evolution with Steve Olsher and Opening Up The Growth Mindset with Amanda Gore

In author land, they say, “You write the book that you most need.” For Steve Olsher, writing the book What Is Your WHAT is the personification of who he is and the whole process of trying to figure out what he is truly good at. Steve is America’s reinvention expert. What he realized is that the consistent reinvention of who he is led to the evolution of him as a human being. Steve talks about the role of reinvention to the success of his life and his business and shares the seven by seven model to monetize the your visibility.
It’s not our genes that determine our future, it’s our belief. Our thoughts create the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. We’re unconscious of our thoughts 95% to 99% of the time, and something happens and we don’t even know we’ve reacted. Amanda Gore, motivational speaker and author in the fields of joy, resilience, and leadership, says opening up the growth mindset increases our capacity to slow down and start to observe our thinking, which then allows us to make conscious choices to make changes in life and start to fully live.

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TTL 233 | Leader Habit

Molly’s Game with Molly Bloom and The Leader Habit with Martin Lanik

Life is about relationships. Taking care of relationships, trying to be the peacemaker, trying to be understanding, having compassion and empathy, and paying attention to details and how people feel are things that women bring to the table that are huge assets in any business. Molly Bloom says one of the things that led to her success and domination of a male-oriented world was the fact that she was a woman and didn’t suppress that. Molly talks about memoir-turned-movie, Molly’s Game, and brings in a fresh perspective of how to be a woman in a man’s role.
People have always thought that it took 21 days to establish a habit. The research in behavior change suggests that it’s 66 days on average. Some habits will take longer to establish, others shorter. Martin Lanik says leadership is a set of habits, and for great leaders, it is as natural as making your bed in the morning. Martin is an author he’s also the CEO of Pinsight, a leadership development and assessment platform. He has been studying what’s the most efficient and effective way for people to build new habits. It turns out that the smaller the behavior you’re trying to turn into a habit, the faster and more successful you will be. Martin talks about his book, The Leader Habit, which captures the outcomes of the global research study to identify these small behaviors.

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TTL 232 | Disrupt You

Disrupt You: Inventing And Expanding Opportunities with Jay Samit

You either have a choice of working to help someone else pursue their dreams or work to pursue your own. That’s the simple choice in life. Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You!, says if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Many people have drilled in from a young age that they’re not good enough or they’re not smart enough. A child doesn’t learn to walk seamlessly standing up one day and run like Hussein Bolt. A child stumbles, learns what doesn’t work, stands up, and tries it again and again. Being an entrepreneur is no different. Walt Disney’s first company went bankrupt. Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s first companies went bankrupt. The list goes on and on, but they learned what didn’t work and that’s how you grow. Jay talks about his book, Disrupt You!, and breaks down for people the truth of how to start billion-dollar companies.

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TTL 231 | 80/20 Sales and Marketing

The 80/20 Sales and Marketing with Perry Marshall and Harnessing Collective Wisdom with Luke Hohmann

There’s a fundamental law of cause and effect that if you understand it, you have a huge edge over everybody else. Perry Marshall, business consultant and bestselling author of the 80/20 Sales and Marketing says the 80/20 curve is not just this little business or economics rule of thumb. It’s actually a fundamental law of cause and effect and it’s everywhere. Perry says recognizing that pattern will change your life and it will be the gateway to all kinds of other interesting things that you’re so inclined.
If we can harness the collective wisdom of an organization, we’re going to make a better decision. Luke Hohmann, founder and CEO of Conteneo and an internationally recognized expert in agile software development, says that’s what their software platform does. It’s a collaborative tool online that generates a common data set that you can use for analysis. Luke’s mission is to advance agile development principles and practices. He talks about how the agile values and practices favored by progressive organizations can tackle problems that are well beyond software development.

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TTL 230 | The Art Of Persuasion

The Art Of Persuasion with Jay Heinrichs and Digital Innovation with Claire Díaz-Ortiz

Being persuasive is a very important skill. Rhetoric, a form of persuasion, was one of the original liberal arts and was considered to be the most important thing for a future leader of an empire to learn. Jay Heinrichs, author of the New York Times bestseller, Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion, says rhetoric is the fastest growing discipline in higher education today. What it comes down to is the ability to bring people together and allow them to make choices. Jay says it’s a great way to get past the tribalism that hurts us all today, and at the same time, it makes you a more persuasive person so you can get what you want.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz has been called everything from “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter” by Wired to “Force for Good” from Forbes. Claire is an author, speaker, and innovation advisor who was an early employee at Twitter where she was hired to lead corporate social innovation. She’s written a lot of very successful books including Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time, as well as co-authoring One Minute Mentoring. Claire shares how she got involved Twitter, the idea of digital innovation, leading by example, and making online connections.

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TTL 229 | What Doesn't Kill Us

What Doesn’t Kill Us with Scott Carney and Cultivating Leadership Together with Glain Roberts-McCabe

Anthropology is a great way to ask the question, “What is it about our cultures and our environments that make us human?” Scott Carney is an investigative journalist and anthropologist and author of the New York Times bestselling book, What Doesn’t Kill Us. His stories blend narrative non-fiction with ethnography. In his book, he writes the ability to hack our bodies and use the environment to stimulate our inner biology. Scott says there are evolutionary reasons why exposing yourself to variations in your environment actually bring out the human body’s ability to adapt, and that adaption gives us the resilience, the strength and the ability to exist in lots of different places.
So many leaders have the notion that because they’re really smart, they’ve got it all figured out, not recognizing that they need to be able to relate and connect with people and bring them along. With her work as the founder and president of The Roundatble, Glain Roberts-McCabe aims to answer the question why smart people derail. The Roundtable is a leadership firm that inspires leaders to cultivate their leadership together. Glain’s latest book, “Did I Really Sign Up For This?!, helps leaders to drive, thrive, and survive in the 21st century workplace.

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TTL 228 | Confident Leaders

Building Confident Leaders with Meridith Elliott Powell and The Mind Hack Program with David Bayer

People need to be heard. In our society, nobody feels heard because everybody’s talking at everybody. Award-winning author, keynote speaker, and business strategist Meridith Elliott Powell says what brings out the best in people and allows them to be heard are confident leaders. As a business growth expert, Meridith focuses on helping organizations increase profits and decrease stress through her work in leadership, sales, and personal responsibility. Meridith says a confident leader is that person who is successfully taking it to the next level and believes in what they’re doing enough to take the risks but has a great ability to laugh at themselves and take feedback at any level you need to give it.

The vast majority of the people and society as a whole is spending a considerable amount of time suffering stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, comparing themselves to other people with negative bias of the mind. Speaker, coach, and founder of David Bayer Businesses, David Bayer, says his company is focused on empowering individuals and organizations to live and operate in alignment with their highest vision for themselves. David talks about his Mind Hack program and shares how people can free themselves from that negative bias and from the habitual patterns of thinking.

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Top 10 TED Talks for Insight on Curiosity

Curiosity has been linked in engagement, emotional intelligence, communication, motivation, creativity, innovation, productivity and more.  As part of research for Cracking the Curiosity Code, combing through TED talks was a fascinating way to review some important research into the area of curiosity.  The following includes some highlights from some of the most insightful talks that inspire and educate regarding the importance of curiosity.

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TTL 227 | Firewalking

The Power Of Firewalking with Tolly Burkan

You’ve probably seen Tony Robbins and some of the others out there who have shown the power of firewalking but you probably don’t know the story behind it. Firewalking spokesman and founder of the international firewalking movement Tolly Burkan’s approach to firewalking resulted in a global phenomenon of over 4 million people attending firewalking classes due to his pioneering strategies. He said the mental structure required to go through that and how to avoid doing it in a dangerous way is important to know. Tolly recounts how his path to path of self-discovery and personal realization led him meditation and eventually to firewalking which created a very significant change in his life. Tolly says the thing about firewalking that is so remarkable is it opens a door in your brain. Discover how you can be capable of doing more than you ever realized so you can break free from thinking small and create larger goals as Tolly talks about the power of firewalking.

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Curiosity: The Key to Improving Innovation, Engagement, Creativity, and Productivity

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

Everyone is born curious. So, what happens? Why do some people become less curious than others? For individuals, leaders, and companies to be successful, they must determine the things that hold curiosity hostage. Think of the most innovative companies, and you will notice they employ people who do not accept the status quo, they are not reluctant to change, they evolve with the times, they look for problems to solve, and focus on asking questions.

Billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates held a question and answer session at Columbia University. Just after the 5-minute mark, the moderator asked, “What is it that you two share?” They both answered with the same thing: curiosity. Buffett said, “Well, we both certainly share a curiosity about the world.” Gates said, “I think that curiosity that Warren mentioned, is an amazing thing.”

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TTL 226 | Soar Like An Eagle

How To Soar Like An Eagle with Robert Stevenson

Sometimes we just need a reminder that our attitude and behavior can be changed at any time, and the decision to be a good worker, boss, husband, or wife is entirely up to us. Robert Stevenson, author of the bestseller, How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys, says we’ve all encountered turkeys in our personal and business lives. We may not be able to change these people, but we do have a choice on how we respond to them. With a powerful blend of experience, research, case studies, and competitor perspectives, Robert’s original insights have helped organizations, business leaders, and associates understand how to unleash their future potential. Learn how to deal with risk, competition, and the ever-changing business environment in this riveting discussion with one of the most widely sought-after speakers in the world today.

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TTL 225 | Appvance

Artificial Intelligence And The Impact To All of Us With Appvance CEO, Kevin Surace

There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence will take the lead in the future economic landscape, and the race among companies to harness its immense potential is just getting started. For enterprises to dramatically improve the quality, performance and security of their applications, while transforming their efficiency and output, they need the world’s first AI-driven, unified test automation system: Kevin Surace, the CEO of Appvance, reveals how his company is revolutionizing software testing with their premier product, Appvance IQ. Mr. Surace discusses AI, robotics, automation and the future of jobs – all from the perspective of an innovator and technology pioneer.

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TTL 224 | SaaS Platforms

Exploring SaaS Platforms with C. Lee Smith and Curiosity Assessment with Ulrik Lork

As the leader of your company, can you make sure that your successors are good enough for you to leave without serious mishaps? Here to answer this conundrum is C. Lee Smith, President and CEO of SalesFuel. Lee is the creator of several SaaS platforms for business performance, which include: AdMall, the industry leader for local advertising and digital media sales intelligence used by over 2,000 media properties across America; SalesFuel COACH, data-driven, adaptive sales coaching for time-starved managers; and TeamKeeper, a SaaS-based program for improving company culture, communication and retention.

Human personality plays an integral role in a company’s day-to-day operations, and the subsequent interplay of complex behaviors can make or break your profit margins. What if you could skip all the guesswork… and hack the code to efficiency? Ulrik Lork, a specialist in coaching, communication and leadership training, explores the wider implications of various curiosity assessments. He specializes in collaboration and has worked with top organizations in Sweden in the United States, Norway, Japan, Australia, and Switzerland.

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TTL 223 | Multiplier Leaders

Multiplier Leaders: Amplifying Capability And Intelligence To Produce Better Results with Liz Wiseman

Everyone brings intelligence, and with the right leadership, that intelligence can be used and grown. Multiplier leaders, according to Liz Wiseman, amplify intelligence and capability to produce better results. They get beyond their own intelligence and they’re curious and interested in what other people know or how the world works. Liz Wiseman is a researcher and executive advisor who teaches leadership to executives around the world. She is the author of New York Times bestseller Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Liz says leaders who understand and are confident in their own intelligence are great people to work with because they’re competent and they can focus on the intelligence of others. Learn how you can be a multiplier leader as Liz delves deeper into the subject of leadership.

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TTL 222 | Messages To Guide Emerging Leaders

140 Messages To Guide Emerging Leaders with Eddie Turner and Thinking Through The Big Questions In Life with Simone and Malcolm Collins

In the market these days, there is an appetite for short, succinct, yet impactful messages. Eddie Turner seized that moment to produce a book targeted toward emerging leaders. Eddie is a specialist and a deep generalist. He is a certified information technology expert with digital marketing, social media and leadership development expertise. His new book is titled 140 Simple Messages to Guide Emerging Leaders. Eddie says the book is designed to be social media friendly, hence the 140, which is what Twitter was originally based on. Eddie addresses what an emergent leader is and also touches on his role in the Forbes Coaches Council.

If you have the tool set, who do you want to be? That is one of the questions that Simone and Malcolm Collins try to address in their book, The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions. Simone and Malcolm Collins are husband-and-wife entrepreneurs and the managing partners of Collins Family Ventures, a firm dedicated to purchasing companies with a focus on compassionate management. According to Simone and Malcolm, the book provides a framework to helppeople think through the big questions in life without leading them to a specific answer while equipping you with the neuro-scientific tools necessary to transform your life into how you want it to be.

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TTL 221 | Multigenerational Workplace

The Dynamics Of A Multigenerational Workplace with Dr. Cynthia Simon and Creating Positive Cash Flow From Income Properties with Jason Hartman

The demographics of today’s workplace are so different than the past. For the first time in history, we have a multigenerational workplace with five different generations all working together in one workforce. Author, speaker, consultant, and educator Dr. Cynthia Simon says this particular workforce is so different and are influenced by so many different things like technology and politics which shaped their views and perspectives, resulting in each generation adopting different preferences, work styles, and motivations.

