Four Factors of Curiosity
Impacting, Employee Innovation, Engagement & Productivity

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The Curiosity Code White Paper Research from Dr. Diane Hamilton

Unleashing the intellectual Curiosity of Your Workforce

Knowing the factors that hold us back from exploring our natural sense of curiosity is the foundation from which to unleash our imaginations, our innovation, and our effectiveness. Just as organizations discovered the benefits of improving the emotional intelligence and employee engagement of its workers, improving their curiosity has become the next milestone in improving productivity and its positioning in the marketplace, especially in a time where innovation has become a key ingredient to survival.


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“Curiosity is important in all aspects of our lives because it opens us up to our desire to experience things. As we become more curious, we find things that make us happy, energize us, and create new opportunities and experiences at home and at work.

By learning what things inhibit our natural levels of curiosity, we can learn ways to become open to experiencing opportunities.”

Dr. Diane Hamilton