Imitation More Than Just Flattery – It’s Good Business

In the business world, there have been plenty of success stories. Many people who find success, have learned to take what others have created and added their own spin to the formula.

Lady Gaga is a prime example.  She is the current phenomenon in the music business.  However, she has been accused of imitating Madonna.  She probably got ideas from more people than just Madonna.  Perhaps she watched Elton John, Cher, Boy George and others that used “over the top” garb and personas to make millions.  I’ve heard Harrison Ford quote that “you can’t imitate someone else’s success.”  I agree that you won’t be exactly the same as someone else who is famous. However, you can put your own spin on a wheel that has already been successfully created. 

If you are interested in being a motivational speaker . . . look at the work of Zig Ziggler, Dale Carnegie or Tony Robbins.  They all have been great and yet different.  You can learn something from each of them.  You can build your own persona while still researching the things they did to become successful. 

If your goal is less ambitious than becoming a superstar like Lady Gaga or Tony Robbins, find someone in the field you are interested in and look at the things they do well.  If you want to be a top sales person, find someone in your field who is the best.  What do they do that makes them different?  How can you put your own spin on their system to make it unique to you? 

Harrison Ford is right . . . you shouldn’t imitate someone else’s success . . . or even try to duplicate it.  It is important to have “you” be at the core of your success.  However, I believe far too many people try to recreate the basic wheel that has already been invented.

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  1. What Lady Gaga had was an idea…and she is making millions! A person can use concepts and traits from someone or something else and put a different twist on it to achieve success. When I think of successful new twists, I think of cars, cocktail drinks, toys, electronics, even blogs (which people can think are imitations of predecessors) yet as you so timely quotes Harrison Form, “…can’t imitate success…!” Success does not involve simply taking other’s ideas and putting it back out there…a person has to be determined to follow their own path and has to be willing to take sacrifices. So, we need to ask ourselves that same question 😉 Thanks! LB

  2. Thanks for the comment LB . . . I agree you can’t just copy someone else. People have been there and done that. It does require a different twist as you mentioned. The successful person will find the parts from past successes that worked well and add to the formula. Take care.

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