Dr. Simon helps leaders to understand who is in the workplace and how they can get them to work together to contribute to the organizational success. With the changes in the tax situation, it’s great to find out some tips out about real estate investing. Investor, entrepreneur, and author Jason Hartman is dedicated to educating investors on economy markets and how to create positive cash flow from income properties and other investments. The single largest expense in any of our lives is taxes. Jason says it’s imperative that we as entrepreneurs and investors learn about taxation and learn how to minimize our tax burden.

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TTL 220 | One Billion Happy

One Billion Happy: Standing Up For Happiness with Mo Gawdat

We are born happy and then things happen to us. The older we become, the more engaged in the modern world we become, the less happy we become. The happiness we feel as a child fades away. That joyful playfulness that make us happy gets dampened and we start to end up accepting unhappiness as the normal life , the tax we have to pay to be successful in the modern world, which unfortunately is the furthest thing from the truth. Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google X and Founder of One Billion Happy, says similar to many of the rich and famous that we see around the world, success didn’t result in his happiness.

Mo’s entire life is dedicated for One Billion Happy and he says it’s all about compassion, being out there trying to help and trying to make a difference. In his book, Solve for Happy, Mo says ultimately, happiness is a choice. Jumpstart your road to happiness as Mo talks about the 675 Model and shares the sixteen steps you have to do to get from unhappy to constantly happy, to be able to bounce back to happiness every time.

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TTL 219 | Crisis Management

Crisis Management with Melissa Agnes and Connecting With Consumers Using Content with Jubair Jalil

When your company encounters a crisis, does your entire team understand how to detect it, assess it, and respond in a way that increases stakeholder trust? Crisis management specialist Melissa Agnes is the author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World. She is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. Agnes is a coveted speaker, commentator, and advisor to some of today’s leading organizations faced with the greatest risks. Melissa shares that the thing that makes her giddy is helping organizations become crisis ready and build brand visibility so that they’re able to continue to create wonderful campaigns and creative ideas to extend their reach and brand awareness.

If you’re looking for ways to connect with consumers, you might want to talk with Jubair Jalil. He is the co-founder and CEO of MetaPair, an AI company which has revolutionized the way brands use content to connect with consumers. Jubair was born in the UK to an immigrant family and spent his teens building startups in the content space. He says if you think about it on a conceptual level, a business partnership is a bespoke financial arrangement. You just have to make sure that you’re aligned with a partner that can help you reach your target market.

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TTL 218 | Best Way To Pitch

The Best Way To Pitch with Sheila Barry Driscoll

There’s a difference between a great business idea and a great investment opportunity. Most high net worth individuals and angel investors will only go after businesses that have the potential to be big people. Sheila Barry Driscoll, President and Co-Founder of the Billionaire Foundation, helps coordinate foundation research work and initiates new introductions between existing foundations and the research team. She shares that they want to see a managed team with these three important qualities: ability, quality, and capacity. Learn the best way to pitch and tell your story to get high net worth individuals excited about it.

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TTL 217 | Astria Learning

Astria Learning: Providing IT Solutions with Dr. Jeff Bordes and Dr. Maja Zelihic

A lot of times, we hear from the higher learning institutions saying, “We want to go online, but we don’t know how to go about doing it.” Dr. Jeff Bordes and Dr. Maja Zelihic of Astria Learning say as they traveled through the world, a few requirements that we have are not necessarily resource requirements that translate into money. The requirement is more on the willingness to embrace new technology, adapt to a change, and willingness to take that jump into a different type of a setting.

Dr. Jeff Bordes is the CEO of Astria Learning. He specializes in E-learning solutions, client development, and business development. Astria Learning is currently providing IT solutions in nine countries and working with 208 institutions. Dr. Maja Zelihic is part of the educational team at Astria Learning and is a part-time lecturer at the University of Zambia in Africa for their MBA program that uses Astria’s learning platform. They share that the fear of the unknown can be pretty powerful, however, at the end of the day, they have a lot of programs, especially some of the government institutions who have historically been funded by government able to generate their own revenue and create sustainability.

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TTL 216 | How To Raise Capital

Creating A Healthier Option with Kara Goldin and Understanding How To Raise Capital with Oren Klaff

Trying to get healthier can be very difficult, especially if we’re eating or drinking a lot of stuff that we don’t even understand the ingredients. When Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint Inc., saw an ingredient in her Diet Coke that went on her list of things to eliminate from her diet, she lost over twenty pounds two and a half weeks later after exchanging Diet Coke for plain water. That led her to create Hint which is unsweetened fruit-infused water. Kara says by eliminating a product that was calling itself “diet,” she actually ended up losing weight and got healthier.

Money is one of the most difficult things to pitch for, and understanding how to raise capital is Oren Klaff’s expertise. Oren is Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital where he manages its capital-raising platform. Applying his pioneering approaches to raising capital and incorporating neuroscience into the capital markets programs, Oren has supervised the placement of over $500 million of investor capital from high net-worth individuals and financial institutions. Oren shares his strategies for pitching and raising capital and talks about his bestselling book, Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal.

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TTL 215 | Creating Content

Creating Content with Shane Snow and How To Write Anything with Dr. Laura Brown

Stories are built into how our brains process information. We use stories to remember things and to convey things that we want people to remember. We also use stories to build the relationships and make people care. Shane Snow is an award-winning journalist, a celebrated entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. He is co-founder of the content technology company Contently which helps creative people and companies tell great stories together. Shane shares how to unlock the power to get better at telling stories to build the relationships in regular life and in business. It’s hard to be that good at writing. Dr. Laura Brown, author of How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide, says getting the little things correct like grammar and punctualization can prevent misunderstandings. Over the past 25 years, Laura has taught writing to just about everyone, from CEOs to high school students. Laura says talking about what you believe and putting emphasis on self-expression is great, but technical skill is also very important and you need to learn grammar and structure to better you can express yourself.

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TTL 214 | Excellence In Leadership

What Excellence In Leadership Is All About with Tom Kolditz

When you’re in the real world, things go wrong. You can interpret that as failure or as something you can learn from. Tom Kolditz believes we should be more in touch with what we get from our failures. Tom is an American retired Brigadier General, an educator, author, and consultant. He became the director of the Leader Development Program at the Yale School of Management and is the founding director of the Ann and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University. He says excellence in leadership is when you can create an organization where people will take a failure and analyze it in a forward looking way so that it doesn’t happen again and where there’s a presumption of competence among people in the organization so that the organization can learn and move forward. His book, In Extremis Leadership: Leading As If Your Life Depended On It, is based on more than 175 interviews taken on the ground in Iraq during combat operations. He has been named as a Thought Leader by the Leader to Leader Institute and as a Top Leader Development Professional by Leadership Excellence. In 2017, he was honored with the prestigious Warren Bennis Award for Excellence in Leadership.

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TTL 203 | The Anxiety Toolkit

Brand Marketing With Dr. John Tantillo And The Anxiety Toolkit With Dr. Alice Boyes

Forget about the debate speech minutiae. The meteoric rise of political brands like Obama, Trump, and Sanders prove that marketing is the new normal in politics. Sure, communication is still important – but it’s only one part in the political machinery. Marketing satisfies the voter (customer) needs; while branding showcases the personality attributes that get voters to focus on the needs-message. John Tantillo, Ph.D. uses his background in applied research psychology to assess the problems which face businesses and brands, including local/national campaigns. Dr. Tantillo is presently an Opinion Columnist for Newsmax where his column “The Marketing and Branding Lens” analyzes the topics of the day using two essential disciplines. He is also an independent consultant for the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

Self-sabotage in the workplace is a lot more prevalent than you think. It affects people in different ways, whether at work or at home. And for society to recover from self-sabotaging thinking patterns, it needs to assemble a healthy mind toolkit – preferably one that’s prescribed by Alice Boyes, Ph.D. As the author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit and The Anxiety Toolkit, Dr. Boyes helps people learn how to reprogram thinking patterns that often contribute to self-sabotage. She is also a popular blogger for Psychology Today, amassing more than 11 million hits for her articles. Her research has been published by The American Psychological Association. And before making the career change to a writer, Dr. Boyes was a clinical psychologist in her native New Zealand.

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TTL 212 | Quantum Success

Quantum Success with Christy Whitman and Writing With A Purpose with Kristen Moeller

Whether someone’s looking for a job, want a promotion, they have their own business, or want greater success, when you apply the universal laws to your career and to money, you get quantum success because they are universal. Christy Whitman is a transformational leader, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All. Through her life-changing message, Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. The anticipation of our worries can often be a lot worse than the thing itself. However, going through something like a loss are very difficult things, but Kristen Moeller says we do find that we keep walking, and that’s the thing. Kristen is an author and speaker who focuses on writing and publishing empowerment and women’s issues. She says if you want to be a writer and want to be published, you have to have a dream and you’ve got to have enough grit to write it.

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TTL 211 | Tax Free Wealth

The Platinum Rule with Dr. Tony Alessandra and Tax Free Wealth with Tom Wheelwright

Educators put such an emphasis put on the three Rs which is reading, writing and arithmetic, but there is actually a fourth R which is so crucially important, and that is relationships. Relationship skills, emotional intelligence, and effective listening are basic people skills that the corporate environment is lacking. Dr. Tony Alessandra, voted the #1 World’s Top Communication Guru, is a legend of the speaking profession who created a concept called The Platinum Rule which is a free online assessment to determine your people and relationship skills. Taxes can be so confusing, but Tom Wheelwright says all people really have to recognize is that the tax law is fundamentally a series of incentives. Tom is a leading wealth and tax expert, global speaker, and entrepreneur. He is a CPA, founder and CEO of WealthAbility, and bestselling author of Tax-Free Wealth. Tom is best known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

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TTL 210 | Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing with Brian Kurtz and Turning Great Athletes Into Businessmen with Monica Morton

Marketing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Brian Kurtz, founder and CEO of Titans Marketing, professes his love for direct marketing and always likes to talk about an expression which goes ‘those who did it have a responsibility to teach’. He realized that at a certain point, it made more sense for him to be able to take the fundamentals he did as a marketer and to bring that to another generation of marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs. Brian says it’s a very jumbled and confusing marketplace, so if you don’t have the fundamentals of marketing, you’re just going to be another face in the crowd. For Monica Morton, she and her team have seen it all. Monica is the president and CEO of Know LLC. She is a licensed private investigator specializing in sports and entertainment investigations. In an effort to be proactive and not reactive, she conducted extensive research and developed a program of services to assist young men and women in making better choices.

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TTL 209 | Triggers Book

Discussing “Triggers” and “How Women Rise” With Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Dissecting The COO Business Forum With Bill Shepard

As we grow older, our level of aspiration can actually go down and down and down. But our little impact, it’s going up. Quit worrying about what you’re not going to change; what’s important in life now are the smaller things. One person sends you an email that says, “My life is a little bit better off because of something you did” – and surprisingly, that’s enough. Let’s face it: You’re not going to cure cancer. You’re not going to stop global warming by yourself. You’re getting older, but is there something else you can achieve? You can trigger change in business. Explore “Triggers” with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who authored and edited 36 books – which have sold over two million copies, been translated into 32 languages and become listed bestsellers in 12 countries. Along with Triggers, his two other New York Times bestsellers are MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – the Harold Longman Award winner for Business Book of the Year. Both his books have been included by in the top 100 books ever written in their category.

There needs to be more attention to what the Chief Operating Officer (COO) does because a lot of people are confused by that sometimes. Bill Shepard explains that the CEO is responsible for doing the right thing and the COO is responsible for doing things right. The COO operates the plan, drives the execution, and orchestrates all the different divisions to pull off the execution of the business. And Bill should know: he founded and launched the COO Forum in 2004 in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley Area. The association provides a forum for Chief Operating Officers and other Second-in-Command Executives; shares and develops best practices; and aims to improve the awareness of COO’s role within the greater business community.

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TTL 208 | Grow Your Business

Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business With Jeff Hoffman

In order to successfully grow your business, you must learn how to be curious about everything. Reinvention is the name of the game for a lot of different industries – and if you wish to thrive in this changing business landscape, you have to adapt and scale your business accordingly. Today, Jeff Hoffman reveals the secrets of success and survival. Jeff is the author of Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back. He’s a billionaire. He has gone to Yale. He’s been involved with a lot of well-known companies, including,, and ColorJar. Jeff has done everything exciting in life: from being a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, film producer and producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album in 2015 to being the founder of multiple startups. If you desire to succeed like the world’s greatest innovators, then Jeff can show you exactly how: just stay curious!

