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The Curiosity Code Index Affiliate Program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part.

You’re already someone who understands the immense benefits of unlocking human potential. You embrace excellence as a well-rounded professional, a leader who embraces ongoing learning, and sharing what you learn with others. For that reason, we are excited to bring you the opportunity to share the Curiosity Code Index with others in your sphere of influence!

Why Share The Curiosity Code Index with Your Audience?

The Curiosity Code Index(CCI) will provide an action plan to transform individuals and organizations to help improve areas impacted by curiosity, including innovation, engagement, creativity, and productivity.

By developing curiosity and the ability to communicate without fear of repercussions, second-guessing, or judgmental response, employees can be better aligned and emotionally committed to their jobs, which in turn, can lead to improved productivity.

Just a few reasons to be come an affiliate:

  • Participate for FREE!
  • Get rewarded and make money while you sleep – we pay a generous 20% referral fee on every Curiosity Code Index sold!
  • Add value to your website, social media platform, blog, or article.
  • Be up and running TODAY – after you register, you will receive our “welcome package” email in 5 minutes with everything you need.
  • You can track your earnings in real-time.
  • We take care of everything – charging the credit cards, processing the orders, and providing any customer service necessary.
  • You receive email notification every time someone purchases through you.

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Automatic Tracking…

All you do is simply place a link to a special URL that we provide you to track the orders.

Remember, we don’t recruit or give out personal information to third-parties. This is simply a way for us to reward you for recommending the Curiosity Code Index that you are already telling your friends and associates about.

The Curiosity Code Index is praised by CEO’s as “The ultimate assessment to help individuals and organizations improve engagement, innovation, and productivity”. Our live events help create immediate change and a lasting positive impact. We are highly respected in the business and customer service is of paramount importance to us.

It’s a snap. Just click the button below to apply. The CCI Affiliate Program is free to join so you can enjoy boosting your income without cost or obligation.

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How to Become and Affiliate Member:

  • Simply fill out the on-line application form.
  • Once approved, your Welcome Email will give you step by step instructions to set up your custom URL, how to log in, check your stats and earnings, and more! It will also include step by step instructions on how to set up the links in case you don’t understand everything …and just about anything else you can think of that will make your setup as easy as possible.
  • You then instantly start earning referral fees for all product sales that are generated from the visitors who were referred by your site and who then purchase The Curiosity Code Index.

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