Strategies for Improving Workplace Behavior and Performance

From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 571 | Relational Leadership

Practical AI Application with Dr. Abraham Othman and Connecting Through Relational Leadership with David Wood

Specific AI tools have been widely applied in the way computers interface with society and humans over the past several years. It’s easy for people to think that it’s going in a scary direction with what they see in movies like Blade Runner or Minority Report. However, Dr. Abraham Othman, the Chief Data Scientist of RadiusAI, says it’s just our imagination getting ahead of ourselves. He says the reality of technology advancement is that you’re not enabling anything new or scary, but scaling processes that already exist but might not have been cost-effective. Dr. Othman’s research interests involve the practical applications of artificial intelligence, optimization, and computational economics. He talks about their unique work at RadiusAI such as video tracking and how various industries can benefit from such technology.

Mainstream Corporate America is heading more in the direction of relational leadership, a model that focuses on that idea that effective leadership has to do with the leader’s ability to create positive relationships within the organization. High-performance coach David Wood says being relational versus being transactional gets you the results. David coaches high performing entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders, and has built the world’s largest coaching business. As he dives into practicing being relational and revealing and telling the truth, he also introduces the concept of circling and outlines his four-step plan to a regret-free life.
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TTL 570 | The Power Of Acknowledgement

The Power Of Acknowledgement with Judith W. Umlas and Learning From Screwing Up with Kristen Hadeed

There is a massive motivation that flourishes from a simple acknowledgment which you let slip to your colleagues. Likewise, there is a great value that comes from leaders who ensure the success of their employees as they leave and move forward. Judith W. Umlas, the author of The Power of Acknowledgment and Senior Vice President of the International Institute for Learning, Inc., breaks down the five C’s of acknowledgment.  She describes how she was inspired to write her other book, Grateful Leadership, and shares how you can join the Center for Grateful Leadership and the perks that follow.

Success can be defined by how much your employees are enjoying what they do, whether it’s glamorous or not. Kristen Hadeed, the CEO and Founder of Student Maid, unravels the value of making sure employees are empowered when they walk in and out of the door. The author of Permission to Screw Up, she reveals how we can know if failing or screwing up is just enough to teach us something. She also touches on the power of investing in your employees to prep them up for their future, how to overcome fear and more.
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TTL 569 | Choose To Win

Choosing To Win with Tom Ziglar and Achieving Personal And Business Transformation with Kathy Ollerton Krafchow

Following the steps of his popular father, Tom Ziglar, the CEO of Ziglar Inc., shares what it’s like being the son of Zig Ziglar. Tom joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987 and climbed from working in the warehouse to sales, to management, and on to leadership. Carrying on the Ziglar philosophy, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want,” he shares innovations and world-class coaching to thousands of clients who are hungry for inspiration, motivation, and hope. In this episode, Tom defines success, significance and legacy and shares their performance formula of every top performer in any field. He also introduces his book, Choose to Win, and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

Transforming businesses into influential entities is a monumental task, something that Kathy Ollerton Krafchow always finds as a challenge. Kathy is a coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker who is passionate about helping people transform themselves and their businesses. She talks about how she got into consulting with top leaders and doing her work on transformation, as well as how she deals with leaders who have to work with cultural issues in different countries and areas. Kathy outlines her seven steps to accountability, and talks a little bit about the hospital and school she built in Afghanistan for young girls.
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TTL 568 | Personality Measurement

Measuring Personality with Dr. Ron Warren

The core challenges for leaders are rarely a lack of competency, but in using self-management and interpersonal behaviors that are important to leadership. For people in leadership roles, personality and character traits either drive or derail performance in leading teams of talented professionals. Dr. Ronald Warren, a psychologist, and developer of the LMAP 360 personality assessment, talks about the importance of assessment and personality measurement in any organization. Through the LMAP 360,  he has helped many individuals succeed in life and business. Dr. Warren takes a deep dive into personality measurement, covering a lot of subjects along the way such as personality traits, emotional intelligence, cultural differences, and perception. He also shares some insights from his book, Personality at Work, and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

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TTL 567 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development And Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach with Jennifer DiMotta

The eCommerce business doesn’t just mean putting products on a site and selling those products. You’ve got to find the right people. In this day and age, the demand for great digital and eCommerce people is hard. Jennifer DiMotta, the Founder of DiMotta Consulting LLC, developed the DiMotta Method for building an eCommerce business. Jennifer is an entrepreneur and growth leader who’s led successful aggressive growth strategies for several direct to consumer brands and retailers. In this episode, she talks about leadership development, how leaders can be effective at changing the culture, and the benefits of having your own business. She also shares her DIY Methodology to becoming your own leadership coach and touches on emotional intelligence, setting SMART goals, and the biggest issues women face in the workplace.

