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The Power of Perception in Organizations

As leaders strive to improve their corporate cultures, they often neglect to recognize a pivotal contributor to the success or failure of their organizations. The most effective leaders understand the value of perception. When we hear that word, we might think of an Internet meme of whether we see the blue or gold dress. Or, we might envision a picture with two circles that fool us into thinking they are different sizes. However, perception is much more than just how we see things. If we incorporate our intellect (IQ), emotions (EQ), culture (CQ), and curiosity (CQ2), we get our perception quotient (PQ). Through understanding the value of perception, leaders can tap into their employees’ abilities to improve communication and develop awareness by asking questions, which leads to developing empathy and interpersonal skills. Without recognizing the interconnection of these crucial components, organizations can miss opportunities to improve partnerships, expand into new markets, build innovation, and become a key player in a global economy. Because of this, there has never been a more critical time to develop our perceptual awareness. That begins with understanding the process.

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TTL 665 | Job Personality

How Your Personality Correlates With Your Occupation With Professor Paul X. McCarthy

Would you believe that your personality, even your social media one, can have an impact on your career? This is what Professor Paul X. McCarthy and his team sought to prove when they created Ribit. Professor McCarthy theorizes that a student’s personality would impact the job they would eventually get after graduating. He is an author, speaker, and technology consultant based in Australia. His book, Online Gravity: The Unseen Force Driving the Way You Live, Earn and Learn, is about the nature of the new rules of economics that stemmed from his personal experience and observation. In this episode, he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss one of the new rules of economics wherein competition leads to global oligopoly. He also shares about the study he did about the correlation between one’s personality and his job, where he found that more often than not, people who have similar personalities tend to gravitate towards similar careers. Take a look at your coworkers. Do you notice if you share the same personalities?
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TTL 664 | Path To Success

Redefining Your Path To Success With Garrett Gunderson

The path to success is different for all of the most successful people in the world, depending on their backgrounds and their industries. But their stories have a lot more in common than you might think. Together with Dr. Diane Hamilton, acclaimed “financial genius” and author, Garrett Gunderson, gets into the commonalities that run through the stories of the world’s most successful. The paths forged by the people that have come before might just be the blueprint to your success – or at least the inspiration. Make sure to give yourself this chance to come into success! Continue reading “Redefining Your Path To Success With Garrett Gunderson”

TTL 663 | Being An Innovator

Being An Innovator With Professor Roger Martin

Naturally, being an innovator is something that highly desired in whatever field you’re in, but innovation is not something you can just attain without doing the right work to get to that point. Being an innovator requires you to be able to work well while keeping in mind both the past and the possible future you’ve envisioned from the data you’re observing. Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor, and is currently the #1 ranked management thinker in the world. Roger speaks to Diane Hamilton about how one can come across innovation in the things they do. The world needs more innovators, and you might just be the next one!
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TTL 662 | Digital Marketing Success

Achieving Digital Marketing Success With Chris Patterson

Helping people to get to where they want to be in their life is what today’s guest has always been doing. Dr. Diane Hamilton shares the mic with Chris Patterson, a podcast host, inspirational speaker, and the CEO of Interchanges and Live Large Coaching. A digital marketing expert, he shares what he has learned from his unusual background to reach his huge level of success. He talks about how Zig Ziglar became his mental fitness coach and how Zig gave him the opportunity to be who he is today. Don’t miss this episode to discover the three stage of life that should be scrupulously pursued and some tips to help you become successful.
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TTL 661 | Getting Out Of Debt

Finding Your Purpose With Jacynth Ivey And Getting Out Of Debt With Less Stress With Simone Milasas

Finding your purpose may be hard. However, when you know how to empathize without conforming to how others emote or feel, you will be able to gain your true life’s worth. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton chats with Jacynth Ivey, a multi-award-winning transformational leader, coach, author, mentor and sought-after inspirational speaker, about her work in helping people build empathy and gain more insight towards finding their purpose.

So many people get into debt and yet they keep piling it up. Today, Dr. Diane Hamilton talks to Simone Milasas, the Founder of Joy of Business and a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and the author Getting Out of Debt Joyfully. Simone mentors entrepreneurs across the world to create greater wealth and happiness. She shares some ways people can untie themselves from the webs of debt in a less stressful manner.
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TTL 660 | The Disruption Mindset

The Disruption Mindset With Charlene Li And Succeeding Through Creative Marketing With Helene Godin

Whether you believe it or not, looking at the world differently can lead to success. Here to talk with Dr. Diane Hamilton about the concept of her book, The Disruption Mindset, is New York Times bestselling author, Charlene Li. Charlene talks about the importance of creating a good leadership culture while embracing the need to thrive on disruption. Teaching business leaders how to think differently is Charlene’s expertise. With her knowledge in the field, she shares how to have promising professional relationships with clients and employees and what opportunities are there for women on board.

Helene Godin is known for selling Audible to Amazon and building New York City’s top gluten-free bakery chain. In this episode, Helene talks with Dr. Diane Hamilton about how she’s standing out in the pastry industry by building By the Way Bakery, an old-fashioned bakery where everything is made by hand, from scratch, in small batches. Learn how she does it and how her creativity is continually enthralling consumers.
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TTL 659 | Historical Secrets

Family Legacy: Histories Hidden From View With Jack O’Halloran

The world is constantly changing, and it’s partly because of the constant turning of the wheel of change that so much of what actually goes on around us is hidden. The secrets of history can only truly be revealed by those who were there to bear witness. Jack O’Halloran is a former boxer, actor, and now, author of the book Family Legacy. Jack shares some gruesome historical secrets with Dr. Diane Hamilton. Throughout his life and career, Jack has witnessed a great amount of events that you will not want to miss out on.
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TTL 658 | Confronting Anxiety

Confronting Your Anxieties With Alan Mallory And California Cannabis With Micah Anderson

Confronting anxiety is something every person has to go through, but it’s very rare that it’s done in a productive way. International speaker and performance coach Alan Mallory speaks to Dr. Diane Hamilton about the subject of anxiety and the many ways it can affect your life. Alan’s story might help you find the root causes of your own anxiety and find ways to deal with it.

Cannabis, as a recreational product, has experienced a boom thanks to new legislation lifting restrictions on it, especially in California. Micah Anderson of LEEF Organics joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to talk about navigating this new legislation to make sure the product gets out. It’s a “Rubik’s Cube” of an industry to work through, but the payoff is amazing.
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TTL 657 | Creating Happy Workplaces

Creating Happy Workplaces With Henry Stewart And The Power Of Persistence In Success With Milos Kovac

There is no exaggeration when we people say that an unhappy working environment is disruptive. It is not only demotivating to those who work but also creates bad business outcomes. On his quest to help organizations create truly great workplaces is Henry Stewart, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happy Ltd. He sits with host, Diane Hamilton, to share to us how he has been doing that while also giving us the idea of how important happiness is in an organization and where the role of the manager fits into that.

Also with Diane is Milos Kovac, an Innovation, Curiosity, and Human Potential Coach. In this episode, Milos shares powerful stories of real-life breakthrough and persistence moments. While life can sometimes be difficult and unpredictable, it is also very generous to those who push through. Milos imparts with us the beauty of persisting along with being curious and innovative through his books, Break Through and P.U.S.H. 
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