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TTL 760 | The Leadership Challenge
The world has changed a lot since the classic bestseller, The Leadership Challenge was first published in the early 1980s, but the core principles of good leadership remain essentially the same. Leadership qualities like honesty, credibility and openness to feedback are so evergreen that further research only tends to solidify their truth and relevance. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton as she engages in an amazing discussion with the book’s co-author, Jim Kouzes. Jim brings us up to
TTL 759 | Successful Career
Three main factors contribute to a successful career: competence, attitude, and networking. It is the interplay of these three key components that, when done right, will get you to places in any business. Sharing his wisdom on this with Dr. Diane Hamilton is Dennis Chookaszian, the retired Chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance Companies. Dennis shares some important concepts from his personal philosophies on corporate and personal governance, the “Pick Two” concept, and the “Marble Theory.” He
TTL 758 | COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 has become such a huge problem in the world that the race to find a vaccine against it is one of the most urgent public health challenges. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton on today’s episode is Dr. Jerome Kim, the Director General for the International Vaccine Institute. Dr. Kim is an international expert on the evaluation and development of vaccines. He paints a picture of what’s going on with the development of the COVID-19 vaccine,
TTL 757 | Change
They say that the only constant thing is change. If it happens all around us all the time, then why do people fear change? On today’s podcast, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with the Champion of Change, Jason Feifer. Jason is the Editor-in-Chief of the Entrepreneur magazine and the host of three podcasts – Pessimists Archive, Problem Solvers, and Hush Money. Tune in to this episode to discover why Jason considers change as an opportunity to be embraced
TTL 756 | The Interaction Field
Just as how the world continues to evolve, business values have also come very far. Now, companies don’t create value anymore in the factory; they are now creating values in the network—the platform and digital ecosystems. Taking you into this very interesting topic, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews the founder and CEO of VIVALDI, Erich Joachimsthaler. Through his book, The Interaction Field, he reveals the revolutionary new way for businesses to create shared values with customers and society. He
TTL 755 | Transformative Technology
Technology has a transformative power over the world. Whether it takes us to a place of chaos or to a place of greater wellbeing is up to us. Hidden behind the noise is a small, global pool of forward-thinking innovators who are taking the preliminary steps in harnessing the full power of technology to improve human life. Wellbeing tech curator, Nichol Bradford is one of these people. The CEO and founder of the Willow Group and
TTL 638 | Miracle At The Hudson
Many would agree that one great moment can change your life forever. In today’s special episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews David Sanderson who is one of the passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 who lived to tell the ‘miracle flight on the Hudson.’ Through his book Moments Matter – How One Defining Moment Can Create a Lifetime of Purpose, he shares the first-hand experience of that miraculous moment. He also talks about reaching out to
TTL 754 | Transformative Leadership
In this era of change, leadership has to move away from its association with authoritarianism and into a new paradigm of transformative influence. This is what Walt Rakowich learned from his personal experience of becoming that leader when times are tough. When he became an executive at Prologis in 2008, the global real estate company was on the verge of collapse. Quickly implementing a drastic change in culture Walt orchestrated a dramatic turnaround that brought the company
TTL 753 | Journey To Your Within
We are born in this world with a purpose. However, as we go through this journey called life, we unknowingly put on the blinders that keep us from living the very thing we are meant to do in this world. It is time to rediscover ourselves in this episode as Dr. Diane Hamilton brings to the show Aaron McCormick— entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and the author of Unbounded: Journey to Your Within. With his book, he
TTL 752 | Curiosity Leadership
Innovation comes from brilliant ideas and those ideas come from asking the right questions. How can a company’s leadership foster this kind of curiosity among the people in their organization? In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with a kindred spirit to talk about the role of curiosity in driving innovation, how it can be fostered in corporate organizations and the role of the Chief Learning Officer in all these. Having been an ex-CLO