David Mead and Craig Weiss

Igniter author from Simon Sinek. Inc. and founder of company that creates a device to allow you to control your dreams are today’s guests. David Mead is igniter at Smon Sinek, Inc. Along with Simon Sinek and Peter Doc…



About David Mead

David Mead is Igniter at Simon Sinek, Inc. Along with Simon Sinek and Peter Docker, David co-authored the book Find Your Why, which is designed to help individuals and teams find and articulate their Why in an inspiring and meaningful way. He believes in a world in which a vast majority of people wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe while they’re there, and go home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work they do. His role in making that world a reality is to propel people forward so they can make their mark on the world. When people are engaged in work and activities that make them better than they were the day before, fulfillment is a natural result.



About Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss is the Founder & CEO of Aladdin Dreamer, Inc. a technology company that is designing a wearable that allows people to control their dreams. Prior to Aladdin Dreamer, Craig oversaw NJOY, Inc. the world’s largest independent electronic cigarette and vaping company as President from June 2010 and later as CEO from April 2011 until October, 2014. Before joining NJOY, Craig practiced law as a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney where he focused on the drafting and prosecution of patent applications for medical device, ecommerce and business method inventions. An inventor, Craig has seven patents to his own name, including two for medical devices. He was also the managing member of a hedge fund having $50 million under management which focused on publicly traded companies involved in material intellectual property litigation. A published author, Craig Weiss co-authored I Am My Brother’s Keeper: American Volunteers in Israel’s War for Independence 1947-1949, which features a foreword from Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The book is currently the subject of a documentary produced by Nancy Spielberg titled, “Above and Beyond.”

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