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TTL 805 | Core Values

Failing His Way To The Core Value Equation With Darius Mirshahzadeh

Every company has to have core values – that’s just Business 101. But having core values is not just about having a nice set of lofty words to put up on your lobby. Darius Mirshahzadeh learned that in the most painful way possible as a young entrepreneur. Being born to and raised in a business family didn’t spare Darius from the failures of every beginner’s journey, including the implosion that many in the real estate world suffered in 2008. That humbling experience taught Darius the importance of building a business around core values – this time, real core values that have high utility value. His book, The Core Value Equation, tells his story eloquently along with the lessons he learned from it. Listen in as he discusses with Dr. Diane Hamilton what core values ought to be. You will find the answer to be easy, quite literally this time.

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TTL 804 | Power Moms

Power Moms: Inspiring Stories Of Women Navigating Life And Work With Joann Lublin

Being a woman in the workforce is tough as it is. How much more being a mom while at it? Recognizing the power moms that continue to navigate their work and life, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Joann Lublin, the former management news editor for The Wall Street Journal and the best-selling author of Power Moms. In this episode, they talk about the struggles many women face when entering the workforce and how much it differed then and now. Joann then shared some of the insights from her book where she interviewed 85 executive mothers, revealing how they overcome the challenges with finding the balance between work and family responsibilities. What is more, they also talk about co-parenting, forced paternity, the differences among moms across each generation, and the struggles of being a single mom. Join Diane and Joann’s conversation to find how women are so capable of doing whatever they set their mind to, be it in their personal or professional lives or both.

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TTL 803 | Brain Biohack

Biohack Your Brain: Diet And Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier Life With Dr. Kristen Willeumier

Medications can only do so much and, most of the time, only really alleviate symptoms. To find the long-term healing you need, you have to go straight into the root cause. Dr. Kristen Willeumier, a neuroscientist with expertise in neuroimaging and psychiatric disorders, is all about doing that. With her new book, Biohack Your Brain: How to Boost Cognitive Health, Performance & Power, she details the ways you can balance your brain’s chemicals so our body and mind can function more efficiently. She sits down with Dr. Diane Hamilton to tell us about it, discussing topics from the gut-brain connection and how we can use diet and lifestyle nutritional interventions to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. 

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TTL 802 | Achieving Self Awareness

How Curiosity Plays A Role In Achieving Self-Awareness With Dr. Rebecca Heiss

Understanding oneself is one of the most important keys to growth and success. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay that much attention to achieving self-awareness, which hinders them from attaining bigger things and meaningful people connection. Dr. Diane Hamilton delves into this complicated yet colorful topic with keynote speaker and author, Dr. Rebecca Heiss. Together, they talk about how being curious can get you out of your comfort zone and “bite the lemon,” opening yourself up to feedback, change, and communication. Dr. Rebecca also explains how people can take advantage of her 360 self-awareness application, icueity, when getting into the journey of knowing oneself even deeper and embracing weaknesses at all levels.

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TTL 801 | Builder Personality

Built For Growth: How To Understand Your Builder Personality And Use It To Shape Your Business With Christopher Kuenne

All entrepreneurs, big or small, have specific builder personalities that shape the way they do business and handle their teams. Although there are several ways in which a builder personality can take form, there is no one attribute that defines a successful entrepreneur. Whatever personality you have, there are core strengths that you can maximize to take the win for your business. Serial entrepreneur, educator and author, Christopher Kuenne does a wonderful job in explaining this in Built for Growth, a bestselling book that he co-authored with John Danner. Chris is the former founder and CEO of Rosetta, one of the biggest marketing agencies focused on customer engagement. Since 2014, he has founded and led Rosemark, a platform of interdependent companies focused on cracking the code of personalized customer marketing. Whether you’re interested in Chris’ take on the builder personality or his visionary insights on digital marketing, this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton is going to be a treat for you.

