Strategies for Improving Workplace Behavior and Performance

From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 547 | Wall Street

The Truth About Wall Street with Sam Peluso and Smiling Your Way To Success with Steve Rigby

Some of the problems that existed during the time of recession in 2008 and 2009 are being blamed solely on Wall Street. Sam Peluso, an executive at Merrill Lynch and the author of the book Fat Cats… Really?: Observations of a 44-Year Wall Street Executive, speaks up on the reality of Wall Street, including the meltdown and bailouts. Let this Wall Street frontliner show you its highs and lows as he joins us in this telling interview.


Smile is the simplest gesture we can give to someone. Unbeknownst to everybody, it can actually determine whether you’ll be successful or not. Steve Rigby, CEO of New Wings Consulting and the author of S.M.I.L.E: How a People-First Philosophy Creates Extraordinary Sales, talks more about this and the importance of having the right heart and values. He also discusses why his book is a tribute to salespeople and outlines the right approach to sales success.

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TTL 546 | Corporate Women

Empowering Women In The Corporate World with Joan Kuhl and Recognizing The Millennial’s Worth with RJ Singh and Tofe Evans

How do you see women and Millennials building authority in the workplace and changing the business world? In today’s time, technology has advanced the traditional business setup, bringing in more game for these sectors. The question lies whether they are reaching their full potential in the workplace. Joan Kuhl, founder of Why Millennials Matter, dives into the issues on gender roles that happen in the corporate world as she points out the things that hold women back from being achievers. An author, speaker, and champion of women in leadership, Joan gives away tips on how women can score sponsorship and get men as allies.


RJ Singh and Tofe Evans of Nxt Gen Mvmnt highlights how Millennials can start their success story through their “shared wisdom” platform. Intending to pull together all the wisdom and information and sharing with their younger Millennial viewership and listeners, RJ and Tofe dive into the value of understanding the emotional struggles of successful people to elicit their authenticity, thus motivating the youth. As they touch on the issue of substance abuse among Millennials, discover how you can be a part of their platform and how they scale their not-for-profit organization.
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TTL 545 | Initiative

Enabling People To Take Initiative with Joshua Spodek

As much as curiosity breeds creativity, many still struggle in taking the initiative and ownership of their ideas. In the entrepreneurial world, an idea-generating culture is what most aim for. Joshua Spodek, the bestselling author of Leadership Step by Step, helps people to spark ideas that may bring down hegemons in the future, per se. An astrophysicist–turned-new media whiz, Joshua helps people unravel what blocks them from creating ideas and identify their trigger points of fear. As he walks us down the three-part structure of his courses, learn how much perception play in your success as an entrepreneur and find out more about his upcoming book, Initiative.
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TTL 544 | Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion with Tayo Rockson and Helping Executives Create Impact with Tricia Benn

Living in a world that operates with a binary system does not really cut it for the unique differences we have all around. Four-time TEDx speaker, consultant, and writer Tayo Rockson greatly believes in letting people fully understand themselves away from the boxes and the norms set up by society. He is all about diversity and inclusion and authors the book Use Your Difference to Make a Difference. Letting us in on his podcast called As Told by Nomads, Tayo shares the stories from many of the change-makers he has interviewed on topics like validation and being in your zone of genius. He gives insights and techniques on how you can become more self-aware and not be a stranger to yourself.


Growing in business has that added responsibility to help others while also asking some for yourself to sustain the progress you’re making. Helping executives become successful in both those aspects, executive of the C-Suite Network and general manager of Hero Club Tricia Benn introduces her companies that equip executives to face digital disruptions in their business and create an impact by giving back to the communities in which they serve. She also touches on the events and supports they offer, knowing full well how nothing is more costly than working with the wrong person or team.

TTL 543 | Culture Immersion

Culture Immersion Through Virtual Cooking with Jenn Nicken and Helping Couples Facing Chronic Illness with Dr. Jackie Black

When you visit another country, what usually comes first in the to-do list is to try their food. Food culture differs from one country to another, making every experience incomparable. Jenn Nicken, Founder and CEO of The Chef & The Dish, is a genius behind exposing people to other cultures and regions of the world while concocting something delicious. Supported through a network of passionate food lovers around the world, Jenn shares the enormous benefits of cooking. Transporting into people’s kitchens, she shows her cooking prowess through video conferences.


It’s always better to explore different food cultures with your partner. As much as food gives us nourishment and happiness, it’s still essential to check on each other’s well-being. When our partner suffers an illness, our minds wander somewhere else, leading us to stress and distraction. Dr. Jackie Black shares how she deals with couples facing life-threatening and chronic illness. A marriage expert and educator, she gives away tools for people who know somebody going through this dilemma right now need. Discover the recommended programs for couples and be informed about autoimmune diseases as Dr. Black dives into these and more.