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TTL 660 | The Disruption Mindset
Whether you believe it or not, looking at the world differently can lead to success. Here to talk with Dr. Diane Hamilton about the concept of her book, The Disruption Mindset, is New York Times bestselling author, Charlene Li. Charlene talks about the importance of creating a good leadership culture while embracing the need to thrive on disruption. Teaching business leaders how to think differently is Charlene’s expertise. With her knowledge in the field, she
TTL 659 | Historical Secrets
The world is constantly changing, and it’s partly because of the constant turning of the wheel of change that so much of what actually goes on around us is hidden. The secrets of history can only truly be revealed by those who were there to bear witness. Jack O’Halloran is a former boxer, actor, and now, author of the book Family Legacy. Jack shares some gruesome historical secrets with Dr. Diane Hamilton. Throughout his life
TTL 658 | Confronting Anxiety
Confronting anxiety is something every person has to go through, but it’s very rare that it’s done in a productive way. International speaker and performance coach Alan Mallory speaks to Dr. Diane Hamilton about the subject of anxiety and the many ways it can affect your life. Alan’s story might help you find the root causes of your own anxiety and find ways to deal with it. Cannabis, as a recreational product, has experienced a
TTL 657 | Creating Happy Workplaces
There is no exaggeration when we people say that an unhappy working environment is disruptive. It is not only demotivating to those who work but also creates bad business outcomes. On his quest to help organizations create truly great workplaces is Henry Stewart, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happy Ltd. He sits with host, Diane Hamilton, to share to us how he has been doing that while also giving us the idea of how important happiness
TTL 656 | Organizational Challenges
With many businesses coming out in nearly the same industries, it’s difficult to stand out without embracing the trends no matter how unconventional they seem. This is where Scott Hamilton and Terry Earthwind Nichols come in. Scott Hamilton is President & CEO of the Executive Next Practices Institute and the Managing Director of NextWORKS. In this episode, he talks about how ENPI began and what they do. He discusses the emerging trends and the three
TTL 655 | Education Technology
We live in a modern world of technological advances, the education space being no exception. This is where Jaime Casap comes in. Jamie is the Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. Using the power and potential of the web and technology, he collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation and iteration into education policies and practices. In this episode, Jamie talks about how he started in Google and how that
TTL 654 | Freestyle Soccer Entrepreneur
Your life’s success strongly depends on your perseverance to outgrow your misfortunes and turn them into your fuel to becoming a better person. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton, chats with Danny McGhee, a freestyle soccer entrepreneur and a US Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. Learn from Danny as he shares to you how he is marketing and differentiating freestylers from footballers in the US and UK. The medical industry is also a huge marketing
TTL 653 | Making Innovation Easier
Innovation is key to every company’s growth. How one business succeeds solely depends on how it is run by a leader. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Kaihan Krippendorff about innovation and leadership. Kaihan is a strategy, innovation, and transformational keynote speaker, author, the Senior Advisor at Coplex, and the Founder of Outthinker. Join Kaihan as he talks about how they are making innovation easier for leaders and breaks down INOVATE, sharing how entrepreneurial actions and
TTL 652 | Working As A Community
As individuals, humans are infinitely powerful once their minds are set to it. But working as a community is a whole different ball game because there is so much to consider. Jono Bacon, the Founder of Jono Bacon Consulting, gets down to brass tacks about the importance of finding a way to work as a community, because you get to harness the power of infinity multiplied. Struggling to lead or work with a group beyond
TTL 651 | How Dopamine Affects Behavior
So many things impact our everyday decisions, and behavioral scientists take it upon themselves to have a better understanding of this. Today, Diane Hamilton talks with Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, a professor and vice-chair for clinical affairs at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. With his book, The Molecule of More, he puts the focus on dopamine and how it affects us in terms of love, sex, creativity, and everything