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TTL 861 | Workplace Readiness
Ensuring workplace readiness doesn’t just mean having your office spic and span or your technology ready. It also means equipping your employees with the right set of skills to tackle their jobs, and having the right workplace culture to ensure no one becomes disengaged. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down for a lovely conversation with Dr. Andrew Temte, President and Global Head of Corporate Learning at Kaplan Professional. Dr. Temte talks about the
TTL 860 | Content Marketing
As a small business, how do you compete with free content or exclusive content from big companies? All you need to do is to take a step back and look at your strategy, not the execution. Discover your audience and their pain points. Do it in a way that is unique to you. Then market it, your audience isn’t going to magically find your content. There needs to be a plan for your execution. Learn
TTL 859 | Presentation Value
Preparation for any talk or interview is essential to have a smooth flow in your program or show. You have to know how to capture your audience in a way that would still deliver value to them on a specific topic. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton and Jim Fyfe as they delve into delivering talks or speeches in the best ways possible. Jim Fyfe is an actor, writer, producer, director, and now a personal presentation coach.
TTL 858 | Earning Well From Passion
Loving your job is one thing but having the opportunity to earn well with purpose and passion is another. Nicole Roberts Jones is the CEO of NRJ Enterprises, where she helps individuals bankroll their brilliance. Her mission is to help you align your purpose with your paycheck. She breaks down the process in her new book, Find Your FIERCE: Answering Your Soul’s Call to Purpose, Power & Profit, which she discusses in this episode with host Dr. Dianne Hamilton.
TTL 857 | Workplace Efficiency
Workplace efficiency is a goal many companies wish to achieve, and with the proper tools and mindset, that goal can be reached. Join our host, Dr. Diane Hamilton, as she interviews the CEO of Advanced Microcomputing Concepts, Anthony Chiappetta. Tony discusses strategies on reaching peak workplace efficiency using the right tools and mindset and shares his insights on how less is more when it comes to workplace tools and systems. Dr. Hamilton also discusses curiosity
TTL 856 Vanessa Bohns | Influence Others
Some people have more influence on others whether they know it or not. Think about this. When a teacher asks a question, it’s usually the extroverts who answer it. But what if those extroverts just waited a few seconds before answering? This would give time for introverts to think and answer. Learn more about how you can influence others with your host, Dr. Diane Hamilton and her guest Vanessa Bohns. Vanessa is the author of the book, You Have More Influence Than You Think.
TTL 855 Richard Shell | Core Values
Imagine that you’re in a top-notch school and you got a C on a Math test. What are you going to do? Are you going to give up or are you going to learn from it? These are the pressures you will tackle in life and you need to be prepared to face them. One way to face them is with your values and ethics. Learn more about values and conflicts with your host, Dr.
TTL 854 Kevin Perlmutter | Positive Emotional Response
Do you want to stimulate a positive emotional response from your customers? Positive brand experiences make your customers want to experience your services. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest in this episode is Kevin Perlmutter, the founder and Chief Strategist of Limbic Brand Evolution. Kevin discusses with Dr. Diane how certain sounds attract people to your brand. You need three key elements to make it work: awareness, familiarity, and freshness. Tune in and learn how to use positive emotional responses to attract customers and keep them
TTL 853 | Successful Parenthood
It is almost a common theme for working parents to find it hard to be successful at parenthood. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest for this episode will not only tell you that it should be done, but also that it can be done. Daisy Dowling is the founder & CEO of Workparent, the leading training and coaching firm for working parents and their organizations. In this conversation, Daisy discusses some solutions to common parenting. She shares
TTL 852 | Effective Management
Managing a company is no easy feat. But imagine doing that successfully post-retirement and in a foreign country at that. Jay Andres, former CEO of Mai Dubai Water, touches on his experience of managing a business that started with just him and grew into a company of over a thousand employees in six years. In this episode, Dr. Dianne Hamilton chats with Jay about his personal anecdotes on effective management strategies that inspired his book,