Strategies for Improving Workplace Behavior and Performance

From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 600 | Individual Behavior Change

Driving Organizational Change Through Individual Behavior Change with Chris Taylor and Understanding Realistic Stress Levels with Penny Zenker

Books offer us so many great ideas that unfortunately remain without implementation. Bridging the gap between the consumption of information and the application of it is Chris Taylor, the Founder and President of Chris shares how his company focuses on individual behavior change as a driver to organizational change. He also talks about the actionable process for improved engagement, productivity, and leader impact.

In line with ideas is the language with which we translate those. Penny Zenker, a TEDx speaker and bestselling author of The Productivity Zone, shares her ideas on neuro-linguistic programming. Teaching on how to decipher a realistic stress level along with the different kinds of distraction, Penny shows the power of being aware of how we think and then learning to shift that.
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TTL 599 | Technology Addiction And Curiosity

Combatting Technology Addiction: Taking Control Of Your Screen Time with Adam Alter

Every day, we are flooded with tech products that are designed to be engaging. To stand out, creators need to make their products more compelling. While that’s a win for creativity and innovation, there’s actually a dark side to it. Adam Alter, New York Times best-selling author and marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, investigates this dark side and shares his discovery on the impact of technology on our health, level of curiosity, and perception of reality. Catch his tips on how you can take control of your screen time before it becomes an addiction so you can spend your time with the things that truly make you happy.
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TTL 598 | Creating Content That Works

Creating Content That Works with James Orsini and Doing LinkedIn Lives with Rhett Power

Genuine content is what works. Being President at The Sasha Group which is a VaynerX company, James Orsini believes that when it comes to standing out, we need to be ourselves and not worry so much about being correct. James works alongside serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and leads The Sasha Group in helping small businesses reach explosive growth potential. Today, he talks about creating content that works, the difference between branding and sales, how to go about finding a COO, and what it takes to be successful as an employee and as a person.

Meeting new people and growing your network is critical to any kind of success. Doing LinkedIn videos real-time helps you do just that. Bestselling author and small business advisor Rhett Power talks about doing LinkedIn Lives and the kind of engagement you’re going to get using it. He also touches on the collaborative coaching and leadership book he’s doing with three other executive coaches.
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TTL 597 | Modern Day Recruitment

Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe

Recruitment may not seem to be an ever-changing process, but in today’s working generation, some aspects have to change. Ira Wolfe is a TEDx Speaker and the President of Success Performance Solutions, a company that provides hiring solutions, employee assessments, as well as hiring and recruitment consulting. In this episode, he talks about his book called Recruiting in the Age of Googlizaton and walks us through how his company works and who they help. As he explains how he came up with his book, Ira moves on to enlighten us about Googlization as well as his TED Talk and DisruptHR experiences. Learn more about modern day recruitment in this exciting discussion. Continue reading “Modern Day Recruitment with Ira S. Wolfe”

TTL 596 | Traded To The Enemy

Traded To The Enemy: A War Story Of Inspiration with Wes Wesselhoeft

It’s one thing to serve your country; it’s another to continue to do so even after your country held you and your family captive. That is the story of retired Lieutenant Colonel, Wes Wesselhoeft who authored his ordeal in his book, Wesselhoeft: Traded to the EnemyAt six years old, Wes was taken to an internment camp and was later on traded with the Nazis for Americans during World War II. Years later, at 21 years old, Wes came back to the United States and signed up in the Air Force for four years. Take inspiration from Wes’ story as he takes us across wars – from Japan to Vietnam – that left him legally blind. Amidst all this, Wes has no bitterness towards America, and he shares why in this story of an American citizen.
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TTL 595 | Social Change Through Students

Uncovering Bravery Through Brave Masters with Jena Rodriguez and The Changemaker Project: Social Change Through Students with AnnaLise Hoopes

Jena Rodriguez, a business and success strategist and the Founder of Brave Masters – a company committed to accelerating visibility, catapulting profits, and unleashing the entrepreneur’s full potential – shares to us what it means to be a Brave Master. As she dives into how you can step into your power and believe in yourself, she also points out the bravest thing you can do and how you can be more successful by taking that leap and overcoming your fears.

The Changemaker Project aims to train students on how to become exemplary and impactful leaders for the global community. Educator, artist, and entrepreneur AnnaLise Hoopes share more about the program as she talks about her interest in education for social change. Learn more about their education project and understand their cause and future plans as well as discover how you can get involved in today’s episode.
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TTL 594 | Reinventing Your Life

Reinventing Your Life with Scott Harrison

We all make mistakes, but what you do in the aftermath is what’s going to make you stand out from the rest. Scott Harrison, the Founder and CEO of Charity Water, talks about the realization that led him to reinvent his life. Scott gets candid about his decade-long lifestyle on the dark side before getting his wake-up call. Having his eyes opened while living in Africa, he started a charity that addresses the need for transparency through a system. Scott’s story of life-reinvention is phenomenal. Even if you can’t go to Africa and dig a well, the invaluable lessons you can glean from this episode may just be the wake-up call you need to live in a more impactful way.  Continue reading “Reinventing Your Life with Scott Harrison”

How to Build C-Suite Connections:  Five Steps to Creating a Show             

I meet many people who want to sell their speaking and consulting services to businesses.  The hard part, for many, is how to reach the decision-makers at the top.  Many try writing books, blogging, speaking for free, holding webinars, creating video content, and a variety of other things to provide value. It all works, to some extent, but I have found the most valuable way for me to network is through interviewing on my show.  The interesting thing is, I initially had and still have no intention of using it for anything other than learning about some very fascinating people.  However, because my show has been so successful, people often ask me how I created it.  Therefore, I would like to share some of the things needed to create a show.

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TTL 593 | Creative Customer Experience

Getting Creative With Customer Experience with Jeff Tobe

Customer experience beyond customer service is the name of the game. It differentiates great brands from the bad ones. However, it depends on how engaged your people are with what they do. “The Guru of Creativity,” professional speaker, and bestselling author Jeff Tobe talks about how identifying your business’ touchpoints and encouraging creativity in the workplace lead to better customer experience for your clients and an increase in your bottom line. Jeff also touches on the value of curiosity and how you can incorporate it into your company culture. Sure, you are busy running your business. Jeff teaches you how to develop the habit of creativity with just an hour a day.
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TTL 592 | Interviewing Celebrities

Interviewing Celebrities with Kara Mayer Robinson

Interviewing celebrities on a regular basis is both a skill and commitment that only a few talented individuals can master. Kara Mayer Robinson is a celebrity interviewer, TV talk show host, and host and producer of the TV and film talent-interview show Really Famous. Kara recounts her experiences interviewing famous celebrities and what content she talks about with them. She shares her secret on how to invite famous people to talk to her, what draws her to put potential guests on her list, and her criteria on accepting guests.
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