20 Signs You Are Ready for a Job or Career Change

Many people stay in jobs that dislike or are not a good fit for them for fear of change.  You may be experiencing some warning signs that are trying to tell you that you may need to rethink your career choices. For more information about this and other career-related topics, check out my book How to Reinvent Your Career, click here.

For now  … Ask yourself if any of these sound familiar . . . if they do, you may be ready for a change:

1.               You dread Mondays

2.               You’re tired of your routine

3.               Everything is a countdown until your vacation

4.               You need a pep talk to go to work

5.               Other people ask you why you keep doing  the job you have if you hate it

6.               You feel you’re missing out on family time

7.               You’ve been passed over more than once for a promotion

8.               You’re not the same person you were when you took the job, due to a major life change

9.               Your industry is suffering

10.             Your health is suffering from stress

11.             You’re not making the money you need to survive

12.             Your job lacks security

13.             You’ve always wanted to work for yourself

14.             The future of your job position or industry is not positive

15.             You lack passion for what you’re doing

16.             There’s an opportunity that didn’t exist in the past that interests you

17.             Your current job is boring

18.             You have a new manager and they’re not what you’d hoped they would be

19.             Your benefits have been cut

20.             You feel unappreciated

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