Digital Transformations: Creating Trust And Brand Loyalty With Howard Tiersky

TTL 888 | Digital Transformations

Digital Transformations: Creating Trust And Brand Loyalty With Howard Tiersky

The internet and technology have wired us all together into a network of data and information. Businesses need to begin their digital transformations if they want to thrive. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton discusses the digital age of business with transformation consultant and author Howard Tiersky. Howard discusses how the rise of the internet changed how businesses operate and then analyzes what businesses need to do to transform and make use of the digital age. Dr. Hamilton also discusses perception and how it affects our worldview in this brilliant conversation that is sure to be a must-listen.

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From Napkin Drawing To Reality: Incubating Business Ideas With Jared Yellin

How do you take your idea from napkin drawing and turn it to reality? Why you find a business investor, or even better, a business incubator. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down for an interview with Jared Yellin, co-founder of 10X Incubator and SYNDUIT. Jared discusses his start conceptualizing and developing a product that didn’t exactly go as planned, and what he learned from the experience. Jared talks abut founding SYNDUIT, and his partnership with Grant Cardone that gave birth to 10X Incubators. He also gives advice for entrepreneurs with an idea. An episode you need to listen to if you are developing a product and want to know how to get it off the ground.
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TTL 801 | Builder Personality

Built For Growth: How To Understand Your Builder Personality And Use It To Shape Your Business With Christopher Kuenne

All entrepreneurs, big or small, have specific builder personalities that shape the way they do business and handle their teams. Although there are several ways in which a builder personality can take form, there is no one attribute that defines a successful entrepreneur. Whatever personality you have, there are core strengths that you can maximize to take the win for your business. Serial entrepreneur, educator and author, Christopher Kuenne does a wonderful job in explaining this in Built for Growth, a bestselling book that he co-authored with John Danner. Chris is the former founder and CEO of Rosetta, one of the biggest marketing agencies focused on customer engagement. Since 2014, he has founded and led Rosemark, a platform of interdependent companies focused on cracking the code of personalized customer marketing. Whether you’re interested in Chris’ take on the builder personality or his visionary insights on digital marketing, this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton is going to be a treat for you.

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TTL 697 | Innovation Stack

Entrepreneurship, Risk-Taking, And The Innovation Stack With Jim McKelvey

What is an innovation stack, and how does it help startups break free from the dominance of established market players? Dr. Diane Hamilton tackles this topic with today’s guest, Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of Square, a startup that enables small merchants to accept credit card payments on their mobile phones. Jim describes how Square miraculously survived an attack by Amazon by simply carrying on with what they are already doing. In his book, The Innovation Stack, Jim looks for historical precedents of the peculiar situation that Square found itself in, and found a rare pattern that these startups share: a list of innovations that made their businesses unique and eventually enabled them to dominate the market. Listen as Jim harks back to the historical meaning of the word “entrepreneur” and encourages us to do things that have not been done before. As a bonus, he also gives us a glimpse of how his newest startup, Invisibly, is developing innovations in micropayments in relation to web content.
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TTL 668 | Experiencing Failure

Experiencing Failure With Professor Francis Greene And Evaluating Learned Habits With Joan Sotkin

Experiencing failure, unfortunately, is one of the most natural parts of any venture, especially business. But what you choose to do with that experience of failure – whether you recover or you continue to sink—is completely up to you. Professor Francis Greene, the Chair of Entrepreneurship at the University of Edinburgh Business School, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss how one should go about the aftermath of experiencing failure in their ventures.
Decision-making, whether we realize it or not, is driven by habitual thoughts and feelings learned in childhood. Joan Sotkin, the author of The Search for Connection: A Spiritual Journey to Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about how deeply these habits impact one’s life in the present. Seek out these habits, and make a change, if need be.

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TTL 545 | Initiative

Enabling People To Take Initiative with Joshua Spodek

As much as curiosity breeds creativity, many still struggle in taking the initiative and ownership of their ideas. In the entrepreneurial world, an idea-generating culture is what most aim for. Joshua Spodek, the bestselling author of Leadership Step by Step, helps people to spark ideas that may bring down hegemons in the future, per se. An astrophysicist–turned-new media whiz, Joshua helps people unravel what blocks them from creating ideas and identify their trigger points of fear. As he walks us down the three-part structure of his courses, learn how much perception play in your success as an entrepreneur and find out more about his upcoming book, Initiative.
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Building Credibility From The Inside Out with Rob Jolles and Understanding Entrepreneurship with Tom Duening

Salespersons always want to get their word out. Author and sought-after speaker Rob Jolles says words are important, but they’re a bit overrated. He says we need to focus on some other pieces of communication because it’s not what we say, but how and why we’re saying it. Rob talks about selling, the ethical impacts of persuasion and influence, and how you can build credibility from the inside out.


Having been an entrepreneur since starting his first business while in graduate school in 1984, Tom Duening has been teaching entrepreneurship for many years, a responsibility he takes very seriously. He says you have to be ultimately responsible as an educator to nudge people into this very challenging career path because it’s a hard path and it’s not for everybody. Tom speaks on the subject of entrepreneurial thinking, hiring people, and balancing an open mindset with critical thinking.
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Entrepreneur Startup Terminology


Entrepreneurs have created their own vocabulary.  The Wall Street Journal recently posted some important terms that every startup professional should know: Continue reading “Entrepreneur Startup Terminology”

Famous Entrepreneurs Provide Inspiration

There are plenty of examples of entrepreneurs who failed before they became successful.  Some of them even explain that failure has taught them their most valuable lessons.  While this may be true, many prospective entrepreneurs fear failure.  One way to avoid problems is to learn from those who have experienced negative issues and still managed to succeed. recently published the article 10 Inspirational Leaders Who Turned Around Their Companies.  In this article, author Stephanie Vozza explained, “From Apple’s Steve Jobs’ demanding personality to Marvel’s Isaac Perlmutter’s frugal methods, these sometimes-controversial CEOs weren’t always popular with employees, but they earned the respect of shareholders.”

For some unusual entrepreneurial examples, check out the VentureVillage article The Top Ten Startup Founder Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Follow.  These entrepreneurs offer a different perspective and update their blogs on a regular basis.

For more information for how to be a successful entrepreneur check out:

Top Business and Career Trends for 2013


Potential entrepreneurs often look for the next big idea.  With changing technology, it is important to have foresight.  It is not always necessary to be the first company to offer a product or idea.  Facebook is an excellent example of this. Sometimes an idea can be improved upon or tweaked.

Once an entrepreneur comes up with an idea, they must create a feasibility study.  After creating a viable plan, there are some unique ways entrepreneurs may obtain financing.  Crowdfunding and microlending are just one of the latest trends.  Check out the Top 7 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Obtain Funding.

Some experts have tried to predict the next big areas for innovation. There are even sites like Trendhunter that offer trend reports to help with predictions. For those interested in getting ahead of the game, check out some of the top articles on business and career trends for 2013:

  1. Top 4 Career Trends for 2013
  2. Consumer Trends for 2013
  3. Top HR Trends for 2013
  4. 2013 Trend Customers Will Be In Your Face
  5. Mobile Payments Trends for 2013
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  7. 2013 Trends Affecting Businesses
  8. Biggest Trends in Business 2013
  9. Lean Start-Ups and Connected Economy Trends 2013
  10. 5 Business Trends to Ignore in 2013

The last article is an interesting one, because sometimes people look at trends as positive things.  That may not always be true.  An important point was made in that article.  Bringing value to customers should be a primary goal.

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