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TTL 207 | The Way Of The SEAL

The Pivot Process with Adam Markel and The Way Of The SEAL with Mark Divine

One of the biggest issues for people is the fact that they’ve been led to believe that you have to jump ship or take this big leap. More often than not, for most people, that’s not the method or process for them to reinvent. Reinvention is not a one-and-done thing. It is something we’re doing constantly alive. Transformational leader and author of Pivot, Adam Markel, says pivoting and making changes is being willing to take, not big leaps, but small steps every day. Adam says what keeps people stuck is nobody wants to put their family or their whole career at risk. For Mark Divine, human performance is best displayed in mental toughness. In his book, The Way of the SEAL, shares the integrated training he’s been teaching special ops candidates, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Mark says that leading in today’s world is a lot like leading on a battlefield. You just have to find the silver lining, find humor in the crazy things, and put your happy face on until you start to feel like you dominate anything they throw at you.

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TTL 206 | Make More For Yourself

Make More For Yourself with Yanik Silver and From Expert To Influencer with Jane Anderson

Ten years ago, Yanik Silver looked at his life and asked himself, “Am I truly happy?” The answer was no. Yanik was making a lot of money doing a lot of good health for people and had a great reputation that space, but he didn’t feel like that was the end all of what he could contribute. That started the process of founding the Maverick1000. Yanik talks about his interesting evolution on teaching about how you can profit and make more for yourself or your business while making a difference in the world and having some fun in the process. The irony of personal branding is that it’s not even about you, it’s about communicating the value that you bring to people. Jane Anderson is a personal branding expert. She shares some key skills to attract new clients, increase sales, and leverage your personal brand to become an industry leader.

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TTL 205 | Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky and Building Culture Points with Todd Palmer

It’s hard to believe that for someone talking about stepping outside your comfort zone, Andy doesn’t like speaking and self-promotion. Author, professor, and TEDx speaker Andy Molinsky shares that when he first started as a professor, he had a hard time speaking in public and standing in front of people, especially without notes to anchor him. However, having a passion for what he felt he could add to people through his speaking and years of experience made him comfortable about it. In his latest book, Reach, Alan talks about how to step outside your comfort zone successfully and live the life that you want to lead. Renowned thought leader Todd Palmer is committed to improving lives. He works on fostering a culture of learning and growth in manufacturing industries and in different areas. Todd shares that when he work with companies through his coaching practice, Extraordinary Advisors, the first things he does is help them figure out why they do what they do, then build culture points off of that.

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TTL 204 | Media Ambassador

The Life Of A Media Ambassador with Jess Todtfeld and Building The Business Of Your Dreams with Stephanie Joanne

Holding the Guinness record for the most interviews given in 24 hours, Jess Todtfeld is indeed one of the leading communication and media training authorities in the US. As a media ambassador, Jess has morethan fifteen years as a media trainer and consultant and helps CEOs, business executives, spokespersons, public relations representatives, experts and authors to become more confident, more in control, and to create more results from their speaking engagements and media appearances. Stephanie Joanne is an online business mentor who works with the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams, even when they’re not 100% sure what the dream is or how to get there. She focuses on helping businesses make money consistently and constantly by leveraging online marketing.

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TTL 203 | Rich Legacy

The Rich Legacy: Blazing Your Own Path with Bradley Callow

Like most catalysts for transformation, Bradley Callow, Founder of Rich Legacy, loves helping people to succeed. But unlike most of them, he focuses on working with the affluent families. When asked about that, Bradley says that there may be different pressures that exist, but at the end of the day, human beings are much the same. Bradley grew up in a good two-parent home that it’s often surprising to people to know that he started selling drugs at eleven years old and almost killed himself with a gun by the time he was 26. He chose to focus on entrepreneurs and executives for the most part because he wants to create maximum impact and believes if he can change the hearts and minds of those executives and entrepreneurs around how they feel about work life integration, they can take that to their work culture and impact all their employees.

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TTL 202 | Money Anxiety Breakthrough

Money Anxiety Breakthrough With Wei Houng And Curiosity-Based Selling With Barry Rhein

If you were told that a 10 minute test backed by quantum physics exists, would you take it? What if it can reveal your biggest roadblock to success? And what if you can take it right now? Wei Houng, CEO and co-founder of HumanOp Technologies has basically cracked the code which links physicality to natural behavioral traits and motivational drivers. He specializes in the development of human optimization technologies – the holy grail of maximum work potential. Wei Houng is also the VP of Digital Strategy and founding member of DigiWEI, LLC. He is an international speaker & trainer, author, and Money Anxiety Breakthrough coach with a background in Computer Science & Engineering and a cohesive minor in Business Management from UCLA.

There is a simpler way to increase sales, and it requires just a spark of human curiosity. With the influx of complicated coaching strategies, finding practical solutions can be taxing. Luckily, Barry Rhein provides just that: a curiosity-based methodology that moves far beyond theory. Barry is the founder of Barry Rhein & Associates, with sought-after sales training in Silicon Valley. His sales seminars and curiosity-based methodology have been widely praised for moving far beyond theory. Their simple, practical steps have an immediate impact on the attitudes, skills, effectiveness, and earnings of the participants. He also teaches a course about curiosity-based selling at the Business School at Stanford University.

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TTL 201 | Consumer Trend Forecasting

The Millennial Merger With Jesse Henry And Consumer Forecasting With Leyda Hernandez

Business owners want to find their success identity. For that, they must propel themselves to their performance zone – and prepare for the inevitable Millennial Merger. Jesse Henry, founder of, can help you do exactly that! After college, he gave a TED Talk and became a peak performance strategist for Tony Robbins. Although that was an extremely positive experience, he quickly realized that working for someone else was not in his best interest, so he left the company to go off on his own. Jesse dedicates his time to helping people achieve their business goals, slowly but surely. Now you can, too!

The luxury space is going through such a dynamic change right now. For example, 40 percent of luxury goods consumption over the next few years is going to come from millennial dollars. We’re reaching peak earning years and a lot of luxury brands haven’t set themselves up to successfully cater to a millennial audience. Leyda Hernandez, CEO of C’est Du Luxe, is leading trend and consumer forecasting for luxury brands. C’est Du Luxe helps luxury brands understand new generations of customers, anticipate changes in luxury values and consumption, and respond strategically to emerging opportunities. Leyda has been recognized in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and listed among the Top 10 Women in Tech by Everstring. She is also an adjunct professor at New York University’s School of Professional Studies, where she teaches campaign measurement and marketing analytics courses at the graduate level.

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TTL 200 | Arizona Advertising Guild

Arizona Advertising Guild With Marianne Guenther And Bringing Hope Home With Paul Isenberg

It’s a crazy time to be an entertainer looking for work in LA right now: Rates are high. Studios are booked. There’s first, second holds all the time. But before you give up on your dream television pilot, Marianne Guenther, CEO of BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency, and SNEAKY BIG Studios, wants to put a great second option on the table. Her agency can produce the content in just one room, start post production with five editing suites, run through a color correction suite, and then your production can already take it back to your distribution partners. And speaking of blockbuster business, Marianne is as a former Executive VP at GoDaddy, president at the Arizona Advertising Guild, and serves on multiple boards. She is also a fixture in the philanthropic community.

Families with cancer are in a bad place. They’re quickly losing hope by the minute, but Paul Isenberg wants to help them. As Co-Founder and CEO of Bringing Hope Home, Paul makes sure that families with cancer receive an active treatment – even without a proof of income or tax returns. Bringing Hope Home focuses predominantly on paying rent, mortgage, utilities, car payment, and food. You might ask yourself: How is this possible? What about the running costs of manpower? Bringing Hope Home has a stable of service providers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, accountants who will come in and do work for the benefit of our families for either nothing or next to nothing. These families can be in a better place to take care of their loved ones, and Paul’s company can remove worry. Bringing Hope Home doesn’t help patients. They’re not patients to us. They are our family.

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TTL 199 | Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid With Guy Winch And Future Fit Leadership Academy With Giles Hutchins

In order to become future fit leaders, we need to practice emotional first aid. Guy Winch, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, author, and in-demand keynote speaker whose books have been translated into twenty-four languages. Dr. Winch’s viral TED Talk, Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid, has been viewed more 6 million times and is rated among the top five most inspiring talks of all time on On the other hand, Giles Hutchins discusses a new standard for future fit leaders by way of discipline and hard work – not one-off silver bullets. He is the Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, and co-founder of BCI Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. He served as the Global Sustainability Director for Atos. Giles is the author of The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014) and Future Fit (2016).

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TTL 198 | Elastic Body Limits

Elastic Limits Of The Body With Alex Hutchinson And Hidden Light In Emotional Intelligence With Raana Zia

Is it pain that holds us back when we push our self or discomfort or unpleasant sensations? When it comes to stretching the body’s elastic limits, elite athletes and everybody else feel pain pretty much the same way. But the human body’s incredible pain threshold that goes way beyond athletics, as Alex Hutchinson explores with his work. Alex is the author of Endure: Mind, Body, And The Curiously Elastic Limits Of Human Performance. He is also a National magazine award winning journalist. On the other hand, Raana Zia shares her brilliant insights on the hidden light in emotional intelligence. She is a former CFO who followed a different passion. Raana also wrote the life-changing book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide To Creating Your Desired Life.

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TTL 197| Business Leadership

Speak Up for Your Business with Dr. Michelle Mazur and Business Leadership That Challenges The Status Quo with John Wessinger

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D., delivers audacious breakthroughs for speakers who want to stand out, be the best in-class in their field, and position themselves in a category of one. The speakers she works with have gone on to book speaking gigs across the United States, raise three times the amount of money expected for the launch of a charity, and speak in front of world leaders and First Ladies. She is the author of Speak Up for Your Business. Her writing has appeared in Fast Company, PR Daily, the SlideShare Blog, Business2Community, and She Owns It. John Wessinger founded LATERALUS built from his fifteen years of experience working within the healthcare and retail industries. He has helped to build market leaders and contributed to the success of billion-dollar brands within global organizations. As a marketing and sales strategist, John solves complex business challenges and relieves pain points within organizations. He works with business leadership and collaborates with sales and marketing teams to design initiatives that challenge the status quo and the way companies do business. He is the author of Ride The Wave: How to Embrace Change and Create a Powerful New Relationship with Risk.

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TTL 196 | Extreme Leadership

Extreme Leadership with Steve Farber and How To Get Noticed with Karyn Schoenbart

Leadership pioneer, strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author on extreme leadership Steve Farber says there’s a big difference between calling oneself a leader and actually leading. If you are really leading and not just wearing the label, the experience is extreme. It’s a combination of love for the game, love for the cause, love for the principles that you stand for and, at the same time, a fear that comes with doing something new, stretching the boundaries, being innovative, and challenging the status quo. Karyn Schoenbart, CEO at The NPD Group, Inc. says she always had a strong work ethic which was instilled in her by her parents. She’s wrote Mom.B.A:. Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next as a practical guide on everything, from effective first impressions and workplace politics to relationship development, skill-building, and priority-setting. One of her big tips to people early in their careers is to step up and work hard, and good things happen when you work hard, step up, and volunteer. That is what helps propel your career and get you noticed.

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TTL 195 | Disruptive Technology

Creating Disruptive Technology with Jason Kintzler and Self-Managing Investments with Randy Tate

Jason Kintzler, founder and CEO of Pitch Engine, has always tried to look for marketing software that’s easy to use. That led him to develop the most transformative innovations in the PR industry. Jason says you can create disruptive technology from the most unlikely places. You just have to be more open and attentive to the world around you. Randy Tate, CEO and co-founder of Flipping Wall Street, believes that people can self-manage their investments. He developed innovative software that any average individual investor can use as a tool to protect, preserve, and grow their wealth using software.

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TTL 194 | The Importance Of Creativity

The Importance of Creativity with Robert J. Sternberg and Tricks to Appear Smarter in Meetings with Sarah Cooper

Growing up, Robert J. Sternberg never really thought he was smart. He always did bad on IQ tests and was the first generation high school graduate of his family. Now he’s a psychologist and a professor of Human Development at Cornell University. Robert stresses the importance of creativity. He said in life, you sometimes just have to believe in yourself and that if you work hard, you can succeed. To succeed in life is not about IQ scores or grades, but about your creativity, your common sense, and your ethical sense, that you try to do the right thing. Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian, and creator of the satirical blog The Cooper Review. She believes in adding humor to your writing and shares some tricks on how to appear smarter in meetings and get away with it.

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TTL 193 | Online Marketing

Online Marketing Through Good Content with Jenny Rooney and The Seven Levels of Engagement with Amanda Slavin

You always hear the key to online marketing is content, but what does that really mean? How do you know if you have good content and how do you know if you’re reaching the right people? Content is not just text, it’s everything a brand does. It’s basically anything where a customer is engaging with your brand. Jenny Rooney, editor of CMO Network, shares some tips on how to make good content and optimize it to increase your reach. Amanda Slavin, CEO and founder of CatalystCreativ, a full service experiential marketing agency, says that you have to emotionally connect with your internal teams and with your audience to change the way they experience your brand. She shares the seven levels of engagement to guide you exactly how to do that.

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TTL 192 | Unleashing The Entrepreneur

The Community Company with Ryan Paugh and Unleashing The Entrepreneur with Debbie Wooldridge

It’s not just entrepreneurs who struggle with making connections, but any ambitious professional. Ryan Paugh created the Community Company to help these professionals make connections in whatever industry they are in. He believes that there are communities around us in different ways and you can leverage those communities with the kind of value you offer to the people involved in them. Company managers need to be open to the idea of unleashing the entrepreneur in every member of the organization. By doing this, Debbie Wooldridge they can attract millennials to come work for them and stay working for them. The idea of providing a google-type work environment to pull them in isn’t true. What you should do is focus on professional development opportunities that will help you help them mature and grow in the organization.