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TTL 566 | New York Real Estate

New York Real Estate From A Seasoned Broker’s Perspective with Laurance Kaiser IV

New York is by far one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world. New York real estate is without doubt expensive yet worthy. Laurance Kaiser IV, a senior sales executive at Luxury Collection, talks about his experiences as a seasoned real estate broker in the urban jungle of New York. Knowing every nook and cranny of the city’s finest and most practical places, he gives us the inside scoop on what it’s like to work in the New York real estate market for so many decades and shares which properties are best depending on the amenities and nearby establishments you prefer.

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TTL 565 | Leadership Development

Leadership Development: Helping People Become Better Leaders with David Novak

Brands like KFC have become global household names. This kind of success is made possible my leaders who are leading leaders like David Novak. He is the Founder and CEO of oGoLead and the Co-Founder and retired Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands, a fast food company that operates the brands Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, among others. He narrates how he was always into leadership even from a young age. He shares about how he managed to lead Yum! Brands as a global company, spinning off all the way to China. David believes in patterned thinking and shares his tips on how to look for ideas like what they did with Cool Ranch Doritos. He also introduces his book on developing company leaders called Taking People with You and talks about the digital leadership development platform he created to help people become better leaders.

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TTL 564 | Live Audio Broadcast

Live Audio Broadcasts: Democratizing Access To Information with Ayinde Alakoye and The Impact Of Good Ethics In Life and Business with Yonason Goldson

There is a massive amount of fluidity these days because of the cultural diversity that you can witness in live audio broadcasts or television. Such difference is what gives us a wide range of understanding of the ethics of freedom. Ayinde Alakoye, the co-founder and CEO of nēdl, shares the value of allowing people to access any information and democratizing this access. As he walks us through his journey to becoming the CEO of the world’s first keyword search engine for live audio broadcast, discover the difference in the impact between podcasts and radios. Learn how Ayinde monetizes his search engine even if it is a free app to download. Also, catch on how he became the Message Advisor for President Obama.

If the freedom of speech allows any human being to exercise the right to express their opinions by all means, should there be any limitations to what should be aired out in the public or social media? Yonason Goldson, the Director of Ethical Imperatives, talks about being aware of and determining your responsibilities. He teaches professionals how good ethics is good business and the benefits of intellectual diversity. A keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, and community rabbi, Yonason gives an in-depth analogy on why compliance is the enemy of ethics. Likewise, he gives his take on sharing too much of our opinions and our values versus being too sensitive to other people’s reactions to them. As we dive deeper into ethics in politics and business, find out what the “fake it until you make it” mentality is and why you should dodge it.

TTL 563 | White House Chef

White House Chef: Cooking For The President with Martin Mongiello

Life as a White House chef is an adventure in itself. Former White House chef Martin Mongiello his life journey of how he became a White House Chef and what he’s doing now. Martin has worked at the Camp David Resort & Conference Center as a general manager and has cooked for all of the last five US presidents. He goes behind the scenes of what it’s like cooking for some of the most powerful men in the world, sharing what their favorite foods were and the most elaborate requests and things he had to make. He also touches on an upcoming one-hour show he filmed for President’s Day, the honor of being invited into a private Japanese home, and his current role as the CEO of the United States Presidential Culinary Museum.

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TTL 562 | Intentional Energetic Presence

The Intentional Energetic Presence Method with Anese Cavanaugh and Winning The Race: Behind The Scenes Of The Motor Racing Industry with Dr. Peter van Manen

In large organizations, it’s crucial to keep the workforce in good shape to have the best performance possible. Anese Cavanaugh, the creator of the IEP method, started doing work with business leaders and teams in 2003 when she created the Intentional Energetic Presence. The IEP is all about being intentional about the energetic presence you bring to everything you do. Anese dives deeper into IEP and its three components, and touches on her two books, Contagious Culture and Contagious You.

Things are changing and moving very quickly, especially in the motor racing sport. Electronic systems expert Dr. Peter van Manen talks about providing control and data systems for cars in the motor racing world. Peter is a Services Development Consultant for Frazer-Nash. He has become the official supplier of a lot of companies that are in the racing division like Formula One, NASCAR and IndyCar. Peter shows us what goes on behind the scenes in the motor racing world and how its technology has benefited other industries outside the racetrack. He also tackles the subject of data analytics, digital twins, and smart cities.
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