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TTL 711 | Transformational Storytelling

Transformational Storytelling With Mikki Williams And Delivering The Right Stories Through Media With Justin Breen

How does one become a professional speaker? Dr. Diane Hamilton chats with Mikki Williams on the show to talk about her road to becoming a Hall of Fame keynote speaker. Mikki is also an author, executive speech coach, a TEDx speaker, radio and TV personality, and transformational storyteller. She shares how she helps her clients structure their speeches and gives some advice on content delivery.

What kind of stories do people want to hear these days? Dr. Diane Hamilton talks with the Founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications, Justin Breen, to answer this question. Justin is a visionary entrepreneur, strategic coach, and the bestselling author of Epic Business. He explains how he and his team work together in setting individuals and companies up to be noticed by a bigger audience. He also talks about how to create a good story and the kind of stories people would respond to.

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TTL 710 | Photographic Safaris

The Photographic Safari World With Tom Lithgow

In an effort to get closer to nature and the being inhabiting it, more and more people are now going all-out and attending photographic safaris. These outdoor experiences have so much to offer, not just in the way of offering intimate encounters with endemic wildlife, but with providing an all-around great experience. Tom Lithgow is the owner of Firelight Safaris Tanzania. Tom joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about the growth boom of photographic safaris. These safaris are a significant step forward from hunting safaris and are surely worth learning more about.

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TTL 709 | Leading From The Future

Leading From The Future With Mark W. Johnson And What It Takes To Be In Business With Suzanne Evans

What is common among visionaries is that they are willing to look beyond the horizon and start with a clear vision of the future. Leading from the future entails breaking free from cognitive biases, starting with the end in mind and walking back. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton in this episode is Mark W. Johnson, the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Innosight, a strategy and innovation consulting firm and the leading authority on disruptive innovation and corporate transformation. Mark shares some nuggets from his best-selling book, specifically on future-back thinking and leading from the future. For Mark, future-back thinking puts entrepreneurs in a better position to deal with a post-COVID-19 world and any other crisis that may come in the future.

What does it take to be successful in business? Suzanne Evans of Driven Inc. joins Dr. Diane Hamilton and gives her candid take on the things entrepreneurs need to do to succeed. To Suzanne, it is important for people to realize that business is not for everybody. It requires drive, persistence, risk tolerance, and many other qualities that do not come naturally to many people. Suzanne’s insights on business model development are an interesting subject for entrepreneurs out there who want to grow their business.

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TTL 708 | Group Identities

Group Identities And What’s Going On In The Brain With Jay Van Bavel

When making decisions, do you rely on your group, your partner, or the opinions of others to do so? Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Jay Van Bavel, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neural Science with an affiliation at the Stern School of Business in Management and Organizations at New York University. He is also an award-winning researcher in the area of group identities, moral values, and political beliefs. Understanding how genetics, the environment, or nature versus nurture play a role in our behaviors, Jay explains how our world view and political views are affected by these factors. Join Dr. Diane and Jay’s conversation as they tackle issues like vaccination, the Republicans versus Democrats, how people work together, how to get them to work together, and so much more!

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TTL 707 | Improving Teamwork

Improving Teamwork With Tony Llewellyn And Working Effectively Into The Future With Michelle Hayward

How should teams work within a company? On today’s show, Tony Llewellyn joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share his expertise in working with teams. Tony is a Team Development Director at ResoLex and a specialist in large project teams. He shares some useful examples of how groups should and should not work. He also discusses the differences in how Baby Boomers and the Millennials deal with leadership roles. Learn more about improving teamwork as Dr. Diane and Tony tackle the concepts of collaboration, reflective learning, and assumptions necessary for team leadership.

Effectively working with different people from different cultures across the globe is a challenge, especially today. Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Michelle Hayward, the CEO of the award-winning, innovative brand and growth consultancy called Bluedog Design. Michelle explains how it is to work with different cultures globally with the current pandemic. She also shares some tips on how leaders can change the culture of their companies to build more curiosity and success.

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TTL 706 | Momentum

How Momentum Affects Society And The Economy With Mike Berland

Our typical understanding of momentum stems back from a scientific standpoint. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest, Mike Berland, explains how there is more to this quantifiable motion than meets the eye. Mike is the Founder and CEO of Decode_M, a research and analytics firm that decodes data into momentum for its clients. In this discussion, he ties his knowledge and ideas with the COVID-19 crisis and links momentum to business and politics, noting how organizations and leaders are driving their brands and communities with their own versions of transformation. Dive deeper into momentum and how it ties to curiosity and so much more in this insightful conversation.

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TTL 705 | Automated External Defibrillator

HeartSafe: Saving Lives With AEDs With Donna Detwiler And Leading Teams And The Bounce-Back Ability With Cornell Thomas

When someone falls to the ground while having a heart attack, dialing 911 or emergency services can be your initial reaction. However, this can take a while and a patient’s survival rate decreases. In this episode, Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Donna Detwiler, the CEO and Co-Founder of HeartSafe Services, Inc., a nationwide provider of services, devices and technology to improve sudden cardiac arrest survival rates. With easily accessible AEDs or automated external defibrillators, anyone can save lives and help make hearts beat again. Learn more about cardiac arrest, heart attack, and what HeartSafe Services is doing to promote their tech in this conversation with Donna.

A great leader learns from his mistakes to make better and more successful decisions. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews professional conversationalist, author, and social entrepreneur Cornell Thomas on the show. Cornell has authored several books, including The Book of Cornellism’s, which is a fresh reminder of all the good that’s out there. He talks about leadership and using the bounce-back ability to getting back on our feet to reach our goals.

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TTL 704 | Developing More Curiosity

The Triumph Of The Curious With Tom Peters

In a world powered by information, it is the people who are curious who truly hold the power. Allowing yourself the time to develop more curiosity to learn more and inspect the world around you is the gift you should be giving yourself, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Tom Peters is the co-author of the bestselling book, In Search of Excellence. With Dr. Diane Hamilton, Tom illustrates why having more curiosity is key to thriving in the world and attaining the success you want to achieve. If you’re ready to set your mind towards your personal search for excellence, there’s no better place to start than this engaging dialogue between Dr. Diane and Tom.

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TTL 703 | Well-Founded Reputation

Benchmarking Success: Ensuring A Well-Founded Reputation With Ken Goldman

Ken Goldman is the president of Hillspire, LLC, a family office responsible for financial and administrative functions, along with real estate, aviation, and maritime activities. In this episode, Ken joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about ensuring a well-founded reputation and getting out there to network and become relevant. Get to know Ken a bit more and the principles he learned throughout the years as he shares about his time at Yahoo! and setting up the family office he is currently running. Diane and Ken also discuss the global health issue and its economic impacts from Ken’s perspective as a CFO. Ken further dives into the importance of benchmarking for success and why you should look to leverage this for yourself and your business.

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TTL 702 | High Performing Team

The Art Of Winning As A High Performing Team With Mike Robbins

To be a part of a high performing team, you must first become a high performing individual. In this episode, author and thought leader, Mike Robbins, explains the importance of team dynamics and creating an environment that provides psychological safety. Learn the foundations that make a winning team and start applying it to yourself and your business for a shot at success. Mike stresses the difference between your role and your job and gives the details of why one is more important than the other. He further shares the correct approach when it comes to feedback, which is asking for it as opposed to waiting. Understand the difference and benefits you gain when you follow this simple step and more as you take a deep dive into this insightful conversation.

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