Employees Leave
Bosses, Not Companies

Dr. Diane Hamilton Helps You Improve Relationships, Which in Turn Improves Engagement

What Does Personality Have to do With Employee Conflict, Engagement, and Loyalty?

Imagine your team is facing a problem. Someone, let’s say Joe, the IT technician, has sent a rather passive-aggressive email about having no time for the office meeting on Thursday.¬†Anxiety fills the air as everyone opens their inboxes, seeing another problem to handle.

Each team member responds from a different perspective.

  • Susan uses her intuition, deciding the meeting isn’t necessary.
  • Paul looks at it logically and suggests postponing it to Monday.
  • Megan believes that the solution lies in more flexibility for the stressed team.
  • Stephen sees a need for a better sense of structure.

No one is right, no one is wrong. They all have valid support for their opinions, yet the team is still stuck with a problem. A meeting needs to happen, but no one can agree on when.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the tools to solve problems like these more easily? To keep your team on the same page, avoid negative feelings, and stop wasting time?

With over three decades of experience researching,¬†writing, teaching, and speaking on emotional intelligence, Dr. Diane Hamilton knows how to apply her soft skill expertise to help your organization improve performance by refining your team’s behaviors.

After all, employees leave bosses, not companies. Engage your employees in working together to solve problems and you’ll increase their loyalty and lower the number of conflicts.

So How Can Communication Keynote Speaker Dr. Diane Hamilton Help?

Dr. Diane Hamilton, Keynote Speaker


With Dr. Diane Hamilton as your keynote speaker, your next event will be interactive and actionable.

Organizations like yours are unique. You want your team to walk away from an event or conference inspired to make immediate changes to their behavior.

You want a speaker who can share real-life examples with your audience and get them to buy into strategies that will actually make a difference in their day-to-day lives inside and outside of the office.

You don’t just want to help them be better employees, you want to help them be better people.

By applying results from personality assessments like the Myer’s-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Emotional Intelligence assessments like the EQ-i,¬†Dr. Hamilton helps individuals and businesses improve their leadership and conflict management skills. She’s the missing piece of the puzzle that will revitalize your workplace culture and communication.

Dr. Diane Hamilton consulting


You can trust business consultant Dr. Diane Hamilton to help improve your team’s communication.

How would you like to source a Ph.D. in Business and experience teaching over 1,000 business-related courses? What about a qualified Myers-Briggs and certified Emotional Intelligence instructor who can diagnose personality issues in your workplace and help you save time otherwise spent on conflict?

Whether it’s¬†through¬†a¬†live presentation, training session, or webinar,¬†Dr. Hamilton will help your organization¬†create an emotionally intelligent, highly productive team.

Think about your team currently. Are they lacking…

  • Communication Skills?
  • Empathy?
  • Trust?
  • Investment?
  • Engagement?
  • Conflict Resolution Skills?

Dr. Hamilton has the in-depth knowledge and real-world experiences to help you improve employee relationships, increase engagement and reduce conflict.