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TTL 824 Dr. Jason Selk | Relentless Solution-Focused Mindset

Relentless Solution-Focused Mindset: The Perks Of Being Mentally Tough With Dr. Jason Selk

Statistics show that people with a Relentless Solution-Focused (RFS) mindset are significantly happier, healthier, and more successful. But what does it mean to have an RFS mindset? Today’s guest is Dr. Jason Selk, a mental toughness expert and the best-selling author of Relentless Solution Focus: Train Your Mind to Conquer Stress, Pressure, and Underperformance. In this conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Dr. Jason advises you to focus on things you did well rather than things you did wrong. Why? Because focusing on the negative causes the brain to release cortisol, which makes you feel horrible and prevents you from functioning at a high level. Do you want to learn more about becoming mentally tough? Listen in! 

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TTL 823 Michelle Seiler Tucker | Mergers And Acquisitions

The 6Ps Of Mergers And Acquisitions With Michelle Seiler Tucker And The Story Behind The Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series With Sharon Lechter

Do you know that you have to think about your exit strategy from day one of starting or buying your business? Dr. Diane Hamilton‘s guest is Michelle Seiler Tucker, a 20-year veteran in the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) industry. Many business owners think of selling their business when it’s going on a downward spiral. But who will buy a failing business? In this episode, Michelle explains why the best time to sell your business is when it’s in its prime. You have to figure out what your endgame is and start from there. What’s more, Michelle shares with you the 6Pthat you need to know to make sure your business is sellable: people, product, process, proprietary, patrons, and profit. If you want to make your business sellable from day one, then this episode is for you! 


Chances are you’ve heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, because who hasn’t? Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest is Sharon Lechter, the co-author of the hugely impactful book with the legendary Robert Kiyosaki. In this episode, Sharon shares her journey of writing the book and how it evolved into a whole series targeted at different age groups. Sharon says that there are three things you need to pay attention to as an author: your book, your platform, and your ability to communicate. With the technology we have today, authors have tremendous opportunities to succeed. Join in the conversation to learn valuable insights on how you can be a successful author like Sharon! 

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TTL 822 Ken D. Foster | Having Courage

Having Courage And Stepping Into The Unknown With Ken D. Foster

Do you need a boost of courage to overcome your fears? Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest todayKen D. Foster, the host of the Syndicated Radio Showdiscusses why you need to have courage and how you can get more of it. Ken explains that we use courage in all areas of our life because it is the soul’s fuel. Courage bridges the gap from failure to success, from depression to joy, and from lack of business revenue to a profitable business. If you want to know practical tips on growing your courage, this episode is for you. Join in the conversation and discover how knowing yourself and sharpening your connection to your intuition are key factors for you to have more courage.  

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TTL 821 Jeff Wald | Start-Up Companies

The Future Of Start-Up Companies With Jeff Wald And Building Relationships With Sabrina Carrington

Building start-up companies is always an admirable endeavor. Though it opens a lot of doors to various opportunities, it also poses different business challenges. Joining Dr. Diane Hamilton is speaker and author Jeff Wald to discuss the right way for such companies to innovate, adapt, and scale amid the struggles of the modern world. He also dissects the major takeaways of his book, The End of Jobs, which dismantles the most common conclusions and predictions about the future of work. Jeff also touches upon the pros and cons of relying on technology, the importance of data structures, and the power of a workplace culture centered on empowering people. 


Sabrina Espere Carrington has proved many times over through her work that a life coach touches everyone in unique ways. But everything always boils down to building relationships. She joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share her work that transcends the impact of nutrition on emotional value, the importance of seeking the most effective mentorship, and finding the right motivation in every venture. Sabrina also talks about the evolution of dating in this time of the pandemic, emphasizing the best way to navigate dating websites and online interactions, which might be full of red flags. 

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TTL 820 | Leadership Lessons

The Most Relevant Leadership Lessons For Today With Tom Peters

As the pandemic continues to separate us from one another, today’s leadership lessons are focused on human connection more than ever. If we can have a better grasp of where everyone is coming from, honing those new batches of leaders equipped with the most relevant skills is possible. Dr. Diane Hamilton returns with author Tom Peters to talk about the importance of empathy and leadership perception in every work setting more than the professional skillset, which leads to a much healthier working culture and community. He also talks about how communication adjusts in the virtual setting, how it will cope with the challenges of the future, and the difference between men and women in conversing and level of interaction.