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TTL 191 | Boating Experience

Speaking To Inspire Change with Bernie Swain and The Boating Experience with Adrian Walker

When you’ve grown to be the largest lecture agency in the world who represents prime ministers, presidents and secretaries of state, you have to understand that this value of work womes from a turning point in life that defines who you are. Author of “What Made Me Who I Am” Bernie Swain used to work in a closet before he got to represent 3 of the last 4 presidents of the United States. He shares that with Washington Speakers Bureau, your speech should aim to make a difference and make people go in a direction of change. AirBnB has proven that there are people who would choose to rent rather than own. Co-founder and CEO of Boataffair Adrian Walker applied this idea to renting boats. He and his wife thought they liked sharing the boating experience but a lot of people don’t own one because of money and maintenance factors. He now helps people enjoy a fantastic day in the water and he earns extra income on the side.

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TTL 190 | Power Of Collaboration

The Power Of Collaboration with Lisa Wang and Functional Medicine in Corporate Coaching with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

You can always see the brotherhood in companies where the young new guy is being mentored by the older guys and there’s camaraderie. Sisterhood is staring to take roots as well with women like four-time US National champion gymnast and CEO and Founder of SheWorx Lisa Wang giving out her message of the power of collaboration between women instead of competition. She explains that collectively, women in business can create change, impact and abundance. By the age of 65, most career women would retire to a life of decorating the house or playing cards every Sunday. But this wasn’t an option for Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum because of her vibrant personality and constant yearning for learning. Even with no business skills, she started her business of corporate coaching that ties in functional medicine and positive psychology. She explains that when you combine curiosity with the love of learning, it becomes a powerful combination for a meaningful life.

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TTL 189 | Self-Publishing A Bestseller

Self-Publishing A Bestseller with Eva Lesko Natiello and The Super Power Experts with Tonya Dawn Recla and Neva Lee Recla

Every author will always have high hopes for his first book, and most often than not, getting a first book out will mean a lot of rejection. But this didn’t let Eva Lesko Natiello to stop moving forward and went straight to the consumer to give her book for free. Her story of being a self-publishing best seller resonated to readers around the world outside the fact that “The Memory Box” is really amazing psychological thriller. As former US counter intelligence agents, Tonya Dawn Recla and her husband created a corporate version of that set up to help businesses to help businesses with due diligence, vetting services and risk mitigation. But what sets them apart more is having an 8-year old daughter with a mission to inspire other kids by sharing her experiences as a young entrepreneur. Tonya shares that Neva wasn’t really following their footsteps, rather she was paving her own path that just happened to be synergistic to theirs.

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TTL 188 | Unshackled Business Owner

Helping People Win At Work with Garry Ridge and The Unshackled Business Owner with Aaron Scott Young

As a leader, you never stop learning and teaching. When you can instill in your team that curiosity is healthy for growth, they start learning for themselves and feel committed to being an element of change. Creating this kind of working environment has been the mission of Garry Ridge and his group, Marshall Goldsmith, where learning and teaching is the number one objective to improve commitment and engagement at work. After helping over 100,000 entrepreneurs start and grow profit from their business, Aaron Scott Young observed the common mistakes and successes of many business owners. As an unshackled business owner, he shares his insights on how to build a business when you aren’t there to oversee the progression.

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TTL 187 | Women In Marketing

Successful Game-Based Learning with Kevin Allen and Women In Marketing with Carla Johnson

The digital age requires us to think about the different ways of imparting knowledge that is digital and immersive. Gaming and the digital age have somehow become synonymous. Kevin Allen is telling people that a game can be a form of immersion of knowledge and a source of terrific experience. Kevin shares that when he creates a game, he looks at it from the point of view of a storyteller instead of being technician or digital expert. It is always a challenge for business owners to determine how to make their brands seem more innovative. Before advocating for women in marketing, Carla Johnson started her career as a marketer working for architects. This helped her learn that clients can get leverage through storytelling, and telling a great story can be a new benchmark for a new era of marketing.

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TTL 186 | Making Smarter Decisions

Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Facts with Annie Duke

Taking advantage of the unexpected things that happen in life is a good practice, and understand that having a statistical mind helps us to make smarter decisions. As the only woman who has won the World Series of the Poker Tournament of Champions, Annie Duke helps people to recognize the uncertainty in every decision they make. As a consultant on the behavior of making decisions, Annie teaches people that the uncertainty of decisions is derived from hidden information and the element of luck. She explains that as long as you try to guess the probability of your decision, then you have already made a smarter choice.

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TTL 185 | Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication with Rachel Hanfling and Practical Creativity with Karyn Ross

Growing up, Rachel Hanfling found it difficult to connect with the other kids. She learned how to have authentic communication by observing people everywhere she went – what they were doing, how they were acting, and what they were saying. She also got fascinated with television and how people on it were able to connect and impact millions. When it was time to choose a career, TV was the natural place for her to go. She worked her way up from the bottom to becoming an Emmy-nominated TV Producer and international keynote speaker. She is now empowering people to find and express their unique voice, resonate with an audience, and deliver when it counts. Rachel shares being able to tell people’s stories and make an impact is incredibly meaningful and a tremendous responsibility. Helping people improve the world is what Karyn Ross always lives by. Her consulting company, Karyn Ross Consulting, was established to help businesses grow by focusing on service excellence. Karyn has taught organizations of all sizes and sectors how to use practical creativity, which is creativity combined with Toyota Way principles. She believes creating respectful, caring, kind, and compassionate ways to work are important and leads to an engaged team, better relationships with customers, and a better world.

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TTL 184 | Leveraged Buyout Techniques

Leveraged Buyout Techniques with Gordon Bizar and The Power Of Vulnerability with Barry Kaplan

Business owners always want to get a quick answer when things get complicated. If they don’t, there’s a good probability that the business will not succeed. Gordon Bizar finances businesses using leveraged buyout techniques and systems that people can apply to every aspect of connecting thoughts so that their vision for the company can be executed. The power of vulnerability is to create a team of leaders by a paradigm shift of mindset. Barry Kaplan believes that the inward shift and connecting with their emotions and abilities can help people find empowerment. Barry explains how a threshold of inquiry will start or delay our journey to believe in ourselves.

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TTL 183 | Words Are Currency

Personalizing Customer Experience with Stan Phelps and Words Are Currency with Tammy Kling

There is an idea that you can become important and memorable in the minds of your customer just by using the power of words. Stan Phelps invested in this idea and applied it to marketing, knowing that when a business is doing something extra for the customer, word of mouth spreads about that unique service or product. He explains that 20% of customers drive 80% of profitability which he calls the Law of The Vital Few and the Trivial Many. Everyone needs a positive message when their day suddenly turns south. This is why words are a vital currency in this age. We write stories to learn, and from this learning we can change the world. Tammy Kling uses this belief saying that it doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire or a homeless person, you can save and change lives just by saying a good word to a person.

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TTL 182 | The Pursuit of Transformational Change

The Pursuit of Transformational Change with Ron Carucci and A More Beautiful Question with Warren Berger

You wouldn’t know it but even leaders can be terrified of asking for help. With their position, they are expected to know everything and they’re supposed to carry everyone on their backs. So when they ask for help, the misconception is they are lacking and also not confident. Ron Carucci believes that these are actually the leaders to look for because they are in the pursuit of transformational change. He explains that people rise within the organization because of their technical skills and emotional quotient. Questions lead to innovation. This is why kids today seem to know a lot of stuff. Questions help shape the way we interact with people. However, as we grow up, this way of communication becomes difficult. Warren Berger explains the importance of questioning in leadership and in relationships.

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TTL 181 | Soul Brain

When The Soul Brain Takes Over with Stephanie Arnold

Not all things can be explained by science. It’s unexplainable why the soul brains takes over when there isn’t any data to process. Stephanie Arnold knew she would die for all of 37 seconds when her son Jacob would come. She had numerous premonitions, but only one doctor took her seriously and had the crash cart standing by. Being a producer, she decided to film a session of her therapy that proved that her sense of foreboding was on point.

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TTL 180 | Workplace Trends

Driving Workplace Trends with Chester Elton and Mindfulness Leadership with Jacqueline Carter

For companies with a multi-generational workforce, it is oftentimes difficult to find a common ground, especially in terms of workplace trends. Chester Elton’s work revolves around helping clients engage their employees to execute strategy, vision, and values by providing real solutions and building team dynamics. One of the systems he has developed is job sculpting which helps drive productivity by getting people to do what they’re passionate about. Treating each other with respect also goes along way. He teaches that you must challenge the idea, not the person. There are countless challenges for leadership today. Jacqueline Carter tries to address some of that with her company, Potential Project. Jacqueline provides customized leadership and organizational training programs based on mindfulness. She says leaders who promote a people-centric culture are more likely to thrive and not just survive.

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TTL 179 | Integrated Healthcare

The Truth About Integrated Healthcare with Dr. Robert Pearl and Managing Remote Workers with Liam McIvor Martin

Dr. Robert Pearl is a physician leader and a healthcare innovator who specializes in children with birth defects before he moved into a leadership role and saw how mission driven it was. He has worked with integrated healthcare since 2009 and was recently named one of modern healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Physicians. He shares that as a surgeon, he had the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of people, but in the leadership role, he is able to impact the lives of over five million healthcare members across the United States. In his book called Mistreated, Dr. Pearl educates us on how to tell good health care from bad health care, and provides a roadmap for how healthcare could radically improve. Liam McIvor Martin helped develop Time Doctor, one of the world’s leading time tracking software for remote teams, as a way for companies to manage remote workers and maintain a high level of productivity. The core adage of his company is to empower people to work wherever they want, whenever they want, to make them happier and more efficient.

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Do A Day: Creating A Life Of Achievement with Bryan Falchuk and Guiding Leadership with Nadine Dietz

Looking at Bryan Falchuk now, you would never have thought that he used to be obese. On his journey to overcoming adversity, Brian documents in his book, Do A Day, how he dramatically changed his life by losing over 100 pounds, running a marathon, and taking control of his diet and life. Like many of us, he faced challenges like weight problems, depression, stress, and more. He shares that we all go through things that define us and if you’re willing to recognize it, work on it, and figure out what is holding you back from achievement, then you can move forward. There is no bigger growth driver out there today than aggregating diversity of thought. Nadine Dietz advocates guiding leadership and helps CMOs build teams capable of embracing the unknown to meet aggressive growth objectives. She believes it’s important to create an environment in which everyone is heard. Knowing how to tune into the culture that you’re working with is what moves people.

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TTL 177 | Start Your Own Corporation

Start Your Own Corporation with Garrett Sutton and Leading Clarity with Brad Deutser

For anyone with assets to protect, Garrett Sutton is your go-to person. Start your own corporation with his help. He is an attorney, a bestselling author, and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad advisors. In a highly contentious and disruptive world, growing your wealth means constantly keeping your guard up. Garrett educates us on an action plan to protect your assets and limit liability, as well as how to select between corporations and LLCs. With the information overload we’re faced with today, as we tackle business problems that require more than one-dimensional solutions, having clarity is a big challenge. Brad Deutser emphasizes the importance of leading with clarity in today’s environment as a business tool, even more so than strategy, culture, and innovation. He teaches that designing something with a very purposeful intent makes people connect with it.

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TTL 176 | Digital Transformation

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Keith Krach

Some of the most important things in life are not written in a book. Having a curious mind leads to learning a lot of things from the people around us. Keith Krach believes that diversity of thought is the driving force of DocuSign. As chairman and catalyst for digital transformation, Keith shares that authentic leadership can be found in different temperaments, talents, and convictions. Each member of the team has a genius thought that you can bank on. Keith shares how trust plays a huge part in making DocuSign the leader in digital transformation all over the world.

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TTL 175 | Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

Mindfulness And Leadership Beyond The Mat with Dr. Julie Rosenberg and The Mission Of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation with Sara Soulati

Every workplace in today’s society has people stressed out at work. They battle this stress through exercise and meditation. One of the best ways to do so is through yoga. Dr. Julie Rosenberg is a long-term thyroid cancer survivor who uses the principles of yoga beyond the mat. She believes that corporate life will not feel as demanding when we learn to pause, breathe, and stay quiet even for a moment so we can be mindful of ourselves and our environment. Poor circulation and inflammation are two of the common causes of diseases and these two are effectively addressed by the Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy. CEO of Global Cardio Care Inc., Sara Soulati, has been having an amazing 22-year journey seeing people get better from different types of diseases. This has been her drive and she shares how she and her company are giving back to communities by providing them prevention and lifestyle education.

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TTL 174 | Startup Then Scale Up

Startup Then Scale Up with Verne Harnish and Emotional Equity with Simon T. Bailey

After teaching entrepreneurial teams for 30 years, Verne Harnish of Entrepreneurs’ Organization is telling people to startup then scale up. Most markets right now have many startups but less scale up. He shares that what’s important in business is your product or service that plays at a certain level of activity to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. Which is why Verne helps companies pivot from being a lean startup to an agile scale up. When we focus on who we think we are instead of who we are, we are held back in business and in life. Simon T. Bailey explains the reason so many people refuse to shift is because they have emotional equity in the way they’ve always done things and people like being in their comfort zone. He shares that you can start to follow your calling when you realize that change doesn’t happen to you but through you.

