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TTL 610 | Interior Design
Interior design modifications are simple and not too expensive, yet can make a significant impact on increasing property value. In this episode, the mastermind of the renowned Beverly Hills Interiors, Ron Dayan, shares some of his personal experiences and stories with regards to interior designing. He also talks about some of his designs on mansions, aircraft, yacht and even the spaceship Enterprise on the set of Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek Next Generation. is an
TTL 609 | Think Like Amazon
Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce businesses around the globe. In this episode, former Amazon executive and the author of Think Like Amazon, John Rossman, provides some strategies and ideas on how to think and win like Amazon. He also shares his thoughts on the impact of perception on how we run our business. The best companies have experimentation as a core competency where they ask and answer decisions using experiments. Chris Goward, an
TTL 608 | Millennials In The Workplace
The Millennials are probably the most elusive bunch to figure out, particularly in the workplace setting. The Millennial Speaker and President of The Center for Employee Retention Clint Pulver help us further understand this generation and figure out how to retain, gauge, and inspire them within the organization. Letting us in on what Millennials actually think through his Undercover Millennial work, he gives us a view on the core needs that allow them to be
TTL 607 | Simplification
Cities and even small towns aim to grow into better places, not just for recognition but for the greater good of its people. Joel Carnes, the President and CEO for the Alliance for Innovation, shares the wonderful tasks that his company is doing for the betterment of communities. It is through innovation that people and nations achieve greatness. With this, Joel dives deeper into the three main approaches to innovation and how they work with
TTL 606 | Gig Economy
Before it was even a thing, Diane Mulcahy created an MBA course on the gig economy at Babson College. Gaining immediate traction, it was named by Forbes as one of the top ten most innovative business school courses in the country. Diane is the author of The Gig Economy, a bestselling book that has been translated into five languages and featured widely in national media. She joins us today to talk about outside-the-box jobs and
TTL 605 | Overcoming Challenges
We are taught to make plans – five, ten, twenty years into the future – but, what if something devastating suddenly happens and we found ourselves totally helpless? In today’s episode, Captain Leslie Smith shows us that we can heal and overcome challenges and that we are never helpless or alone. She started a remarkable career but suddenly developed a blood clot and was admitted for complications resulting from exposure to a chemical agent or
TTL 604 | Purpose Centered Leadership
Having productive citizens as an ROI is one of the best forms of altruism any organization or business leader could aim for. Sharon A. Gill, the Founder of Sharon Gill International, has been transforming poor people into more productive versions of themselves. With her advocacy, she shares how she trains leaders through purpose-centered leadership and explains why she mostly works with and empowers women in her training. Being an expert in diversity and inclusion, Betty
TTL 603 | How Successful Leaders Behave
People love being rewarded, and with software like Jinglz, you can get rewards by simply noticing an ad. Aaron Itzkowitz, the CEO, and Founder of Jinglz has extensive experience in technology management and in growing traditional and start-up businesses to profitability. He shares what his software can bring to companies who are seeking noticeability and talks about what differentiates it from the gamification of advertising. Know more about how other amazing apps like Verus Media
TTL 602 | Innovation And Technology
In this episode, learn some great takeaways from innovation expert, keynote speaker, and futurist Scott Amyx of Amyx Ventures and Michael Yorba, the CEO and Chairman at WFN1 News Corporation. Scott talks about some success myths and shares the reasons why he wrote his book Strive.  He shares the key tips on how he gets people to focus on succeeding and getting things done, especially when dealing with global issues. He also dives into the
TTL 601 | Leadership Lessons
When you want to be a good leader yourself, nothing beats learning from the best. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews former Pac-10 Conference Player of the Year and an NFL quarterback for seven seasons, Tom Flick, on the lessons he learned from the authority on leadership and change, Dr. John Kotter. Tom narrates how he met Dr. Kotter and shares the amazing leadership lessons he learned from him – from differentiating management and leadership through sports