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Was Alexander Hamilton Ever President? Have a Laugh on President’s Day

History was never one of my strongest subjects in school.¬†¬†However, in my youth, I¬†¬†managed to learn¬†one history lesson about why Alexander Hamilton was on the ten dollar bill.¬†Having the last name of Hamilton may have caused my unusual interest.¬† Many assume those on¬†our¬†U.S. currency are all presidents.¬† This is not actually always true.¬† Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin are both on currency and neither one was ever¬†president.¬† The following video is a great bit by Asylum’s Anthony Layser.¬† Have a little laugh today on President’s Day:


True Love: Only 28% Believe It Exists


On Valentine’s Day, it is a time to think about true love.¬† Just the words “true love” bring to mind the scene from the movie Princess Bride where, with his last breath of air,¬†Westley (Cary Elwes) ¬†uttered those precious two words.¬†Are the rest of us convinced that true love exists?¬† ¬†The Pew Research Organization¬†found that about 28% believed in true love.¬† For more information on what their research revealed, check out the following information:

Throughout human history, romantics, poets, balladeers and songwriters have celebrated the idea that there’s just one true love for every living soul. Do everyday Americans agree? Well, 28% do. But 69% do not. Views about one true love do not correlate with marital status or with age. However, men (31%) are a bit more likely than women (26%) to say that every person has only one true love; and Hispanics (47%) and blacks (32%) are more likely than whites (24%) to feel this way. Education matters, too: those with a college degree are only half as likely as those with a high school diploma or less to say everyone has just one true love (19% vs. 37%). Conservatives (32%) are more likely to say this than moderates (24%). Catholics (38%) are more likely than Protestants (30%) or those who are unaffiliated (17%) to say they believe in just one true love. A Pew Research survey posed a follow-up question to the respondents who say they believe in just one true love: “And have your found yours, or not?” Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) say they have. These responses correlate both with age and marriage. Among those who say there’s only one true love for each person, about half of 18- to 29-year-olds say they’ve found theirs (54%), compared with nine-in-ten adults ages 50 and older. Meantime, fully 96% of married adults who believe in only one true love say they’ve found theirs, compared with 61% of all unmarried adults and 79% of cohabiters. Read more

Rumors of Famous People Being Alive or Dead: Is Ken Lay Still Alive?

I teach a lot of ethics courses where we talk about Enron and Ken Lay.  A student recently posted a link in class which I found to be interesting.  If you click on that link, there is a whole website dedicated to those who claim Ken Lay is actually alive. 

There are always rumors about people who have died still being alive.  Here is a list of some of those people:


Andy Kaufman

Elvis Presley

Jim Morrison

Adolf Hitler

Michael Jackson

Last week there was a rumor going around that Bill Cosby died.  He is actually very much alive and well.  For a list of premature obituaries, click here.