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TTL 173 | Building Your Profile

Building Your Profile To Influence Decisions with JD Gershbein

A lot of people have looked at LinkedIn as a job seeker site and not as a site for business development. In 2010, the site turned into a social portal for professionals to come together and just chat like millennials do in every other social media site. JD Gershbein offers help in writing and building your profile so that you look good and influence the decisions of the prospects. He stresses the importance of building your profile and playing your strengths to show you are talented in the business and offer the best skills with the best value.

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TTl 172 | Living Your Purposeful Life

Living Your Purposeful Life with Sean C. Higgins and Capturing The World In Seven Seconds with Mitchell Levy

Having reached the height of success and checked off all the boxes, Sean C. Higgins found himself asking, “Now what?” He had an epiphany of his higher calling which was to help people get through their own journey. Sean shares how you can find true fulfillment by living your purposeful life. In this fast-paced world where people get distracted their attention gets pulled from every direction, Mitchell Levy has mastered the skill of capturing the world in seven seconds. Learn how you can, too, by asking the right questions and sharing stories that provokes people to view the world in a different light.

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TTL 171 | Stay Curious Longer

Stay Curious Longer with Michael Bungay Stanier

It’s important to ask questions but how do you know when you’ve asked too many? Michael Bungay Stanier’s answer is you can never ask too many questions when you have a genuine intent of knowing instead of just trying to prove a point. On the flip side, questions can come as drive-by interrogations which sometimes make the person give advice as an answer. Michael believes that the moment you start to give advice is the moment you start controlling the conversation. Learn how you can stay curious longer to ask the right questions and generate sound advice.

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TTL 170 | Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation with Whitney Johnson and Driving Culture with Dr. Rachel MK Headley

The key to disruptive innovation is a A team behind you. How do you do that? Learn from Whitney Johnson, an author, speaker, and coach who wo works with business leaders to retain their top talent and be a boss people love to work for. Her latest book, Disrupt Yourself, has been dubbed as a career guide for the entrepreneurial age. It points out that people, not companies, disrupt, and a disruptive organization is a natural consequence of this. Dr. Rachel MK Headley talks about creating and driving culture from the top down. She discusses that change and innovation has to start with the leaders. Once they get everybody to be on board, the organization can get unstuck and move forward easily.

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TTL 169 | No Barriers

Vision Beyond Eyesight with Erik Weihenmayer

Despite going blind at fourteen, Erik Weihenmeyer has been living an adventurous life and has held on to his vision beyond eyesight. He is the first blind person to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest and at age 39, he completed his quest to climb all seven summits. He’s spoken on several platforms and has written three books. His latest book, No Barriers, is an authentic and inspiring story about his struggles to achieving what he has and how to live with no barriers. Extending his vision to more people, he founded an organization of the same name, No Barriers, which is a movement and an organization to help people break through the barriers in their lives.

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Keeping Your Eyes Wide Open with Isaac Lidsky and Leading Without Walls with Lynn Rose


Losing his eyesight didn’t stop Issac Lidksy from starring on a TV sitcom, getting a Harvard degree at 19, becoming a Justice Department Attorney, becoming a CEO of Florida’s largest residential construction services company, or writing a New York Times bestseller. And that’s not all. Listen to Issac as he shares how his new vision, born from blindness, taught him that no barrier can come between us and our mission if we show up fully as ourselves and keep our eyes wide open. Lynn Rose is a motivational leadership speaker that explains when we can fully be authentic and connect, we can walk this world without walls into our destiny.

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TTL 167 | Mindset Of Enthusiasm

The Mindset Of Enthusiasm with Dr. Willie Jolley and The Message Inside Every Woman with Gail Watson

One of the challenges in life is making decisions. However, it’s what you do about those decisions that matters more. Dr. Willie Jolley encourages everyone to develop a mindset of enthusiasm and keep optimism that somehow, someday, they will win and start to lead better lives. Gail Watson, President and CEO of Women Speakers Association and the go-to person for up and coming phenomenal people, is blazing the trail for empowering and inspiring women to show the world who they are and what they can do to make the world better. She believes every woman has a voice they keep inside and a message they should share with the world.

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TTL 166 | Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology with Susan Peppercorn and The Sensual Woman with Dr. Saida Désilets

Professionals in their mid or senior level often find themselves conflicted with the idea of making another career change. Can they still make the cut for promotions and if so can they handle the promotion at the stage of their professional track? Susan Peppercorn is an example of multiple career changes and she helps people figure out the next best step for their career. Growing up with French Canadian parents, Dr. Saida Désilets has a very relaxed perspective about the body and sensuality. As the world’s leading authority in the Jade Egg Practice, she believes that the impact of our beliefs and thoughts lead to creating richer lives. She shares that fulfillment is not an end result, but rather it is a state of being.

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TTL 165 | Creative Confidence

Embracing Your Creative Confidence with Kenny Nguyen and Superannuation In Australia with Sam Henderson

Content, design and deliver. These three aspects will help you embrace your creative confidence that will lead you to creative presentations. Ever since college, Kenny Nguyen learned that large companies tend to be weak in their presentations. He shares techniques developing personality without being imitating. Sam Henderson explains superannuation and the difference of retirement in the US and in Australia. He encourages people to set their retirement portfolio financially and mentally so it becomes an asset allocation that will see them through good and bad times. Learn how he is helping Australian Boomers with their retirement.

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TTL 164 | Find Your Writing Voice

Find Your Writing Voice with Chris Brogan and Finding People And Events with James Malinchak

Success has a spectrum just as much as creativity does. To find your writing voice, you first need to find what you are curious about. Chris Brogan understands that this curiosity can lead people to paint you as weird, but given time, it will become interesting. Chris shares that in order to find your own path, you need to break out and try new things. James Malinchak has many experiences with successful people which gives him more reason to help other entrepreneurs who are starting on their own. His best marketing advice is to find people who have events and those who have budgets for speakers at those events. James shares more tips on how to get people to listen to you.

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TTL 163 | Evolution Of Spies

Evolution Of Spies Into Criminals Of Cyberspace with Eric O’Neill

Technology’s pace is showing no signs of slowing down and everything around it is starting to trail behind. Eric O’Neill, the man who captured the most notorious spies in the history of America believes that cyber technology has pushed the evolution of spies, in a way that they have become hackers who steal information. But, cyber security agencies are working overtime to counter these cyber spies. One good side of this evolution is that Eric is now a public personality who tells good stories with essential themes that provide impact to the lives of his audience. He shares the remarkable events that happened when he was a spy and where his passion has taken him now.

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TTL 162 | Leadership From The Inside Out

Leadership From The Inside Out: Growing A Person Into A Leader With Kevin Cashman

The works of Maslow and Ericsson studied people and the stages of their development. Kevin Cashman, best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out, was more fascinated with how the transformation of a human can impact others and the world. He has worked with so many people that he has built a database of 7,000,000. With this data, he was able to validate patterns as well as identify new ones. Learn his answer to the question: Are Industries different in competencies, industry context and leadership?

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TTL 161 | Succeed In Business

Succeed In Business By Working To Do Less And Telling Compelling Stories with Morten T. Hansen and Brooke Warner

Most people who start working a nine to five job off of college believe that to succeed in business means working crazy hours, which has some truth to it. But Morten T. Hansen experienced firsthand that working to do less is more beneficial than obsessing about how everything can be more efficient and productive. Learn how to focus on one task and go all in as well as gain the ability to work well with others so you can make work lighter and better. There are a lot of people in the world with great stories, but they don’t know how to share them in an interesting way. Brook Warner of She Writes Press thinks that all stories are interesting, but need to be told in a compelling way that will have readers glued and asking for the next part. Brooke shares her insights on memoirs, ghost writing and how she became an expert in the traditional and new publishing realm.

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TTL 160 | The Discomfort Zone

The Discomfort Zone: Bridging The Gap For Leaders with Jay Acunzo and Dr. Marcia Reynolds

There is gap between the work that you want to do, the work that you should do and the work that you need to do. Closing this gap is possible, you just need to work very hard. Jay Acunzo likes challanges that seems crazy at first until you try it for yourself. He shares his insights on knowing the right questions instead of someone else’s answer. The Discomfort Zone is the best opportunity for leaders to learn and grow. Dr. Marcia Reynolds has researched the disruptive process that occurs in our brain. This process helps people understand why they do the things they do and not get stuck on an idea from other people.

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TTL 159 | Interpersonal Communications

Interpersonal Communications: Healing Relationships And Companies with Dr. Gilda Carle

Life takes us to different courses to learn lessons we need to learn, and Dr. Gilda Carle has learned a lot. From being a fearless teacher from New York to a corporate performance coach and bestselling book author, Dr. Gilda knows that every relationship is about interpersonal communications. She shares her funny and fun stories that made her easily reachable to her clients. Learn the importance of taking away fear from women so they no longer hold themselves back.

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TTL 158 | Building Awareness

Building Awareness And Moving People Forward with Megan Close Zavala and Joe Merrill

Books have become the new business card, so there is greater need for book coaches than ever before. After speaking on many writing conferences, Megan Close Zavala realized that a lot of her writer-audience doesn’t get the help they ask for. Aside from helping writers on all stages of their publishing journey, Megan also helps build awareness of literary perspectives. Joe Merrill wants to help people and make the world a better place. He went from being a diplomat to a venture capitalist and asks his clients odd questions that reveal their personalities and how they would approach a problem.

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What Holds Us Back? 4 Things Holding Our Curiosity Hostage

We are often told to follow our passion.  Even if we determine our passion, some things hold us back from pursuing our natural sense of curiosity.  Curiosity has been called a sort of mental itch.  There are surprisingly few studies about curiosity because it is difficult to study.  Some people are more naturally curious than others. It can be important to have curiosity hardwired into us because it helps us grow and develop.  There are factors like stress, aging, drugs, genetics, etc. that could impact our level of curiosity.  Outside of medical issues or lack of financial capabilities, I have found four major things that hold people’s curiosity hostage including fear, the way things have always been done, parental/family/peer influence, and technology.

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Global Trends Futurist, How To Become One with Daniel Burrus

Science and technology will always be interesting because of its future impact to people, culture and society. This is what makes the future exciting for global trends futurist Daniel Burrus. He has become the top strategic adviser for companies because he can see disruption before it happens, giving him the choice of where to stand when it happens. Learn how he teaches this to his clients, so that they can create solutions for possible problems. Daniel also explains the difference between a soft trend, a hard trend, and the “Skip It” technique.

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TTL 156 | Philanthropic Game Designs

Philanthropic Game Designs And Influencer Programs with Arad Malhotra and Megan Conley

Technology has always had its many faces, and one of them is gaming. These days, video games can also make a positive and world-changing impact. Arad Malhotra was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Gaming because he and his partners at Skyless Gaming didn’t just create a game to be downloaded on a app store, they created a game applying their philanthropic game design concepts. These featured women empowerment, anti-terrorism and fighting corruption. Like Arad, Megan Conley also looks at the pain points of her target audience so that she can help them produce measurable results both in their society and their business. Megan emotionally connects to brands through their values and philosophies that will help in sending out social content and influencer tactics.

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TTL 155 | Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence: Connect And Create Impact with Dr. Mindy Gewirtz and Vivien Hoexter

Often when we talk, we immediately think that people understand what we are saying. Most of the time the person across will connect with you at some level, but what do you do when they don’t? Dr. Mindy Gewirtz believes that you can match your intent with the other person’s impact when you use conversational intelligence. This is a neuroscience based method that aligns you with your client to make a connection and create a lasting relationship. Vivien Hoexter believes that there are seven principles for making lasting social change. The first is if you see yourself as a leader, you need to sharpen your leadership skills because the next steps will follow from the decisions you make. Learn why both Dr. Mindy Gewirtz and Vivien Hoexter believe that non-profits form the backbone of the community.

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It Wasn’t Curiosity That Killed the Cat

Lack of curiosity is holding people back from having a better job and fulling life. Having taught more than 1000 business courses, I have seen the same issue with thousands of students. The success of those who lack curiosity pales in comparison to those who embrace it. Over the last decade, I have researched the importance of curiosity to improve performance. I have also learned how successful individuals value and develop curiosity through interviewing hundreds of guests on my show. That has led to my interest in doing further research for my forthcoming book about curiosity.

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TTL 154 | Anxiety Management

Inspired Performances in Leadership, Sports and Speaking with Matt Abrahams, Bob Daugherty and Dr. Wendy Borlabi

Speaking on stage in front of a crowd is can be a fun experience, because you get to share your ideas to inspire and educate your audience. But public speaking is one of the top fears people have. Matt Abrahams will help you speak out without freaking out in front of a lot people. The key is to first deal with the symptoms and sources of anxiety so you can get a clear vision of the message that you want to send across. Bob Daugherty and Dr. Wendy Borlabi believe that personal awareness is accentuating the things that you are good at but at the same time putting a lot of focus into the things that you are bad at. This is how confidence builds up whether you are an entrepreneur or athlete or both. Learn how confidence plays a big role in leadership and investment decision making.

