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TTL 731 | Emotional Discipline
Emotional intelligence is vital to understanding other people as well as yourself. It comprises values such as self-esteem, pride, dignity, and the concept of face. Listen in as Maya Hu-Chan discusses the concept of face and how it permeates all levels of social and business interactions. Maya is a globally-recognized keynote speaker and certified coach who concentrates on leadership and business. Learn more as she talks with Dr. Diane Hamilton about the importance of self-worth, identity, and
TTL 730 | Building Trust
Trust is a fickle thing. How do we make sure it is built and incorporated into the company culture? In this episode, Harvard Business School professor Dr. Frances Frei joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to give her insight on this by discussing her TED Talk and using her experience at Harvard of how she and her colleagues made the school more gender-inclusive. Dr. Frei works with companies who are embarking on large-scale change and organizational transformation, including embracing diversity and
TTL 729 | Intentional Integrity
They say that integrity is how you act when no one is watching, but how does that work in a world where everyone’s watching? In this episode, Rob Chesnut joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss his stance on how to intentionally drive integrity and ethics into the culture of a company. Rob is the Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb. He talks about developing a code of ethics and how to recover from committing an ethical misstep. He
TTL 728 | Effective Voice Communicator
There’s a saying that trying times create strong people, and certainly, this pandemic, along with social and political issues all around the world, qualify as trying times. People look for inspiration and goal to focus their commitment on. Chef Andre Rush joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share how each individual can both inspire and commit to improve society. Believing that everything should start with your own mentality, Chef Andre talks about the different fronts he’s
TTL 727 | Inclusivity In Your Team
When was the last time you thought about how inclusive your team is? Championing inclusivity in your team will allow a greater variety of perspectives and insights to be heard and represented in whatever field you’re in, and can help in the great work towards innovation. Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson is a keynote speaker who studies the intersection of leadership and diversity, and is the author of Inclusify. She joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk
TTL 726 | Effective Leader
Across different industries, there are certain qualities that an effective leader must embody in order to bring out the best in the teams they’re working with. Scott Miller serves as the Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey. He sits down with Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about the best qualities of an effective leader. Traditional teaching environments revolve around molding young people to be similar to each other in terms of competencies, but new
TTL 725 | Science Of Aging
The science of aging is certainly a mysterious one. Scientists and experts in the field all agree that there isn’t a “miracle” cure to stop aging completely in its tracks, but at the same time, they are seeking out ways to allow the body to age much more smoothly and gracefully. Dr. S. Jay Olshansky is a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health. Dr. Olshansky and
TTL 724 | Personal Development
As a field of study, personal development is one that’s diverse and varied, but it all comes down to helping another person find their best version within. Douglas Vermeeren is a media personality who’s been recognized as a modern-day Napoleon Hill. He joins Dr. Diane Hamilton for a conversation about the possibilities in personal development. A lot of leadership within a workplace revolves around creating an environment and a culture that empowers people to do
TTL 721 | Better Education
Education is at the root of success. A better education can open up the doors for you to find your way and place in the world—the possibilities are truly infinite. Jack Miller is the founder and former President and CEO of Quill Corporation. He joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss why better education is the key to unlocking success. Learn the benefits of a better educational system through this conversation between Jack and Dr. Diane.  
The way we, as people, perceive adversity plays a big part in overcoming it. This perception can spell the ultimate difference in finding ways to power through, or ultimately giving up. Laura Huang, Ph.D. is a Professor at Harvard Business School. Together with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Laura discusses the different ways people perceive adversity in their lives. Laura and Dr. Diane’s conversation is dynamic and necessary, and you definitely should not miss out!   I’m glad