Strategies for Improving Workplace Behavior and Performance

From Leadership Expert Dr. Diane Hamilton

TTL 437 | Irrational Behavior

Understanding People’s Irrational Behavior with Eric Bailey

The way you see the world may be different from how other people do. Sometimes, it takes stepping back to see things more clearly. This is what Eric Balley believes in. With a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from Saint Louis University, Eric is the president of Bailey Strategic Innovation Group, a successful communication consulting firm in the USA. For Eric, it’s essential that we start asking people why they are so passionate about their argument more than trying to validate or invalidate their opinion, and try to understand why they care so much. He dives into the importance of having empathy and putting yourself in other people’s shoes and talks about how to deal with people with irrational behavior properly.

TTL 436 | Litterati

Creating A Little-Free World Through Litterati with Jeff Kirschner and Innovation As A System with Doug Hall

When Jeff Kirschner’s daughter saw a plastic tub of cat litter in the woods, little did he realize that it would be the spark for creating Litterati, a global community working to create a litter-free planet. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Litterati. He talks about crowdsource-cleaning the planet one piece of litter at a time and goes through the process of creating the app and how it has empowered communities to take action.

Dubbed as one of America’s top innovation experts by Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, CNBC, CIO Magazine, and the CBC, is Doug Hall – an inventor, researcher, educator, and craft whiskey maker. Doug is the founder of the Eureka! Ranch, Innovation Engineering Institute, and Brain Brew Custom Whiskey. He talks about innovation and why it should be approached at as a system, as well as the key things that make people come up with meaningful, unique ideas.

TTL 435 | Deep Listening

Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli and Scaling Your Business with Allison Maslan

Deep listening is five-dimensional. It’s a way to think about listening in color rather than just listening in black and white. Oscar Trimboli, former Marketing Director at Vodafone and Microsoft, is someone who knows the power of being a deep listener in business and in life. He talks about the value of listening to what’s not said, exploring consistently and deliberately, and how our senses impact our perception of what we hear and understand.


All businesses want to scale, but in reality, entrepreneurs are afraid of risks that they end up doing nothing. Allison Maslan, an author and the CEO of Pinnacle Global Network, guides you in taking that step forward as she shares how scaling is about looking at your business in a very creative way, taking down the misconception that it’s about growing fast. Allison’s book, Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar, teaches helpful strategies for people to scale their company.
TTL 434 | Productive Conflict

The Positive Impact Of Having Conflict with Dr. Liane Davey And How To Work Stronger with Pete Leibman

Productive conflict is a type of conflict where the issue that comes to the table is resolved. It moves your organization forward and is productive for your team. Dr. Liane Davey is the New York Times bestselling author of You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done, a book where entrepreneurs and employees can get insights as she educates about productive conflict and conflict debt. Liane joins us for an in-depth discussion about productive conflict, as well as how cultural and personality differences can affect your definition of respect. You’ll also get to learn about the Valentine’s Day effect and how it is relevant in your working environment.


Should you work smarter or stronger? Pete Leibman is a consultant, speaker, and bestselling author who has been featured on Fox News, CBS Radio, and In an interesting conversation, he emphasizes why working stronger is better than working smarter. Sharing some tips on how you can manage your daily tasks, he points out why never-ending to-do lists can lead to stress.
TTL 433 | CRM Systems

Becoming A Leader with Laleh Hancock and Designing Sales Strategies Through CRM Systems with George Brontén

Leaders that lead differently inspire others to be themselves in their leadership abilities. Life and communication coach Laleh Hancock shares some insights about leadership, giving up control over your staff, the importance of handling your finances, and how curiosity is a critical and direct link to improving motivation and communication-based issues that challenge organizations. She also explains why having long-term vision is a must for every company. Laleh is a management and professional services consultant and facilitator of Wealth Creators Anonymous, a special program by Access Consciousness.


