Certification Course For The Perception Power Index (PPI)

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Welcome to the PPI Certification Training Course!

We are Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Maja Zelihic, authors of the Power of Perception, and we excited to have you join us here.

Before you begin, we wanted to make sure that you all have read the book ‘The Power of Perception’ and that you’ve taken the PPI Assessment.

Perception Power Index Assessment

Once you enter the course, you’ll be given a PDF copy of the book, ‘The Power of Perception’, along with access to the PPI – to help you in your journey to become PPI-Certified.

These will give you the knowledge of everything needed to successfully complete the PPI Certification Course.

It’s important that you have a chance to review the book and have a very good idea of the background of the research behind what we will discuss within the PPI Certification Course.

Thank you, and we’re really looking forward to getting started. Don’t forget to watch the video on this page, to see how everything fits together.

Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Maja Zelihic

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