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TTL 819 | Get Published

How To Get Published, Speak, And Go Beyond With Pam Perry

The world of content creation has always been a competitive industry. From speakers to writers and everyone in between that is publishing, it can be tough to stand out and get your message across to those who need it. This episode’s guest, Pam Perry, is all about helping mentors, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs build a platform. As a PR guru, award-winning communications professional, and publisher of Speakers Magazine, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to tell us all kinds of tips on how to become published, be an author and speaker, and go beyond. She talks about the struggles many speakers face in this time of pandemic and the alternative ways they can get booked. Pam also shares her take on the difference between publicity, positioning, and branding and then breaks down the things we should and should not do in terms of marketing. Get yourself out there to the right people and share your message as Pam guides you with more insights and tips in this conversation.

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TTL 818 | Curiosity Results

Curiosity Results In Greater Leadership Outcomes With Shannon Minifie

Have you ever stopped and thought about how important curiosity is to your life and your organization? Do you know that curiosity results in more creative solutions, greater leadership outcomes, and better engagement? Dr. Shannon Minifie, the CEO at Box of Crayons, explains why curiosity-led organizations are more resilient and successful than those who are advice-driven. The key is to slow down the rush of action and stay curious longer. If you feel a sense of stagnation and complacency within yourself and your organization, then this episode is for you. Tune in and be curious about why you think the way you do!

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TTL 817 Dr. Dian Griesel | Live Agelessly

Live Agelessly With Dr. Dian Griesel

Are you 50 years old, and you feel that life is setting on you? That is far from the truth because you can choose to live agelessly! Dr. Diane Hamilton’s guest today is Dr. Dian Griesel, the Founder and President of Dian Griesel International (DGI) and Silver Disobedience. Dr. Dian explains that you have to take responsibility for your life, own it, and be who you want to be, regardless of age. There’s no time in your life that you can’t live the life you’ve always wanted to live! All you need is a clear goal and the determination to pursue it. Dr. Dian herself is in her 60’s, and she’s still rocking her online presence through her various social media platforms! Who said baby boomers couldn’t learn how to use technology? Join in the conversation and be inspired to live agelessly!

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TTL 816 Jeff Bleich | Autonomous Vehicles

A Sneak Peek At The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles With Jeffrey Bleich And Innovating The Measurement Of Pain With Marko Höynälä

Years ago, autonomous vehicles could be thought of as nothing but fiction. As technology advances, more and more people have been cozying up to self-driving cars and their positive impact on the environment. Jeffrey Bleich, the Chief Legal Officer for Cruise, joins Dr. Diane Hamilton in this episode to talk about his work and what we can expect from technology as far as automation goes. He dives into the pros and cons we might encounter before this tech becomes integrated into our daily lives. He also shares some solutions and strategies that can be implemented in order to secure our privacy while still enjoying the many benefits of this technology. 


The winner of three innovation competitions, the author of six patents, and serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of industry experienceMarko Höynälä invented the three game-changing IoT products: SkiiotCmicro, and Kipuwex. A natural-born innovator, Marko is making a difference in the world by helping people and solving problems. Today, he sits down with Dr. Diane Hamilton to share his journey into becoming the CEO of Kipuwex as well as what got him interested in the health-related field, particularly in pain measurement.  

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TTL 815 Hon. Henry F. De Sio, Jr. | Making Change Global

The Changemaker Playbook: Making Change Global With The Hon. Henry F. De Sio, Jr.

Known as the global ambassador for changemakersthe Honorable Henry De Sio, Jr. is a leadership advisor, campaign strategistand keynote speaker who was the 2008 Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Serving as Deputy Assistant to the President in the Obama White House, he became intimately acquainted with a new emerging pattern of societal change. On today’s show, he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to share how he has since followed his campaign-driven passion for hope and change to make changemaking a global phenomenon. He also talks about his workservant leadershipand what inspired him to write the Changemaker Playbook. 

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