George Brontén, a life-long entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Membrain, the Sales Enablement CRM that makes it easy to execute your sales strategy, dives into the assumption most people have about sales. In an insightful talk, he discusses the right and wrong ways commissions are being implemented by companies. He explains why caring for the buyers and putting them at the center of everything is the key to a successful business. George also explores how CRM can help any sales personnel become more efficient and successful in their field.
TTL 432 | Art Of Connection

Deepening Relationships Through The Art Of Connection with Michael Gelb

In this digital era, many people are more focused on connecting with their gadgets rather than interacting with another human. Long before the age of the cell phone, survey after survey listed communication as the number one problem in corporate culture. Michael Gelb, bestselling author and the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking, says that the missing link in this problem of forgetting to build rapport with other people is in building relationships. His book, The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now, teaches us how to think creatively and develop innovative cultures in the workplace to deepen our relationships and transform our lives; because at the end of the day, what matters is how we connect with other people more than anything else.

TTL 431 | Late Bloomer

The Case For Late Bloomers with Rich Karlgaard

Many people believe that if kids don’t bloom early, they’re not going to bloom at all. However, neuroscience and psychology say the opposite, claiming that there are many decades in our lives where our true capabilities are yet to unfold. Rich Karlgaard – author, publisher, and futurist at Forbes Media – says that we put so much pressure as a society on kids, teenagers, and young adults to achieve early and big that if you’re not competitive enough, you may not succeed later in life. His book, Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement, explores being a late bloomer dominated in a society with high SAT scores and early success. Challenge what many believe as you learn how late bloomers can make it their edge to succeed and find happiness in life.
TTL 330 | Authenticity

Leading With Authenticity with Todd Dewett and Learning How To Sell with Phil M. Jones

Even with many years of study about leadership at hand, many are still struggling with understanding how people crave connection and purpose altogether. The relationship between leaders and their team is formed better if authenticity is found. Todd Dewett – the world’s leading authenticity expert, best-selling author, consultant, and professor – talks about why this is true and should be applied. He gives great leadership advice on showing our true selves to others and recommends tools to help improve engagement and make people genuinely productive.


Phil M. Jones, a truly self-made sales performance legend, speaker, and author, talks about selling and knowing how to get what you want by asking. Taking the higher approach, he talks about the importance of using the right words and allowing people to see through your sincerity in having their best interest at heart. In his book, Magic Words, Phil inspires people to action and lays down the questions that are important to ask as well as what makes a good salesperson.
TTL 329 | Video Conferencing

Bringing Back Video Conferencing with Lew Jaffe and Why Troublemaking Just Might Work with Mark Modesti

Businesses are all the same because it’s all about building relationships. Lew Jaffe, the Godfather of Video Conferencing, considers this to be true. One such way to continue to build those relationships is through video conferencing. Lew is an entrepreneur, a former high-tech CEO, a college professor, and a philanthropist. He joins us to talk about how he got started in creating over $1 billion in shareholder value, as well as dive deep into video conferencing, gaining and retaining customers, the fear of change, and what he thinks is the most important question to ask anybody.


A lot of people talk themselves out of things because they’re afraid to cause trouble or make things worse.  Professional troublemaker Mark Modesti puts out an argument for trouble and why he thinks stirring up trouble isn’t such a bad thing. Mark is the co-founder of PlatformCreator and a recent winner of the altMBA Walker Award. He shares his insights on troublemaking, what’s like to be in Seth Godin’s altMBA workshop, developing a platform, and what he’s doing now with PlatformCreator and his work with colleges.
TTL 328 | Curiosity

The Power Of The Curious with Zander Lurie

If we’ve learned anything in this current political, entertainment environment, and social media environment, it’s that the people’s voices need to be heard. The best thing you can do is to ask other human beings for their opinions, especially in business. This is what Zander Lurie, CEO of SurveyMonkey, believes.  SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular free online survey tool. Zander says people who ask for that rich sentiment data and opinion data are those that launch the best products and marketing campaigns. Zander shares his background and goes deep into their company’s mission and culture, as well as how they’ve created a curious workplace and collected a diverse number of people in their leadership team and board of directors, including Serena Williams. On the side, Diane also talks a little bit about the CCI or the Curiosity Code Index.