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TTL 153 | Invisible Organization

Transform Into A Virtual Enterprise With Mitch Russo And The Invisible Organization

Going from invisible to investible was a technique that is close to reflex for Mitch Russo. His first take on the business world was how to make his high band profitable. He had to bump on walls but eventually got there and charged a single gig at $500 a night. From here he learned the lesson of discipline for himself and his team as well as performing at top quality. Later in his career, Mitch founded the Invisible Organization, a company that helps brick and mortar businesses transform into virtual enterprises. Mitch shares his funny experiences as a startup business owner and inspiring stories of helping business owners and writing his first book.

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TTL 152 | Rockstar Marketing

Rockstar Marketing And Tech Savvy Leadership with Craig Duswalt and Mike Song

The fastest way to market yourself is through writing a book. It’s easy for a client to throw away a card, but when you give them a book it makes you stand out from the competition and also makes only option saying yes to you. This is one type of rockstar marketing that Craig Duswalt teaches business owners who want to think out of the box. Mike Song thinks the same about writing books but in the area of leadership and time management. He saw that there is a disconnect between a workforce who knows how to use technology and leaders who have a vague idea of how this technology works. Learn the fastest way to get things done from these two authors.

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TTL 151 | Powerful Leadership Connections

Creating Powerful Leadership Connections In The Smallest Moments with Doug Conant

At the heart of every high-performance company is great employee engagement. Every company has an agenda to meet and this can be done in a fast and effective way when everyone sees what the goal is. Every leader needs to be supportive with the uniqueness of every employee. When Doug Conant became the CEO of Campbell Soup Company, he empowered his team to make decisions on demand, efficiently meeting the needs of the customers. Building powerful leadership connections makes being a leader fun because you get to enjoy the challenges in a balanced sense and make a greater impact in the end. Doug explains that it’s not about the leader, it’s the team and how they show up when their leader doesn’t. Continue reading “Creating Powerful Leadership Connections In The Smallest Moments with Doug Conant”

TTL 150 | Effective Networking Skills

Effective Networking Skills Sandy Jones-Kaminski and Inspiring Possibilities with Mark Susnow

Every business owner knows that networking events build a community of clients. When it goes beyond self-promotion, these events make these business environments grow stronger and healthier. Sandy Jones-Kaminski uses effective networking skills to make meaningful connections with people. She dispels the negativity around networking with the image of communicating with strangers and being genuinely interested in what they have to say. What separates a successful person from the rest is that they don’t have limiting beliefs that tells them what to do next. Mark Susnow believed that he could be a good lawyer if he just stuck with it. He believes that failure is a pattern in life, and if we don’t get past it, our happiness and success will be limited. He shares that more than being a journey, success is a mastery of excellence that will lead to breakthroughs both in life and business.

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TTL 149 | Employee Motivation

Promote Employee Motivation To Empower The Team with Dr. Bob Nelson

When you create a culture of recognition in your company, your employees will feel five times more valued. Promoting employee motivation in the workplace will make your team go beyond the motions of a service program. They will recommend the company as the best place to work and to do business. This is how Dr. Bob Nelson helps companies make their employees stay and work for them for the rest of their career. Motivating employees and recognizing their efforts makes them committed to your vision to take your business forward.

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TTL 148 | Media Marketing

Media Marketing And A Mission Driven Profession with Nick Nanton

For mission-driven professionals, the exchange of value is what makes every effort worth it. More than making money, you build a position that will influence the people around you. Nick Nanton, Emmy Award winning director and producer knows how to use media marketing well enough to get you on that TV show, TED talk, or even that record label. He will help you make everyone take your call and will stay with you to make sure you do what you need to do to get the deal signed. What he does is closely related to PR and marketing, and he does this best by setting things up so that people will know that you are valuable.

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TTL 147 | Surviving Cancer

Surviving Cancer with Michael Veltri and Crop X with Tomer Tzach

Surviving cancer is one of, if not, the hardest thing to do in the world. After that, everything in life became a little easier for Michael Veltri. Serving in the marines, his buddies helped by joking around to help him to not feel the pain. The whole experience of beating testicular cancer served as his catalyst to transitioning from a decorated Marine to becoming a business transformational coach. He says that in life, you either make good decisions, bad decisions, or no decisions at all. Agriculture is often seen as an industry that is not very tech savvy. Tomer Tzach envisions Crop X as the big leader in the agriculture world. They have an inexpensive sensor that is easy to deploy to notch tech and will address the mass market and analyze a handful of important data.

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TTL 146 | Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement, Being Happy And Productive with Kevin Kruse and Attracting The Market With Educational Content with Michael Brenner

Every employee wants to feel appreciated with the work they do for their company. This is one way that Kevin Kruse defines employee engagement. But more than being happy in work, you need to be productive as well. More than feeling satisfied, you need grow competitive and go the extra mile. When you create content that people want, it educates them about the product or the service. Michael Brenner attracts people in this way because instead of making it sound like selling, it sounds like you are already serving.

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TTL 145 | Exponential Technology

The Fast Pace Of Exponential Technology with Robin Farmanfarmaian and Powerful Hallway Stories with Carey Ralston

Every patient, no matter the illness, is always scared to make their own decision because they fear what they don’t know. This mindset needs to shift. Robin Farmanfarmaian believes that every patient should have control over their healthcare. With fast-paced exponential technology taking over almost every industry these days, it wouldn’t be a surprise if medicine would get the same level of disruption Uber did with transportation. Have you ever had that moment when one breakthrough stopped you in your tracks, but there was no one to tell it to? Carey Ralston and Hallway Stories wants you to share your breakthroughs and experiences to empower and impact others. Carey identifies her company as similar to a dating website, but the connection happens through the sharing of life stories.

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Driving Company Growth with Roland Frasier and Getting A Private Label In Amazon with Jamie Davidson

Evolving organically from being a lawyer to an active investor, Roland Frasier has a unique ability for driving company growth. He considers his experiences as one interesting story after another and shares that helping a company to scale is like unfolding a new chapter. The first thing he does is create a personality brand that flows independently of the brand itself. He follows through by looking at the products, the market, and the size of the market for the products that are available at the moment. Jamie Davidson founded AMZ Insiders to provide coaching and mentorship for people who want to take their companies to the next level.

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TTL 143 | Perfect Day Formula

Risky Transformation with Richard Kylberg and The Perfect Day Formula with Craig Ballantyne

The one thing that is required for transformation is understanding. To change something means different. Different means something you haven’t seen or done before. This is the core idea that leads to success. Richard Kylberg believes that you have to take risks to build personal and professional relationships. Whether you are a morning person or not, the Perfect Day Formula will help you take control of daily life. Craig Ballantyne uses this to coach entrepreneurs to build high-performance teams, make money, impact, and influence.

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TTL 142 | Medical Value Index

The Marketing Companion with Mark Schaefer and The Medical Value Index with Reo Carr

Social media has connected the world in this digital age and it is on the verge of disrupting industries. As a marketing companion and strategist, Mark Schaefer looks at social media workshops as a way to keep up with the disruption. He shares how China is leading America in terms of using and regulating this space of digital technology. We determine almost everything in the world with price and quality, a component which is currently not present in healthcare. To solve this, Reo Carr and his partner developed the Medical Value Index, a free online tool that help patients determine the best value of healthcare in a hospital setting.

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Saving Lives One Conversation At A Time with Dr. Mark Goulston and Making Impact Through Brave Leadership with Kimberly Davis

It only takes one conversation to change the course of your life. All you need to do is listen. Dr. Mark Goulston uses listening to heal the world one person at a time. At one point in his life, he was about to take his own life for screwing things up, but he listened to one of his professors and it saved him. Now he is paying it forward by responding to letters coming from inmates. Leaders are just as human as the rest of the team. They have this fear that they need to know everything so they don’t fail. Kimberly Davis has developed programs that promote brave leadership. She has helped thousands of senior leaders work on their purpose, presence, influence, and impact.

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TTL 140 | Evolution Of Human Values

The Evolution Of Human Values with Richard Barrett and Leading With Integrity with Lee Benson

By extending Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you are able to give more definition to the idea of self-actualization. Using this principle, Richard Barrett developed The Seven Levels Model, a cultural transformational tool that links your values to the levels of consciousness. He believes that anything you need is anything that has value to you. Leadership traits have six different behaviors, and the top of which is integrity. Lee Benson conducted a study on ten employees and asked how they apply integrity in their work. This led him to focus on strategy and culture that leads to achieving extraordinary results.

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TTL 139 | Seventeen Percent Moments

The Seventeen Percent Moments with Steve Gutzler and Team Communication with Dr. Nick Morgan

People in business, medicine, law and all other industries operate at about 83% of their full potential. This isn’t a big number for Steve Gutzler. He believes that leaders are truly functional when they know how to handle the 17% that remain. This is the area of our performance where our emotions are hijacked by stress. The Seventeen Percent Moments are low rates on function but big numbers on performance. It’s hard enough to get a team going, but when you have people undermining your leadership, then you are in trouble. Dr. Nick Morgan finds it strange why communication is the biggest challenge for big organizations. He explains how communication helps people find clarity in expressing their ideas and emotions.

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Promoting Self-Published Authors with Tanya Hall and Building Your Brand Image with Toi Sweeney

Most business owners today are also self-published authors and use their books as personalized business cards with a lot of value. Tanya Hall of Greenleaf Book Group helps authors with publishing strategies that will make them become bestselling writers. In CreateSpace, she guides authors who don’t know the next thing they should do. Using her background in fashion and style, Toi Sweeney helps professionals get on a pathway with confidence. She shares her style, expertise, and results-driven approach to build brand image and increase an entrepreneur’s perceived value.

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TTL 137 | Customer Experience

How To Know When To Expand with Bedros Keuilian and The Customer Experience with Colin Shaw

Leadership and teamwork are the two things that will determine if your company is ready for an expansion. Bedros Keuilian believes that having a vision plays a big part in this growth. This vision stems from a leader’s self-esteem when they seek no approval of their decisions because they have already seen the company’s success. Recognized as the world’s thought leader in customer experience, Colin Shaw teaches organizations that a customer is a human being and not an automaton. This doesn’t mean that the customer gets whatever ever they want, but that businesses should simply think of the customer and how they can make an impact in their lives with their product or service.

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TTL 136 | Mindfulness As Competitive Advantage

Train Your Brain: Mindfulness As Competitive Advantage with Joe Burton and Youth Marketing: How To Stay Relevant with Gregg Witt

Where are you going and what will you create? When Joe Burton was able to answer this question, he became an entrepreneur in the field of scientific well-being. More than changing your life, Joe always teaches mindfulness as a competitive advantage when he serves corporations, universities, and healthcare systems. His focus is to help organizations create an engaging culture and healthy work environment. Change has never been so much a part of youth and culture now that technology is dictating its pace. The huge generational gap is a challenge for every marketing team. Gregg Witt has the amazing ability to become the Switzerland between generational marketing and youth marketing. He shares his consumer insights on how business can become relevant to teens and young adults.

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TTL 135 | Contact Marketing

Connecting Virtually Through Contact Marketing with Stu Heinecke and Managing Your Mind To Create Content with Stephen Perrine

Cartooning and marketing are both creative endeavors, the only difference is that one is expressive and the other is strategic. This is how Stu Heinecke was able to easily transition from being a wall street journal cartoonist to becoming a marketer. He created Contact Marketing, a fusion of sales and marketing that supports account-based strategies to produce advantages for Business to Business clients. For the past two years, Stephen Perrine has been managing his mind so he can create content for multimedia and build brands in the wellness, fitness, fashion and lifestyle. He explains that if you want to work on 11 different platforms, you need to be different 11 times over. This will create a business that will keep paying you back as you build your next business.

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Tom Conine and Joel Block

Corporate education simulation creator and emerging investment speakers are today’s guests. Tom Conine, PhD is Founder, Partner and Co-Owner of TRI Corporation, an organization that specializes in corporate education.


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David Dachinger, Tamara Green, Anna Pereira, Shari Alyse

Mindfulness and compassion are today’s topics. David Dachinger and Tamara Green, LCSW are the co-founders of Loving Meditations. David is a featured author and Grammy-


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TTL 131 | Reviving America

Reviving America Through Innovation and Reformation with Steve Forbes

An effective leader is also an innovator. Leaders know and accept that even if they are the smartest person in the room, they will have to face challenges that will come along with their responsibility. Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, knows that leadership is not something that you are born with, but rather something you are born from. Even if you are surrounded by a team who shares your vision, leaders have to learn how to play without a playbook. Steve shares more of his insights about leadership and reformation that can lead to reviving America.

