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Imagine tuning into your favorite radio station to find valuable insights that inspire your growth and motivate you to take the lead in both business and in life. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 AM EST, award-winning speaker Diane Hamilton interviews top experts on leadership, sales, marketing, management, engagement, personality, and motivation.

You don't always have the time to read the latest business growth book or invest in personalized consulting. So start with something simple. Turn on the radio and become a listener to the nationally syndicated radio show, "Take the Lead Radio." Dr. Hamilton's show is a consistent, easy way to help you discover how to improve relationships in the workplace—and performance as a result.

The show includes interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, authors, speakers, and other individuals from around the world.

Listen and prepare to be inspired. Soon you'll be taking the lead in your career and personal life.

Looking to Increase Engagement and Productivity in Your Workplace?

Dr. Diane Hamilton offers webinars in employee engagement, soft skills training, and generational conflict.  Not only has she created engagement surveys that can be customizable, but her webinars have been used to train thousands of CEOs.

Discover more about Dr. Hamilton’s webinars.

Diane Hamilton Speaker Preview


How to use emotional intelligence to bring out the best of leaders!

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7 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

What could you do with 40% more time to be productive? That's just what you'll free up if you can stop dealing with workplace conflict. When your employees are engaged, they have an emotional commitment to your organization and its goals. Not only does engagement make for a more productive workplace, but Gallup estimates the cost of disengagement at $550 billion annually in the U.S. Let Dr. Diane Hamilton help you save money, time, and headaches by improving employee engagement.

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