Curiosity Strategies: Overcoming Technology

Your Curiosity Strategies:


There are nine sub-factors under this main category of technology.  After taking the Curiosity Code Index, it is important to look at the things we can do to overcome how technology impacts us.


Not Necessary To Know: Computers can do many things for us, but they don’t always work. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs invented their creations because they were taught how to fit things together to create the product. If we don’t understand the underpinnings of technology, we cannot complete the next great thing to make life enjoyable.


Foundation Would Be Required: Some people find technology interesting, but they don’t want to start from the beginning to learn enough to catch up with everyone else. However, the reality is that things change so quickly that everyone is repeatedly starting again in some respects. So it is not necessarily true that we are way behind.

Spending time with someone who has a strong foundation can be very important because having hands-on, one-on-one experience sheds light on things that might be harder to learn from a book by ourselves. In addition, people who embrace technology are often willing to share something they have learned. We need to ask.


Unaware Of Possibilities:  Because we have not had enough technology experience, we likely don’t see its advantages. Part of realizing the possibilities is to read more about some of the new technologies on the market. Asking people who have substantial experience in technology can also be helpful. Consider what you would like to have technology do for you and ask someone if it is possible. It might be something you could suggest as an innovation if it is not.


Not From My Time Frame: Sometimes, people come from a place or a time when technology was unavailable. It is common to feel uncomfortable with something so foreign. The key is not to assume that it is bad or hard because we have not had exposure. Learning the little things first can help us to embrace newer technologies.


Keeps Changing: One thing about technology is that it is constantly changing. Just as we learn to use a program, something new will take its place. It can seem like we are walking on a treadmill. However, if we walk on a treadmill, we continue to move. If we stop, we fall off the treadmill and get nowhere. Part of the joy of technology is embracing the discovery of what is next. It is like a holiday morning when we know we get to open presents—not knowing how the toy works can make it more challenging and rewarding once we master it.


Requires Time and Education: Sometimes, we get behind on learning the latest versions of technology. If you find you have an older version, ask yourself what holds you back? How much more time will it take to learn when it changes again if it is time? Part of the reason technology keeps changing is to introduce new and exciting features. If we do not take the time to learn the latest versions, there is an opportunity cost. The time we think it takes to update is usually exaggerated, and it can often save us time in the long run.


Where To Begin: We can’t all be technological geniuses. However, many problems with computers are things we could easily fix if we just knew how things worked. It might be something as simple as formatting a document that keeps us from being more productive. The good news is that on social media, there are videos to train people how to do just about anything with technology. There is an excellent sense of accomplishment when you can fix that little thing that was slowing you down every day as well.


Critical Thinking Skills: Because technology can seem so foreign to us, we might not consider how any of it works. Imagine the possibilities if we all knew how computers, phones, and other devices operated. Having a sense of wonder can open our minds to how these devices could be used to help us in different ways. If only the high-tech geniuses think about using technology, that removes a lot of great and practical minds out there who might have excellent solutions had they just considered how things work.


Information Overload: With technology comes an abundance of information. We can all feel a sense of information overload. The key is to realize that we don’t have to know how it works in one day or read all the content overnight. We all have the same amount of time each day. We need to look at what we consider overwhelming. What might seem perfectly reasonable to learn in one day for one person might be too much for someone else. It is important not to compare what you can learn to what others can learn. When we do our best, and not someone else’s best, we can be more reasonable in our expectations.