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TTL Chris Voss | Negotiation Skills
You can’t avoid negotiations in any line of work, especially in business. Whether it’s negotiating a business deal or negotiating your salary, you need to know how it works. You need to know how many questions you need to ask, how to get in their head, and more. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton as she talks to the CEO of The Black Swan Group and the author of Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss. Learn what
TTL Tom Peters | Compact Guide To Excellence
Tom Peters illuminates this episode with his wisdom by sharing his new book, which was inspired by Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism. Tom, the co-author of Compact Guide to Excellence, shares the guidebook for leaders in the workplace to urge them on what truly matters at work. He gathered all these gems of wisdom over the years, and with the help of Nancye Green, they made the most accessible and captivating way to put out all
TTL 911 | Sustainable Business
If you want to achieve smooth cashflow to support your lifestyle for years, give everything you can to build a sustainable business. Dr. Diane Hamilton explores the right way to establish such a venture with Meg Taylor Morrison, a science journalist-turned-professional certified coach and international retreat leader. Meg explains how to achieve holistic business success in doing things slowly, taking a step back, and avoid getting caught up in the raging ideas of the world.
TTL 816 Jeff Bleich | Autonomous Vehicles
Years ago, autonomous vehicles could be thought of as nothing but fiction. As technology advances, more and more people have been cozying up to self-driving cars and their positive impact on the environment. Jeffrey Bleich, the Chief Legal Officer for Cruise, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton in this episode to talk about his work and what we can expect from technology as far as automation goes. He dives into the pros and cons we might encounter before this tech becomes integrated into our daily lives. He
TTL 910 | Inner Core
Beauty comes from within—a phrase we often hear to motivate us when insecurities attack. But there’s more to it than what we often think. In this episode, Hitendra Wadhwa, educator, speaker, and founder of the Mentora Institute, takes us deeper within. He talks about the five core energies and how activating your Inner Core can lead to a life with Purpose, Wisdom, Growth, Love, and Self-Realization. So tune in and get insights on how you