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TTL 786 | Visual Communication

The Art Of Over-Delivering With Kathy Ireland And Communicating Through Visuals With Amy Balliett

Exceeding the expectations of your customers and even your own will always lead to success. And that’s where the art of over-delivering comes in. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Kathy Ireland, the CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland Worldwide, to talk about focusing all of your energy on achieving the best possible results. Kathy shares her success story that started with just a single pair of socks, which eventually grew into a huge global brand. She tells how she managed to widen her connections in the fashion industry, helping her grow as an entrepreneur and even an author.

In today’s age of information overload, keeping your audience engaged in what you have to offer is extremely challenging. It is not simply about the words anymore, but more of enticing combinations of colors and pictures. Dr. Diane Hamilton explores visual communication in marketing with Amy Balliett, the CEO and Founder of Killer Visual Strategies. Amy explains how to develop effective material that can catch your audience’s eyes and attention, handle the five-second first impressions, and harness the power of extremely short videos.

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TTL 785 | Franchise Business

Scaling A Franchise Business With Robert Rosenberg

Adaptation and change are a natural part of our culture and our being. Everywhere you look, the competition, consumer, and technology are changing. As a result, businesses have to create new plans and strategies to change along with them, one of them being a franchise business. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton on today’s podcast is Robert Rosenberg, who served as the Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin’ Donuts from 1963 until 1998. Robert relays the story of how Dunkin’ Donuts started and its longstanding competition with another donut brand. He also shares the four primary functions of a leader, the importance of apprenticeship, the value of a brand and the great benefits franchising provides.

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TTL 784 | Behavioral Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Of Behavior With Friederike Fabritius

Why do people behave the way they do? The answer can be found in the brain. When you understand the brain, you can understand people, not just what they do but why they do it. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton today to share her expertise on the matters of the brain is Friederike Fabritius, a keynote speaker, award-winning author, and neuroscientist trained at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. It’s easy to become frustrated by people who are different from ourselves, but when you know how our brains drive our behaviors, you’ll have more appreciation for other people’s behavior and lead better and happier lives.

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TTL 783 | Human Capital Analytics

Transforming Businesses Through Human Capital Analytics With Dr. Solange Charas

The human capital is often 50% or more of an organization’s operating expense. Being the biggest part of an organization’s expense, it is actually the part that is the most leverageable. As such, the smallest improvements in your human capital return will generate a big impact on bottom-line performance. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton is Dr. Solange Charas, a recognized expert in the area of human capital analytics. Together, they dive into Dr. Charas’ analytics platform and the importance of collecting “big data” in making the right business decisions. They likewise explore innovation, perception, motivation, organizational justice, and the employee-centric business model.

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TTL 782 | Technology For Social Impact

Using Technology To Advance Social Impact With Darian Rodriguez Heyman And Flipping The Script On Human Resources With Laurie Ruettimann

You’ve never seen a business plan without a competitive analysis. It’s ridiculous to think that somebody would run out and start a company without surveying the landscape. That is why it’s fascinating that the whole world of social entrepreneurship or nonprofits lack in this area. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest on today’s podcast is Darian Rodriguez Heyman, a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and an expert in the area of nonprofits. Darian shares how nonprofits can use technology to support and advance their goals around social impact and build the capacity of not one or two groups or leaders but the entire set.

With the growth of the gig economy, the number of people who are full-time employed workers is getting smaller and smaller. However, the majority of the HR world we have right now is built for a workforce that existed years ago. They seem to get a lot of things wrong, and so Laurie Ruettimann sees a need to fix it. Laurie is a former Human Resources leader turned writer, entrepreneur, and speaker. Today, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton in dissecting the need to flip the script on human resources. After all, work isn’t the be-all-end-all. People need to put themselves first so they can take control of their careers.

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TTL 781 | Liberating Masculinity

Liberating Masculinity With Ed Frauenheim And Team Building Secrets With Dr. Charles Redd

Breaking the stigma of traditional masculinity is an aspiring yet challenging endeavor. But by liberating masculinity from the current status quo, men can actually unlock what may be their full potential. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with writer and speaker Ed Frauenheim to talk about how men can do more by setting aside their dominating nature and start embracing emotions and vulnerability. By doing so, men can work alongside others in a much uplifting and rewarding way, resulting in healthier and deeper relationships.

