Module Review

This module we looked at some of the benefits of developing curiosity in the workplace.

Curiosity is the spark to improving engagement, innovation and so much more that leads to improved productivity. We will look at how curiosity correlates with different types of intelligence and can help us become more creative.

Next module, we will conclude the course with examining the factors that inhibit our curiosity.

Once we learn what holds us back, we can create an action plan to overcome those issues.

Over to you

Take some time to review and reflect on the material covered in this week. Plus, here’s a simple activity I want you to try.

Next time you are in a meeting, ask a question you wouldn’t normally ask. Try prefacing it with, ‘I am developing my curiosity and hope it is OK to ask a question I normally wouldn’t ask’. This can help diffuse the situation if people feel uncomfortable with the “new you” who asks questions for no apparent reason. If you tell them why, it helps them embrace the change.

Then when you are ready continue your journey on to Module 3. See you there!