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TTL 131 | Reviving America

Reviving America Through Innovation and Reformation with Steve Forbes

An effective leader is also an innovator. Leaders know and accept that even if they are the smartest person in the room, they will have to face challenges that will come along with their responsibility. Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, knows that leadership is not something that you are born with, but rather something you are born from. Even if you are surrounded by a team who shares your vision, leaders have to learn how to play without a playbook. Steve shares more of his insights about leadership and reformation that can lead to reviving America.

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TTL 100 | Trustworthy Journalism

Trustworthy Journalism And Millenial Entreprenuers with Craig Newmark And Dov Baron

From its beginning until now, Craigslist’s simple design is to grow in small increments that listened to what the people was asking it to do for them. It has become a huge site with its founder Craig Newmark who started the company as a way to reciprocate and participate in the online community. All he knew back then was that he was helping the people that helped him through a simple mailing list. And since he was a programmer, he turned the lists into web pages that had instant publishing. With his business in a good place, Craig is focusing his energy towards trustworthy journalism as well women in tech and voting rights. Learn how he plans to battle media manipulation and information warfare.

It is a rare thing to see a boomer and a millennial collaborating. But this is one rarity that Dov Baron loves because he believes that millennials rock. They have an entrepreneurial mind geared towards innovation at all time. Learn how Dov keeps them loyal and interested to keep working with him.

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TTL 087 | Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning Creates A Success Mindset with Mike Federle and Naveen Jain

Forbes Media is one of the few companies that successfully transformed from old media to new media. In the heart of this transformation is their contributor network and continuous learning from every single member of the organization. COO and President Mike Federle shares his experiences when he joined Forbes Media and the cool things that happen around it, like the 30 Under 30 List. He also explains why Forbes represents success and business, investing and finance, as well as creation of wealth. And within this success is a mindset that Naveen Jain wants everyone to acquire. For him, every step in business is an opportunity that seems difficult but not impossible. He explains that with this success mindset, believing that tomorrow is going to be better than today changes everything.

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