Wrapping Up

As an added bonus for taking this course, I have created an additional free course to help develop curiosity. This includes some of what we learned here in this course, plus additional content that goes into more detail about the value of curiosity. You can access that here: https://drdianehamilton.com/courses/developing-curiosity/

Here is the PDF for you to download and have to access to additional materials: http://bit.ly/2Dpl7GS

Please contact me at diane@drdianehamilton.com with a copy of your certificate that shows you completed the course. You will receive that notification once you take the final assessment here.  Your certificate will be sent to you and will have your name and information for SHRM on it. Once you email me that, I will issue you a discount code that can be applied to receive your 20% discount on assessments.

I hope you enjoyed this training program and thank you for sharing the value of curiosity with others!

Good luck on the assessment!

Dr. Diane Hamilton


You’ve Got This!