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Jennifer Rachael Hudye and Tim Miles

Celebrity copywriter and renowned leadership speaker are today’s guests. Jennifer Rachael is one of the most sought-after email copywriters in the online marketing space, writing copy…


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TTL 129 | Steps To Spiritual Superiority

Steps To Spiritual Superiority And Authenticity with JP Sears

Going through a spiritual journey can have different effects for different people. Some can get serious and get down to business. But there are others who can get down to business by looking at things satirically. JP Sear is the latter. He is the ultra spiritual life coach who built his empire in Facebook and YouTube by saying yes to his personality and the comedy that comes from his authentic creativity. He advises entrepreneurs to lean more on their authentic side, because this is a gift they already have and can use to win clients. Learn how JP has stayed true to his creative spirit using his steps to spiritual superiority and how it helped him stay true to his mission of helping people.

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To Become a Highly Effective Leader: Reduce Fear by Developing Curiosity

It might be surprising, but many leaders fear being discovered for not being as smart as they appear.  Realistic or not, people often look to leaders as if they should know everything. This external pressure often leads to internal pressure.  Leaders fear criticism, failure, making hard decisions, taking responsibility, or being unable to reach an important goal.  Because of this, leaders often surround themselves with experts in areas with which they have less experience or knowledge, which can be a very crucial to their success.  However, this can also keep them from developing some of these skills on their own.  There are other things leaders can do to be truly effective, including developing their sense of curiosity in areas with which they might not normally be comfortable. Continue reading “To Become a Highly Effective Leader: Reduce Fear by Developing Curiosity”

Chris Voss and Evan Kirstel

Former FBI hostage negotiator and top B2B influencer are today’s guests. Chris Voss is author of the national bestseller Never Split The Difference, keynote speaker, negotiation consultant and award-winning business…


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Eric Crown and Dr. Sean Richardson

Top technology CEO serial entrepreneur and athletic performance leadership expert. Eric Crown is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has been building and investing in… Doc…


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David Mead and Craig Weiss

Igniter author from Simon Sinek. Inc. and founder of company that creates a device to allow you to control your dreams are today’s guests. David Mead is igniter at Smon Sinek, Inc. Along with Simon Sinek and Peter Doc…


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Wolfgang Koester

Wolfgang Koester is the CEO and co-founder of FIREapps. He has more than 30 years of extensive experience in currency markets and working with numerous global Fortune 1000 companies and government entities.


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Chuck Blakeman and Dale Hintz

Top business author and certified management consultant are today’s guests. Chuck Blakeman is the author of the #1 rated “Business Book of 2010. Making Money is Killing Your Business” and “Why Employees Are Always…”


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Kim Komando and Dorie Clark

Top radio personality and leadership expert discuss success. Kim Komando is a national radio show host, the chair of WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Fox News Contributor and USA Today Tech Columnist. She hosts the…


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Jeff Koser and Saul Kaplan

Sales and opportunities through experimentation are discussed on today’s show. Jeff Koser is the spirited Founder and CEO of Selling to Zebras (STZ). STZ is the software company that helps organizations find, close…


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Michael Alden and Lucy English

Bestselling author and HR strategist are today’s guests. Michael Alden is the bestselling author of Ask More Get More and 5% More. In his latest release, Blueprint to Business, Mike sets aside the rainbows and sunshine.


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W. Craig Reed and Lisa Nirell

Award-winning authors and speakers discuss sales, marketing and how to stay profitable. W. Craig Reed is an award-winning sales, marketing and leadership consultant and executive coach, a former US Navy Driver…


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Sabrina-Marie and Andrea Vahl

Top podcaster and leading social media consultant are today’s guests. Sabrina-Marie is Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach, Public Relations, Consultant to National Institutions that promote integrative Medicine…


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John Daly and Shannon Combs-Bennett

Today’s guest discuss reality TV, media and genealogy. John Daly is known as a pioneer in reality TV for his ground-breaking show Real TV. But he is now breaking ground by creating an…


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Kelly Roach and Spectacular Smith

Business coach and social media expert discuss being unstoppable and getting noticed. Kelly Roach is a business coach, consultant and the host of the top-rated podcast Unstoppabled.


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Jim Canfield and Laura Roeder

Top CEOs share their path to creating top companies. Jim Canfield is the Managing Director of CEO Tools where he says he’s honored to have been referred to as a “leader of leaders.” He has worked with inspiring…


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Ryan Beauchesne, Crusoe, Mike Scher

Top marketing and sales experts discuss success. Ryan Beauchesne is the author of Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund, Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire. The Canadian-based internet sensation found fame by…


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Randall Kenneth Jones and Jason Lauritsen

Author and speaker share stories to help people become extraordinary. Randall Kenneth Jones is an entrepreneur, creative thinker, speaker and self-described “professional storyteller” with a long history of supporting…


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Tanner Gers and Karen Mangia

Stories of hope from blind Paralympian and inspirational transformation experts. Tanner Gers is a professional motivational speaker who teaches his proven step-by-step method to achieve more success in life faster.


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John Mattone and Kevin Donahue

Leadership experts discuss strategies and outcomes. John Mattone is the world’s top authority on Intelligent Leadership and the creator of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process and Certification.


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Brendan Barbato and Leah Weiss

Forbes and Stanford leaders discuss non-profits and mindfulness. Brendan Barbato is the Founder of Shelfie Challenge. His work caught the eye of Forbes Scholar program and his company is dedicated to helping non-profits.


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Mike Whitaker and Jill Christensen

Bestselling authors discuss decision-making and high performance. Mike Whitaker is a proven startup entrepreneur, highly-recognized technology startup mentor, coach and investor.


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Lea Woodford and Diane DiResta

Top women media personalities discuss success. Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SmartFem Media Group, a full service digital marketing and advertising company.


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TTL 107 | Free Software Movement

Free Software Movement: Ethics and Advocacies with Richard Stallman

There is probably no modern house today that doesn’t have a computer sitting inside it. This begs the question, are you in control of the computer or is the computer in control of you? With most operating systems out right now, the second one is the answer. Richard Stallman has been an advocate of the free software movement since 1985 and believes that a program should have four essential freedoms that will allow the user to control it as they wish and do anything they want with it, provided they have the knowledge to do so. A good example is if you have a Windows system, then Microsoft has complete power over your computer Free software, like GNU, allows the user separate controls over the program like studying and changing the source code. Learn why this issue of trust, convenience, freedom and respect is in this space of technology.

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Frank Furness and Erica Peitler

Sales and leadership coaches create roadmap for success. Frank Furness consults and speaks for large organizations regarding social media, sales and marketing. His videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 3 million times.


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Debbie Allen and Ken Hanscom

Bestselling author and industry experts discuss branding, entrepreneurship, advertising, corporate sponsorship and the Olympics. Debbie Allen has built and sold 6 million-dollar companies in diverse industries.


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Linda Swindling and Tony Troussov

Bargaining, getting more, selling and speaking are today’s topics. Linda Byars Swindling, a “bargaining expert.” She calls herself a “recovering” attorney. A recognized expert on workplace issues and negotiations.


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Kyle Wong and Jordan Levy

Two of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 All-Stars discuss their companies and success stories. Kyle Wong is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pixlee, a visual marketing platform that helps brands to market and sell.


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David Avrin and Sylvie di Giusto

Marketing, branding, leadership and how to make an impact are today’s topics. One of the most in-demand Business Marketing/Branding Keynote Speakers in the world today, David Arvin, CSP is known as The Visibility Coach.


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Kathleen Seeley and Jenna Leahy

Transformational leadership and incubator business ideas are today’s topics. Kathleen Seeley is the Founder of TSG, The Seeley Group Consulting Inc. She works with individuals and organizations facilitating game-changing transformation in leadership capacity and team-functioning.


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TTL 100 | Trustworthy Journalism

Trustworthy Journalism And Millenial Entreprenuers with Craig Newmark And Dov Baron

From its beginning until now, Craigslist’s simple design is to grow in small increments that listened to what the people was asking it to do for them. It has become a huge site with its founder Craig Newmark who started the company as a way to reciprocate and participate in the online community. All he knew back then was that he was helping the people that helped him through a simple mailing list. And since he was a programmer, he turned the lists into web pages that had instant publishing. With his business in a good place, Craig is focusing his energy towards trustworthy journalism as well women in tech and voting rights. Learn how he plans to battle media manipulation and information warfare.

It is a rare thing to see a boomer and a millennial collaborating. But this is one rarity that Dov Baron loves because he believes that millennials rock. They have an entrepreneurial mind geared towards innovation at all time. Learn how Dov keeps them loyal and interested to keep working with him.

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TTL 099 | Different Breed Of Marketing And Sales

A Different Breed Of Marketing And Sales with Joel Comm and Jack Daly

The advancements of technology has made Live videos in social media sites the most significant tool to get your message out there. A global audience is easy to reach through mobile smart devices. But since anyone can hit the Live button on Facebook and Twitter, then there’s the question of how to you set yourself apart from the rest. New York Times bestselling author Joel Comm has mastered Live video marketing with authenticity as the key. Making mistakes live is part of the charm that pulls in viewers, then what you do when it happens makes them come back. Learn how you can build an audience and engage with them and how to monetize your shows.

Helping people sell is very different than helping people buy. When you do the latter, you offer them the opportunity to address their pain points or problems, where their only response is yes. This is Jack Daly’s mantra that makes him different and better. He doesn’t mind spending a lot of time in sales calls where he listens, asks and helps the client put the puzzle pieces together. By creating trust to create his network, Jack was able to sell his companies to Wall Street. Learn more of his different breed of marketing and sales.

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Park Howell and Sujan Patel

Advertising, marketing, and business growth are today’s topics. Park Howell is a consultant, coach, and speaker with a proven system called Story Cycle. He has a popular iTunes podcast called Business of Story.


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Rob Price and David Tweedt

Self-publishing and leadership consulting are topics of today’s show. Rob Price is the President of Gatekeeper Press, a full-service self-publishing platform for e-books and print. The service offers a suite of production…


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Michael Dennin and Lee Caraher

Debates, Marketing, and Social media are today’s topics. Michael Dennin is a professor of Physics and Astronomy, the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education at UCI.


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Andrew Sherman and Georges van Hoegaerden

Strategic advisor and innovative expert discuss success. Andrew Sherman serves as a legal and strategic advisor to both leaders of Fortune 500 companies and founders of rapid growth, emerging businesses.


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TTL 94 | Heart Based Business

A Heart Based Business: Humanizing Entrepreneurs with Leonard Kim and Terri Levine

Behind high level companies are faces and names of people who built it who wouldn’t be recognized with proper personal and corporate branding. Once these people are seen as thought leaders in their industry, they start to get attention and recognition. Some business owners fail at this. Leonard Kim helps these people set their career on all sides possible to elevate their brand and make them look human instead of looking perfect so that they can connect and build working relationships.

The technology of the internet is really amazing in ways of making people connect to each other. Business owners and entrepreneurs can reach clients at the click of a button. But this makes connections feel mechanical in a sense, which is not bad, but there is always that choice to be a heart based business. When you give value and knowledge to your clients, the next decision they make is to work with you. Terri Levine shares the steps of putting heart into your business.

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Dr. Darryl Adams and Greg Holmes

Top Keynote Speaker and Head of Sales for Zoom discuss their companies. Dr. Darryl Adams is a sought-after keynote speaker and thought leader and is widely known as the Rock & Roll Superintendent. He was listed as one…


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Dr. Susan Edelman and Angela Bole

Top Psychiatrist and CEO share their stories of success. Dr. Susan Edelman is a psychiatrist, an Associate Professor at Stanford, and the author of Be Your Own Brand of Sexy. Edelman believes the enormous pressure…


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TTL 091 | Entrepreneurial Education System

Entrepreneurial Education System, A Change And A Challenge with Cameron Herold and Ryan Foland

The pace of the society of today is proving to be too fast for the school systems to catch up. But this is the same technology that has become the pace maker of society that kids these days are using to get information and knowledge about anything and everything. Two decades ago kids just played video games. There is now learning, interaction and communication. Today, education can come from video games too. But more than this new mode of learning is the online technology that can transform schools into an entrepreneurial education system. Cameron Herold and Ryan Foland understand that this is a huge change and a huge challenge. If done right, it can democratize education and allow students to learn on their own, show what they’ve done, and show how they’ve learned. And when these kids become business experts and entrepreneurs, it will now be about what problem they can solve.

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Terry Cain, Steve Church and Dr. Gabriel Warren

Speakers and educators discuss leadership, education, and business. Terry Cain and Steve Church are co-owners of Pinwheel Partners, where their passion is directed towards helping growing or stagnant


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TTL 089 | Employee Reward System

The Employee Reward System and The Real Estate Progression with Steve Kerr and Stefan Swanepoel

Performance = ability X motivation. Instead of looking for the tiny differences, watch out for what people have in common. When you acknowledge the good things your employees are doing, they become motivated to work and motivation is the best tool for growth. After all the recognition, motivation and growth should become the employee’s reward system. If this is given the right way, it creates feedback which promotes more motivation and then more growth.

Technology is dictating the pace of almost every industry today and real estate moving along with it at a relative speed that isn’t surprising most realtors. This change and innovation is seen more as an opportunity where there are risks and threats in the industry, but when done right, can translate to profit. Will realtors not be needed in the future? No, because while the industry might change, the essence of their task will remain.

