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TTL 611 | Chief Evangelist

Life As A Chief Evangelist For Top Tech Companies With Guy Kawasaki

What is it like working with Steve Jobs? Guy Kawasaki is the “guy” who can answer this question firsthand. Guy is presently the Chief Evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. Having worked for Apple, he shares his experience working with the company and its esteemed founder. He also talks about his current experience working with Canva and what the platform is all about. Imparting some concepts from his book called Wise Guy: Lessons […]

TTL 303 | Mindfulness

Building Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness Meditation with Daniel Goleman

Mindfulness has been explored to be a key element in building emotional intelligence which is linked to success. However, in spite of the hype, questions have been raised and potential downside has been pointed out about this practice. Daniel Goleman, PhD, author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, gives a deeper understanding about mindfulness meditation and the important role it plays in order for […]

TTL 131 | Reviving America

Reviving America Through Innovation and Reformation with Steve Forbes

An effective leader is also an innovator. Leaders know and accept that even if they are the smartest person in the room, they will have to face challenges that will come along with their responsibility. Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, knows that leadership is not something that you are born with, but rather something you are born from. Even if you are surrounded by a team who shares your vision, leaders have […]


TTL Marcel Kuhn | Unthinkable Life

A Soul Surfer’s Guide To Living An Unthinkable Life With Marcel Kuhn

Many of us are drowning from stress and overwhelm. If we live this thinkable life, it is time to dive into this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton and her guest today. In this episode, Marcel Kuhn, the Founder of Unthinkable Mastermind, takes us inside his book, Unthinkable: Life Teachings from a Soul Surfer. Marcel emphasizes how humans are designed to flow with the natural current of life and stay afloat from being stuck, uncertain, and […]

TTL Jon Pelson | 5G Domination

China’s Rise To 5G Dominance: How China’s Tech Giants Are Driving Geopolitical Ambitions With Jon Pelson

The growing dominance of China’s tech giants in 5G technology has far-reaching geopolitical consequences. To address this challenge, we need to understand the strategies being used to counter China’s dangerous grip on this critical area of tech. In this episode, Jon Pelson, an expert in the telecom industry, shares his insights in his book, Wireless Wars: China’s Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We’re Fighting Back. He dives into the evolution of the telecom industry, […]

TTL Lesley Hamilton | Travel Nurse

Understanding The Life Of A Travel Nurse With Lesley Hamilton

The height of COVID-19 saw the drastic increase in the demand for hiring a travel nurse. Dr. Diane Hamilton delves into the many aspects of this job with her sister, Lesley Hamilton of Code Green Travelers. She explains how she guides nurses in securing thirteen-week contracts at different hospitals across the country. Lesley talks about the opportunities this job offers, not just in earning money but also in building your resume and immersing yourself in […]

TTL Chris Voss | Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills For Business With Chris Voss

You can’t avoid negotiations in any line of work, especially in business. Whether it’s negotiating a business deal or negotiating your salary, you need to know how it works. You need to know how many questions you need to ask, how to get in their head, and more. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton as she talks to the CEO of The Black Swan Group and the author of Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss. Learn what […]

TTL Tom Peters | Compact Guide To Excellence

Compact Guide To Excellence: Helping Leaders See What Truly Matters With Tom Peters

Tom Peters illuminates this episode with his wisdom by sharing his new book, which was inspired by Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism. Tom, the co-author of Compact Guide to Excellence, shares the guidebook for leaders in the workplace to urge them on what truly matters at work. He gathered all these gems of wisdom over the years, and with the help of Nancye Green, they made the most accessible and captivating way to put out all […]



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