Top 3 Reasons Why Facebook Friends Desert You

Top 3 Reasons Why Facebook Friends Desert You

In an article from, a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado at Denver Business School decided to find out precisely why someone gets defriended on Facebook.

Christopher Sibona’s conclusions, having asked 1,500 people why they might reject someone in their social network .  . .

No. 1 reason why someone is ousted as a Facebook friend is frequent, unimportant postings.

No. 2 reason, according to this study, is offering comment on polarizing topics such as politics or religion.

No. 3 reason for being defriended on Facebook is, according to the study, “inappropriate posts, such as crude or racist comments.”

Sibona’s study also revealed that 57 percent of respondents defriended someone for their online behavior, while only 26.9 percent used offline behavior as an excuse for their fickleness. His conclusion was this: “There is a lot more nuance in the offline friendship world. You don’t have to go up to someone and ask them to be your friend. That’s not the case online. It can be awkward.”

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