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From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 561 | Formula For Success

Redefining Influence with Stacy Hanke and The Formula For Success with Bill Morris

Influence is a big word in many respects. We hear it a lot in social media and we know its importance when it comes to leadership. Stacey Hanke, author and the CEO of Stacey Hanke, Inc., explores influence and introduces her book, Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday. She shows us how leaders can develop influence successfully through practical and immediate how-tos and how to build the level of confidence needed for it.

Ever since the beginning of man’s existence, people have been in search of the formula for success. Bill Morris, speaker, author, and a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, shares insights from his book, The Formula for Success. Bill shares his own formula for success and talks about setting goals, getting motivated, and why he thinks only 5% of people are successful.
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TTL 560 | Cracking Complexity

Cracking Complexity with David Komlos and Creating Passionate Innovations with Christian Erfurt

Solving problems has never been more comfortable if you have the perfect solution that would crack every trial. David Komlos, the CEO of Syntegrity and author of Cracking Complexity, reveals the breakthrough formula that would quickly eliminate the roadblocks in business, entertainment, and society. Learn the difference between complex and complicated challenges and the only way to deal with multidimensional problems at pace and at scale. On top of that, find out about David’s N*N-1 one component and iteration.

People have health adversities that limit them from operating in their full potential. Christian Erfurt was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen, but that did not stop him from doing his passion which is innovation. CEO of Be My Eye, a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call, Christian tells us about his user-driven innovation and how they were able to attract investors and gather people all over the world for a cause.
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TTL 559 | Money EQ

Money EQ: Maximizing Your Return On Life And Money with John Christianson and Reigniting Startups with Craig Hall

Money is an essential part of having the freedom and the choices to live life fully. John Christianson, an author and the Founder CEO of Highland Private Wealth Management, talks about money and our emotions when it comes to it. According to John, you can be super successful financially but be disabled or challenged emotionally which lead to decisions that aren’t in your best interest. John dives deep into the concept of money EQ and how assessing our emotional relationship with money can help us. He walks us through a path of financial literacy by connecting us to the meaning and purpose of what success looks like.

Big companies have lots of capital in some regions of the country. However, one of the problems in rural areas is having very little money and lack of access to capital to start a new business. Author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Craig Hall talks about his recent book called Boom: Bridging the Opportunity Gap to Reignite Startups, revealing the challenges that most entrepreneurs encounter and the possible solutions to them.
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TTL 558 | Networking

Friend Of A Friend: Understanding Networking with David Burkus

When we talk about networking, a lot of people think it is about a weird cocktail party where you’re desperate to make sales. When you have that kind of mindset, you can’t grow, expand, and improve your network. Keynote speaker, networking expert, and bestselling author David Burkus talks about his book, Friend of a Friend . . .: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career. David redefines our understanding of networking and reveals the secrets to getting good connections, serving that network, and creating value for it, carefully reminding us that people are not assets to be acquired and that strengthening our whole network will benefit us in the long run.

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TTL 557 | Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight: Making The Subconscious Conscious with Pranav Yadav

Neuro-Insight, a neuromarketing and neuro analytics company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications, pioneers the link between brain activity and consumer behavior, making the subconscious conscious. They help their clients optimize a particular message to showcase and to have maximum impact in the market. Pranav Yadav, the CEO of Neuro-Insight US, takes a deep dive into what their company does in the field of advertising and marketing. Pranav shares the importance of their invented technology in the research process and how lighting up the brain reveals the emotional process of your personal interests.

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TTL 556 | Making Things Happen

Making Things Happen with Steve Sims

People, especially those who have much money to spare, can make uncanny requests. However, even the craziest can be done by simply making things happen. Steve Sims, the CEO and Founder of Bluefish, shares his insights into the art of making things happen for other people. He narrates how he transformed himself from a club worker to an entrepreneur who makes dreams come true. He talks about his cheapest but worthiest client wherein he encountered the influential keyword – impact – which led him to realize the importance of family and friends versus money. Getting to know what people really want and how to understand their requests and make them happen are some of the interesting things he shares in his book, Bluefishing.

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TTL 555 | Mindfulness

The Value Of Mindfulness with Gary Douglas and Leadership Through Storytelling with Angela Moonan

Mindfulness is about being present and aware of something. It is where people create their judgments of what they will and will not have. Most people call it searching for the right answer. However, Gary Douglas says sometimes it’s very challenging for people to see the value of it. Gary is a bestselling author and Founder of Access Consciousness. He shares his wisdom about mindfulness and highlights the importance of being aware of everything by asking questions which could improve our lives.

One way of communicating is through storytelling where we share stories and pass on some knowledge and values. Angela Moonan says we can be a compelling storyteller through great leadership. Angela is an executive coach and corporate storyteller. She dives deep into storytelling in a corporate set-up and shares how she’s helping her clients convey their vision and align them with their story to create an impact that they desire in the world. As Angela shares the importance of connecting to our life story in the professional workspace, she walks us through how storytelling shapes people’s experiences and creates this incredible journey for them.

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TTL 554 | Achieving Success

Achieving Success Through Hard Work with Camilita Nuttall

Experiencing hardships can give you the motivation to pursue your dreams and goals and succeed in life. Camilita Nuttall, an international speaker and the Founder of Event of Champions®, shares her journey to success while inspiring us to find every possible way to achieve it ourselves. Camilita walks us through her humble beginnings that drove her to work hard and achieve all that she has right now. She gives the seven steps on how to improve sales, build brands, and build businesses to create the life of your dreams and live like a champion.

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TTL 553 | Advancing Wellness

Advancing Wellness In The Workforce with Mari Ryan and Handling A Big Family with LaChelle Adkins

People always place high regard in the pursuit of their wellness. However, when we think of wellness, sometimes we only limit that to our physical well-being. Mari Ryan, speaker, author, and CEO and Founder of AdvancingWellness, gives her insight about how there is more to wellness than what meets the eye. According to Mari, wellness is also about how we manage our healthcare costs and how that links to our behavior, lifestyle, and chronic conditions. Mari shows how we can measure and manage well-being using different approaches, especially in the workforce.

Caring for a child needs a lot of focus and attention, but how can you handle and care if you have fifteen children? America’s Supermom LaChelle Adkins, life coach at Protocol Group Inc., shares the journey of having a big family. She speaks about the importance of encouraging people with a large family size with something positive, especially in seeing them together and supporting each other. As she gives us a glimpse of her downward spiral with depression and how she was able to overcome that, LaChelle shares some wisdom from her experience of being an only child to becoming a fantastic supermom.
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TTL 552 | Coaching

Coaching and Developing Organizations with Joshua Miller

Coaching has become a more complex job mainly because of how technology has changed the way people perceive and interact. Bestselling author Joshua Miller talks about his journey as a coach and how he realized how much technology has held back people from being curious. He recalled how falling on the street of New York changed his life for the better and how he was influenced to be a coach through the mishap. He also talked about his experience in preparing for a Ted Talk and coming up with the assumption topic. Joshua also discusses his book and highlights diversity and inclusion and how relevant they are to the world of coaching.

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