Businesses are created, first and foremost, with a specific goal in mind. However, strategies to keep a productive team are often neglected, making the path to the goal a bit unclear. Dr. Diane Hamilton discusses a few team building secrets with Senior Director of Content at Great Place to Work, Dr. Charles Redd. He talks about how leaders can motivate and influence their employees by sharing various strategies in making them more accountable and curious. He also explains why you need to forge relationships in the workplace to achieve shared successes and stresses the importance of opening up to learning all the time.

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TTL 780 | Cultural Change

A Beginner’s Mindset With Heidi Spirgi And Cultural Change In The Workplace With Scott Peltin

It is often said that something not broken should not be fixed, though that does not always apply to business strategies. If entrepreneurs keep their tactics unchanged for a long time, it will eventually become stale, and that’s where a beginner’s mindset comes into play. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Heidi Spirgi, the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Cornerstone, in discussing how every business setting must always embrace change by thinking like a beginner all over again. She also emphasizes the importance of diversity in the workplace and how the current pandemic pushes everyone to adapt.


If people within a business cannot perform at their best and leaders cannot connect well with their members, nothing will ever get done. Therefore, everyone must have a proper grasp of their skills to cause an effective cultural change. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks with Scott Peltin, the Chief Performance Officer and Cofounder at Tignum, about how leaders can improve their impact within their team, use curiosity for better performance, and reframe mindsets to challenge biases. Scott also explains how understanding cultural change can also be applied to everyday life.

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TTL 779 | Rescaling Revenue

Rescaling Revenue With Kent Billingsley And Redirecting Your Life Proactively With Sean Rosensteel

Growing your business is one thing, and managing your earnings is another. Therefore, you must not keep expanding your business aimlessly and instead start rescaling revenue. Exploring this topic with Dr. Diane Hamilton is Kent Billingsley, the Founder and President of Revenue Growth Company. He explains how to make the most out of your business just by optimizing the resources you currently have. Kent also discusses the importance of keeping a business unique and why entrepreneurs must not depend solely on their products or workforce.


Getting with the flow of life is easy, but doing so may not open many doors to self-growth and improvement. Instead, we need to get on our boat and work our oars by living proactively. Dr. Diane Hamilton is joined by Sean Rosensteel, the Founder of Intentional Living Academy, in discussing how he changed the course of his life after going bankrupt, writing a book, and learning book marketing. Sean also shares his journey as an author, his experiences in the Academy, and avoiding social media distractions.

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TTL 778 | Workplace Well-Being

Understanding Workplace Well-Being With Dr. Nicolas Deuschel

Workplace well-being is always the first to suffer if the leadership doesn’t have proper focus, the team is too diverse, and the company’s goals are a bit unclear. To remedy this, executives and employees must strive together to create solutions that work and last. This is what Dr. Diane Hamilton aims to discover as she goes deep into a working environment’s challenges with professor and expert organizational psychology advisor Dr. Nicolas Deuschel. Together, they dissect mental health issues that often arise in an office setting (and work from home setup due to the pandemic), as well as how to become more adaptable in the workplace. 

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TTL 777 | Modern Learning Strategy

Towards A Modern Learning Strategy With Matt Donovan And Learning Influence Skills With Alex D. Tremble

The Chief Learning Officer role is one of the leadership roles that are most closely-linked to curiosity. With 25 years of experience in leading teams to create innovative solutions in corporate learning through modern learning strategy, Matt Donovan is indubitably the best person for that role at GP Strategies. Matt spoke at the Novartis’ Curiosity Month about the intersection between the shift in the role of the learner and how technology plays a role in it. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton in this conversation, he shares some of his insights and ongoing efforts in the creation of this disruptive force in corporate education. Corporate education is constantly on the move. Matt’s work is perhaps one of the best efforts out there to keep education relevant in the constantly-changing learning environment.

Many public sector employees are very passionate about their mission of serving the American people, but very hesitant when it comes to developing leadership and influence skills. Understandably, many of these unsung heroes prefer not to get political in the fear that it might divert their focus from the mission. However, it is a fact that with better leadership skills, these public servants can set themselves up to better serve the American people. Known as the Federal Career Coach, Alex D. Tremble has spent the past seven years coaching and advising some of the nation’s most senior-level government leaders. Listen in as he shares some interesting details about this line of work with Dr. Diane Hamilton.

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