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TTL 800 Dr. Tana M. Session | Workplace Diversity

Modern Workplace: Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion With Dr. Tana M. Session

A modern workplace is designed for diversity, equity, and inclusion of all employees, operating for the ultimate goal of belongingness. Join Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Tana M. Session, Organizational Development Strategist and International Speaker, as they talk about the system of diversity and belongingness in the workplace. Dr. Session shares her insights on the vision of diversity and how companies can ensure to hire the best-qualified candidate for the job. Speaking on the other end, she then offers some tips on how anyone can set themselves up for success when an opportunity presents itself. Dr. Session gives us a peek into her book, Get Your Career Life in Order, which speaks to those who are aspiring for promotion or jumping into a new one. Listen to their conversation and realize where we are in our journey, whether as a company hiring or as someone looking to be hired, and how to move from there.  

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TTL 799 | Creating Culture

Creating An Organizational Culture Of Learners And Innovators With Mary Fedewa

The culture of a company plays a big part in its overall success. This has never been more true with the COVID-19 pandemic we’re in, where, now more than ever, we need team members who are in great relationships with each other, no matter their separation with the current remote work setting. But where do you start building a strong culture in your organization? Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Mary Fedewa to give us the answers. As President, and Chief Operating Officer of STORE Capital, leading the servicing function and guiding staffing and organizational structures, Mary has the wisdom and experience to share with us how she has helped create a learning environment within her organization and how she is maintaining it. She taps into the changes COVID has brought to the working environment and why it is needed to have a culture that supports innovation. Dr. Hamilton then takes the hot seat to take us deeper into the importance of curiosity to avoid status quo thinking—a trait which is particularly helpful in this uncertain time where innovation is most needed and high valued.

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TTL 798 Mark Victor Hansen | The Power Of “Ask”

The Power Of “Ask” With Mark Victor Hansen And Crystal Dwyer Hansen

There is one area of life in which little children constantly outperform most of us – and that is their uncorrupted ability to ask what, when, where, why and how. It’s the greatest tragedy that we lose that ability once we become adults, just when we need it the most. Reconnecting with this primal curiosity can become the greatest transformational tool that you will get to learn (or relearn, in this case). Both prolific and brilliant authors in their own right, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen join forces to bring us a new book that will teach you how to use the power of asking as a bridge from your dreams to your destiny. Co-authoring a book is a unique challenge on its own, even for those of Mark and Crystal’s caliber, but they pulled it off to churn out what may be one of the best personal development texts to come out of 2020. Listen in as they share the three biggest questions you need to ask yourself now and other actionable tidbits of wisdom in this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton. 

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TTL 797 Michael Bunting | Developmental Mindfulness Practice

Embracing The Uncomfortable Through Developmental Mindfulness Practice With Michael Bunting

Mindfulness is commonly associated with calm, quietness, and meditation. But with developmental mindfulness practice, the focus is shifted to embracing negativity and the distressful episodes of life. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to mindfulness coach Michael Bunting to delve into how this specific method can cause personal growth and help avoid being stuck in lower states of maturity that only rely on the comfortable. Michael discusses how this can help turn the attitude of being judgmental into a sense of curiosity, which is more concentrated on making connections than imposing beliefs on others. Furthermore, he explains how this kind of mindfulness practice impacts cultural challenges in business leadership, which helps minimize dishonesty within the workplace. 

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TTL 796 | Mobsters’ Business Practices

Doing Business Like A Mobster With Jerold Zimmerman And Living The Unmuted Life With Rachel Druckenmiller

Business is business, whether you’re doing it as a lawful firm executive or as a big mafia boss. Setting book and movie stereotypes of mobsters aside, there is actually a lot that business owners can learn from their business practices. Join in as Dr. Diane Hamilton draws these pieces of business acumen from Jerold Zimmerman, author of the intriguing book, Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business Practices. You’d be surprised at how the American mafia pretty much anticipated a lot of the business principles that we take for granted and how they outperform the majority of lawful businesses in a lot of ways. Listen in and take in these nuggets of wisdom from an unexpectedly shady source.

You can be great at speaking and be able to engage your audience from hello to the last clap, but when you add singing to the mix, you’re a superstar. Rachel Druckenmiller, makes the best of these two gifts in both her in-person and virtual speaking events. Rachel is the Founder and CEO of UNMUTED, a company that is on a mission to humanize the workplace by helping leaders and teams become more engaged, resilient and compassionate. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been very friendly to the speaking world, and Rachel was not exempted from its repercussions. In this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Rachel shares how she bounced back from the setbacks and continues to give service to her audience virtually. We also get a snapshot of how growing up as the child of two entrepreneurs has shaped her outlook in life and in business.

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