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TTL 88 | Profitable Brilliance

Profitable Brilliance: Changing The Business Landscape with Jay Baer and Bruce Rogers

Business owners and entrepreneurs need someone in the frontlines who can answer every question from a customer correctly so they can keep that customer. Founder of Convince and Convert Jay Baer believes that customer service is the new marketing. Responding to reviews and making a habit of it results into a tremendous free marketing research tool that can help companies to do better on the things they know they are bad at. Another way to gain and keep customers is through profitable brilliance. Bruce Rogers defines this as switching from creating ads to creating content that tells a story and can be shared through social media. Bruce explains the evolution and paradigm shift of advertising and ways of optimizing content creation abilities.

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TTL 087 | Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning Creates A Success Mindset with Mike Federle and Naveen Jain

Forbes Media is one of the few companies that successfully transformed from old media to new media. In the heart of this transformation is their contributor network and continuous learning from every single member of the organization. COO and President Mike Federle shares his experiences when he joined Forbes Media and the cool things that happen around it, like the 30 Under 30 List. He also explains why Forbes represents success and business, investing and finance, as well as creation of wealth. And within this success is a mindset that Naveen Jain wants everyone to acquire. For him, every step in business is an opportunity that seems difficult but not impossible. He explains that with this success mindset, believing that tomorrow is going to be better than today changes everything.

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Dina Dwyer-Owens and Hans Finzel

Values, culture, and leadership are the topic of today’s show. Dina Dwyer-Owens is the co-chairwoman of Dwyer Group Board of Directors. America also knows her for participating in CBS’s Emmy-winning hit reality show…


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TTL 085 | Big Thinkers

Big Thinkers of Floating Cities And The Jumpulse Lifestyle with Patri Friedman and Hugh Ching

Can a government evolve the same way Silicon Valley did? The correlation of the two is evident for to Patri Friedman, which is why he is on a path to answer this question. He is building floating cities in the ocean to integrate business perspectives on developing governments. In these floating cities are startup communities that will become startup city states and will run on a new system of governance. Patri shares more about cruise ship technologies and language culture barriers in this seasteading community. Hugh Ching, one of the big thinkers in the world today acquired his knowledge from the collaboration of the old and the new generation of knowledge. As the founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society he encourages people to get back into science. Hugh shares how he invented the Law of Touch and the Jumpulse Lifestyle.

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Dr. Todd Dewett and Phil M. Jones

Authenticity, Leadership, and Sales discussed by two top speakers and authors. Dr. Todd Dewett is the world’s leading authenticity expert. He is a bestselling author at LinkedIn Learning and, a TEDx speaker…


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Dean Niewolny and John Lee Dumas

Top CEO and podcaster share how their careers were impacted by major decisions. Dean Niewolny spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms, where he oversaw a $100mm market…


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Michael Houlihan, Bonnie Harvey, and Lizzi Ackerman

Creators of two of the hottest brands discuss how they became successful. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey are cofounders of Barefoot (now the #1 wine brand in the world). They are…


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Viveka von Rose and Bernie Borges

Top social media and marketing strategy experts join the show today. Viveka von Rosen is the host of the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter and Mashable listed her site as one of the top 10 business blogs. She has the…


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Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences

How do we know how others would like to be treated if we only look at things from our perspective?  Understanding personality and generational preferences is so important because we learn about opposing or differing perspectives.  To improve some of the key challenges in the workplace requires this understanding.  These challenges include poor soft skills, low emotional intelligence, lack of engagement, and a negative culture.  Many articles address how these problem stem from Boomer and Millennial conflict. Continue reading “Improving Workplace Conflict Requires Understanding Preferences”

TTL 080 | Project Forgive

Project Forgive: A Culture Of Change And Authenticity with Dr. Shawne Duperon and Randy Pennington

Seeking for sponsors has never been so easy, thanks to the advent of Facebook and other social media sites. Facebook has even changed the definition of gossip into something positive. Dr. Shawne Duperon used this to her advantage to promote her non-profit non-religious foundation, Project Forgive. With the gossip theory, she was able to gather a huge social following that had an authentic discussion on forgiveness. Randy Pennington is an expert in helping companies build a culture that blows away the competition. Above all this, he believes that change can happen when we give recognition to people the way they want to receive it as opposed to how we prefer to give it. Learn how to solve this lack of engagement in the workplace to increase productivity.

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Jen Groover and Jill Schiefelbein

Two top entrepreneurship experts discuss branding and communication. Jen Groover has been called a “One-Woman Brand”, a “Creativity and Innovation Guru”, a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine…


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Trivinia Barber and Renie Cavallari

Authors and consultants discuss entrepreneurship and changing thinking patterns. Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA — a boutique, virtual assistant firm that got tired of seeing hard-working, big-hearted…


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Joe Lurie and Amanda Blesing

Culture, communication and career experts join today’s show. Joe Lurie is Executive Director Emeritus of the University of California’s Berkeley’s International House. He is a renowned speaker for effective…


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Mark Mills and Brian Massey

Top experts and authors discuss technology and conversion. Mark Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is also a strategic partner in Cottonwood Venture Partners, a digital oilfield venture fund, and writes the…


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TTL 075 | Content Marketing Tactics

Learning Content Marketing Tactics And Strategic Business Growth with Lee Odden and Dan Kuschell

Is content realty the king in this age of information that can be consumed from social media? CEO of Top Rank Marketing Lee Odden believes that the audience is the key to content marketing tactics. You have to understand how your audience will consume the information that you are offering. Lee shares the importance of re-purposing content that leads to consistency and personalization. Dan Kuschell grew up seeing his dad always tinkering with auto parts. This gave him the ability to connect the dots, whether for cars or business. He has built his own company that helps businesses with their strategic growth. Learn the problems that he helps solve for potential business owners and how they can make a better impact and contribution to their industry.

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Jamie Turner and Henry J. Evans

Top authors discuss brands, business, and leadership. Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author and national TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, InterContinental Hotels Group and…


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Jason Forrest and Scott duPont

Sales, Culture, and Movie Production are the topics of today’s Take the Lead. Jason Forrest, CEO and Chief Culture Officer at FPG (Forrest Performance Group). The winner of four international Stevie Awards for his…


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TTL 072 | Neurodegeneration Of America

The Neurodegeneration Of America: A New Mission For Health And Wellness with Dr. Nandi, Dr. Berry and Dr. Spies

For true healing to happen, the mind and the body needs to be connected. Dr. Partha Nandi has been teaching this medical concept to many physicians and patients. He believes that physicians today are really looking more towards their patients and patients have become more empowered with this age of digital technology. Still, there many health issues that remain to be dealt with fully, like the alarming increase of sugar consumption, which Dr. Trevor Berry believes to have led to the neurodegeneration of America. Aside from neurology, Dr. Berry also has a chiropractic background that helps him see the correlation between complementary medicine and the holistic approach. Dr. Roberts Spies deals with the cosmetic reconstruction factor of health and wellness and shares stories of what women wanted to look like in 2000’s versus what women today want.

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Chris Volk and Joe Simonds

Two top leaders discuss their companies’ success, authority, and business models. Chris Volk co-founded and is the President and CEO of Store Capital. He is the creator of the V Formula, a revolutionary equation for…


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Michele Scism and Mitch Bolnick

Entrepreneur and business specialists share their commitment to help others succeed. Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur who loves helping business owners build thriving, leveraged businesses.


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Steve Gallegos and Sally Dooley

Authors, Trainers, Executive Coaches discuss achievement and excellence. Steve Gallegos, “America’s Ambassador on Success,” speaks, trains, and writes on the topic of personal achievement and remarkable living. Steve is…


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Keshelle Davis and Keld Jensen

Two top internationally known experts in business performance discuss success. Keshelle Davis is known for facilitating the fulfillment of people’s dreams through her training programs, coaching, live events, mentorship…


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Kevin O’Nell and Marc Stoiber

Two experts in the area of helping organizations building their business give advice. Kevin O’Nell is an executive, entrepreneur, and product development leader with over 15 years’ experience in market strategy…


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Steve Forbes and Dr. Diane Hamilton

Steve Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. Steve has authored many best-selling books. His latest book is titled Reviving America: How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming the Fed…


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Heather Ann Havenwood and Maura Sweeney

Two top authorities and authors discuss digital marketing and living happily. Heather Ann Havenwood, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on digital marketing, sales coaching, and online publishing…


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Marissa Levin and Maria Ross

Growth and brand strategists share success tips for employee engagement and entrepreneurship. Marissa Levin is a 20-year entrepreneur, speaker, globally recognized growth strategist and Leadership Mindset columnist for…


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Dr. Laura Sicola and Dina Proctor

Leading experts in communication and transformation. Dr. Laura Sicola is a leadership communication expert and the founder of Vocal Impact Productions in Philadelphia, PA. Her mission is to help people master the 3Cs of…


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Sally Helgesen and Joey Price

Top author and speaker and CEO HR Strategist – Sally Helgesen, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and consultant, is ranked by Leadership Gurus as number 15 in its survey of the world’s most influential…


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5 Top TED Talks for Insight on Employee Engagement

Whenever Gallup’s research comes out, it highlights the low levels of employee engagement that continue to burden organizations and cause leaders to scramble to do something about it. If only 33% of the workers are engaged, there are real problems with productivity, turnover, and a host of other factors that cost organizations more than $605 billion a year. As everyone seeks new ways to improve engagement, it may be helpful to look at what we already have learned through some of the best TED Talks. The following five talks give some great insight into what do to improve employee engagement. Continue reading “5 Top TED Talks for Insight on Employee Engagement”

Mark Sanborn and Rocky Romanella

Best-selling author, top speaker, and former head of UPS discuss success, sales, and strategy. Mark Sanborn is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, a top leadership keynote speaker, and an international authority on…


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TTL 060 | Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing: A Systematic Approach To Scale with John Jantsch and Bryan Eisenberg

Marketing is a system that business owners need to improve in order to make things easier, and strategy before tactics needs to be the foundation. John Jantsch has been teaching this concept to his clients at Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Group so they can figure out their ideal customer. He also uses content as the voice of strategy. Learn why his book SEO For Growth doesn’t talk about the technical aspects of SEO but rather the importance of it being in a strategic spot for marketing. Bryan Eisenberg understood the four pillars of being a customer-centered company, which led him to write Be Like Amazon. The book isn’t just about Amazon but how a business can become big in ecommerce.

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Joe Calloway and Anne Loehr

Top speakers and authors share secrets to success. Joe Calloway is a Hall of Fame speaker and best-selling author. He designs and delivers leadership workshops for meetings and retreats for organizations. His books have…


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Scott McKain and Stephen Shapiro

Two of the top speakers and authors discuss sales, marketing, and innovation. Scott McKain is a Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame speaker and best-selling author. His expertise has been quoted multiple times in USA Today…


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Deborah Perry Piscione and Chris Westfall

Two best-selling authors and consultants discuss success, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Deborah Perry Piscione is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, public speaker and…


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Kevin Cojanu and Maria Keckler

Experts discuss virtual internships and improving team performance. Kevin Cojanu is part of a startup at Polestar Experiential Learning. Their virtual internship program enhances learning opportunities while preparing in…


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Dr. Karen Jacobson and Maureen Berkner Boyt

Top authors and strategists share tips on improving performance. Dr. Karen Jacobson, a high-performance strategist, shows high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders how to stay at the top of their game. Dr. Ja…

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Marta Wilson and Peter Livingstone

Top experts discuss leadership, strategies, and investing. Dr. Marta Wilson is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author, industrial-organizational psychologist, and the CEO of Transformation Systems Inc. (TSI), an…

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Jane Ransom and Robert Murray

Expert speakers, trainers, and authors discuss the subconscious and innovation. Jane Ransom is a recognized expert on the subconscious mind, an international trainer & speaker on brain plasticity, and a …

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Larry Winget and Tamara Kleinberg

Two top motivational keynote speakers and best-selling authors discuss business success. Larry Winget is a six-times New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author and a …

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TTL 051 | Context Of Professional Work

Context Of Professional Work And Qualifications Of Leadership with Gerald Chertavian and Jeffrey Hayzlett

The professional world is called as such because of its standards in career readiness and work ethics. Gerald Chertavian teaches young adults from urban areas the context of professional work on their first day at Year Up. Learn how he helps the youth turn from low-income individuals to high-earning professionals. The population of speakers, trainers, coaches and thought leaders are increasing, but do they all possess the qualifications of being one? Jeffrey Hayzlett and C-Suite Network makes sure that they are. They have a TV show that is about the market and not just the business and are focused on why the market is the way it is and learn the leadership lessons that comes along the process.

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Chris Widener and Dion Graham

Keynote presenter and renown actor share success stories. Chris Widener is a leadership and sales expert who has given more than 1,200 presentations to audiences as large as 20,000 people. A seasoned businessman, he has…

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Jonathan Blum and Marc Rudov

Two top authors discuss data, branding, and leadership success. Jonathan Blum is an author and award-winning journalist. He worked with Jim Kramer and is known for his short investor column titled Digital Skeptic.

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Lee Salz and Kevin Sheridan

Two best-selling authors discuss sales management, leadership, and engagement. Lee Salz is a leading sales management strategist and founder of Sales Architects. He is the best-selling author. His latest book is “Hire…

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