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From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

Overcoming Fear is Required for Growth

I talk to many people about what it takes to be successful. Since I focus on the importance of developing curiosity, I often get questioned about whether I have ever had to overcome fear in my quest to learn new things. I think everyone experiences fear. The real question is whether we let it keep us from exploring opportunities. Currently, I am a radio host, speaker, and author. In every job, there is a day one where we must do the job for the very first time. I can remember many of those days well. I thought it might be fun to look back at the first moments (short clips) of recordings from some of the things I did that could have easily intimidated me to the point where I might have let fear overcome my desire to do the thing that ended up helping me grow and develop my curiosity.

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The Top 10 Most Asked Questions Regarding the Curiosity Code Index®?

With the January 28, 2019 launch of the book Cracking the Curiosity Code and the Curiosity Code Index® (CCI) assessment, I have noticed in many of the interviews I have given, there are similar questions that have come up, and I think they are important to address here.

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Chad E. Cooper and Ron Klein

Advisor to C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies advising leadership service, operation, and strategy Chad E. Cooper and the Grandfather of Possibilities creator of the MLS and credit card validity…

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Has a Book Become the New Business Card?

With the advent of self-publishing, realizing the dream of writing a book has become a reality for more people.  Many guests on my nationally-syndicated radio show have been authors. I was fortunate to interview Sharon Lechter recently, and she brought up how a book has become the new business card.  Sharon, of course, is the co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and several best-selling books based on the recently re-energized Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich series.  Sharon is the ultimate example of a successful author.  Most authors do not have Napoleon Hill Foundation behind their work.  However, many have access to sites like Createspace and others to showcase their writing skills. Continue reading “Has a Book Become the New Business Card?”

One Key Word That Impacts Intelligence, Engagement, Sales, Soft Skills, Gamification, and Millennials


There is an emotional component behind most of the things that will make or break employees’ and leaders’ success.  When someone first hears the word emotion, it may suggest emotional intelligence.  Developing emotional intelligence is one important factor that has been demonstrated to lead to success.  However, that is just part of the picture. Continue reading “One Key Word That Impacts Intelligence, Engagement, Sales, Soft Skills, Gamification, and Millennials”