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TTL 888 | Digital Transformations
The internet and technology have wired us all together into a network of data and information. Businesses need to begin their digital transformations if they want to thrive. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton discusses the digital age of business with transformation consultant and author Howard Tiersky. Howard discusses how the rise of the internet changed how businesses operate and then analyzes what businesses need to do to transform and make use of the digital
TTL 887 | Execution System
A disciplined and organized execution system is like a well-oiled machine that will keep your business running. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Don Wenner, founder and CEO of DLP Capital, author, speaker, and expert in scaling business for greater profits. Don proposes that more than external factors, it’s the internal systems and processes that predict business success. In this episode, he explains how building successful business results from building an elite organization. If you want to
TTL 886 | Purposeful Aging
Purpose is not a luxury. It’s fundamental to health, to healing, to happiness, and to fulfillment. This is important in all aspects of life, especially when you grow older. To purposefully age is to have a clear vision in your mind of how you want to age. Don’t live a default life, live a good life. Join your host Dr. Diane Hamilton and her guest Richard Leider as they discuss his new book and the value
TTL 885 | Top School Choice
Everyone dreams of getting into their choice of top schools. This means not just working hard for your stats and grades but also means standing out to admissions officials. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down to talk to Shirag Shemmassian, the Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting. Shirag talks about how he got into the business of helping other students get into top universities. They talk about what you need to do if you want to
TTL 884 | Rebel Leadership
The entire world was put to a stop when the pandemic hit, and the disruption called for a change in terms of how leaders adapt. Larry Robertson’s Rebel Leadership was the answer. Larry is an innovation advisor with his work centered around creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership. In this episode, he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss this innovative framework for how leaders can and should work with their team to overcome unexpected obstacles. He shares
TTL 883 | Business Development
The way business was done in the past is no longer relevant in today’s world. It’s all about employee development and retention these days. Businesses need to stop hiring new people because that takes time and money. Businesses need to start pumping up development with their employees and clients. There is so much untapped purpose in that. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton as she talks to the CEO of Thomas Consulting, Lynn Thomas, about business development during and
Workplace conversations can be the most difficult kind of conversation you have. While we tend to avoid them as much as possible, sometimes, it’s better to get them done. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Roberta Matuson, an expert on maximizing talent and the president of Matuson Consulting. Roberta discusses what makes workplace conversations difficult and tells us why we need them, and how to make things easier. We’ve had so many guests
TTL 881 | Introvert In Sales
Don’t think an introvert can succeed in sales? Today’s guest is here to prove you wrong! Matthew Pollard is the founder of Rapid Growth, a keynote speaker, a bestselling author, and he is also an introvert. His book series, Introvert’s Edge, has been recognized in the industry and even endorsed by Harvard, Princeton, Marshall Goldsmith and more. In this episode, he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to break down what introversion really means and how it impacts
TTL 880 Rob Cross | Collaboration Overload
People have certain triggers that add to their stress in the workplace. People want to collaborate, it’s in their nature. When a friend asks for help or when you’re looking to get promoted. You take on extra work for your friend, for your promotion despite the added stress. Rob Cross is a Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College and he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton in his book, Beyond Collaboration Overload. Understand work collaboration for a
TTL 879 | Abundant Lifestyle
Are you super hungry? In this episode, you’ll discover how to get infinite resources to create an abundant lifestyle. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest today is Jeff Badu, the Founder and CEO of Badu Tax Services, LLC. Jeff shares with Dr. Hamilton how the scarcity mentality can push people to a life of crime and violence. He witnessed it firsthand in his younger years. Today, Jeff is passionate about helping people open up to abundance. He